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课程笔记: 23. Hair [hε#601;]Basic need 音形义Everyday Expressionsn. 毛发(不可数)My hair used to be very long.n. (人或物)毛发(指单根)(可数)There's a hair in my soup.衍生词语hairy (多毛的); shave my leg 剃腿毛hairless (无毛发的)复合词语hairbrush (发刷);hairpin (发夹);haircut (理发);hair oil (发油);hairdo (发式;the style or manner of arranging or combing); ['k#601;umi#331;]hairstyle (发型;the design of coiffure);hairdresser (美发师);hairdryer (吹风机)常见搭配 Useful Phrases梳头 to brush/ comb hair做头发 to set/ do one's hair吹干头发 to blow-dry hair卷烫头发 to curl hair ; curly hair 卷发;straight hair 直发;straighten hair 拉直头发留长发 to wear/ keep one's hair long习语与俗语 Idioms amp; Slangsmake hair stand on end 毛骨悚然tear out one's hair 气恼,焦急get grey hair from 发愁;被什么......把头发弄白by a hair's breath 以极短的数量/极短的距离get in one's hair 给某人惹麻烦hang by a hair 千钧一发生活用语 Street Talks(1)A: I wish I hadn't married Harry.B: Why? A: Well, he's always getting in my hair. (惹恼某人)(2)A: I have been fearing my hair out over this math problem. (觉得......很困难,犯愁)B: Don't worry about it, it's no big deal. (没什么大不了的)(3)A: My daughter gets me grey hair. She does drug a lot; sleeps with many men.B: A typical fallen angel.(4)When I heard the strange cry, my hair stood on end. /201107/146390同学们好,欢迎来到Faith口语课堂-天天学新的一课,我是Faith老师,快乐的一天又迎来了我们每日的英语学习。Appoint: vt.任命, 委派;确定, 指定; 约定We must appoint a day to meet again. 我们要约定好下次会面的日期。He appointed the schoolhouse as the place for the meeting. 他指定校舍为开会地点。We finally met at the appointed time and place. 我们终于在约定的时间和地点见了面。We appointed him as our representative. 我们委任他为我们的代表。To be appointed (as) … 被任命为……He was appointed manager. 他被任命为经理。I was appointed as an assistant English teacher. 我被聘为英语助教。Smith was appointed to the vacant post. 史密斯被派就职那个空缺。Appointment: n. 约会, 约定;任命, 委派I have an appointment with him at four oclock. 我和他四点钟有个约会。They made an appointment for the second day of May. 他们在五月二号有个约会。Ive made an appointment for a facial next week. 我已经预约了下周去美容。His appointment was announced last week. 上周宣布了对他的任命。Her career culminated in her appointment as director. 她一生事业的顶峰是当上董事。I was told that I would be appointed the image agent of Ebigear 2 years ago, I’m still looking forward to the announcement of my appointment, when will be the day? 我两年前就被告知会被任命为大耳朵的形象代言人,至今我还在等着他们公布我的任命,还有没有这么一天啊! /201206/185235Business: Schumpeter: Techno wars商业:熊彼德:“铁克诺” 之战An earlier sunny mood about technology and innovation has given way to pessimism.在技术与创新领域,悲观主义取代了先前的乐观态度The most striking battle in modern business pits the techno-optimists against the techno-pessimists.在现代商业中,高新技术乐观派与悲观派构成了激烈对峙的两大阵营。The first group argues that the world is in the middle of a technology-driven renaissance.乐观主义者声称,世界正处于技术驱动的复兴中。Tech CEOs compete with each other for superlatives.各技术巨头相互竞争,力求推出最优秀的产品。Business professors say that our only problem will be what to do with the people when the machines become super-intelligent.商学院教授则认为,唯一需要担心的是,当机器发展为超级智能,人类该如何应对。The pessimists retort that this is froth: a few firms may be doing wonderfully but the economy is stuck.悲观主义者则反讥道,以上言论不过是高谈弘论:虽然少部分公司的确运行得不错,但经济已陷入停滞。Larry Summers of Harvard University talks about secular stagnation.哈佛大学的拉里·萨默斯就此提出了“长期停滞”。Tyler Cowen, of George Mason University, says that the American economy has eaten all the low-hanging fruits of modern history and got sick.乔治梅森大学的泰勒·科文认为,美国经济已耗尽现代史上一切唾手可得的成果而趋于病态。Until recently the prize for the most gloom-laden book on the modern economy has gone to Robert Gordon of Northwestern University.唱衰现代经济势的问鼎之作是1月出版的西北大学罗伯特·戈登写的。In “The Rise and Fall of American Growth”, published in January, Mr Gordon argues that the IT revolution is a minor diversion compared with the inventions that accompanied the second industrial one—electricity, motor cars and aeroplanes— which changed lives profoundly.戈登在《美国兴衰》一书中指出,第二次工业革命中,电力、汽车和飞机都曾给日常生活带来翻天覆地的变化,而IT革命不过是小巫见大巫。The current information upheaval, by contrast, is merely altering a narrow range of activities.近年来,人们获取信息的方式发生了剧变,但也仅仅是让原本就为数不多的方式增添了些新花样。Now a new book, “The Innovation Illusion” by Fredrik Erixon and Bjorn Weigel, presents a still more pessimistic vision.弗雷德里克·埃里克松和比约?恩格尔现发行了他们的新书《创新的假象》,书中表达了更为悲观的看法。Messrs Erixon and Weigel write that the very engine of capitalist growth, the creative destruction described by Joseph Schumpeter, is kaput.他们在书中写道,资本主义发展的“核心引擎”(約瑟夫·熊彼特曾称其为创造性破坏)已运作失常。Aside from a handful of stars such as Google and Amazon, they point out, capitalism is ageing fast.他们指出,除了如谷歌和亚马逊等少数精英公司仍发展良好,资本主义整体已迅速老化。Europe’s 100 most valuable firms were founded more than 40 years ago.纵观欧洲100家大公司,绝大部分都建立在40年前。Even America, which is more entrepreneurial, is succumbing to middle-aged sp.即使是更具创业精神的美国也难以抵挡公司中年化现象的蔓延。The proportion of mature firms, or those 11 years old or more, rose from a third of all firms in 1987 to almost half in 2012, and the number of startups fell between 2001 and 2011.从1981到2012年间,资深公司(已建立11年或更长时间)由占公司总数的1/3上升到占一半左右,而2001到2011年间,新公司数量则一直下降。People who extol free markets often blame such stagnation on excessive regulation.自由市场的持者经常把这种经济停滞归咎于政府管制过多。That has certainly played its part.这种说法的确有一定道理。But the authors argue that stagnation has most to do with the structure of capitalism itself.然而,《创新的假象》的作者则认为,这种停滞与资本主义自身的结构有更大关系。Companies are no longer actually owned by adventurous capitalists but by giant institutions such as the Vanguard Group (with more than trillion under management) which constantly buy and sell slivers of ownership for anonymous investors.事实上,公司已不再由具冒险精神的资本家控制,而是由像先锋集团(the Vanguard Group)这种大型机构掌控。该公司资产逾3万亿美元,不断为匿名投资者购买和出售所有权。These institutions are more interested in predictable returns than in enterprise.比起商业发展,他们更看重可预测回报。It is not all Mark Zuckerbergs at the top, the authors posit.作者认为并非所有高层都像马克·扎克伯格一样。The big firms are answering the call for predictability by hiring corporate bureaucrats.多数大公司都雇佣企业管理者来满足投资者对可预测性的渴求。These people shy away from risky investments in new technology.这些企业管理者往往会避免对新技术进行风险投资。After rising relentlessly as a share of GDP in 1950-2000, investment in IT began declining in the early 2000s.在1950到2000年间,IT行业投资曾作为GDP的一部分持续增长,但于2000年早期开始衰退。Instead of shaking up markets, bureaucratic CEOs focus on squeezing the most out of their sunk costs and fight to defend niches.比起颠覆市场,官僚型CEO更注重于尽可能压缩沉没成本和捍卫利基市场。They hoard cash, buy back their firms’ shares and reinforce their positions by merging with former rivals.他们通过储备现金,回购自家公司股份以及与竞争对手合并来巩固公司的市场地位。The gloomsters’ case is true to some extent but it is overstated.这些悲观人士的言论在一定程度上是对的,但还是言过其实了。译文属译者说外刊 /201612/481185

听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Green infrastructure is the focus of a conference at Detroit’s Cobo Center this week.The people behind it say it’s time to start thinking differently about how we handle storm water throughout the Great Lakes; but make sure we do it right.You can think about green infrastructure as a different kind of plumbing for storm water.Jon Allan directs the Michigan Office of the Great Lakes.“It’s not just pipes-and-pumps-plumbing,” he says. “It’s using natural flow, it’s using storage, it’s getting infiltration, getting water into ground, and into the groundwater system.”Allan says that for generations, we’ve built that infrastructure around one basic idea: capturing storm water in big pipes, and shooting it out of the sewage system as fast as we can.But that can cause big problems, such as sewage overflows that pollute rivers and lakes, among other things.There are aly a number of green infrastructure projects throughout the Great Lakes.But this week’s conference is about the bigger picture. In the organizers’ own words, it’s about “integrated storm water management from Duluth to Quebec.”But Andy Reese sounds a note of caution on that. Reese is Vice President of AMEC Environment and Infrastructure, a consulting firm.“Success is not every property in ‘x-y-z’ city building green infrastructure by next week. Success is we’re turning the Queen Mary, and she’s not going to crash into the dock,; he says.Reese says that means starting with demonstration projects that work. It means getting state and local governments to make the right rules for green infrastructure. And it especially means getting some big business partners on board.“And we’ll find that the environment that we create with green infrastructure will be loved by everyone, and they’ll never want to go back,” he says.Office of the Great Lakes Director Jon Allan says this conference is a way to start sharing ideas, and talking about what works.He says one of biggest barriers is that we just tend to stick with what we know, even if what we know is more expensive and less efficient than it could be.“We’ve known how to manage storm water in traditional ways for a long time. Green infrastructure will have sort of come into its own when it’s just another tool in the toolbox,; says Allan.In other words, Allan says we’ll know green infrastructure has truly made it when we don’t need to have conferences about it anymore.201706/512230网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:早起我明天要早起I have an early start tomorrow.不知道正在收听节目的朋友当中有没有哪一位之前看过《走遍美国》Family Album USA?还记得在某一集中,Susan说了这么一句话:I have to go now, I have an early start tomorrow.当时看的是英文字幕版,所以一开始的时候觉得蒙,不知道啥意思。后来才发现原来是“我必须得走了,因为我明天要早起。” 对于“我明天要早起。”很多人可能会直接翻译成:I have to get up early tomorrow.今天起,换个口味吧。I have an early start tomorrow.Early start 有“早起”的意思。I found that getting an early start each day helped me get a lot more done, not just in the morning but throughout the day.我发现每天早起能够使得我有时间去做更多的事情,不仅仅是在早晨而是这一整天。They arose at sunrise to get an early start to the park.他们黎明即起,早出发去公园。[本节目属] /201303/229169

今天,你学英语了吗?各位好,欢迎来到可可口语课堂。在生活中打断别人的谈话是不太礼貌的,但有时候你有急事要说明,必须得插话。How can anybody get a word in? 谁能有机会插话呢?get a word in: 就是“插话”的意思,比较特殊的是,这里是指“在别人不停地谈话时,找到插话的机会”。I could hardly get a word in, he cut me so short.我想插句话,他总把我打断。在这个句子中实际上提到了两次“插话,打断别人的话”。第一次是说我很难插句话: I could hardly get a word in。为什么呢?因为他总是把我打断。学一个短语: cut short 中断;缩短;简化。在今天的课堂中,我们着重讲“中断”的意思。He cut me so short.他总是把我打断。I could hardly get a word in, he cut me so short.我想插句话,他总把我打断。Cut 搭配介词in也可以表示“切入,插嘴”。Dont try to cut in while others are talking.别人谈话时不要插嘴。I wish you would not cut in when Im speaking.我在说话的时候,希望你不要插嘴。in作为介词常常有“进入”的意思,在表达“插话”的时候,它可以与很多动词搭配起来。butt in(butt 做动词是“碰撞”的意思;butt in插手;插嘴;闯进)Im sorry to butt in,but I have to disagree with you.对不起,我打断你了,可是我不得不反对你的意见。chip inchip n. [电子] 芯片;筹码;碎片 vt. 削, vi. 剥落;碎裂Chip in也可以表示“插话”。想象别人的插话絮絮叨叨的,就像碎片一样。所以我们记住chip名词有“碎片”的意思,作动词表示“剥落,碎裂”。短语chip in指“插话”。John didnt say much but chipped in a few words. 约翰很少说话,但也偶尔插几句。The old man would chip in while we were speaking.我们谈话时,这位老人总是插话。要注意chip in还可以表示“捐助”。Lets chip in some money to help the homeless.让我们捐款援助那些无家可归的人。回到今天的主题中,下面我们要讲的与in搭配表示“插话”的动词是chime。chime vi. 鸣响; vt. 打钟报时;敲出和谐的声音chime in 插话He kept chiming in with his own opinions. 他不断插话发表意见。最后我们来复习一个最常用的表达。“I’m sorry to interrupt you, but…”是一个常用的句型,表示“很抱歉打搅你,但是…”。Im sorry to interrupt you, but Ive got something urgent to tell you.很抱歉打扰你,但我有急事要告诉你。I’m sorry to interrupt, but may I use your phone?很抱歉打扰你,但我能借用一下你的电话吗?本节目属 /201304/235939

特别声明:改节目总的迷你对话选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分均为未经可可许可。迷你对话:A: Can’t you remember the days when you had the hots for me?A: 你还记得你迷恋上我的日子吗?B: You tried to seduce me. I fell for you.B: 你诱惑我,我才迷恋上你的。A: By the way, are you going to the concert tomorrow?A: 顺便问一下,你明天想去听音乐会吗?B: I am just thinking of it. Maybe I’ll go.B: 我正在考虑这个问题,也许我回去的。地道表达:have the hots for someone解词释义:the hots在该词语中的意思是“爱意”,它是美国俚语,那么have the hots for someone意思就是“对某人有爱意”或“迷恋上某人”。持范例:Eg. Did you hear that Kelly has the hots for Robby?你有听说凯莉在迷恋罗比吗?Eg. Our English teacher seems to have the hots for Mary.我们的英语老师似乎有点爱上Mary了。词海拾贝:1. fall for:对......倾心,迷恋Eg. I fall for his writings, because they fall in with my taste. 我极喜爱他的作品,因为它们合我的口味。Eg. It ll do you no good to fall for Mary . 你为玛丽而倾倒没有好处。 2. go to the concert:去听音乐会Eg. Id like to go to the concert, but Ive no transport.我想去听音乐会,但没有交通工具。 Eg. Its a pity you didnt go to the concert. 很遗憾你没有去听音乐会。 Eg. I wonder whether youd like to go to the concert this evening. 不知您今晚是否想去听音乐会。 Eg. I figure Ill go to the concert with my parents tomorrow evening. 我想我明晚将和父母一起去听音乐会。 3. think of :考虑,思索Eg. Did you ever think of photographing an aerobics class? 你想过拍摄有氧运动课吗? Eg. A driver must think of safety. 司机一定要考虑到安全。 Eg. Think of the end at every beginning. 凡事开头时就要想到它的后果。 Eg. Don t always think of number one. 别老是想着自己。 /201210/202853Apologizing For Ones Mistake因自己的过失而道歉.1. im sorry for what ive done.我为我的所作所为向你道歉。2. i shouldnt have done that.我不该那么做。3. i should have asked you first.我应该先征得你的同意。4. i honestly didnt mean it.我的确不是故意的。5. i didnt mean to do that.我并不想要那么做。6. i didnt mean it that way.事情闹成那样并非我的本意。7. i dont know haw that could have happened.我不知道怎么会发生那样的事。8. you were right and i was wrong. i apologize.你是对的,我错了。我道歉。9. its my fault. i really feel bad about it.是我的错,我真的感到很难过。10. its all my fault. ill try to make it up to you.这事儿全怪我,我会尽力补救。11. my mistake. it wont happen again.是我的错,不会再发生类似的事情了。12. it was so stupid of me. i really do apologize.非常抱歉,我当时真糊涂。13. im sorry, i spoke out of turn.对不起,我说错话了。(out of turn:轻率,不合时宜)14. i owe you an apology for what i did last night.我应该为昨天晚上的事向你道歉。15. forgive me, i didnt mean to offend you.请原谅,我不是有意惹你生气。16. please accept my apologies for any trouble my mistake has caused you.因为我的失误给你添麻烦了,请接受我的道歉。对道歉的回答Im sorry. (对不起。)Thats all right. (没事儿。/别放在心里!)Dont worry about it.Dont worry.Its no big deal. (不是什么大不了的事。)Never mind.I forgot to bring your book. (我忘了把你的书带来了。)Never mind. (不必在意。)Please be more careful next time.下次要多加小心。Do be careful next time.没事,下次注意点。 /201208/194792Dont be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try.不害怕失败,就怕不去尝试。单词记忆:afraid adj.恐怕;害怕的;担心的;畏惧,害怕be afraid 害怕fail vt.amp; vi.失败,不及格;倒闭,破产;缺乏;衰退 vi.破产;衰退;失败,不及格;不足 vt.不及格;使失望;忘记;舍弃 n.失败,失误;不及格;不及格者;期货交割失期 /201606/450917

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