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2019年05月21日 02:22:30 | 作者:飞度排名永州新闻 | 来源:新华社
An iconic Maltese natural rock arch, known as the Azure Window because it arched over blue seas popular with divers, collapsed into the Mediterranean Sea last Wednesday as Malta was hit by rough seas and stormy weather.由于遭遇狂风巨浪,马耳他一座地标性天然石拱上周三坍塌,落入地中海这座石拱因拱悬于蔚蓝色的海面上而被称为;蓝窗;,这片海域深受潜水者的青睐Malta Prime Minister Joseph Muscat called the news ;heartbreaking;.马耳他总理约瑟夫·穆斯卡特称这则消息;令人心碎;;Reports commissioned over the years indicated that this landmark would be hard hit by unavoidable natural corrosion,; he said on Twitter. ;That sad day has arrived.;他在推特上写道:“近年来委托的报告都提到了,这个地标性建筑会受到不可避免的自然腐蚀悲伤的一天已经到来了”The structure was featured in countless Malta tourism brochures and the first episode of the HBO series ;Game of Thrones;, as well as the movie, ;Clash of The Titans;.不计其数的马耳他旅游手册中都介绍了;蓝窗;,HBO电视剧《权力的游戏第一集、电影《诸神之战曾在此取景Geologists had long warned that the structure, on the northwestern coast of the island of Gozo, was eroding fast and authorities had banned visitors from walking on top of it.地质学家早就警告称,坐落于戈佐岛西北海岸线的;蓝窗;正在被快速侵蚀,有关部门已禁止游客在;蓝窗;顶部行走Officials had recently introduced signs and a fine to stop people from walking across the landmark but they were often ignored.为了阻止游客在这个地标景点上行走,最近官方已树立标识并实施罚款制度,但游客经常置之不理 869.Restaurant,may I help you?您好,餐厅,我可以帮您吗?.Our Chinese Restaurant opens at 7am and closes at midnight.我们中餐厅在早上7点开门,午夜点关门.I’d like to reserve a table two,please. 我想预订两人用餐.May I have your name and telephone number,please?请问您的姓名和电话.We open at 5:30am,and we take last orders at pm. 我们下午5:30开门,接受点菜最后的时间是点.What time would you like your table,sir?先生,请问您想订什么时候的用餐?.Fine, I’ll reserve a tale two at 8pm,sir. May I have your name and room number,please?好的先生,我将为您预订晚8点的两人餐桌,请问您的姓名和房号?18.How many people are there in your party?你们一共几个人?19.Who’s the reservation ?您为谁预订?.We look ward to having you with us soon.我们期待您尽早光临1.I’m sorry,we are not open on Mondays. 对不起,我们餐厅在星期一不营业.We are open from 5pm until pm dinner. 我们晚餐的开餐时间是下午5点到晚点3.We open hours in the coffee shop.我们咖啡厅小时营业.I’m sorry ,there aren’t any table left 7pm tonight,but we can give you a table 8:30pm. Would you like wait till then?对不起,今晚7点餐厅的预定已满了,不过我们可以在晚8:30给您安排一张餐桌,您是否愿意等到那时?5.I’m sorry,the restaurant’s full. 对不起,我们餐厅预订已满6.We have aly received many bookings and though cannot guarantee anything,please be assured that we’ll try our best,Mr. Davis,I hope you’ll understand.我们已经接到了许多预订,尽管我不能向您保什么,单请相信我会尽力帮您,Davis先生,希望您能理解7.I’m going to invite some friends to dinner tonight,how should I order my feast?我今晚要请几个朋友来进餐,我该怎么开餐?.What kind of dishes could you like?您喜欢什么菜?9.How much would you like to pay each person?您打算每个人的进餐标准是多少?30.What are the prices here?这里都有哪几种价格?31.There are levels of fifty Yuan、eighty Yuan、one hundred Yuan per person,excluding drinks. Which one would you prefer?有每人50元、80元、0元的标准,不含酒水,您想订哪种? 1961

Kayaking instructor Naude Dreyer was driving along a beach last Tuesday morning when he spotted something moving on the sand.上周二早上,皮划艇教练诺德·德雷尔在海滩附近划船时,发现海滩上好像有什么东西在动As he got close to it, he realised it was a young Benguela dolphin. The animal had washed on Paaltjies Beach near the Namibian city of Walvis Bay.等他走近之后,他发现是一只小本格拉海豚这只小动物在纳米比亚市的沃尔维斯海湾沙滩附近搁浅了;He was moving a bit and I immediately knew he was alive ... and immediately stopped to help him out,; he told Fairfax Media. ;I was just doing what was the right thing to do. I couldnt leave him there.;诺德接受费尔法克斯媒体采访时表示:;它动了一下,我一下意识到它还活着,我马上停下来帮助它我只是做了正确的事我不能把它留在那里;As his passenger filmed him, Mr Dreyer picked up the dolphin, walked into the sea, and gently lowered it into the waves where it swam off to safety.从皮划艇上乘客的录像可以看到,诺德·德雷尔抱起小海豚,走到水里,温柔地把它放到能安全游走的地方;I was really happy,; he said. ;I really wasnt sure at first it was going to happen or not. You never know why these guys are on the beach; theyve been quite active in the area quite lately and I think they were playing just too close to the waves and a bigger wave came and pushed him out of the water.;他说,;我真的很开心一开始我真的不能确定这种事情会发生你不知道这些家伙为何会在沙滩上最近它们在这片区域非常活跃,我想它们应该是在玩耍时离波浪太近了,然后一个大浪打过来,就被冲到了这儿;Later that day he posted the on the Facebook page of his business, Pelican Point Kayaking, saying: ;On our way back from tour this morning, we came across this juvenile male Benguela Dolphin, still alive on the beach.;当天晚些时候,诺德将搭救搁浅海豚的视频上传至他的项目Pelican Point Kayaking的脸书主页上,配文是,;今天早上我们返程时,在海滩上遇到了这只小本格拉雄性海豚,它还活着;;It not clear how he ended up on there in the first place. After a quick assessment and measurements, I attempted to get him swimming again. I was not very hopeful, but as soon as he got into water and realized where he was he took off like a bullet. Nice. Ill do a drive past the same area again later just to make sure he hasnt returned again.;;目前尚不清楚它是怎么搁浅在那儿的在迅速评估和判断后,我决定把它放回海里开始我并不抱有太大希望,但它一回到海里,意识到它置身何处时,它就像子弹一样游走了真好!为了确认它没有再返回,下回我还得去那个区域划一次;By the next morning the had been viewed more than two million times, with many commenters praising his actions. When some questioned whether he should have alerted animal rescue authorities rather than dealing with it himself, Mr Dreyer replied: ;There no real authorities around here, regarding that. Itll take a long time authorities to get there, and he would definitely not have made it. He right next to the beach, it was in my capacity to put him back in the sea, so I wasnt going to leave him there.;第二天早上,这个视频的点击量已达0万次,很多网友为诺德的行为点赞同时也有网友质疑他应当通知动物救援机构而不是自己处理,对此,诺德回应,;这儿附近没有这样的机构要等到他们来估计需要很久,小海豚可能等不了那么长的时间它就在海滩边,把它放回到大海是我力所能及的事所以我不想对它置之不理; 5

导购口语:It looks very good on you.您穿起来很好看I think it suits you very nicely.我认为您穿十分合适This one suits me best.这个我穿最合适 语句:It looks good on sb.某物或某事在某人身上显得很好,很不错(it可以用衣,帽子,鞋子等来代替Good前可以加very,pretty等词修饰)如果要说衣的款式,颜色或某种发型很适合你,这是可以用suit you来表达,也就是It looks good on you.当然这句话也可以表示“一份工作很适合你” 情景再现:That dress looks very good on you.这件衣穿在你身上真是太好看了This black evening gown looks attractive.这条黑色的晚礼看起来很迷人You look lovely in that jumper.你穿上那件无袖套头衫,看上去很可爱 196956

A Japanese theme park which froze 5,000 sea creatures into the floor of an ice rink was ced to close the attraction last Sunday after a public backlash.日本一家主题公园在冰面下冻了5000条鱼,这一行为引起了公众的强烈抵制,被迫于上周日关闭Fish, crabs and other shellfish were embedded in the ice as part of a special winter attraction, called ;Freezing Port,; at Japan Space World theme park.在日本的“太空世界”主题公园中,鱼类、螃蟹和其他贝壳类生物被埋入冰层,作为一个被称为“冰之水族馆”的冬日特别景致The park advertised it as a ;world first; and posted images of the fish on its official Facebook site with captions including ;I am d... d... drowning, s ... s... suffocating.;该公园在宣传广告上自称是“世界第一”,并在其脸书官方主页上贴出图片还附上文字:“我快溺死了...呼吸困难....”Space World manager Toshimi Takeda told CNN the reaction on social media had been brutal once news of the attraction was broadcast on local television.“太空世界”主题公园经理武田俊美在接受CNN采访时表示,当该景点的新闻在本地电视台播放后,人们在社交媒体上普遍都觉得这太残忍了;We were shocked to hear the reaction as the ice skate rink was very popular since it opened two weeks ago, we had an unprecedented number of visitors,; he said.他说,“两周前开业,溜冰场已经众所周知,我们对于这个反应也十分震惊,而且还迎来了史无前例的游客”;But we had endless opinions about the project, we were shocked ... We are sorry the project and decided to close the rink on that night.;“不过对于这个项目,我们还有很多想法,我们太震惊了我们感到很抱歉,决定当晚就关闭了溜冰场”Takeda told CNN the park would unfreeze the skate rink to remove the fish, hold an ;appropriate religious service; and then reuse them as fertilizer.武田俊美向CNN透露,公园会解冻冰场,把鱼都撤走,并为这些死鱼办一场体面的祭祀,最后把它们用作肥料He added the fish were purchased at a local fish market, and were dead bee they were frozen.他补充说道,这些鱼是在本地的鱼市购买的,在冰冻前就已经死了 875

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