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The plenary sessions of the National Peoples Congress (NPC) and the National Committee of the Chinese People s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)popularly known as the ;two sessions;, are kicking off this week. What will be the big talking points? We have compiled a list of 26 hot topics, in accordance with the 26 letters in the English alphabet.被称作“两会”的全国人民代表大会(NPC)与中国人民政治协商会CPPCC)本周拉开大幕。今年的两会有哪些看点?我们6个英文字母为索引,为你梳6个两会热点话题。A|Anti-corruption 重拳反腐The Chinese government has adopted a zero-tolerance approach in fighting corruption since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in November 2012. In 2015, Chinas top anti-graft watchdog said it will net more ;tigers; and ;flies; - corrupt government officials at both higher and lower levels - and combat graft in State-owned enterprises (SOEs). But how to build a long-term mechanism to supervise the exercise of official power requires suggestions from NPC deputies and CPPCC members0121月的中共十八大以来,中国政府对待反腐采取“零容忍”的态度015年,中国反腐监察机构表示将继续“打虎拍蝇”,并开辟国企反腐的战场。但是,如何建立权力监督的长期机制,仍需两会代表献策建言。B|Breakup of Monopolies 破除垄断Although China has eased market access in many industries and started SOE reforms in a bid to mobilize private investment and break monopolies, there is still a lot to do to achieve fair competition. Experts believe the private sector will reap more fruit this year。尽管中国已经放宽许多行业的市场准入门槛并开始国企改革,以调动私人投资,破除垄断,但如何实现社会资源平等竞争还大有空间。专家预计,今年民营经济在这方面将有更多收获。C|Check of Power 简政放权In the past two years, Chinas central government has prioritized the task of cutting red tape and delegating power to lower-level governments. Altogether, 798 administrative approval items have been canceled or delegated to local governments. The move has curbed corruption and stimulated entrepreneurship. More progress can be expected in the area。过去两年,中央政府简政放权成为改革重头戏,国务院累计取消和下98项行政审批事项,有力地防止了腐败,激发了创业。这方面还会更有新进展。D|Democracy 中国式民主In February, the CPC Central Committee published a document proposing to promote ;consultative democracy;. Consultative democracy - defined as a democratic pattern in which, led by the CPC, all sections of society are consulted on major issues before and during policy-making processes - helps Chinese people take part in the countrys governance and makes sure that diverse voices can be heard and consensus can be reached. The two sessions are perfect examples of China exerting consultative democracy and offer a window for people to observe and understand Chinas democracy月,中共中央印发《关于加强社会主义协商民主建设的意见》,将协商民主定义为“在中国共产党领导下,人民内部各方面围绕重大问题,在决策之前和决策实施之中开展广泛协商,努力形成共识的重要民主形式。”而“两会”正是“协商民主”的绝佳体现,这为关注并试图理解中国式民主的人们提供了视角。E|Engines 经济引擎In early 2015, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang put forward a fresh concept at Davos - ;Two engines;: ;To transform the traditional engine of growth by focusing on increasing the supply of public goods and services; and ;To foster a new engine of growth by encouraging mass entrepreneurship and innovation.; In 2015, China is sure to take steps to fuel the ;two engines; so that the economy can maintain a medium-to-high speed of growth and achieve a medium-to-high level of development。李克强总理在瑞士达沃斯年会上发表演讲时首次提出“双引擎”概念:一方面要改造升级传统引擎,扩大公共产品和公共务的供给;另一方面要培育打造新引擎,推动大众创业、万众创新015年中国将采取措施为“双引擎”加油,使其释放能量助推中国经济保持“双中高”——实现中高速增长、迈向中高端水平。F|;Four Comprehensives; “四个全面”CPC mouthpiece the Peoples Daily has carried a series of editorials prior to the annual legislative session, expounding the concept of the ;Four Comprehensives;, first raised by Xi Jinping in December. The concept includes comprehensively building a moderately prosperous society, deepening reform, advancing the rule of law and strictly governing the Party. The concept, drawing widesp attention from home and abroad, is expected to be the main theme of the legislative session。两会前,《人民日报》发表系列,阐述习近平去2月首次提出的“四个全面”——“全面建成小康社会、全面深化改革、全面推进依法治囀?全面从严治党”。这个新提法受到了海内外的广泛关注,被认为将成两会“主旋律”。G|GDP 经济增长At the opening meeting of the NPC session on Thursday, Li Keqiang will reveal this years GDP target when delivering the government work report. It is the subject of much anticipation at home and abroad. Most Chinese provinces lowered their GDP targets for 2015 at previous local legislative sessions日的人大[微]会议开幕会上,李克强总理在《政府工作报告》中将披露今年GDP增长预期目标,这是一个海内外普遍关注的悬念。在此前召开的地方两会上,绝大多数省份都下调015年GDP增长目标。H|Hong Kong 香港2014 was an eventful year for Hong Kong. The Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect program kicked off trading. Guangdong and Hong Kong liberalized their service trade, and the Guangdong free trade zone (FTZ) was approved. Meanwhile, the illegal ;occupy; protest movement negatively impacted Hong Kongs development and reform to its political system. Differences of opinion between people from the mainland and Hong Kong have surged014年对香港特别行政区来说喜忧交加:“沪港通”开锣、粤港基本实现务贸易自由化、广东自贸区获批;与此同时,长达两个多月的“占中”非法集会也对香港的发展与政制改革带来不良影响,两地人员交流往来也出现了一些擦。I|Innovation 创新Innovation is an engine to Chinas development, and reform an ignitor to the engine. As the economy enters a ;new normal;, and growth slows, Chinas economy will rely more on innovation to drive its growth。创新是中国发展的新引擎,而改革是必不可少的点火器。在经济步入新常态、增速明显放缓的大趋势下,中国经济更加需要依靠创新驱动。J|Jobs 就业&创业The number of jobs forecast to be created this year will be revealed at the annual legislative session. In the past two years, despite an economic slowdown, the number of newly-created jobs has increased steadily. China is promoting employment through encouraging business start-ups, cutting red tape and delegating power to lower-level governments。今年中国决心创造多少新就业岗位,将在两会中披露。近两年,在经济增速放缓的同时,新增就业人数却稳步上升。中国正在用激励创业、简政放权的办法推动就业。K|Key Policies 关键政策Chinas fiscal and monetary policies in 2015 under the circumstances of slowed economic growth are the key focus of the two sessions。在经济增速放缓的情况下,中国如何制定2015年的财政政策与货币政策,将成为两会的重中之重。L|Law 法治2015 has been defined by the Chinese leadership as ;the first year of comprehensively promoting the rule of law;. The two sessions are expected to address legal and judicial aspects in detail: for example, a bill to amend the Legislation Law015年是中国全面推进依法治国的开局之年。两会将具体细化依法治国各项任务,如审议立法法修正案草案。M|Military 国防军事Chinas military expenditure will definitely become one of the most discussed topics during the two sessions in Western and domestic media. The question China faces is how to build and manage a stronger army in new conditions。两会将披露一个海内外极其关注的数据:中国的军费。新形势下中国如何治军强军成为关注焦点。N|New Normal 新常;New normal; is a buzz word in 2014 and it will be the first appearance of the word at the two sessions since it became a guideline for Chinese leaders in economic policy-making。“新常态”名014年度中国十大新词语榜首,并已经成为领导人制订经济政策的依据。今年两会,是“新常态”一词成为政策话语后的第一次两会。O|Opening up 开放China became a net foreign investor for the first time in 2014. However, foreign capital still plays a vital role in the Chinese economy, especially in improving the quality and efficiency of growth and in driving innovation. In 2015, China will further open up its service sector, guided by experience distilled from the Shanghai Free Trade Zone014年,中国第一次成为对外净投资囀?但是,外资对中国经济仍然必不可少,特别体现在经济提质增效和创新驱动发展等方面015年,中国将继续扩大多个领域对外开放,同时推广上海自贸区经验。P|Pollution 污染问题;We will resolutely declare war against pollution as we declared war against poverty,; said Premier Li Keqiang at the parliamentary sessions last year. A poll has showed that pollution control and environmental protection remains one of the biggest areas of public concern ahead of the two sessions。“我们要像对贫困宣战一样,坚决向污染宣战。”去年两会上李克强总理的这句话掷地有声。网调显示,污染问题和环境治理是今年两会前最受公众关注的话题之一。Q|Quality 质量China will not pursue statistical growth single-mindedly, but try to strike a balance where industrial transformation and upgrading and a rational growth rate can all be achieved. The country is embarking on a development path characterized by efficiency, quality, sustainability and steadiness。中国表示将不再简单追求增长速度,而将在转型升级与保持合理增长区间内找到一个黄金平衡点,追求有效率、高质量、可持续、更稳健有力的发展。R|Reform 改革This year has been defined by the top leadership as a crucial period for deepening reform. In which fields will these reforms take place? The government work report will give the answer。用领导人的话说,以全面深化改革为特征的中国新改革今年进入了关键之年。改革将在哪些领域落笔?《政府工作报告》将给出。S|Silk Road 丝绸之路It is widely expected that more tangible achievements will be made in the ;Belt and Road; networks. At their local legislative sessions, 31 Chinese provinces, cities and autonomous regions said they would actively participate in or support the building of the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road。各方普遍预015年将成为“一带一路丝绸之路经济带和21世纪海上丝绸之路)做深做实的一年。多个省市区在地方两会上表示将积极参与或务于“一带一路”。T|Tibet 西藏2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Tibet Autonomous Region. The Chinese central governments policies on governing Tibet will attract attention from reporters home and abroad015年是西藏自治区成0周年。中央治藏政策将是海内外记者们关注的话题。U|ed States 中美关系Xi Jinping is scheduled to pay a State visit to the ed States in September. Last year, China and the ed States reached consensus in aspects including visa arrangements, trade and military trust. The two sides also released the landmark China-U.S. Joint Announcement on Climate Change. Reporters will try to get some hints on how China and the ed States will rise above their differences。习近平主席将于今年9月应邀对美进行国事访问。去年中美就签互惠、军事互信、贸易谈判等问题达成多项协议与共识,还发表了具有里程碑意义的《中美气候变化联合声明》。未来两国如何拓展合作、管控分歧,各国记者们很可能借两会场合一探究竟。V|Values 价值观Authorities believe that moral and ethical education should run through the reform and opening up and influence ordinary peoples lives, with the core socialist values of harmony, integrity and fairness being cultivated。中国正提倡把精神文明建设贯穿改革开放和现代化全过程、渗透社会生活各方面,并大力培育和谐、公正、平等等社会主义核心价值观。W|World 世界Given Chinas fast development and closer ties with other nations, the world cares ever more about Chinese views and attitudes. Attention will be given to a series of regional hot-spot issues and worldwide issues at the two sessions。随着中国的迅速发展和与世界的联系更加紧密,“中国怎么看”正变得越来越重要。一系列全球和地区热点话题将在两会受到关注。X|Xi Jinping 习近平The schedule of the Chinese President Xi Jinping will be closely watched. International and domestic media are wondering what he will say when discussing state affairs with national lawmakers and political advisors。国家主席习近平的两会日程引人注目,国内外媒体都关注他与代表委员共商国是时会讲到什么。Y|Year 承前启后之年2015 marks the final year of Chinas 12th Five-Year Plan, and will also usher in the 13th Five-Year Plan towards the end of the year. The two sessions comes at a crucial period of time in between。今年是全面完成“十二五”规划的收官之年,中国即将开启“十三五”规划。两会恰逢全面建成小康社会承前启后的关键时间点。Z|Zone 自贸区A year and a half after the launch of the pioneering Shanghai FTZ, similar FTZs in Guangdong, Fujian and Tianjin have been approved and may have an official kick-off very soon. Experts say they are not simple copies of the Shanghai FTZ, but more regionally integrated, targeted, and differentiated in their functions。中国首个自由贸易试验区正式于上海挂牌近一年半后,粤闽津三个新设自贸区正式挂牌之日渐近。专家认为新一批自贸区并非对上海自贸区经验的简单复制,而是区域化特征明显、目标指向性更强,走差异化道路。来 /201503/362207。

The world has a massive food crisis on its hands. The crisis is so big that organizations like the World Bank and the ed Nations say there won’t be enough food to feed the global population when it jumps from the current seven billion people to nine billion by 2050.全球正面临着一场大规模的粮食危机,世界和联合国等国际组织甚至声称,随着全球人口由当前的70亿人增长050年的90亿人,地球上的粮食将难以满足全球人口的需求。Some research even suggests a food scarcity crunch as early as 2030 just 15 years from now.有些研究甚至认为,全球粮食危机可能最030年就会爆发,也就是说离现在只5年。The reasons? Severe weather events like droughts and floods, economic hardships, and political unrest in underdeveloped countries, as well as agribusiness expansion.造成粮食危机的原因,主要是干旱和洪水等极端气候环境、经济困难、欠发达国家的政治动乱以及农业综合企业的扩张等等。While many experts say that producing more food will make the crisis go away, others contend it’s not that simple.有许多专家认为,只要生产更多的食物,就能解决粮食危机问题,但同时也有一些专家认为,问题并非这么简单。“To address food security, we need a shift in the way we address poverty and inequality in the world,Stephen Scanlan, a professor of sociology at Ohio University. “There should be a reframing of food as a fundamental human right in a way that governments actually stand by.”俄亥俄大学社会学教授史蒂芬o斯坎兰指出:“要解决食品安全问题,我们需要转变我们解决全球贫困和贫富差距问题的方式。食物应该被确定为一项基本人权,得到各国政府的真正持。”But feeding the world is big business. Multinational food companies and retailers are heavily involved in food production. Corporations such as Kraft KRFT 0.21% , ConAgra C 0.77% , Cargill, and PepsiCo PEP 0.08% dominate global food distribution.但喂饱全世界也是一笔大生意。不少跨国食品公司和零售企业都在积极从事食物生产。像卡夫、康尼格拉)、嘉吉和百事可乐)等公司,已经成为全球粮食分配的主宰者。Companies like Monsanto MON 1.28% , the biggest maker of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) seeds, promote their high tech products as a way to increase food production.像全球最大的转基因种子生产商孟山都这样的公司,则主要通过推销其高科技产品来提高粮食产量。And those companies are seeing benefits. Global food prices increased by four percent between January and April of this year, according to the World Bank, stopping a decline in food prices starting in August 2012.这些公司都见到了效益。根据世界的数据,从今年一月到四月,全球食品价格增长了4%,结束了肇始012月的下跌趋势。While those figures may please company shareholders, that kind of consolidation and profit puts too much control over food supplies into too few places, according to critics like Scanlan. Beyond the perceived threats from the business world, global food supplies, one analyst argued, are at the mercy of some nations seeking to feed their own populations at the expense of others.不过斯坎兰等批评人士指出,虽然这些数据或许能够取悦企业的股东,但它也会导致少数几个地方掌握过大的食品控制权。一名分析师还表示,除了来自企业界的威胁以外,全球食品安全还取决于,某些国家是否会以牺牲他国的人口食品安全为代价来喂饱本国国民。“China is the largest purchaser of farmable land in the world,said Usha Haley, a professor of business management at West Virginia University. “They’re doing it to acquire resources as they have a huge gap between what they produce and what they use.”比如,西弗吉尼亚大学工商管理学教授乌沙o哈利指出:“中国是全球可耕种土地的最大买家,他们这样做是为了获得资源。因为在他们的产出和消耗之间存在着巨大的差距。”Food scarcity now粮荒已然发生For many, food scarcity is aly here. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reports that 842 million people in the world remain undernourished. And nearly two thirds of them are living in the Asia-Pacific region. One in four children under the age of five is stunted due to malnutrition.在很多人看来,粮荒已经发生了。联合国粮农组织的报告称,全球有8.42亿人口营养不良,几乎其中的三分之二都集中在亚太地区。在五岁以下儿童中,有四分之一因营养不够而发育不良。Fueling the problem are worldwide diets that rely on an ever smaller group of crops, leaving global food supplies at the mercy of inflation, insects, disease, and bad weather. Also, there’s the increasing creation of inedible products such as fuel from crops that normally get put on the kitchen table.雪上加霜的是,目前全球人口依赖的农作物种类越来越少,使全球粮食产量越来越多地受到通货膨胀、虫灾、疫病和极端天气的影响,另外,现在人们经常使用粮食制造一些不能吃的产品(如能源),这也使它们无法被送上餐桌。“What concerns us is biofuel expansion,said Kristin Sundell, director of policy and campaigns for ActionAid, an international group that focuses on ending poverty.致力于解决贫困问题的国际组织“行动援助”的政策与活动主任克里斯汀o桑德尔表示:“我们很担心生物燃料的扩张。”“We’ve seen a 50 percent expansion in recent years in using crops like sugar, corn and soy to create fuels for gas tanks, and that’s taking away food crops from people and making what there is more expensive,Sundell said.他表示:“近年来,糖、玉米和大豆等粮食作物被用来提炼汽油的数量,已经扩张0%,这一方面从人们那里抢走了农作物,一方面也使粮食变得更贵了。”Sundell added that the large-scale investment by private agriculture businesses to buy up more farm land in poor countries is forcing local growers out of business. Farmers who do have land in areas like East Africa often face a Faustian bargain, said Scott Ickes, a professor of public health and nutrition at the College of William amp; Mary.桑德尔补充道,一些私人农业公司在穷国大规模投资购买土地,迫使当地种植者无法再以农为生。威廉与玛丽学院公共健康与营养教授斯科特o伊克斯指出,东非等地的一些拥有土地的农民经常面临这种“浮士德式的交易”。“Farmers have to choose between growing specialty cash crops like cocoa, tea and coffee or food staples to make a living,Ickes said. “They usually pick the cash crops as it’s a challenge for them to make ends meet.”“农民必须选择是种植可可、茶和咖啡等专门的经济作物,还是选择种植养家糊口的主食作物。由于生活艰难,他们经常会选择种植经济作物。”伊克斯说。Helping those help themselves助人即自助While agricultural innovations like genetic modified organisms (GMOs) hailed by many and condemned by others are often offered up as solutions, one analyst said simple ways to distribute and store food are needed.尽管有人认为,全球粮食危机的解决方案在于转基因技术等农业创新(虽然转基因也受到了很多非议与指责),但也有一名分析人士表示,我们还需要一些简单的分配和储存粮食的方法。“A lot of food rots because of bad storage facilities in poor countries, and bad infrastructure in those areas prevents delivery of food to a lot of the poor,said College of William amp; Mary’s Ickes.威廉与玛丽学院的伊克斯表示:“许多粮食之所以腐烂,是因为一些穷国的储存设备不好。在这些国家,糟糕的基建设施,导致粮食不能分配到很多穷人手里。”A key element in all this is helping those in need learn how to take care of themselves, said Mark Rieger, dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Delaware.特拉华大学农业与自然资源学院院长马克o里格尔认为,解决这个问题的重要一环在于教会那些需要帮助的国家如何进行自助。“We have an agricultural program so people can develop their own food,Rieger said. “I just got back from Kenya where we bring students here and then send them back home to help their own countries.”“我们有一个农业项目,让人们可以种植自己的粮食。我刚刚从肯尼亚回来,而且还带回来了一些肯尼亚学生,等他们学成后,我们会让他们回国帮助他们自己的国家。”Wars over food?抢夺粮食的战争?The World Bank reports that to avoid food shortages by 2050, the global community needs to produce at least 50 percent more food than it does today.世界的报告指出,要想避免2050年出现粮食短缺,全球社会需要把粮食产量在今天的基础上至少提0%。Many analysts say they are hopeful the world is waking up to the food scarcity problem, as more governments like the U.S. and those in Europe, ramp up efforts to provide aid to developing countries.许多分析人士认为,全球已经开识意识到粮荒问题,比如美国和欧洲各国政府都加大了对发展中国家的援助力度。But a clear consensus on exactly how to end the growing food shortage remains elusive. And that could lead to even greater disasters, said West Virginia’s Haley.但西弗吉尼亚大学的哈利表示,目前国际社会对如何解决日益显著的粮食紧缺仍缺乏共识。而这甚至可能导致更大的灾难。“The food scarcity problem is serious. I think the next world wars could be fought over resources like food and water,she said.她表示:“粮食短缺问题非常严重,我认为对粮食和水等资源的争夺,有可能引爆下一场世界大战。”(财富中文网) /201412/350918。

U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron are meeting for a second day of talks Friday in Washington.美国总统奥巴马和英国首相卡梅伦星期五在华盛顿举行第二天会谈。White House officials say Mr. Obama and Mr. Cameron will discuss a range of issues including terrorism, Ebola and Russias actions in Ukraine, and cyber-security.白宫说,奥巴马和卡梅伦将讨论反恐、埃拉、俄罗斯在乌克兰的行动和网络安全等一系列问题。The two world leaders are also expected to announce their plans to hold joint cyber ;war games; starting later this year with a mock attack on banks.预计双方还会宣布今年晚些时候举行防范被袭的联合网络“军演”计划。The British leader has said he plans to ask President Obama to press U.S. technology companies like Google and Facebook to allow governments to snoop on encrypted communications.卡梅伦曾表示,他准备请奥巴马总统向谷歌、脸书等美国科技公司施加压力,允许政府监视加密通信。The subject is a sensitive one in the U.S. following widesp public outrage at revelations the U.S. National Security Agency was scooping up phone records of millions of Americans. Disclosures by former NSA systems analyst Edward Snowden also showed that several U.S. Internet businesses were giving NSA access to customer data.这在美国是一个敏感话题。美国国家安全局前合同工斯诺013年泄露国安局收集数百万美国人电话记录,引起公愤。斯诺登还泄露说,有几家美国因特网公司允许国安局接触顾客数据。The president held a working dinner with the prime minister at the White House Thursday night, a week after Europe was shaken by terror in Paris.奥巴马和卡梅伦周四在白宫共进工作晚餐。来 /201501/355499。

Gunmen kidnapped 18 Turkish workers Wednesday in Iraqs capital.星期三,手在伊拉克首都绑架8名土耳其工人。The workers, who were part of a crew building a football stadium, were taken in the mainly Shiite Habibiya district in northeastern Baghdad.这些正在修建一座足球场的工人在巴格达东北部什叶派穆斯林聚居的哈比比亚城区被绑架。There was no indication of the identity of the kidnappers or their motive.目前还不清楚绑架者的身份以及他们的目的。Turkeys Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said Turkish authorities were in contact with those in Iraq.土耳其副总理库尔图尔姆斯说,土耳其当局与伊拉克方面保持着接触。Last year, Islamic State militants seized 49 Turkish hostages from Turkeys consulate in Mosul and held them for more than three months before releasing the group. Those hostages included diplomats, soldiers and children.去年,伊斯兰国激进分子在土耳其驻苏尔领事馆扣押了49名土耳其人质,三个多月后才释放他们。人质中包括外交官、军人和儿童。来 /201509/397485。

China objected Wednesday to Washingtons imposing new sanctions against eight companies it said a Chinese businessman used in the alleged sale of ballistic missile parts to Iran.中国政府周三反对华盛顿对八家公司实施的新制裁。美国方面称,一位中国商人涉嫌通过这八家公司非法向伊朗出售弹道导弹零部件。Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang said that instead of unilaterally levying sanctions, the U.S. should deal with its concerns according to Chinese law. He didnt name the companies and the businessman, Li Fangwei, nor mention the million reward Washington offered to secure his arrest, but said that the U.S. actions, announced Tuesday, would hinder efforts to reduce proliferation.中国外交部发言人秦刚表示,中方坚决反对美国实施单边制裁,美方的有关关切应通过与中方开展执法合作予以解决。秦刚并未提及被制裁公司的名称和这位名为李方伟的商人,也未提到美国政府悬00万美元缉拿李方伟一事,但称美方周二宣布的做法有损双方防扩散合作We believe the relevant actions taken by the U.S. wont help solve the problem and will also impair our nonproliferation cooperation, said spokesman Qin Gang at a briefing. We urge the U.S. to stop sanctions of companies and individuals and come back to the right track of nonproliferation cooperation.秦刚在一次记者会上表示,美方有关做法无助于问题解决,而且有损双方防扩散合作。他还说,中方敦促美方停止制裁中国公司、个人的错误做法,回到防扩散合作的正确轨道上来。China has long-standing objections to Washingtons use of unilateral sanctions, a position the spokesman reiterated. The businessman, Mr. Li, has figured in previous discussions between Washington and Beijing over the transfer of components and materials for missiles to Iran.中国一直反对华盛顿实施单边制裁,秦刚也重申了中方的这一立场。两国政府之前讨论过李方伟涉嫌向伊朗出售导弹零部件和材料一事。Mr. Li, who also goes by Karl Lee, was targeted by sanctions and indicted by U.S. authorities in . The U.S. doesnt have an extradition treaty with China, and officials have said Mr. Li hasnt traveled to countries that might hand him over to U.S. authorities.李方伟又名Karl Lee,他009年成为制裁目标并被美国政府起诉。中美之间没有引渡条约。一些官员表示,李方伟也未前往那些可能将他交给美国政府的国家。Mr. Li couldnt be reached for comment on Tuesday. He has previously denied allegations of wrongdoing, including in a interview with The Wall Street Journal when he said his products arent used to make weapons.记者周二无法联系上李方伟发表。此前李方伟一直否认有关他行为不当的指控,包括年《华尔街日报The Wall Street Journal)的一次采访。当时他表示,自己的产品并未被用于生产武器。Reached for comment on Wednesday, officials at two of the companies on the new sanctions list either denied wrongdoing or said they had no knowledge of Mr. Li.记者周三联系到了新制裁名单上两家公司的管理人士置评。这些管理人士要么否认有不当行为,要么表示不认识李方伟。The charges unsealed by the U.S. Attorney in Manhattan on Tuesday allege that Mr. Li worked to conceal his transactions in the U.S. financial system by adding new layers of shell companies once U.S. authorities began targeting his businesses.美国曼哈顿地区检察官周二宣布相关指控说,李方伟在美国政府开始瞄准他的公司时,通过增添一层层“壳公司”的手段掩盖自己在美国金融系统中的交易,The Treasury Department on Tuesday also sanctioned eight Chinese companies that it said acted for Mr. Li or on his behalf. The measures have highlighted Washingtons ongoing efforts to undermine efforts by Iran to develop its nuclear and missile programs.美国财政部周二也宣布制裁其认为给李方伟代办或代理相关事务的八家中国公司。这些措施表明,华盛顿在继续采取措施削弱伊朗发展核项目和导弹项目的努力。The U.S. Embassy in Beijing didnt have an immediate comment on the foreign ministrys remarks.美国驻北京大使馆未立即就中国外交部的言论置评。来 /201405/295245。

Britain has launched air strikes against Isis extremists in Syria, hours after MPs overwhelmingly endorsed David Cameron’s plan to bomb what he called “medieval murderers英国发动了对叙利亚“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)极端主义者的空袭。就在空袭几个小时前,英国议会以压倒性多数,通过了戴维愠蕓伦(David Cameron)提出的轰炸他所称的“中世纪凶手”的计划。Tornado bombers took off early on Thursday from the RAF Akrotiri air base in Cyprus and made strikes on targets in Syria, news agencies reported, ing government officials.多家新闻机构援引政府官员的话称,周四早间多架龙卷风轰炸机从位于塞浦路斯的皇家空军阿克罗蒂里基RAF Akrotiri)起飞,对叙利亚多个目标实施了轰炸。After a day of high drama at Westminster on Wednesday, dozens of Labour MPs ignored their leader Jeremy Corbyn and backed military action. Britain has now joined France in a US-led coalition committed to attacking Isis in its heartlands.周三,在英国议会上演一整天激动人心的大戏之后,数十名工党(Labour)议员无视党魁杰里米科尔宾(Jeremy Corbyn),为实施军事行动投下了赞同票。如今,英国已加入法国的行列,参加以美国为首的联盟,致力于在ISIS核心地带对其开展轰炸。来 /201512/414434。