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桐乡市濮院中心医院治疗痘痘多少钱嘉兴打美白针多少钱一针不要小看它 这小小的照相机可以帮你拍摄月球 -- ::51 来源: Tiny1相机是世界上最小的天文照相机,并且可以通过增强现实的方式将星图同时显示在屏幕上,方便进行天文摄影 The Tiny1 is a camera from TinyMOS billing itself as the "world’s smallest astronomy camera". It uses a proprietary noise-reduction algorithm the company says will allow improved image quality in low-light environments, and an augmented reality star map that can be overlaid on the touchscreen viewfinder to help identify stars and planets while you’re shooting. TinyMOS claims that these features will lead to better results than using your smartphone, but with a smaller m factor and more ease-of-use than a traditional full-size DSLR rig intended astrophotography.TinyMOS出品的Tiny1照相机是”世界上最小的天文照相机”,它采用了独有的降噪算法,该公司称这种算法可以在低光照的条件下改进照片质量,在相机的触摸式取景器上,可以通过增强现实的方式将星图同时显示在屏幕上,以帮助识别恒星和行星TinyMOS还称这款相机拍摄出来的天文照片要比使用普通智能手机效果好许多,而且它的体积非常小,与传统天文摄影使用的专业单反相机和三脚架组合相比,更方便携带The camera can capture still images, .5K HD , and time-lapses of the night sky with a megapixel sensor. It uses a standard CS-mount lens system to allow most camera lenses or telescopes to be connected, provided you have the right adaptor (if you don’t, TinyMOS has them available as add-ons). It can also be used as a regular camera in daylight hours in a pinch, albeit one with lower specs than most modern-day smartphones. The Tiny1 also has built-in Wi-Fi, allowing photo sharing to social networks directly from the camera, and can connect to Android phones remote control.这款相机配备了00万像素的传感器,可以拍摄静态图像,也可录制.5K高清视频,还可进行夜空延时摄影,它采用了标准的CS接口镜头系统,只要你有转接器,就可以安装大多数符合接口标准的相机镜头以及望远镜,(当然,如果你没有,TinyMOS也提供了转接器附件)在日常生活中,这款相机也可以作为普通相机来应急使用,尽管同目前流行的智能手机相比,它的配置还是低了一些Tiny1还内置了Wi-Fi功能,允许直接将拍摄的照片分享到社交网站上,同时,也可通过与安卓系统的智能手机连接实现远程操控功能The Tiny1 is up now on Indiegogo, with pre-orders going 9 a kit of the Tiny1 camera and a .8mm F1. wide-angle lens. If you’re hoping to take it out on a summer camping trip though, you’ll likely have to wait until next year. The Tiny1 hardware itself is still in the finalization stages in regard to design, and as it’s TinyMOS’s first hardware device, the company’s December shipping estimate is probably optimistic. A demo of the TinyMOS software is aly available on the Play Store, and shows off some of the augmented reality software features of the camera.目前,Tiny1天文相机已经在Indiegogo网站接受预定,预售价格为399美元(约合人民币668元),这个价格包含了一个 .8mm F1.的广角镜头不过,如果你想带上这款相机参加夏天的野外露营活动,那可能需要等到明年才行因为 Tiny1相机的硬件设计目前还处于最终定版阶段,考虑到该款相机是TinyMOS公司第一款硬件设备,乐观的估计,应该能在今年月之前开始出货目前,TinyMOS的一款测试版应用已经可以从应用商店下载,这款应用可以展示Tiny1相机的增强现实功能桐乡开个眼角多少钱 遇英国学生,中国老师很抓狂 -- :: 来源: 遇英国学生,中国老师很抓狂Rude, bone idle... and cosseted by the welfare state! Chinese teachers' damning verdict on British children after spending a month in UK classroomsA group of Chinese teachers has blamed the generosity of Britain's benefits system lack of ambition, ill-discipline and idleness among school pupils. They believe the option of living on welfare handouts has produced 'feather-bedded' teenagers prone to rudeness and disrupting the classroom rather than concentrating on working and getting ahead.一组中国老师指责英国慷慨的福利制度让学生没有进取心、缺少纪律性而且很懒散他们认为,选择依赖福利救济生活,这使得娇生惯养的青少年很容易变得粗鲁,扰乱课堂秩序,而不能专心做功课,积极进取This verdict on the failings of British pupils and the influence of the welfare state was delivered by five Chinese teachers who spent four weeks in a Hampshire comprehensive school to see whether the strict methods used in China would work here.针对英国学生的弱点,以及英国福利制度的影响,五名中国老师作出了上述判断他们在汉普郡一所综合中学待了周,试验中国所采用“严加管教”是否也会在这里奏效Teachers who stand in front of a class giving instruction up to hours a day have been credited with putting Chinese schools at the top of international ratings in maths, sciences and literacy, in which the record of UK schools is mediocre.每天,老师们站在教室前讲课多达小时,,中国学校在数学、科学和文化素质方面处于国际领先水平,而英国学校在这些方面的记录却很普通One of the teachers, Wei Zhao, believed British pupils lacked motivation. She said: "Even if they don't work, they can get money, they don't worry about it. But in China they can't get these things so they know, "I need to study hard, I need to work hard to get money to support my family". If the British Government really cut benefits down to ce people to go to work they might see things in a different way.’其中一位老师名叫魏昭(音译),她认为英国学生缺乏上进心她说:“即使他们不工作,他们也可以拿到钱,他们并不担心但在中国的情况截然不同,所以中国学生知道,‘我要努力学习,我要努力工作,赚钱养家’如果英国政府能削减福利,就能迫使他们去工作,那么他们可能会以不同的角度来看待问题”Others among the Chinese teachers who took classes at Bohunt School in Liphook, Hampshire, found their group of 50 children, aged and , were disruptive and unable to concentrate. Li Aiyun, from Nanjing eign Language School, said: 'When I handed out the homework sheets, I expected everybody to be concentrated on the homework. But when I walked in the classroom some students were chatting, some students were eating, somebody was even putting make-up on her face. I had to control myself, or I would be crazy. About half of them tried their best to follow me. And the other half? Who knows what they were doing?'其他几名在汉普郡利普胡克航特中学授课的中国老师发现,他们组的50个孩子,、岁不等,容易扰乱纪律且无法集中精力来自南京外国语学校的李爱云(音译)说:“当我分发作业纸时,我希望大家都能专心致志做作业但当我走进教室时,有的聊天,有的吃零食,有的化妆我必须克制自己,否则我会疯的大概有一半的学生在听课,至于剩下一半,谁知道他们在干嘛?”Science teacher Yang Jun, who taught in Xi'an, central China, bee moving to Britain, said: 'In China we don't need classroom management skills because everyone is disciplined by nature, by families, by society. Whereas here it is the most challenging part of teaching.’ She also questioned the use of different teaching programmes different pupils. ‘You have different syllabuses to suit different students' ability,' she said. ‘We don't. We have one syllabus, one standard; you survive or you die. It's up to you.’'来英国之前曾在中国中部城市西安任科学老师的杨军(音译)说:“在中国,我们不需要教室纪律管理技巧,因为每个人受天性、家庭、社会影响都很有纪律性然而在这里,这却是教学中最具挑战性的一部分”她也质疑“因材施教”是否有效,她说,“你们对不同能力的学生有不同的教学大纲我们没有我们只有一个教学大纲,一种标准要么适应,要么被淘汰,这取决于自己”The Chinese methods are to be screened in the B Two documentary, Are Our Kids Tough Enough? Chinese School. A trailer the programme shows a teacher shouting 'listen to me', 'just use your brain' and 'no talking, no questions' at bewildered looking British children.中国的教学方法即将在B台播出,名为《我们的孩子真的很难管吗?中国学校纪录片里在节目预告中,一个老师对着困惑不解的英国学生喊道:“听我说”、“动动脑子”、“别说话,别提问”But the Chinese methods did not appear to impress the Bohunt head teacher, Neil Strowger. He described the teaching techniques as ‘mind-numbingly boring’ and said usual standards of discipline at his school were not as loose as the Chinese teachers described. Mr Strowger added: 'I don't believe we are somehow causing our children to fail by having a welfare state.'不过,航特中学的校长史尼尔?史端乔似乎对中国式教育方法并不感冒他认为这种教学方法“让人思想麻木且枯燥无聊”,他说,他们学校平时的纪律标准并不像中国老师所描述的那般松散他还说:“我不相信我们国家的福利制度在某种程度上导致我们学生失败”小鲜肉版迪士尼公主美翻了(双语) -- ::51 来源:sohu 世界上有这样一群疯狂热爱迪士尼人物的粉丝,理查德; 费舍尔就是其中一员,这位1 岁的兼职化妆艺术家把自己变成了他所喜爱的各种迪士尼影片中的小公主看看这些照片,你会发现这家伙还真有两把刷子! There are Disney fans, there are Disney addicts, and then there is Richard Schaefer, a 1-year-old freelance makeup artist who turns himself into princesses from his favorite Disney movies. And as you can see from these pictures, the guy has got some serious skills! 四年前,加利福尼亚橘郡(orange county)的《老鼠之家(The House of Mouse,an animated television series, produced by Walt Disney Television)爱好者们开始把自己扮演成迪斯尼动画里的王子和公主理查德的每次化妆都需要大约两个小时,他甚至自己制作了装在学校,理查德常常受到排斥,为了不想起这些烦心事儿,他自学了这些技能因为经常被人说看上去不男不女,所以他决定通过这种方式找到这些评价中积极的意义他说,这种角色扮演帮助他提升了自信,如果在Instagram 上的追随者超过80 万,他们将会更加自信! The House of Mouse enthusiast from Orange County Calinia started cosplaying as Disney princes and princesses four years ago. Each transmation takes roughly two hours and he even makes his own costumes, a skill he taught himself in school to take his mind off being bullied. He used to get told that he looked androgynous and so he decided to turn these comments into something positive by turning himself into his favorite Disney princesses. He says that dressing up has helped him to feel more confident as a person, and if we had over 80k followers on Instagram, we'd feel pretty confident too! 好样的,理查德!还是我们更该说,好样的,爱丽儿公主?(小美人的名字) Good work Richard! Or should we say Ariel? 天呐,看完这些,小编不得不说,这化妆技术逆天啦!安能辨我是雄雌? English Source: Song today秀城区绣眉多少钱

嘉兴自体脂肪隆下巴手机控们:勤刷手机拇指会变大 --18 :8:51 来源: 依赖智能手机会在不知不觉中改变人的身姿人们的身体趋于弯曲,脖子往往非常僵硬这种情况还会扩散到手腕上 Unwittingly, dependence on smart phones make a person’s posture changes. Her body tends to bend and often stiff neck. This condition is also sping to the wrist.依赖智能手机会在不知不觉中改变人的身姿人们的身体趋于弯曲,脖子往往非常僵硬这种情况还会扩散到手腕上One of the ’trend’ recently researchers have realized is the thumb size of mobile phone fans. This fact was revealed in a survey conducted a phone manufacturer from the UK, O of the ,000 respondents.最近,研究者们意识到了一种趋势,那就是手机控们的拇指大小英国手机制造商O在对00名受访者调查之后揭示了这一事实According to research, the size of the thumb of people who spend a lot of time with her cell phone could be percent larger than the others, especially in the dominant hand is concerned.根据此项调查,花很多时间玩手机,拇指会比其他人大%,尤其是拿着手机的那只手This trend is most often seen in the mobile phone users aged 18-, and 1 in 8 people proved to have the magnification of the thumb as a result of constantly pressing the touch screen cell phone.这一趋势在18-岁的手机用户中间最为常见,并且每八个人中就有一个被实拇指由于经常压手机触摸屏而增大Not only that, more and more mobile phone users claim their little finger slightly curved the same reason. Total one-third of mobile users who recognize the physical changes due to the use of mobile phones.不仅如此,越来越多的手机用户称他们的小手指有点弯曲,原因是一样的共有三分之一的手机用户承认,由于使用手机,身体出现了一些变化How not, the same research reveal the average time each person spends on his cell phone two hours a day. 19 percent even claim could not live without a cell phone even if only a day.怎么不会呢,这项调查还显示,每个人每天平均花在手机上的时间是两个小时19%的手机用户甚至称他们没有手机的话一天也过不下去"The muscles of our thumbs are very complex and are located at the base of the thumb, but also connected with the wrist. So as a result of ’thumb swiping’ or slide the screen with your thumb can increase muscle strength, as well as its mass so that the thumb becomes increasingly bigger," explains therapist hands Nicola Goldsmith.“我们拇指的肌肉非常复杂,位于拇指底部,但是也连接着手腕,‘拇指敲击’或用拇指滑动屏幕可以增加肌肉强度,也会增加体积,所以拇指就会变得越来越大,”手部治疗学家尼古拉.戈德史密斯解释说But in such research is not stated whether this fact is alarming or vice versa. "Along with the development of technology, the enlarged thumb or pinkie bent will become the norm, especially the younger generation," added Goldsmith.但是,这项调查并没有说明这一事实是令人担忧还是无伤大雅“随着科技的进步,变大的拇指或弯曲的小手指就会成为常态,尤其对年轻一代来说,”戈德史密斯补充道Instead, an orthopedist, Dr. mudit Khanna said that in addition to the enlargement of muscle mass thumb actual m of disability, basically this can lead to injury.相反,整形外科医生穆迪特.康纳士说,这种肌肉体积增大的拇指其实是一种残疾,基本上这会导致拇指损伤"If the muscles are not y to be used continuously ’swiping’, then there is a repeated injury can affect flexibility and intense pain," he said as reported by the Times of India.“如果肌肉没有准备好用于持续‘点击’,那么就会再次造成损伤,可能会影响灵活性,引起剧烈的疼痛,”他在接受《印度时报采访时说Another danger that may arise from the use of mobile phones a long time is carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist and fingers, as well as arthritis and tendinitis.长时间使用手机可能产生的另外一项风险就是手腕和手指患上腕管综合征,以及关节炎或肌腱炎"It is not easy to separate someone from their phone. But be aware that putting a pause on the thumb on a regular basis in their favor," added Khanna.“把某些人和手机分开并不容易但是要意识到,经常定期让拇指休息一下对它们有好处,”康纳补充道海宁市第四人民医院做去眼袋手术多少钱 丽媛Style惊艳西雅图 Liyuan style: Elegance in navy and white --6 :58: 来源: 丽媛Style惊艳西雅图Liyuan style: Elegance in navy and white 点击看彭丽媛更多访美图片Chinese President Xi Jinping kicked off his first state visit to the ed States in the West Coast city of Seattle on Tuesday, a landmark trip aimed at building up trust and stepping up cooperation between the world"s two biggest economies.国家主席习近平日在西雅图开始对美国进行首次国事访问,这次具有里程碑意义的访问旨在增进世界两大经济体之间的信任,加强双边合作Xi will be accompanied by a team of delegates, including his wife Peng Liyuan.陪同习近平访美的代表团中包括他的妻子彭丽媛Peng has stunned the world with her style ever since her first appearance as the first lady of China in Moscow, when she accompanied Xi on his state trip to Russia in .年彭丽媛陪同习近平对俄罗斯进行国事访问,这是她作为中国第一夫人首次在莫斯科亮相,当时她的着装风格让世界为之倾倒Since then, "Liyuan style" has been synonymous with elegance and grace, as a symbol of a new and modern China and China's best export of soft power.从那以后,丽媛style就成了典雅的代名词,象征着新中国现代的一面,也很好地对外展示了中国的软实力Peng carried through her love of China-inspired designs her choice of outfits Tuesday.日彭丽媛的着装选择流露出她对中国元素设计的喜爱A clean-cut white jacket was selected, with a traditional Chinese high collar most often seen in cheongsams, matched with a pale purple skirt with flowing navy flowers and leaves at the trims. Peng accessorized with ear studs made of pearl, an item loved in China centuries as a symbol of elegance and purity, a navy brooch on her jacket, and a small clutch that matched her pencil skirt.当天彭丽媛身穿剪裁得体的中式立领上衣和青花瓷图案的淡紫色短裙,配上珍珠耳钉(珍珠象征典雅纯洁,几百年来在中国广受喜爱),上衣别着一只深蓝色胸针,拿着和铅笔裙同花色的手包Peng is also known appearing in public with outfits that matched that of her husband's. many times in the past, the duo's outfits have echoed one another not just in style, but also in color. White and navy were the two main hues used yesterday, in which Xi's navy tie harmoniously matched with Peng's jacket, which were embellished with navy hems.众所周知,彭丽媛的着装经常和丈夫习近平相搭配他们的衣不仅在风格上相呼应,在颜色上也很相称当天两人的衣主色为白色和海军蓝色,习近平的蓝色领带与彭丽媛的海军蓝边上衣形成了和谐的配搭Where Peng will visit彭丽媛将访问哪些地方US President Barack Obama is to host Xi a state banquet at the White House on Sept 5 in Washington, D.C., an event that Peng will also attend.美国总统奥巴马9月5日将在华盛顿白宫设国宴款待习近平,彭丽媛也将出席According to WeChat public "Zheng Shi'er", it is not certain whether Peng will accompany Xi to attend the private dinner hosted by Obama. According to the report, "If Michelle Obama is there, then Peng Liyuan will most likely attend."据微信账号“政事儿”透露,还不确定彭丽媛是否会出席奥巴马的私人晚宴报道称,“如果米歇尔出席,彭丽媛应该会出席”Peng will accompany Xi to visit Lincoln High School in Seattle. According to "Zheng Shi'er", the school choir will perm On the Hopeful Field, a representative work sung by Peng during her days as a household name singer of traditional and patriotic songs.在西雅图,彭丽媛将陪同习近平到访林肯高中据“政事儿”了解,这所高中的合唱团将献唱《在希望的田野上这首歌是彭丽媛的代表作之一,彭丽媛过去曾是家喻户晓的民歌和红歌歌手英文来源:中国日报网视频来源:爱奇艺彭丽媛在西雅图参观福瑞德-哈金森癌症研究中心彭丽媛在西雅图参观福瑞德-哈金森癌症研究中心彭丽媛在西雅图参观福瑞德-哈金森癌症研究中心嘉兴曙光整形美容医院祛眼袋手术好吗

嘉兴曙光医院除皱哪家好西班牙推"社区冰箱"分享食物 -- :33: 来源: 西班牙推"社区冰箱"分享食物Commy Fridge in Spain lets people avoid food wasting by sharingFood waste is a growing problem throughout the world; on one hand, we've got so many people starving or living in food insecurity, and on the other hand, in places like Western Europe or the US people are wasting almost 50% of what they eat. It seems rational to find ways to send the excess food to the places where it's most needed, but that doesn't happen nearly as much as it should. With that in mind, people in Galdakao, Spain, took initiative.全球的食物浪费形势越来越严峻一方面,很多人仍然在挨饿或者没有足够的食物;另一方面,西欧、美国等地区吃剩浪费的食物近50%寻找方法把多余的食物送送到最需要食物的地方似乎是一种合理的选择,但是这样的现象并不经常发生考虑到这一问题,西班牙加尔达考的人们积极采取了行动They launched what they call the Commy Fridge – a regular white fridge placed in the middle of the town where anyone can drop food or leftovers and anyone can come in and take it. This one fridge has aly saved 300 kg of food in just two months. The creators of the fridge are adamant that the service is not a charity – anyone can come and just take whatever food they want.他们推出了一种“社区冰箱”,这个普通的白色冰箱被安置在镇中心,任何人都可以把食物或吃剩的饭菜放在这,或来这取食物这个冰箱在仅仅两个月内已经节省了300千克食物这个冰箱的发起者坚称这项务不是施舍,每个人都可以来,想拿走什么就拿走什么Of course, there are a few regulations though – you can"t donate raw fish, meat or eggs, health reasons. Also, all the food has to be within its expiration date and anything homemade should have a label with the ingredients; reasonable rules, and so far, the program seems to enjoy its success. Other Spanish cities have expressed interest in adopting their own Commy Fridge.当然也有些规定,为了健康起见,不能捐赠生鱼、肉和鸡蛋而且,所有的食物必须在保质期内,自制食品必须添加标签说明它的成分,这些都是合理的规定到目前为止,这个项目似乎很成功西班牙其他城市也对安置这种“社区冰箱”颇有兴趣This is not the first time this kind of idea has been put th. In Pumpipumpe in Switzerland residents place stickers on their mailbox to mark goods they can lend to neighbors and that works out just fine. A man in the Saudi city of Hail has also put a fridge outside his house and called on neighbors to fill it with food the needy. However, in Yolo County, Calinia, several University of Calinia graduate students placed a commy fridge on their lawn, sharing what they didn"t need. People loved the idea and it worked just as it should, until the Yolo County Health Department caught wind of the experiment, they shut it down. County officials claimed the fridge was an illegal food facility.此前也有类似的想法倡议在瑞士的Pumpipumpe,当地居民在他们的邮箱上贴上标签,标明哪些物品可以借给邻居,效果还不错沙特海尔市的一名男子也在自家门外放了一台冰箱,号召邻居往里面放食物送给穷人然而,在加州约洛县,加利福尼亚大学的几名研究生在草坪上安置了一台社区冰箱,把他们用不着的食物分享给大家人们觉着这个点子很赞,而且效果也不错,直到约洛县卫生部门听说了这个尝试,他们叫停了这个项目县官员称这台冰箱是非法的食品设施"He's started a food business. The food's not from an approved source. He can't guarantee its safety. There are so many unknowns that there is a high risk to the public,"said April Meneghetti, a Yolo County environmental health specialist.约洛县环境卫生专家阿普丽尔?梅内盖蒂表示,“他开始做食品生意,食物的来源未经认可他不能保食品安全仍有很多未知因素,这将给市民带来很高的风险”That idea doesn't fly in the US, and it seems like some people would rather throw food away than risk sharing it with others, but I certainly think this idea is worth sping. Sure, you need someone to verify the contents of the fridge periodically and take out the food that goes bad, but 0 kg of food per month, with one fridge? I think that's worth it.这种想法并没有在美国流行开来,一些人似乎宁愿扔掉食物,也不愿冒险与别人分享,但是我的确认为这个想法值得传播开来当然,需要有人定期检查冰箱里放的食物,把坏掉的食物拿出来仅用一个冰箱,每个月就能节省0公斤的食物,我认为值得一试Vocabularyadamant: 坚定不移的catch wind of: 听说英文来源:zmescience.com译者:实习生冯佳佳审校编辑:许晶晶 新疆警方要求出国者提供DNA样本信息 -- :57:3 来源: 最近新疆警方出台了一项新规,要求部分出国的居民提供DNA样本等生物信息 Police in China’s north-western region of Xinjiang are asking some residents to provide DNA samples and other biological data when applying travel documents.新疆地区警方目前正要求部分居民在申请旅行件时提供DNA样本和其他的生物数据信息People in the multi-ethnic area of Yili will have to provide the samples bee being allowed to go abroad.伊犁多民族地区的人出国前必须提供DNA样本信息The Chinese government is trying to crack down on periodic violence, which it blames on Islamist militants.中国政府正试图严厉打击新疆地区经常发生的暴力事件,这些暴力恐怖事件归咎于伊斯兰武装分子Many Muslims in Xinjiang say they are discriminated against.新疆的许多穆斯林表示说他们受到了歧视They say the Chinese authorities often refuse to issue documents allowing them to travel.他们说中国政府经常拒绝签署他们的旅行文件Most of the Uighur ethnic minority, which makes up about 5% of Xinjiang’s population, practise the Muslim faith.维吾尔族占据了新疆总人口的5%,而大多数维吾尔族人都信奉伊斯兰教The new restrictions on travel were announced in the Communist Party’s newspaper in Yili and in advertisements posted by local travel agents.在伊犁地区党报和当地旅行社刊登的广告中,公布了这一对旅行的最新限制措施The announcements said that people would have to supply a blood sample, fingerprints, a voice recording and what police call a three-dimensional image.据这份公告称,人们必须提供血样、指纹、语音记录和警方称之为三维图像的东西The policy came into ce on 1 June, just bee Ramadan started. Civil servants and children are banned from fasting the Muslim holy month.这一政策从6月1日起开始执行,正巧赶在斋月开始之前Uighurs and Xinjiang维吾尔族和新疆Uighurs are ethnically Turkic Muslims维吾尔族和土耳其穆斯林同属一个民族They make up about 5% of Xinjiang’s population; 0% are Han Chinese维吾尔族人占据了新疆总人口的5%,汉族人口比例约为0%China re-established control in 199 after crushing the short-lived state of East Turkestan在粉碎短命的东突厥斯坦后,中国在199年重新掌控了新疆地区Since then, there has been large-scale immigration of Han Chinese自那以后,汉族人大规模的移居到新疆Uighurs fear that their traditional culture will be eroded维吾尔族人担心自己的传统文化会被逐渐侵蚀浙江嘉兴哪家美容医院比较好嘉善县中医院纹眉毛多少钱



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