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赣州俪人激光去痣多少钱赣州市黄金医院双眼皮多少钱【Trancript】Introduce myself to my supervisorA:Good morning, I am Monica. Are you Mr. White, the manager of finance department? I am the newcomer and also working in the finance department.B:Yes, that is me. Nice to meet you, Monica. Welcome on board!A:Thank you. I am very happy to have my own office now. I’ve never had one before. It is very nice.B:Well, we have nicer things than that in this company. You will find out soon.A:Really? What could that be?B:Well, I bet you will love them too. If you need help, just ask me any time. I am in the next door. You can also reach me through the extension 508.A:That is very kind of you. Thank you very much. /201006/106959赣州胎记医院 3 Playing Fair 公平交易Dialog 3Telling a vendor who they're bidding against is acceptable.How much they bid is a secret until after the winner is selected. In this dialoge,Bill 's bid lost and Masha discusses it with him.Bill: So how did I do?Marsha:Not too good, I'm sorry.Bill:I lost?Marsha:It was close.To be honest, you had the lowest price by three cents per uint,but they didn't like your delivery date.Acme promised them almost a full month sooner.Bill:So the price was good?Marsha:Yes,they loved the price;the delivery date was the problem. They just didn't want to cut the delivery date that close.If something went wrong and you didn't deliver,we might not be able to get stock in time for Christmas.If you could have been two or three weeks faster on delivery, they might have gone with you.Bill: So I didn't miss by much then.Marsha:No.It was very close and they argued over the bid for a long time. Better luck next time.Bill:I knew the delivery was slow but I figured the price would win it for me.Marsha:That's possible,Bill.But the price would have to have been a lot lower, like around fifty cents per unit. /01/60205rank and file普通员工英文释义The ordinary members of an organization, such as the workers in a factory or members of a club.例句The factorys new owner was popular with the rank and file because he walked around meeting them and asking about problems they experienced with their jobs.工厂的新老板受到普通员工的喜爱,因为他走到各处会见他们,向他们询问工作中的问题。 /201212/212413赣州玻尿酸隆下巴价格

赣州整形美容医院做丰胸手术好吗陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作。他上班中间休息,跟美国同事Amy一起下楼喝茶。(Office ambience)C:Amy, 你干嘛老看我的脚啊?A:I'm sorry. I just couldn't help noticing that you aren't wearing socks today.C:天儿太热了,不穿袜子还凉快点儿。A:Personally, that might be all right, but professionally that's a bad decision.C:为什么?我见过很多人上班都不穿袜子的。A:However, at A Company, professional dress is important for our corporate image.C:我上班穿西装,打领带,这还不够吗?A:No. Would you consider not wearing a shirt with your coat and tie?C:我当然不会光着膀子穿西装打领带了。A:Then you shouldn't consider wearing your shoes without socks. If your boss Mr. Jones sees you, he will not be pleased.C:那可坏了。我可我没带袜子。这怎么办呀?A:Avoid Mr. Jones at all cost. Then buy some socks when you go out for lunch today. There's a department store right around the corner.C:你说得对,我得先躲着点儿老板,中午吃饭的时候赶紧去商店买袜子穿上。I will see you later.******MC:午饭后,陈豪找到Amy.A:Chen Hao, did you find any socks?C:我正准备穿上呢!天儿热,所以我买了两双白袜子,起码比深颜色的袜子凉快点儿。A:Oh dear.C:怎么了?A:White socks are inappropriate for corporate dress. They are more for athletic wear and outdoor attire.C:啊?白袜子是跑步打球穿的,不是上班穿的。怎么这么多讲究呀!好在我还买了一双深色的。务员一直向我推销高腰儿的,就是可以拉到小腿肚儿上来的那一种。我觉得太热,没买。A:Oh dear.C:又怎么了?A:You should have listened to the salesman. Short socks just won't do in the business environment.C:那为什么?A:It's because when you sit down and cross your legs in short socks, you expose everyone around you to the sight of your hairy legs.C:Amy, 我从来没想到穿袜子还有这么多讲究。A:Your business attire is extremely important "right down to your socks".C:这么说,我穿成什么样儿也会影响到公司形象了。看来我下班还得再去买袜子,Amy,你陪我去吧,完了事儿我请你吃饭。A:Thank you. I'll look forward to that.C:Amy,你能不能再告诉我一下上班要穿什么样的袜子。这样我心里就有数了。A:Avoid white socks and short socks. The right sock in business is the one that covers your calf and matches your shoes and pants. /04/68461赣州俪人整形医院能打美白针吗 【Trancript】Filing documentsA:Please tell me how to file things according to the concerned rules.B: Well, all right. There are four points you should keep in mind when you file documents, information and other things.A:What are they?B: They are: keep the documents in chronological order, remove all the chips and pins, punch the documents evenly and place them in the folder.A:And what is the most important point?B: You should always remember that one customer on file is the rule. /201007/108427赣州丰胸那里做的好

大吉山矿区医院打玻尿酸多少钱商业英语口语 23暂无文本 /200707/16096 Daniel:What kind of personality do you think you have?Mr. Chang:Im easy toapproachand friendly to everyone.Daniel:Do you think you are introverted or extroverted?Mr. Chang:Im quite outgoing, I think.Daniel:Are you more of a follower or a leader?Mr. Chang:I dont agree with someone elses opinion if I think hes wrong, but when I understand his thinking and see he has some good ideas, then Im very happy togo along withhim.重点讲解:approach:接近,走进;方法例句:In many cases, a well-balanced user interface takes the same approach. 在许多情况下,优秀的用户界面也采用相同的方法进行平衡。go along with 赞同,附和例句:I go along with that. 我同意。Go along with you! 去你的! /201108/146869会昌县激光祛痘多少钱赣州做手臂永久脱毛的医院



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