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课后安排-- :31:    Do you have any plans after class today?   今天下课后你有什么安排吗?   在大学生活里,课外活动也是丰富多的如果你想了解你的同学课下都做些什么的话,不妨用这句话来问问他们日常的英语交际用语-- :31: 第一拿手好戏:社交性寒暄的全面总结 1. A: How are you doing? B: I'm doing fineOKpretty wellgreatsuperterrificso-so. 或: Not bad. The same as ever. I can't complain too much. (我不能太抱怨还不错) B: Terrible. I've had a headache all morning. . A: How's it going? B: Fine. Pretty good. A: How's everything with yougoing? B: Well, I'm still alive and kicking. So far so good. 3. A: How've you been? (你近来怎么样?) B: All right. 或: Not much lately. . A: How are things with yougoing? B: Great. 或: I'm just taking one day at a time. (我只是过一天算一天) 5. A: What's happening? (原意为"有什么事",现在已演变成"你好吗?" A: What's happening with you these days? B: Nothing much. (没什么) 6. A: What's new?What's up? B: Not much. Nothing in particular. Nothing special. 7. A: Anything interesting happening? 8. A: How are you (are theyis she is he) getting along? (近来如何?)包括事业、健康状况等等! B: Keeping busy. Yourself? 9. A: How do you feel today? B: I feel like a new man. 还有两个特别地道的问候是*What's going on? 和*What are you up to? 都表示"你在忙些什么?",在美国电影中常听到 下面提供大量实用"废话",让你成为人际交往公关大师!1. Are you making progress? . Did you sleep soundly last night. 3. Have you gotten over your cold? . How come you look so tired? 5. Why are you in such a good mood? 6. I just stopped by to say hello. 7. What a pleasant surprise running into you. 8. I'm glad I ran into you. Where have you been hiding lately? 9. I've been thinking about you lately. Let's talk over coffee. . You're just the man I want to see. . I haven't seen you agesin years a long time. . It's nice to see you again. Have you changed jobs? . How was your trip to New York? . What has kept you so busy? 第二拿手好戏:和陌生人相识相知相交-非凡的能力 A: Mary, this is Stone's brother Jim. B: I'm very gladpleased to meet you. C: It's a pleasure to meet you. The pleasure is mine. B: How do you like China so far? What's your impression of China? What do you think of China? C: Its really different from what I expected. B: Don't worry. You'll get used to it in no time. 1. May I have your name, please? . I think I've seen you bee. You look very familiar. 3. Say, don't I know you from somewhere? . I must have seen you somewhere bee. 5. Haven't we met bee? 6. We have talked of you often. 7. I didn't quite catch your name. I'm sorry. I didn't get your name. 8. A: How do I address you? B: Please call me Mary. That's my first name. 9. How many brothers and sisters do you have? . Where are you working now? . I've been looking ward to meeting you. . I've heard a great deal about you. . Is this your first trip to China? Have you ever been to Guangzhou? . What impressed you the most about Shanghai? . May I ask where you are from? . I hope you're enjoying your stay here. . It always takes time to get used to a new place. 18. Sorry, I couldn't help overhearing - did you mention something about…(对不起,我无意中听见你们的谈话,你是不是提到…) 下面介绍一些用于安排约会的方法 . Uh, are you going to be busy this evening? . Um, I was thinking of going to a movie tonight. Would you like to come? . Are you doing anything tonight? I was wondering if you'd like to go to a movie with me. . I'm going to play with a group of friends. Would you like to join us? 如何用地道的英语回答 . That'd be very nice. I'd love to. That's a great idea. . Sorry, I'm afraid I'm busy tonight. Tonight's a problem. What about tomorrow night? Sorry, I've got people coming over tonight. (今晚有客人来)

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Are you clever enough?你够聪明吗?Being intelligent is high maintenance.聪明需要高强度的维护 Among other factors it is also something that is acquired and involves hard work. An intelligent person is able to talk about just about anything because he s and learns about everything under the sun.诸多造就聪明人的因素中,努力不可或缺,且贯穿始终一个聪明人能就任何话题侃侃而谈,那是因为他阅读、学习了世上各种知识 An online survey showed that more thanthree-quarters of people who undertook the survey believe that the Internet makes people smart. This idea stems from the fact that Internet dispensesknowledge impartially and has also improved ing and writing.四分之三参与网络调查的人都认为因特网能让人变聪明,因为它能无偏见地传播知识,还能提高读写能力【知识点讲解】stem from 来源于例句:This plan stems from what we talked about.该项计划源自我们的会谈更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏 个人微信:DJ_Ukki 微信公众号:致亲爱的自己[本节目属未经许可请勿转 899

接电话打电话他出门了所以解不了电话- :6:1 A:Hello, could I speak to Allison, please?你好,请找埃里森接电话,好吗?B:I'm sorry; he's out at the moment.很抱歉,他现在还没回来A:When do you expect him back?你估计他什么时候会回来?B:I think he'll be back in about an hour at least.我想他至少要一个小时后才能回来A:Well, may I leave a message?哦,那我可以留言给他吗?B:Yes, of course.当然可以A:Would you please ask him to call Chris when he gets back?他回来以后,你可以叫他打电话给克里斯吗?B:Ok. Does he know your number?好的,他知道你的号码吗?A:I'm afraid he doesn't. My mobile is 9- 77-6.恐怕他不知道我的手机是 9-77-6.B:9776. All right. Thanks calling. Oh, hang on, someone's at the door that may be him, please hold on.9776?好的谢谢你打电话来 噢,等一下,有人在敲门,可能是他回来了请别挂电话!

情景口语:宿舍风云之奇葩室友-- :5:0 宿舍生活是什么样的,是否你也有吐槽过自己的室友让你难以忍受呢?CC Cat was complaining about her new roomie with Buluo Tiger.CC: I try to put up with Zhazha Rabbit, but I’ve had enough!Tiger: You need to chill, what did she do?CC: I am very self-disciplined and always try to keep our room clean but she is too lazy and all talk.Tiger: It seems that you have a bone to pick with her.CC: I have pulled my weight in being a nice roomie, every time when she got to flush the toilet or clean the seat, I did it her. And I kindly remind her of that, but to my surprise, she made biting remarks and cried with a hurt look. Seems that I am the bully in the dormitory.Tiger: Do you need me to talk with her. May be you need a fresh pair of eyes.CC: No, just stay out of the mess, she needs to act her age, not her shoe size. Talking with her is like hitting my head against a wall. That’s the last straw. I can’t take it anymore. I’ll move out then.Smart Sentences:Chill(out):放松,冷静The finals are over and we need to chill.期末考试结束了我们需要放松下Put up with sb: 容忍某人All talk:讲空话,干打雷不下雨,光说不练You can’t trust my brother’s promise. He is all talk.你不能相信我哥哥说的话,他光说不练Have a bone to pick with sb: 与某人之间有争端要解决It’s no secret I have a bone to pick with you.我对你有意见已经不是什么秘密了Pull one weight:尽自己本分Some countries have not pulled their weight in defeating the Terrorist.Biting remarks: 会给别人带来伤害的,反驳He always says he’s just being honest when he makes a biting remark.他常常说他反驳的时候只是想说出心里的实话Act one’s age, not one’s shoe size:表现的像一个成年人,不要像小孩子The last straw:某人决定不让事态继续发展,那这就是别人所做的做的最后一件坏事了When you cannot tolerate one any more, tell him it’s the last straw.当你不能再容忍宽恕别人时,告诉他这是最后一次

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