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黄冈市麻城县男科大夫武汉市中心医院治疗生殖感染价格Planning to grow a vegetable garden this year? How about adding some delicious sweet corn! Linsey Evans, a gardening expert,shows you how to plant, care for, grow, and pick your own sweet corn.今年准备打理菜园?为何不增加一些美味的甜玉米呢?园艺专家Linsey Evans向你展示种植及收获甜玉米的全过程。Sweet corn needs a lot of room, a lot of attention, and it needs heat. It likes a fertile soil with good drainage, and absolutely hates clay. You need to grow corn in full sun, with shelter from strong winds.甜玉米需要许多空间,护理和热量,喜欢排水条件良好的肥沃土壤,非常不适宜在粘土中种植。你需要将玉米种植在阳光充沛,遮蔽强风的地方。Sweet corn is wind pollinated, and needs to be grown in a block. The block needs to be at least 1.2 meters, or four foot square.甜玉米是自花授粉的,需要成片种植。种植宽度至少1.2米,或者4平方英尺。Prepare the bed in the autumn, and add lots of manure. You can sow corn directly into the ground, but I sow mine in three-inch pots indoors around about March. When the plants are large enough, I transfer them to the green house, then I gradually harden them off, which means acclimatising them to outdoor conditions before planting them out in their final bed.在秋季对土壤进行处理,添加大量肥料。可以直接在土壤中播种,不过我是大约三月份先在室内的花盆中育苗的。当植株足够大的时候移栽到温室中,然后逐渐降低温度,让它们适应室外的环境,最后移栽到菜园的土壤中。Before planting the sweet corn plants, add a little bit of general purpose fertilizer to the bed and just rake it in. Plant each plant 35 centimeters apart, and plant the rows 65 centimeters apart to form a block. Sweet corn needs lots of nutrition.移栽甜玉米植株之前,添加一些常用肥料,耙入土壤中。株距保持在35厘米,行距保持在65厘米。甜玉米需要许多营养。So adding manure, and chicken pellets to the border is a really good idea. When the plant starts to grow, mound the soil up around the base of each plant to support the stalks as they grow. Sweet corn needs loads of water, so keep the plant well watered, but avoid getting water onto the tassels, as these are the parts of the plant that carry the pollen.所以,向边缘添加一些有机肥是不错的主意。当植株开始生长的时候,将土壤堆到每棵植株根部。甜玉米需要很多水,所以要经常浇水,但是不要把水浇到花穗上,因为花穗携带花粉。Harvest the corn cobs when the kernels are soft and plump, and when you stick your finger into them, the liquid that comes out should be milky in color. If it#39;s clear, the corns not quite y, leave it another couple of weeks. There is nothing as tasty as a freshly picked sweet corn.当玉米粒比较柔软丰满的时候收获玉米棒,手指掐一下,流出的液体颜色应该和牛奶一样。如果是透明的,说明玉米还没有长好,再等两个星期。没有什么比新摘的甜玉米更加美味的了。They may be a little tricky to grow, and require a lot of attention, but it#39;s really well worth it. Good luck!甜玉米的种植或许有点麻烦,也需要精心照料,但这是值得的。祝你好运!Thanks for watching How To Grow Corn.感谢收看“怎样种植甜玉米”视频节目。 Article/201301/219819武汉去哪家医院割包皮最好 Having a fever doesn#39;t mean you have to run to the doctor. Here are some simple ways to bring your temperature down without medicine.发烧并不意味着一定要急忙去看医生。以下是一些不需药物就能降低体温的简单方法。Step 1 Get lots of rest1.充分休息Your body is running a high temperature because of an infection, so get plenty of rest. This lets your body concentrate fully on fighting the infection.你的身体由于感染而出现高温,因此要充分休息。这可以让你的身体集中精力对抗感染。Step 2 Drink lots of fluids2.大量饮水Drinking a lot of water – 10 8-ounce glasses a day at least when you#39;re sick – keeps your body hydrated, and will also lower your internal temperature.大量饮水——当你生病的时候,容量为8盎司的杯子,每天至少饮用8杯水——给身体补水,也可以降低体内温度。Step 3 Take a lukewarm bath3.洗温水澡Take a nice lukewarm bath. Not too hot, which could escalate the fever, and not too cold, which could shock your system. This will lower your skin temperature gradually.洗个舒的温水澡。不要太热,否则会使体温更高,也不要太冷,否则会刺激身体。这样可以逐渐降低皮肤温度。Avoid cooling off the body too quickly, or you won#39;t rid yourself of the infection your body is fighting.千万不要过快让身体冷却下来,否则难以根除身体正在对抗的感染。Step 4 Cool washcloths4.毛巾冷敷Place cool – not cold – washcloths on the wrists, under the arm, on the forehead, and over the groin. Using cool, damp rags over these four key areas will slowly cool the body.用不要太冷的凉毛巾敷在腰部,手臂下,前额和腹股沟处。用清凉的湿毛巾敷这四个关键部位可以缓慢地让身体冷却下来。Step 5 Put damp socks on your feet5.穿上湿袜子While you#39;re putting cool rags over various body parts, put a pair of cool, damp socks on your feet, with a dry pair over the top. This lets your ankles cool while still allowing you to walk around.在身体不同部位敷凉毛巾的同时,穿上一双清凉的湿袜子,外面套上一双干燥的。这样可以让你的脚踝冷却下来,同时可以自由走动。Step 6 Keep the home a moderate temperature6.调节房间温度Even though a person running a fever may feel cold, do not overheat the home. Instead, keep the house at a moderate temperature of 70 to 74 degrees.尽管发烧的人可能会感到很冷,也不要让房间内温度太高。温度要适中,大概在华氏70至74度之间。Step 7 Don#39;t wear heavy clothing7.不要穿太多衣A person running a fever should not wear heavy clothes or wrap themselves in heavy blankets. Doing so makes it difficult for the body to shed extra heat; instead, wear light clothing.发烧的人不应该穿太多衣或者裹进厚厚的毯子里。这样会让身体难以排除过多的热量,所以,少穿一点衣。Step 8 Monitor the fever8.观察身体状况If these remedies don#39;t work and a baby less than 3 months old is running a temperature of more than 101 degrees, or a child or adult#39;s temperature is over 103 degrees, see a doctor.如果这些方法不起作用,不到三个月的婴儿发烧超过101度,儿童或成年人的温度超过103度,赶紧去看医生。Fever is also known as Pyrexia, which comes from the Greek word meaning fire.发烧也叫发热,来自希腊词汇,意思是火。 /201302/223918武汉三四十男人再割包皮可以吗

黄冈黄州县男科医院在那儿We#39;ve had holographic lips, feather brows and the glistening glitter booty, but this latest trend is really taking beauty to the future.我们已经拥有全息唇、羽毛眉和闪光臀这些奇特的时尚造型,而最新的一种时尚正在引领着未来的美丽潮流。Enter, LED lashes.LED灯眼睫毛隆重登场。The beauty product you never knew you needed, F.Lashes are the rave-y answer to your average pair of falsies and are described as #39;fun, fresh and fierce.#39;你也许从未想过,自己会想要入手这样一款美妆产品。;F.睫毛;牌新款LED假睫毛将是你换掉平淡无奇普通假睫毛的不二之选。市面上对它的评价是;造型新颖有趣,时尚前卫。;Unveiled at the Maker Faire in California, designer Tien Pham from Sweden demonstrated the lashes and their many modes.这款产品在加利福尼亚制汇节上首次与公众见面。来自瑞典的产品设计师提恩-彭姆对该产品的多款样式进行了展示。Aside from coming in an array of colour ways – think pink, red, blue, white, yellow and green – they also come in #39;sparkle#39; mode which makes the lashes twinkle and #39;dance#39; mode where they flash erratically.除了有一系列的颜色——淡粉色、红色、蓝色、白色、黄色和绿色可供选择之外,这款产品还有;闪烁;模式,假睫毛会闪闪发光,此外,还有;舞蹈;模式,亮光时闪时灭。But, how do they work?那么,这些效果是如何实现的呢?Powered by a watch battery that attaches to the back of your head using hair clips, the lashes are completely reusable and can be applied to your natural set using eyelash glue.这款假睫毛可以重复使用,用睫毛胶水就可以粘在睫毛上方。而LED灯的供电则通过在后脑勺用发夹固定的一块手表电池即可实现。;As long as you don#39;t cut or break the connections, you can reuse them as often as you want,; Pham said.彭姆说:;只要你不切断睫毛和电池之间的电线,你想使用多少次都可以。;;I#39;ve worn the pink set three times in the last three days and they are perfectly fine to reuse.;;过去三天里,我戴了三次那款粉色的睫毛。它们完全可以重复使用。;Despite the brightness, he also insists that they are completely safe to wear, sweat-proof and do not emit any heat.虽然这款假睫毛闪闪发光,彭姆表示它们使用起来会很安全,不仅防汗,还不会发热。;The light is not blinding. In fact, I often can#39;t tell I have them turned on. I have to cup my hand over my eye to see the light,; Pham added.;睫毛上的灯光并不是很亮的那种。实际上,我常常都不知道我到底有没有戴睫毛。我得用手盖住眼睛才能看到那些灯光,;彭姆补充说道。But, before you decide to ditch your glow sticks out in favour of a set of light-up lashes there#39;s a catch.不过,即使你想丢掉手中的荧光棒,投入这款LED睫毛的怀抱,目前还有个问题。Unfortunately, F.Lashes are still in prototype stages but according to their Facebook page, a Kickstarter campaign will arrive in July, if not sooner.可惜的是,;F.睫毛;仍处于雏形阶段。不过该产品的脸书主页消息称,制造方最晚将于七月在Kickstarter网站上发起众筹活动。To make sure you don#39;t miss out on their launch, you can sign up to F.Lashes mailing list now to be notified when the Kickstarter is officially opened.如果你不想错过这次活动,你可以登记加入;F.睫毛;的邮寄名单。众筹活动正式开始时,他们会向你发送邮件提醒。 /201706/513652孝感市大悟县治疗龟头炎哪家医院最好 武汉在线咨询医院

武汉市中医医院包皮手术怎么样 Solomon Northup, an educated freeman from the North, was kidnapped into slavery.所罗门·诺萨普,一位来自北方的受过教育的自由人因遭绑架而沦为奴隶。You, come over here.你,到这边来。He would make us hold up our heads, walk us briskly back and forth, while customers would feel our hands and arms and bodies,他会要求我们把头抬起来,让我们快速来回奔跑,这样顾客们就能观察我们的手臂和躯干。make us open up our mouths and show our teeth, precisely as a jockey examines a horse, which he is about to barter for or purchase.他让我们张开嘴巴露出牙齿,简直就像一个骑师在检验马匹,然后再决定是用钱还是用货物来完成交易。Scars upon a slave#39;s back were considered evidence of a rebellio us or unruly spirit, and hurt his sale.奴隶后背上的伤疤被视为该奴隶反叛或难以管束的据,因而影响售价。Take your top off.把上衣脱了。90% of all African -Americans are slaves, 4 million men, women and children.九成的非裔美国人都是奴隶,包括400万男人、女人和小孩。We had based this country on everyone having inalienable rights to freedom and equality, and yet we created a system of abject persecution.我们的建国纲领是人人都享有不容侵犯的自由和平等权利,然而我们也创造了一套惨无人道的迫害机制。Slaves are fattened for auction, like livestock.奴隶们被养肥了送去拍卖,就像牲口一样。Dark -skinned men are bought for the fields, light -skinned women for the house.深肤色的男人被买走干农活,而浅肤色的女人则用来做家务活。Traders lie about their ages, even dye a slave#39;s gray hairs.奴隶贩子们谎报他们的年龄,甚至会给奴隶的白发染色。For the plantation owners, it was like just goin g to your local supermarket to get sugar or flour.对于农场主来说,买奴隶就像去当地的超市买糖和面粉一样。They had become so desensitized to the humanity of the slave that they did not see them as human beings.他们已经完全忘了奴隶也是人,以至于根本不把奴隶当人看。Buyers demand the most fertile slaves for breeding. The most expensive are light -skinned teenage vir gins. Rape is common.买家需要生育能力强的奴隶来繁衍后代,身价最高的就是浅肤色未成年处女,强奸已是稀松平常。Eliza#39;s from a state plantation. She#39;s being sold, with her two children, Emily and Randall.伊莱扎来自一个州立农场,和她一起被拍卖的还有她的两个孩子埃米莉和兰德尔。In Louisiana, it#39;s illegal for children under 11 to be taken from their parents.在路易斯安那州将11岁以下的孩子从父母身边带走是违法的。Boy, come over here.小伙子,过来。It happens all the time. Show me your t eeth. 但这种事屡见不鲜。给我看看你的牙齿。You know, 140 years is not a really long time in the context of history.140年的时间对于整个历史进程来说并不漫长。So it#39;s hard for me to believe that blacks didn#39;t have any rights here, they weren#39;t treated as human beings, they were treated like animals, essentially.所以我真的不敢相信140年前黑人在这里没有任何权利可言,他们遭受的是非人的对待。本质上他们的待遇和动物无异。Sir, please! Over half the sales at auction will tear a family apart.求你了,先生。拍卖会上过半的交易都会拆散一个家庭。If you#39;ve ever been eight, to think of being separated from your mother and your father and sold and you#39;ll never see them again.想象一下,一个八岁的孩子被迫与父母分开,被人买走永远不能再见父母一面。The horror of that, the poignancy of all of that, and yet that#39;s the kind of t hing that happened across the South up until the end of slavery.想象一下这过程中的惊恐与辛酸,而类似事件却在整个南方屡见不鲜,直到奴隶制度瓦解。Okay, my final offer, I#39;ll give you 1,000 for that man, 900 for that man.好了,我最后一次出价,这个男人我出一千,那个男人我出九百。That woman there, 0. Please, buy my child! Sir!那边那个女人我出七百。求你买下我的孩子吧,先生。 /201210/203351武汉阿波罗男子男科医院治包皮要多少钱武汉阿波罗男子医院泌尿外科医生哪个好



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