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The emperor#39;s beloved palace—The Palace and Park of Fontainebleau.君主钟爱的宫殿--枫丹白露宫及其公园。Fontainebleau palace and gardens are located in the 17,000-hectare forest in the southern suburbs of Paris. The original castle was built by King Louis VI during the 12th century. Fontainebleau was used as a seasonal hunting residence by 29 French kings over a 600-year period.枫丹白露宫及其花园位于巴黎南部郊区的那座17,000公顷的森林里。原先的城堡是由国王路易六世在十二世纪建造的。枫丹白露宫被29任法国国王当做季节性的狩猎行宫达六百年。It gained in importance in the 16th century, when the then King Francois I decided to build a Renaissance palace here. He brought artists and architects from Italy to rebuild the castle.它在十六世纪时变得更加重要,当时的国王法兰索瓦一世决定在此建造一座文艺复兴风格的宫殿。他从意大利带来艺术家和建筑师来重建这城堡。This 60-meter long gallery in Renaissance style is named after him. Beautiful stucco sculptures frame 14 large paintings.这条文艺复兴风格六十公尺长的艺廊是以他命名的。美丽的灰泥雕像框住14幅巨大画作。The palace became a target for French Revolutionaries at the end of the 18th century and was badly damaged. The emperor Napoleon took a presidency after the revolution and ordered renovation.这宫殿在十八世纪末成为法国革命人士的目标,且被严重破坏。拿破仑皇帝在革命后即位并下令整修。The building separating the palace and the town were removed, and the walls were replaced by iron railings. Napoleon wanted to show that the palace was more open to the public.将宫殿和城镇隔开的建筑被移除,城墙被铁栏杆取代。拿破仑想要明这宫殿对大众更为开放。The King#39;s bedroom was converted into an imperial throne room. The gilded throne is flanked by gold columns topped with Napoleon#39;s emblem, made up of an eagle and his initial N. The palace was a testament to Napoleon#39;s power and authority.国王的卧室变成帝王的正殿。镀金的宝座侧边接上以拿破仑徽章加顶的金柱,那徽章是由一隻老鹰及他名字缩写的N所构成的。这宫殿是拿破仑权力与威信的明。There were 16,000 books in the library. He used some of them to devise strategies for battle in a bid to conquer Europe.在这座图书馆中有16,000本藏书。为了试图征欧洲,他使用其中某些来筹划战事策略。Napoleon spent most of his time in the palace in this office, which was also a bedroom. His time at the palace ended on the 6th of April, 1814 when he abdicated. Napoleon described Fontainebleau as the house of the centuries, and said there was no other place he could feel happier.拿破仑在皇宫里花上他大部分的时间在这间办公室里,这同样也是间卧室。他在宫殿的时光于1814年四月六日结束,当他退位时。拿破仑将枫丹白露宫形容为世纪之殿,并说没有其他地方可以让他感到更开心了。 Article/201412/348598。

【新闻精讲】A mass-market carmaker starts customizing vehicles individually. Another milestone has been passed in the adoption of additive manufacturing, popularly known as 3D printing.大众化生产商开启汽车定制新时代。积层制造即3D打印再创里程碑。mass-market 畅销量大的例句:They mass-market their haute couture.他们大量产销他们的高级装。Milestone里程碑,转折点:在个人事业、国家的历史或某一领域知识的发展上所发生的重大事件;转折点Starting school is a milestone for both children and parents.Additive Manufacturing (AM)积层制造是依据3D CAD设计数据采用离散材料(液体、粉末、丝、片、板、块等)逐层累加原理制造实体零件的技术。是一种自下而上材料累加的制造技术。Adoption gt; adopt1. 采用:经选择或同意而接受并采用(例如,行为过程):adopt a new technique.采用新技术2. 采纳:接受并成为己有:adopt a new idea.采纳新意见3. 收养There are hundreds of people desperate to adopt a child.Daihatsu, a Japanese manufacturer of small cars and a subsidiary of Toyota, an industry giant, announced on June 20th that it would begin offering car buyers the opportunity to customise their vehicles with 3D-printed parts.6月20日,行业巨头日本丰田汽车的子公司,小型汽车制造巨头大发宣布将为客户提供3D打印零件定制务。subsidiary1. 子公司British Asia Airways, a subsidiary of British Airways.2. 辅助,次要The economics ministry has increasingly played a subsidiary role to the finance ministry.This brings to drivers with more modest budgets the kind of individual tailoring of vehicles hitherto restricted to the luxury limousines and sports cars of the super-rich.这项务使得预算有限的车主也能像拥有奢华轿车及跑车的巨富们一样定制自己的汽车。The service is available only to buyers of the Daihatsu Copen, a tiny convertible two-seater.不过这项务仅适用于小型双座敞篷跑车大发。hitherto 迄今;至今例句:The polytechnics have hitherto been at an unfair disadvantage in competing for pupils and money到目前为止,理工专科学校在争取生源和资金方面一直处于劣势。Limousine 豪华汽车Convertible 敞篷跑车Customers ordering this car from their local dealer can choose one of 15 “effect skins”, decorative panels embellished with intricate patterns in ten different colours.公司将十种不同颜色的复杂图案点缀在板金上,设计出15种“外观皮肤”,在当地经销商处订购Copen车型的消费者可以从中任选一种。,Order1. 订货,点单Iris finally ordered coffees for herself and Tania.2. 秩序:有条理地、有组织地安排各构成部分以求达到正常的运转或良好的外观的状态“Order, cleanliness, seemliness make a structure that is half support, half ritual” “秩序、整洁和庄重带来一半是持、一半是敷衍了事的体系”(佛罗里达#8226;斯科特麦斯威尔)3. 规则,制度:既定形式和常规程序:the order of worship. 礼拜仪式4. 下令:下令做…,发出指示做…:The judge ordered a recount of the ballots.法官要求重计算选票数Panel1. 木板the frosted glass panel set in the centre of the door.2. 一小撮(+人)He assembled a panel of scholars to advise him.Embellish1. 装饰The stern was embellished with carvings in red and blue.2,润色(+故事)I launched into the parable, embellishing the story with invented dialogue and extra details.Intricate complex, 复杂,intricately carved sculptures.The buyers can then use a website to tinker with the designs further to create exactly the look they want.他们还可以在网上进一步完善该设计,以达到他们想要的效果。Tinker1. 白铁匠2. 粗修:不熟练地或试验性地修补;不经意地干活:tinkering with the economy by trying various fiscal policies.用各种不同的财政政策来治理经济Look外表,外貌:a look of great age. 看起来年头很久The skins are printed in a thermoplastic material using additive-manufacturing machines from Stratasys, an American company. The results are then stuck on the front and rear body panels.通过采用美国公司Stratasys的积层制造设备,这些皮肤可被打印在热塑性材料上。然后打印好的成品会被贴在车身前后部位。Thermo- 热前缀 thermoplasticthermometer (体温计)Thermodynamic(热力学),thermograph (温度记录器)Stick gt; stuck1. 棒 a hockey stick. 典棍球棒2. 粘住He has nowhere to stick up his posters.Rear 后部:远离前部的点或地区:the rear of the hall. 大厅的后部Copen buyers will like selecting unique add-ons rather than choosing from a list of standard accessories, reckons Osamu Fujishita of Daihatsu.大发的Osamu Fujishita认为,相比于在一系列标准化的配饰中挑挑拣拣,Copen车型的买家更乐意挑选独一无二的配饰。add-on accessory,附加物,附加装置:作为补充物附加于他物的东西,特指提高所加系统性能的部件Add on 附加Many loan application forms automatically add on insurance.The company is testing the service in a few markets but plans to make it widely available by early 2017.目前这项定制务只在部分市场试运行,但公司计划于2017年初广泛开展这项业务。“I think the Copen project is just the start,” adds Mr Fujishita.Fujishita先生补充说:“我认为Copen计划只是个开始。”Other carmakers are watching closely.其他汽车生产商也在密切关注此项务。Test测试:决定性评价的过程;为决定某种事物的存在、特性或真实性而采取的手段;试验:a test of an athlete#39;s endurance. 运动员的耐力测试Available可用的:现实可用的;手边的;可获得的 (相当于中文里面的“能”)There are three small boats available for hire.Add 补充The Italian central bank added that the aim was to provide stability.watch对…关注:对思想过程保持关注;维持或掌握…的情况:watch the price of gold. 对金价保持关注 Article/201701/487115。

The reasons for the major step forward in our evolution人类进化中最重要一步的起因are mired in controversy,一直处在争论之中but what is certain is that about 1.8 million years ago,但可以肯定的是 大约180万年前the first ancestor whose behaviour was truly human did emerge.行为与人类很像的祖先 第一次出现了This was Homo erectus.那就是直立人It had lost the ape-like characteristics of its predecessors,他们已经没有了其先人那些类猿的特征its anatomy was much like ours其解剖结构与我们颇为相似and it could run as easily as we can.而且可以像我们一样奔跑But crucially, its brain had grown by 20%.更关键的是 大脑容量增加了20%If Wrangham is right,如果朗汉是对的and cooking was the cause of this quantum leap,烹饪确实是这巨大飞跃的推动力it#39;s crucial to find out when cooking started.那么关键就是找出人类开始烹饪的时间This is a matter of some debate.这是个充满争议的问题I think we first started cooking我认为 大约200万年前almost two million years ago with the origin of Homo erectus.直立人开启了 人类的第一次烹饪Cooking could possibly be one million years old.烹饪可能已经有了百万年的历史Based on the evidence we have,根据我们现在所掌握的据I#39;d say we started to cook我只能说人类some time in the last 800,000 years.在过去80万年里的某个时间开始烹饪 Article/201505/374754。

像《魔兽世界》这样的游戏,提供了一个让玩家在虚拟空间充当救世主的角色,并且同时激励这些玩家学习那些英雄们所具有的良好品质。那么我们能否利用这种机制去解决现实世界中的问题呢?Jane McGonigal说可以,并且给出了她的理由。 Article/201507/383458。

The educated materials presented here这里所用的教学材料were developed by students and faculty由爱荷华州立大学of the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition食品科学与人类营养学系at Iowa State University.师生共同制作完成Funding for this project was provided by grants本项目的赞助资金来源于from the American Cancer Society Midwest美国中西部癌症学会and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.以及兰斯·阿姆斯特朗基金The materials are intended for educational use此材料仅供教育教学使用and are not meant to provide medical advice.不能作为医学指导We welcome your feedback about these materials.我们欢迎您有关本材料的反馈Please use the evaluation survey link on the homepage请登陆主页点击评估调查链接to provide your comments and suggestions.告诉我们您的意见和建议Celiac disease is also called celiac sprue乳糜泻又称乳糜腹泻and is an autoimmune disease是一种影响小肠的that affects the small intestine.自身免疫性疾病During this presentation we will discuss this disease在这里我们讨论一下这种疾病and the impacts on health.以及它对健康的影响According to celiac.com,根据celiac.com网站上的信息显示1 in every 133 people have celiac disease.每133个人当中就有一个人患有乳糜泻Though it is not prevalent it is extremely虽然现在它不能算比较常见的疾病under diagnosed.但是确实有很多人还没有被诊断出来People who have celiac disease but are not diagnosed患有乳糜泻但是没有被诊断出来的人have a higher death rate than those与已经被诊断出并已经开始治疗的人相比who are diagnosed and begin treatment.死亡率要更高Recent media attention as well as a boom in最近媒体的关注gluten free food production has brought awareness以及对无麦胶食品需求的大量增加to the medical and public eye已经引起了医学界的注意shedding light on this once unheard of disease.也使公众开始注意这种以前从未听说过的疾病Mayo Clinic is at the forefront of raising awareness马约诊所一直走在呼吁关注and improving screening for celiac disease.和排查乳糜泻事业的前端Scientists are also researching科学家们也在研究why celiac disease is on the rise.为什么得乳糜泻的人越来越多In the photo located at the bottom right右下角的照片是corner of the slide is Elisabeth Hasselbeck正在参加;观点;节目的who is on the TV show, The View.伊丽莎白,哈瑟贝克She found out she had celiac disease她在参加电视节目;幸存者;的拍摄时while doing the TV show Survivor发现了自己患有乳糜泻and is now a public voice for celiac disease awareness现在她致力于在公众场合露面and recently published a book titled引起公众对于乳糜泻的注意The G-Free Diet; a Gluten-Free Survival Guide.最近她出版了一本书名为;无麦胶饮食;Celiac disease, also called celiac sprue is an乳糜泻又称乳糜腹泻autoimmune disease that affects the small intestine.是一种影响小肠的自身免疫性疾病When a person with celiac disease当患有乳糜泻的人吃的食物中含有consumes the protein gluten found in wheat,在小麦,大麦,黑麦中常见的麦胶蛋白时rye and barley his or her immune system responds他的免疫系统立刻会起反应by attacking the micro-villi in the small intestine.开始攻击小肠绒毛Micro-villi are very small finger-like projections小肠绒毛是小肠壁上的指状突起in the small intestine that increase surface area可以扩大小肠壁的面积in order to absorb as many nutrients as possible.尽可能多地吸收养分If a person with celiac disease continues to consume如果患有乳糜泻的人吃含有麦胶蛋白的食物gluten the small intestine gets more and more damaged.小肠绒毛受损的程度就越深The damaged villi will no longer be able to受损的小肠绒毛不能再发挥它的作用perform its role and will result in a lack of vitamins会导致维他命and other nutrients being absorbed into the body.和其他营养物质的吸收This can cause serious health problems这会导致非常严重的健康问题such as osteoporosis, iron-deficiency anemia比如骨质疏松,缺铁性贫血,不不育infertility, cancer and other auto-immune diseases.癌症以及其他的自身免疫性疾病The only way to treat this disease is治疗乳糜泻的唯一方法to adhere to a strict gluten-free diet.就是坚持严格的无麦胶蛋白饮食The damaged micro-villi will begin repairing themselves一旦饮食中没有了麦胶蛋白once gluten has been removed from the diet受损的小肠绒毛就会开始进行自我修复and in most cases full recovery is expected within根据患病却未被诊断的时间长度one to two years depending on一般在一到两年时间how long it has been undiagnosed.有望完全复原 Article/201505/376329。

栏目简介:《趣味科普英语视频》有着浓厚的趣味性,能够增加英语学习爱好者对英语科普知识的兴趣,从而更加开心快乐地学习英语知识,建立起英语学习的基础,为以后学习更多的英语知识奠基,快来边看视频边涨姿势吧! Article/201510/405037。

What Is SPEC Work?比稿到底是什么?In the design world, SPEC Work is short for SPECULATIVE Work. And that means...ugh... It#39;s kinda like when you, ugh... It basically means working for free. It usually comes in two forms.在设计的世界里,SPEC Work是比稿的缩写。而那意味着...啊...它有点像是当你,啊...基本上意思是指免费工作。它通常有两种形式。One. A client asks several designers or design firms to complete part of a new project. The client picks one winner, gives them the job and the others go home with nothing for their hard work.一、客户要求几位设计师或设计公司完成新计画的一个部分。客户挑出一位赢家,给他们这份工作然后其他人回家吃自己。Two. A client starts a contest, and gathers submissions from hundreds if not thousands of designers. They pick one winner, pay a modest fee, and the rest go home with nothing for their hard work.二、客户办一场竞赛,从即使没有数千也有数百位的设计师中,收集作品。他们选出一位赢家,付不多的费用,而其他人回家吃自己。So what#39;s wrong with this?所以这有什么问题?If you are a client, the best design work should come out of a healthy relationship with the designer, where your needs and wants are understood, and ideas are developed with you from the ground up. Just because you get lots of free designs doesn#39;t mean any of them are good, and in fact, many may be blatant rip offs.如果你是客户,最棒的设计工作应该从和设计师良好的关系中产生,你的需求都被理解,而构想是你们一起从根本发展出来的。只因为你得到了很多免费设计不代表它们就是好设计,而事实上,可能有很多设计是公然的剽窃。Spec contests have actually created an underground system, whereby some unscrupulous designers will quickly enter as many as possible, as they copy work from the web and present it as their own. So that new logo of yours, may actually aly be someone else#39;s.事实上,比稿竞赛已经创造了一个台面下的系统,有些无耻的设计师尽可能地快速投入大量作品,像是从网路抄袭下来当作他们自己的。所以你的新商标,可能真的已经是别人的。If you are a designer, you just shouldn#39;t work for established companies for free, period. If you need to build up your portfolio, there are other ways. Design for a local charity, or your friend#39;s new business, or just spend the time creating your own projects.如果你是位设计师,你不应该帮已成立的公司免费工作,就这么简单。如果你需要建立自己的作品集,有别的方法。帮当地的慈善机构设计,或你朋友的新创事业,或就去花时间创作你自己的计划。SPEC Work would seem absurd in most other professional industries. Could you ask several chefs to prepare your next meal for free, and then only pay for the best one? Could you hold a contest and get hundreds of lawyers to write your will, and then only pick and reward one? Didn#39;t think so!比稿在大部分其他专业领域中好像很荒谬。你能够要求几位大厨免费帮你准备下一餐,然后只付钱给最棒的一位吗?你能够办一场竞赛找来数百位律师写你的遗嘱,然后只选一个付钱吗?我不认为如此!Perhaps it#39;s time we start to treat designers, you know...just like everyone else. Think about it!也许该是时候开始对待我们的设计师,你知道...像对待所有其他人一样。想想看吧! Article/201505/377116。

Looking at the scenes on the cup more closely, there#39;s no doubt where these encounters are taking place. The musical instruments, the furniture, the clothes and the hairstyles of the lovers, all point to the past-and indeed to the Classical Greece of several centuries earlier. Interestingly, we can tell that the two adolescents shown here were not slaves. The style of their hair-cut, with a long lock of hair trailing down the neck, is typical of free-born Greek boys. Between 16 and 18, their hair would be cut and dedicated to the gods as part of their passage into manhood. So both the boys that we see here are free, and from good families. But we can also see another figure, who might have been part of the Roman banquet at which the cup was used. He stands in the background, peeping at one of the scenes of love-making from behind a door-we only see half his face. He is clearly a slave, although it is impossible to know whether he is simply indulging in a bit of voyeurism, or apprehensively responding to a call for ;room service;. Either way he#39;s a reminder that what he and we are witnessing are acts to be conducted only in private behind closed doors. Here#39;s Bettany Hughes again:两个场景发生的时代显而易见:乐器、家具、恋人的装与头饰都是几世纪前希腊式的。有趣的是,我们能看出酒杯上两个较年轻的少年并非奴隶。他们的头发中有一长缕垂到了背部,这是典型的希腊自由民男孩的发型。在16至18岁之间,作为成年礼的一部分,这缕头发会被剪下来献给神。因此他们应该都是自由民,而且家境富裕。我们在画面上能看到的另一个角色也出现在我们之前所假想的罗马宴会上。他正躲在门后窥探不堪入目的场面,只露出半张脸。他很明显是个奴隶,但我们不知道他是在享受偷窥的乐趣还是应少年的召唤来为他们务。无论如何,他的出现提醒我们,我们眼前的场景只会发生在紧闭的房门之内。 贝塔尼休斯道:;In Rome there#39;s a kind of notion that you have good wives, and that you should somehow manage without resorting to male sex, but we know, we know from the poetry, we know from the laws, we know from the kind of back references to homosexual relations, that actually this was something that did happen throughout the Roman world.罗马人认为,如果你有个好妻子,就不该再与同性恋爱,但我们从诗歌、法律,以及对同性恋关系的反向引用上,都能看出同性恋是当时社会的常见情形。 Article/201412/348907。

The state has to keep a distance from all religion.国家必须与一切宗教都保持距离。Buddhism doesn#39;t become an official religion, excepting it#39;s the emperor#39;s religion.佛教没有成为国教,But all other religions have to be tolerated and viewed with respect.其他所有宗教都必须得到包容与尊重。So secularism in the Indian form-not no religion in government matters, but no favouritism of any religion over any other.在印度,政教分离并不意味着政治事务不涉宗教,而是对所有宗教一视同仁。Religious freedom, conquest of self, the need for all citizens and leaders to listen to others and to debate ideas, human rights for all-men and women-the importance given to education and health: these are all ideas which are still central in Buddhist thinking.宗教自由、战胜自我、官民沟通、男女均享有人权、重视教育与卫生,这些都是阿育王曾在帝国推行的观点,也是佛教教义的核心。There#39;s still today a kingdom in the Indian sub-continent that is run on Buddhist principles-the small kingdom of Bhutan-sandwiched between northern India and China.今天,在印度次大陆,仍有一个信奉佛教的小国—不丹,位于印度北部和中国之间。Michael Rutland is a Bhutanese citizen and the official envoy to Britain from this Buddhist monarchy.迈克尔拉特兰是不丹驻英国领事,也是不丹前任国王的老师。He also tutored the former king, and we asked him how Ashoka#39;s ideas might play out in a modern Buddhist state.我询问他阿育王的理念如何在一个现代佛教国家施行,He began by offering us a e:他先援引了一段话来回答我:Throughout my reign I will never rule you as a king.在我的国家里,我不会像国王—样统治你,I will protect you as a parent, care for you as a brother and serve you as a son.而会像父母一样保护你,像兄弟一样关心你,像儿子—样侍奉你。 Article/201411/340188。