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重庆输卵管再通术哪家医院最好的重庆爱德华女子医院妇科专家大夫It’s a snowy, gloomy day, and Sherlock Holmes, dressed in his iconic Inverness cape and deerstalker cap, is on his way home to Baker Street.阴冷的天空飘着大雪,夏洛克輠尔斯身披他标志性斗篷,头戴猎鹿帽,正走在回贝克街的路上A new, ghostly mystery is on the super-sleuth’s mind. And that’s not the only thing that’s different about the latest episode of Sherlock.这位超级侦探的脑子里一直回荡着最近一起可怕的谜案不过这可不是最新福尔斯电影的唯一亮点Telegrams have replaced e-mails, and Holmes now finds himself in a horse-drawn carriage instead of a cab. The hit B TV series, which usually takes place in the present day, has transported its characters back to Victorian London, where author Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic tales were set.电报取代电邮,福尔斯发现自己竟坐在马车里,计程车去哪了?这部由英国广播公司出品的热门剧集将背景设定在现代,现在却将主人公穿越到了维多利亚时期的伦敦,那正是原著作者柯南匠尔给小说设定的年代The latest Sherlock special, The Abominable Bride, hit Chinese cinemas on Jan , and it’s a loving homage to Doyle’s original vision.最新《神探夏洛克:可恶新娘于1月日登陆中国影院,当然它还是对柯南匠尔原著的致敬Many of Doyle’s stories are spine-tinglers, full of fright and suspense. Yet, confined by its 1st century backdrop, the Sherlock series hasn’t been able to fully present some of Doyle’s gothic stories. But this time-traveling Sherlock special allows the production team to present a kind of story that was prevalent in Doyle’s era.道尔的小说充满了惊悚和悬疑,让人背脊发凉但是受到1世纪的年代限制,《神探夏洛克剧集无法完全呈现道尔原著中的哥特风格不过这次穿越版《神探夏洛克特别篇给了创作团队重现道尔时代流行故事的机会“If you want to do a ghost story, you’ve got to go Victorian,” Sherlock show-runner Steven Moffat told Vanity Fair magazine. “There’s a lot of fog.”“如果你想讲鬼故事,那就得去维多利亚时代,”《神探夏洛克制片人史蒂芬莫法特告诉《名利场杂志“那时(伦敦)大雾朦胧”To adapt to Sherlock’s new Victorian setting, the show’s protagonists have made a few personality adjustments.为了配合《神探夏洛克的维多利亚时期剧设,主人公的性格也要相应做出调整Actor Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes becomes “a little more polished” in his role as a Victorian gentleman. Meanwhile, Holmes’ sidekick John Watson, played by Martin Freeman, is “more uptight”, said Moffat.莫法特透露,演员本尼迪克特康伯巴奇饰演的夏洛克輠尔斯变得“更加优雅”,以符合他维多利亚时期绅士的人设同时,福尔斯的助手约翰丠生(马丁弗里曼饰)则会变得“更加焦躁”What’s remarkable about The Abominable Bride is the freedom with which it explores modern-day themes, in spite of its Victorian backdrop.虽然故事设定在维多利亚时期,《可恶的新娘最值得称道的是它探讨的现代主题下的自由Spoiler alert here! The ghostly bride turns out to be a group of betrayed women who attempt to punish their abusive male lovers and defend their rights. In other words, the bride is the idea of feminism, and her appearance coincides with the birth of the suffragettes in Victorian England.注意,前方剧透!幽灵新娘其实只是一群被男人抛弃的妇女,她们要惩罚背叛她们的男人,维护自己的权利换句话说,新娘就是女权主义的化身,她的出现同维多利亚时期英格兰兴起的妇女参政论不谋而合And there’s an additional twist in the story’s plot. The show’s time travel is actually a hallucination, brought on when Holmes has a drug overdose.电影版还添加了一些反转的剧情故事中的穿越其实只是福尔斯过量用药物后致幻反应Despite all the acclaim the show has received, some viewers have complained about the special episode’s confusing, time-jumping plot. But the key elements in Sherlock stay the same.尽管该片受到了不少赞誉,还是有不少影迷抱怨特别篇剧情混乱、时间线索不连贯不过还好,《神探夏洛克的精髓还在Sherlock and Watson’ s brilliant detective work doesn’t change. And more importantly, the duo’s fast-talking friendship remains intact.卷福和华生绝妙的推理还在更重要的是这对好基友打嘴仗式的友谊依旧坚固“You’re Sherlock Holmes, wear the damn hat,” Watson quips, shoving the deerstalker in Sherlock’s face. It’s a familiar line, delivered in an unfamiliar setting.华生把猎鹿帽扔在卷福脸上,讥笑他:“你是带着难看帽子的夏洛克輠尔斯”完全不同的背景下是熟悉的台词 07巫溪黔江区武隆县做产前检查多少钱 重庆哪里做体检好

渝中大渡口区人流手术多少钱重庆治疗不孕医院 It’s bad luck getting involved in a crime without knowing why. So imagine how terrible it is to be controlled all the time without being able to break free.在毫不知情的情况下被卷入犯罪案件当中,着实是倒霉透顶所以可想而知,长期被控制,无法脱身,是多么的糟糕This is the premise of the new action thriller Control. The suspenseful vibe throughout its 90 minutes is enough to keep us on the edge of our seats.最新动作悬疑片《控制便以这样的情节为前提在90分钟的影片中,悬疑氛围浓厚,足以让我们紧张到心跳加速The untunate one here is Mark, played by Daniel Wu. Mark is an ordinary insurance salesman who commits perjury in order to help his sick mother. Soon he gets repeated calls from a mysterious man who threatens him and ces him to commit crimes such as robbing a bank. As Mark’s life gets more and more miserable, the game of identifying the tormentor begins.片中这一倒霉的角色叫马克,由吴彦祖饰演他是名普通的保险推销员,为了救助病重的母亲,而选择做伪然而不久后,他不断接到一名神秘男子的威胁电话,被迫去抢,实施犯罪马克的生活越来越苦不堪言,于是一场揭露幕后主使的游戏便开始了Set in a scientifically advanced, futuristic city, the first few minutes of the film not only pull us into the riddle, they also introduce us to various kinds of high-tech devices —something we don’t often see in Chinese films, especially not those by director Kenneth Bi, who is known his work on romantic movies.该片讲述的故事发生在一个科技发达的未来之城影片开始前几分钟便将观众身陷迷局,其中大量的高科技装备在国产片中并不常见,特别是对以拍摄爱情片著称的毕国智导演更是如此As the story continues, we discover that Mark is not the only puppet. There are several others with whom he shares a wrongful past. At this point, it seems clear enough that the film wants to tell us “no one is innocent” and that the mysterious man symbolizes greed and guilt. However, it cleverly avoids pursuing this cliche and offers a surprising twist at the end. Of course, I’m not going to spoil it by telling you.随着剧情的发展,我们发现并非只有马克一人控片中其他一些人也和马克一样,有着不堪回首的过去很明显,从这个角度来看,影片想向我们传达“没有人是清白的”这一主题,而神秘男子则象征着贪婪与罪恶但是,该片巧妙地避免了落入俗套,剧情在结尾发生惊天大逆转当然,我是不会剧透的Wu is certainly an adept actor in this film. And while I expected to see more of Yao Chen —it’s her first film after having a baby in July —it’s a pity that her part is not that prominent.吴彦祖在本片中演技纯熟虽然我希望多看看姚晨的表现——这是她自七月产子后出演的首部影片——但很遗憾她的戏份并不多But the real star of Control is Bi, who’s both the writer and director. Thanks to him, the film goes beyond the topic of “being controlled” to “losing control”, adding a refreshing angle to an existing concept.而《控制一片真正的功臣要数集编导与一身的毕国智有了他的参与,电影主题越过“被控”,转为“失控”,打破定式,添加了新的视角A man’s actions can be controlled, but not his heart. So if the controller plays with the wrong puppet, that can bring bad luck, too.尽管一个人的行为可以被控制,但是内心是无法被左右的,如果操控者找错了对象,也同样会招致厄运 687重庆妇科检查哪家医院最好的

酉阳土家族苗族自治县打胎多少钱 A lawmaker in St. Petersburg has a message Madonna: keep your pants on. Literally.俄罗斯圣彼得堡的一位官员向麦当娜发出警告:不要在演唱会当众脱裤子City councilman Vitaly Miranov warned the pop star not to step out of line during her upcoming concert there on Aug.9.麦当娜将于8月9日在在俄罗斯演出圣彼得堡市议员维达利#86;米兰诺夫事先通过媒体向麦当娜发出警告:不要做出格的举动;We are warning the organizers of her concert to make it as decent as possible. Otherwise we will use the harsh laws against them. I heard that during the concerts of this tour she has taken off her pants. We do not need that here,; Milanov said, according to Russia Interfax news agency.据俄罗斯国际文传电讯社报道,米兰诺夫说:;我们已经警告麦当娜演唱会的主办方,这场演唱会要办得尽可能体面否则我们将用严厉的法律惩罚他们我听说麦当娜在此次巡演中曾在现场脱掉裤子,我们这里可不需要这种表演;The Material Girl caught Miranov ire earlier this year after she vowed to speak out from the stage against a harsh new anti-gay law which would make it a crime to discuss homosexuality around minors. He threatened to fine her if she did and said in March that he would was willing to ;personally suffer; through her concert in order ;to control its moral content.;麦当娜在今年早些时候曾经激怒过米兰诺夫,她打算在演唱会上公开发表言论,反对该市通过的未成年人讨论同性恋属违法行为的法案米兰诺夫还威胁说,如果麦当娜这样做,将对她进行罚款他在三月表示,愿意;自己受罪;观看这场演唱会,以;控制不道德内容;The so-called ;gay gag rule,; which Miranov proposed, would impose hefty fines up to $,700 on violators. A similar law was later approved at a national level. The laws supporters say it meant to protect children from gay ;propoganda,; but opponents say it just the latest in a string of efts to discriminate against gay, lesbian, and transgender people.米兰诺夫提出的这项;同性恋言论限制法规;将对违规者处以最高1.67万美元罚款随后,俄罗斯又通过一条类似的反同性恋法规这项法规的持者称,保护儿童远离同性恋者的;鼓吹;非常重要,但反对者表示,这只是歧视男女同性恋及变性者系列行为的最新举动Madonna is not the only famous musician standing up gay rights in the region.麦当娜不是在该地区持同性恋权益的唯一一位著名歌手On Saturday Elton John begged Ukrainian authorities to stop a recent pattern of violence against gay activist leaders.周六,艾尔顿-约翰请求乌克兰当局停止针对同性恋活跃领袖的最新暴力行为;I plead with you. Stop the violence against gay people,; he said during a pause in his act, which headlined a concert ahead of the EuroCup soccer tournament final, which was held in Kiev.他在演出的间隙说:;我恳求你们,不要再实施反对同性恋者的暴力行为了;这场演唱会在基辅开赛的欧洲杯决赛前举行,而他的请求也成为全场的亮点Lady Gaga has also repeatedly spoken out against the treatment of homosexuals in Russia.Lady Gaga也曾多次公开抗议俄罗斯同性恋者的待遇Homosexuality was banned in the Soviet Union and was only decriminalized in 1993, though it was still declared a mental disorder until 1999. It remains highly taboo in Russia.前苏联曾禁止同性恋行为,1993年俄罗斯才宣布同性恋合法化,但在1999年之前仍被定为精神疾病在俄罗斯,同性恋仍属禁忌话题 1899重庆宫外孕费用多少酉阳土家族苗族自治县治疗宫颈炎哪家医院最好的



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