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2019年02月20日 23:03:47 | 作者:飞度咨询健康家园 | 来源:新华社
Avoid eggs. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Eating carbs will make you fat. Nutritional(1) advice such as this has been touted(2) for years -- but is it accurate?Not necessarily, according to Wendy Repovich, an exercise physiologist(3) at Eastern Washington University, who did her best to dispel several common nutrition misconceptions(4) during a health and fitness summit held recently in Dallas."Eating eggs will raise your cholesterol(5)." This myth started because egg yolks(6) have the most concentrated amount of cholesterol in any food, Repovich said. However, when eaten in moderation, eggs do not contain enough cholesterol to pose health risks, she said."Most people avoid eggs and probably if they have any kind of cardiovascular(7) risk their physicians tell them to avoid eggs," Repovich said. "But really, there aren't a whole lot of studies that show that one or two eggs a day really make a difference to cholesterol levels.""Eating carbohydrates(8) makes you fat" is another myth. Cutting carbs from the diet may help a person shed pounds due to water loss from a decrease in carbohydrate stores, Repovich said, but eating carbs in moderation does not directly lead to weight gain.Here's another myth. "Drink 8 glasses of water a day." Repovich said people need to replace water lost through breathing, urinating, sweating each day -- but that doesn't necessarily total 64 ounces of water."I see an awful lot of people carrying bottled water around," Repovich said. "I think people are still under the impression that they have to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but most people don't realize they get water from other sources in the diet."And too much water can be harmful, Repovich warned, leading possibly to an imbalance in the body of sodium(9), a condition called hyponatremia.It's also a myth, Repovich said, that everyone needs vitamin supplements, although she admits to popping a multivitamin(10) each morning. People who eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, along with moderate amounts of a variety of low-fat dairy and protein and the right quantity of calories, probably don't need a vitamin supplement, she said."But for the most part, we don't eat the way we should so probably a simple multivitamin is good for most people," Repovich said. 别吃鸡蛋;一天喝八杯水;碳化物会让你变胖;多年来这些营养建议受到大肆宣传,但是它们可靠么?东华盛顿大学运动生理学家Wendy Repovich称根本没有必要。最近在达拉斯一次健康健美峰会上她极力否定几个普遍传播的营养误区。Repovich说:“吃鸡蛋会增加胆固醇的说法源自鸡蛋比其他食物含有更高浓度的胆固醇,但是适量食用不会对健康造成威胁。”“很多人不吃鸡蛋,或许如果他们有心血管疾病隐患,他们的医生建议他们远离鸡蛋。但事实上,目前没有足够的研究明每天1-2个鸡蛋会影响体内胆固醇水平。”“吃碳水化合物会引发肥胖也是一个误区。不吃碳水化合物可以减少体内水分含量,以此造成体重减轻。但是适量摄入碳水化合物并不能直接导致体重增加。”还有一个误区:每天喝8杯水。Repovich说人体的确需要喝水来补充由于呼吸、小便、流汗流失的水分,但真没必要一天喝64盎司。“我看见好多人背着水瓶走来走去。我觉得人们还在受这条谬误的影响,但是大多数人都没意识到食物中也含有水分。”Repovich还警告说喝太多水是有害的,可能引起体内钠含量失衡,患上低钠血症。尽管Repovich每天早晨都泡一片多种维生素片,但她说并非所有人都需要补充维生素。如果一个人每天食用多种水果、蔬菜、全麦,适量摄入低脂奶制品、蛋白质和卡路里,就不用再吃维生素片了。“但是基本上都无法做到,因此维生素片对大多数人来说是好的。” /200805/39037Tianjin Goubuli Group Corporation has submitted an application to the State Administration of Industry and Commerce to register "Go Believe" as its English brand.A Tianjin citizen came up with "Go Believe," and the name has received high praise from an expert evaluation group.By law, brand registration follows the principle of "application first." For similar products, after receiving the application, the trademark office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce would then check whether applications for the same or similar brands aly exist.The Tianjin Goubuli Group submitted its application for the "Go Believe" brand to the trademarkoffice at the first chance available.But because newspapers had published the name a few days before, whether or not the brand registration will be successful remains to be seen.The president of Tianjin Goubuli Group Corporation, Zhan Yansen, told reporters that since the pronunciation of "Go Believe" is quite similar to its original Chinese name, and the meaning is also in accordance with the honesty the group, it is very suitable for this hundred–year-old brand.前一阵子听说京城老字号敲定了洋名,6家老字号新的“洋名”是:全聚德 Quanjude Peking Roast Duck-Since 1864;吴裕泰Wuyutai Tea Shop-Since 1887;同仁堂 Tongrentang Chinese Medicine-Since 1669;瑞蚨祥Ruifuxiang Silk-Since 1862;荣宝斋Rongbaozhai Art Gallery-Since 1672;王致和Wangzhihe Gourmet Food-Since 1669。现在天津的不理包子也起了洋名叫Go believe。 /200802/26472你想戒烟吗?教你简法七则A couple of days ago I met a friend of mine at a local cafeteria for a chat. At one point we started talking about habits. My friend confessed that he smokes 30 cigarettes a day and has tried several times to quit smoking but every time he failed. I shared with him the tips that helped me quit smoking. Like him I had tried several times to quit smoking and finally I succeeded.We agreed that since I have first hand experience I will be his coach to quit smoking. The following are the tips that I shared with my friend.1. Believe that you can do itSaying things like “I will try to quit smoking” will never make you quit. You first of all have to decide with yourself that you really want to quit. I believe that 90% of the people who try to quit smoking and fail is because they in the first place did not mean to quit.2. Get to know how harmful cigarettes areSpend a week browsing the internet and gather some content about how harmful cigarettes are. Find pictures of lungs of people who smoke. Get to know what effects cigarettes have on you and the people around you. This will help you convince yourself that quitting the bad habit of smoking makes real sense.3. Make a planPlan how you are going to quit over a period of time. Be aware don’t make it easy for yourself. If you smoke 30 cigarettes a day, you can completely quit smoking in less than a month. Yes, I am not joking.4. Make it publicDon’t keep the news for yourself. Make other people pressure you. If you say to your family, friends and colleagues that you are quitting, then you have no chance of smoking at least when you are in their presence. Also by making it public, you will stop being offered cigarettes by friends who still think that you are a smoker. This was the most difficult part for me.5. Replace cigarettesOne of the most difficult things at first when you quit smoking is what to do to replace smoking. I used to find myself mimicking the movement I used to do while smoking, even though it had been months since I quitted. The only solution to this is to replace a cigarette with a non alcoholic drink. Every now and then instead of taking a puff, you take a sip.6. Start exercisingThis is the best tip. I was going to put it the first one but I know that if I had done that, most of the people would not have the rest of the article. Even when I was giving tips to my friend, I didn’t tell him this tip as the first one. But I am a strong believer that exercises helped me to quit. I went to a gym and subscribed for 6 months. Then I started to do some basic cardio. It was then when I realized how harmful smoking is.I challenged myself to improve my stamina by completely quitting smoking and exercise daily. The challenge to increase my stamina made it easier to throw away all the packets of cigarettes that I had in my office desk.7. Be rootlessUnfortunately there are people (I don’t call them friends) who even though you tell them that you are trying very hard to quit smoking, they still insist that you should take a cigarette. They start this nonsense that one cigarette will not harm you. The point is not harm; the point is that you start smoking again by taking a single puff. Be rootless, be y to even avoid the company of such people since they will make it extremely hard for you to quit. Spare me some words:A true friends respects your opinion and if you tell him that you are trying to quit smoking, he will help you achieve that goal rather than making your challenge more difficult. 几天前, 我在本地的一家自助餐馆里和我的一个朋友见了面并聊了会. 不知怎地, 我们聊起了关于习惯的话题. 我的那位朋友承认, 他一天要抽30根烟, 虽然他也曾几次尝试戒烟, 但每次都是以失败而告终. 我和他一样, 也曾几次试过戒烟, 但是最后, 我终于成功了.我们都同意, 正因为我有关于戒烟第一手的经验, 所以我会教他如何戒烟. 下面是我和朋友分享的几条关于如何戒烟的小贴示.1.相信你可以做到告诉你自己诸如"我会试着戒烟"这样的话,将让你永不会中途放弃. 首先, 你必须自己下定决心, 你自己是真的想要戒烟. 我相信, 90%尝试戒烟却中途放弃而致失败的人是因为他们一开始就不是真的想去戒烟.2.了解到香烟危害之大花一周时间浏览下英特网, 收集些关于香烟危害之大的相关内容. 找些烟民们肺部的图片. 了解下香烟对你和你周身的人会有怎样的危害. 这会帮助你说自己, 告别吸烟这个坏习惯是确有其益.3.制定计划计划下你打算用多久来戒烟. 要意识到, 那不会那么轻松. 如果你每天收30根烟, 你能在不到一个月的时间里彻底戒掉抽烟的恶习. 是的, 我不是在开玩笑.4.把你要戒烟的消息公之于众不要自己一个人偷偷的戒烟. 把你要戒烟的消息公之于众, 让其他人给你施压. 如果你告诉你的家庭成员, 朋友抑或你的同事你要戒烟的消息, 那么至少在他们面前你就没机会抽上一口了. 把你要戒烟的消息公之于众, 你那些原以为你还抽的朋友也就不会再给你烟了. 这对你来说是最为困难的一步.5.用别的东西代替香烟当你开始戒烟最困难的步骤之一, 莫过于用什么来代替香烟. 我曾发现自己会去模仿吸烟时的动作, 甚至是在我戒烟几月后也会如是. 唯一可以用来代替香烟的就是不含酒精的饮品. 每每你想要抽上一口的时候, 啜上一小口吧.6.开始锻炼这是最好的一条帖示. 我本想把它放在第一条的, 但我知道, 如果我如是做了, 大多的人就不会读完这篇文章了. 就算是告诉我朋友这几条帖示的时候, 我也没把这条当作第一条先告诉他. 但是, 我深信锻炼能帮助我戒烟. 我戒烟的那段时间, 我去家了健身房, 并续了为期半年的约. 那之后, 我开始做一些扩充心肺功能的运动. 从那时候我才知道, 戒烟的危害有多么大.我为了能彻底戒掉烟瘾,我每天都做运动来挑战自己以此来增加自己的耐力. 而增加耐力的挑战让我能更轻松的把我办公桌里的那些整包整包的烟丢在脑后.7.不要受别人的影响不幸的是, 仍有些人(这些人我不愿把他们称为朋友)即使你告诉他们你正在努力的戒烟, 他们还是坚持说你该来一根. 他们会说一根烟不会对你有害的鬼话. 关键并不在是不是有害, 而在一旦你抽了那根你就会又开始抽了. 不要受别人的影响, 做好躲开你公司那么人的准备, 因为他们会让戒烟变的非常困难. 记住我一些话:一个真正的朋友会尊重你的选择, 而且如果你告诉他你开始戒烟, 他会帮你达成戒烟的目标而非让戒烟变的更难. /200803/31402

The world is getting used to driverless cars, but what about driverless combine harvesters? They are perfectly possible, says Lothar Kriszun. 这个世界正习惯于无人驾驶汽车,那么无人驾驶联合收割机呢?它们是完全可能的,洛塔尔.克里斯尊(Lothar Kriszun)说。As the chief executive of German agricultural equipment company Claas, Mr Kriszun is an expert on the huge machines, of which his company is one of the world’s biggest producers.身为德国农业机械公司Claas的首席执行官,克里斯尊是大型机械专家,他所在的公司是世界上最大的大型农机制造商之一。He is standing in a sprawling factory in Harsewinkel, northern Germany, 他站在德国北部哈塞温克尔(Harsewinkel)的一个庞大厂区。where most days 40 harvesters and related farm machines trundle off the production lines. 在大多数时间里,这里的生产线每天下线40台收割机和相关的农用机械。Each can sell for up to EURO650,000 and are built from 50,000 parts — including about 30 sensors that measure everything from temperature to harvesting rates. 每一台的售价高达65万欧元,由5万个部件组成——包括大约30个测量从温度到收割率等各种指标的传感器。These sensors, data communications and digital controls are crucial to self-driving harvesters becoming a reality.自动驾驶收割机要成为现实,这些传感器、数据通信和数字控制至关重要。Claas is among a raft of medium-sized, privately owned German manufacturers, known as the Mittelstand, grafting new technology on to manufacturing. Claas是将新技术嫁接到制造业务的一批德国中等规模私有企业(即所谓Mittelstand)之一。Central to this is the internet of things — connecting smart products and machines via data networks — and the related concept of Industrie 4.0 — the digitisation of manufacturing technology, from design to after service.处于中心地位的是物联网(通过数据网络将智能产品和机器连接起来)和相关的工业4.0概念(对从设计到售后务的制造业技术进行数字化)。The Mittelstand — typically family-owned companies that often excel in manufacturing — are global market leaders. Mittelstand(德国中小型企业,通常是家族企业,往往精于制造业)是全球市场的领军者。They account for about 40 per cent of German gross domestic product across manufacturing and services, and are characterised by a long-term outlook and resilience — helped by their traditional aversion to taking on debt or straying from core areas of expertise. 它们约占德国制造业和务业国内生产总值(GDP)的40%,它们的特点是放眼长远和具备韧性——这得益于这些企业传统上会避免负债或者偏离核心专业领域。They are cited as one reason why the country emerged relatively unscathed from the 2008 financial crisis. 它们被援引为德国在2008年金融危机中相对未受损害的原因之一。 /201610/474154

Raising Children 美式教养观 The job of raising children is a tough one. Children don't come with an instruction manual. And each child is different. So parents sometimes pull their hair out in frustration, not knowing what to do. But in raising children-as in all of life-what we do is influenced by our culture. Naturally then, American parents teach their children basic American values.养育孩子是件伤脑筋的差事,孩子们并不是生下来就附有说明书的,而每个孩子又都不尽相同,所以有时候父母们真是挫折地扯光了头发,还不知该怎幺办。然而以教养孩子而言,就像生活中所有的事一样,我们的行为都受文化的影响,因此,美国父母很自然地会教导他们的孩子基本的美国价值观。 To Americans, the goal of parents is to help children stand on their own two feet. From infancy, each child may get his or her own room. As children grow, they gain more freedom to make their own choices. Teenagers choose their own forms of entertainment, as well as the friends to share them with. When they reach young adulthood, they choose their own careers and marriage partners. Of course, many young adults still seek their parents' advice and approval for the choices they make. But once they "leave the nest" at around 18 to 21 years old, they want to be on their own, not "tied to their mother's apron strings."对美国人而言,教养的目标在于帮助孩子们自立更生。从婴幼儿期开始,每一个孩子都可能拥有自己的房间;随着孩子的成长,他们有更多机会自己作决定;青少年们选择自己喜欢的方式,以及跟什幺样的朋友一起玩;当他们进入了青年期之后,他们选择自己的事业和结婚伴侣。当然,很多的年轻人在作选择时,还是会寻求父母的忠告和赞同,但是当他们一旦在十八到二十一岁左右「离了巢」之后,就希望能够独立,不再是个离不开妈妈的孩子了。The relationship between parents and children in America is very informal. American parents try to treat their children as individuals-not as extensions of themselves. They allow them to fulfill their own dreams. Americans praise and encourage their children to give them the confidence to succeed. When children become adults, their relationship with their parents becomes more like a friendship among equals. But contrary to popular belief, most adult Americans don't make their parents pay for room and board when they come to visit. Even as adults, they respect and honor their parents. 在美国,亲子之间的关系不是那么地严肃,美国父母们试着将孩子视为个体,而不是他们自我的延伸,他们允许孩子去实现自己的梦想。美国人会赞美并鼓励孩子以给予他们成功的信心。当孩子长大成人之后,亲子之间的关系会更像地位平等的朋友,可是与大家一向所以为的恰好相反,当父母来访时,大部份的美国成年人并不会要求父母付食宿费,因为就算已经成年,他们还是很敬重父母的。 Most young couples with children struggle with the issue of childcare. Mothers have traditionally stayed home with their children. In recent years, though, a growing trend is to put preschoolers in a day care center so Mom can work. Many Americans have strong feelings about which type of arrangement is best. Some argue that attending a day care center can be a positive experience for children. Others insist that mothers are the best caregivers for children. A number of women are now leaving the work force to become full-time homemakers. 大部份有孩子的年轻夫妻们都为了养育孩子的问题而大伤脑筋。传统上,母亲们会和孩子待在家里,但是近几年来,把孩子放在幼儿园好让妈妈去工作的趋势渐长。对于哪一种安排才是最好的,许多美国人都有自己强烈的主张,有些人认为进幼儿园对孩子而言是很正向的经历,另一群人则坚持母亲是照顾孩子的最佳人选,许多的妇女现在也离开工作市场成为全职的家庭主妇。母来访时,大部份的美国成年人并不会要求父母付食宿费,因为就算已经成年,他们还是很敬重父母的。Disciplining children is another area that American parents have differing opinions about. Many parents feel that an old-fashioned spanking helps youngsters learn what "No!" means. Others prefer alternate forms of discipline. For example, "time outs" have become popular in recent years. Children in "time out" have to sit in a corner or by a wall. They can get up only when they are y to act nicely. Older children and teenagers who break the rules may be grounded, or not allowed to go out with friends. Some of their privileges at home-like TV or telephone use-may also be taken away for a while. Although discipline isn't fun for parents or children, it's a necessary part of training. 训诫孩子是另一项引起美国父母们争议的议题。许多父母觉得老式的责打能够帮助年幼的孩子明白:父母说「不」就绝对禁止去做,然而某些人则较赞同其它形式的训诫方式。例如:「隔离法」即是近年来颇被接受的方式,被隔离的孩子必须坐在墙角或是墙边,除非他们肯乖一点才可以起来;年纪稍大的孩子或是青少年若是违反规定,则可能受到被迫停止某项权益或是不准和朋友出去的处罚,而他们在家中的某些特权,像是看电视或是打电话,也会被取消一段时间。虽然处罚对于亲子双方都不是什么有趣的事,但是它仍是训诫孩子时必要的一部份。 Being a parent is a tall order. It takes patience, love, wisdom, courage and a good sense of humor to raise children (and not lose your sanity). Some people are just deciding not to have children at all, since they're not sure it's worth it. But raising children means training the next generation and preserving our culture. What could be worth more than that? 担任亲职是必须付出极大代价的,教养孩子需要付出耐心、爱心、智能、勇气以及高度的幽默感(同时不失去你明智的判断力)。有些人根本就决定不生孩子,因为他们不确定这样的付出值不值得,但是养育孩子意味着训练下一代并且保留我们的文化,又有什么会比这更有价值呢? /200804/33705

Samsung’s ambitions to rival Apple in the smartphone market suffered a deep setback after a series of fires in its flagship Galaxy Note 7 forced the South Korean giant to abandon the model in one of the most ignominious chapters in consumer electronics.三星(Samsung)在智能手机市场叫板苹果(Apple)的雄心遭到一个严重挫折,其旗舰手机Galaxy Note 7发生的一系列起火事故迫使这家韩国巨擘放弃这一型号,这件事已成为消费电子产品史上最不光的篇章之一。More than bn was wiped off the company’s market value amid growing fears that the safety issues around the Note 7 could damage the group’s reputation and have an impact on the group’s other consumer products.该公司的市值已蒸发了逾190亿美元,市场越来越担心,围绕Note 7的安全问题可能损害该集团的声誉,并对该集团的其他消费产品产生冲击。There have aly been some signs of contagion, with a slowdown in S7 sales this week, according to one network, which cautioned that it was too early to tell if there had been sustained damage to the Samsung brand.已经有一些蔓延迹象。一家网络运营商称,本周S7销售放缓,它告诫称,现在要判断三星品牌是否已受到持久损害还为时过早。“Samsung’s credibility is on the line,” said Bryan Ma, analyst at IDC. “Samsung needs to make sure that consumers can trust its brand or else other products [and future products] are at risk.”“三星的可信度岌岌可危,”IDC分析师Bryan Ma表示。“三星需要确保消费者能够信任其品牌,否则其他产品乃至未来产品将面临风险。”The decision to scrap the line, once viewed as an “iPhone killer”, came after the company was forced to make a second recall of the smartphone as photos of the devices ablaze shot across social media worldwide.决定放弃这款一度被视为“iPhone杀手”的手机之前,该公司被迫对其进行第二次召回,因为这款手机起火燃烧的照片在世界各地社交媒体上热传。Samsung thought it had solved the battery fire problems last month after US regulators ordered the first recall following 92 reports of batteries overheating. But the incidents continued, putting intense pressure on the group. After initially scaling back production earlier this week, it finally took the unprecedented step to kill it off.三星上月以为它已经解决了电池起火问题,此前美国监管机构在接到92份电池过热报告后下令其进行第一次召回。但起火事件仍接二连三发生,给该集团带来巨大压力。本周早些时候宣布缩减生产后,它终于采取了前所未有的淘汰举措。According to one person who has spoken to Samsung executives, problems with the phone appeared to have arisen from tweaks to the processor to speed up the rate at which the phone could be charged. That would suggest it was not an issue with the battery itself, as Samsung initially speculated, or the design of the phone, but with the underlying technology.曾与三星高管交谈的一名人士称,这款手机的问题似乎源自对处理器进行的调整,其目的是加快手机充电速度。如果是这样的话,问题就不是像三星最初推测的那样在于电池,也不是手机的设计,而是在于基础技术。“If you try to charge the battery too quickly it can make it more volatile. If you push an engine too hard, it will explode. Something had to give. These devices are miracles of technology — how much we can get out of that tiny piece of lithium-ion,” the person told the Financial Times.“如果您尝试对电池太快充电,可能会使其更加不稳定。如果你把一台发动机用过头,它会爆炸。有得就会有失。这些装置是技术奇迹——我们能够从这么一点点锂离子获得这么大电量,”上述人士对英国《金融时报》表示。Samsung was not available for comment, but insiders had previously said it would not comment before a thorough investigation had been conducted.记者联系不上三星请其置评,但内部人士曾表示,该公司在进行彻底调查之前不会表态。Shares in the South Korean company fell 8 per cent — their biggest percentage decline since October 2008 — as analysts warned that damage from the recall fiasco was likely to hit Samsung’s reputation as well as sales in coming months. That could be a boon to rivals such as Apple and Google, just as their new devices hit the market ahead of the crucial holiday sales season.这家韩国公司股价下跌8%,这是自2008年10月以来的最大百分比跌幅。分析师们警告称,召回失败的损害很可能会打击三星的声誉以及未来几个月的销售。这对苹果和谷歌(Google)等竞争对手可能是一个利好,因为他们的新款产品在关键的假日销售季之前进入市场。 /201610/471035

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