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临沧市做纹绣眉型多少钱邛崃市做纹绣多少钱Headphones let us escape to our own private bubble─which is not a good idea when walking, running or bicycling on busy streets.耳机让我们得以沉浸在自己的小世界里──而在繁忙的街道上行走、跑步或骑自行车时,这不是个好主意。This year#39;s Consumer-Electronics winner, AfterShokz, addresses this problem with sports headphones that loop over the ears like other headphones but send sound waves through the listener#39;s cheekbones.今年的消费电子产品类获奖产品AfterShokz解决了这个问题。这款运动耳机像其他耳机一样挂在耳朵上,但却是通过佩戴者的颧骨来传递声波。Environmental isolation is a serious problem; a recent study of pedestrian injuries found that three-quarters of people hurt or killed after colliding with a car or train were wearing headphones.与周围环境隔绝是个大问题;最近一项有关行人受伤的研究发现,被汽车或火车撞倒后受伤或身亡的人当中,有四分之三的人戴着耳机。By transmitting music directly to the inner ear, AfterShokz headphones don#39;t block out sirens, warning shouts and other background noises.AfterShokz耳机将音乐直接传送至内耳,而不会隔绝汽车喇叭声、警告的叫喊声和其他背景声音。The bone-conduction technology used by AfterShokz was developed in 2001 by Shenzen, China-based Voxtech Ltd. to help soldiers in the field listen to radio-based commands while staying alert to their surroundings. A Voxtech unit, VoxLinc LLC of East Syracuse, N.Y., introduced the product in January.AfterShokz使用的骨传导技术是由中国深圳的韶音科技有限公司(Voxtech Ltd.)于2001年开发的,用于帮助战场上的士兵听到用无线电发出的命令,同时又能对周围保持警觉。韶音科技的分公司VoxLinc LLC今年1月将该产品引入美国。VoxLinc位于纽约州东锡拉库兹(East Syracuse)。 /201301/223080大理做绣眼线多少钱 SINA, China#39;s leading online portal and operator of the most popular microblogging site, reported better-than-expected sales in the second quarter and said it will push forward the collaboration of Alibaba Group to drive income at its Weibo unit.新浪,中国领先的门户网站和最受欢迎的微网站运营商,发布了高于预期的第二季度销售额,并表示将推进与阿里巴巴集团的合作,从而在微单元来创收。Sales rose 20 percent year on year to US7.5 million in the second quarter, higher than analysts#39; estimate of US6.1 million compiled by Bloomberg News.第二季度销售同比增长20%达至1.575亿美元,高于彭新闻分析师预测的1.461亿美元。 Advertising sales were up 17 percent in the second quarter to US0.6 million.在第二季度广告销售额增长17%达到1.206亿美元。;We#39;re going to work on a number of opportunities to create new advertising formats for Taobao (vendors),; Sina chairman and chief executive officer Charles Chao told a conference call after the earnings release.“我们将创造更多的机会来为淘宝(供应商)提供新的广告形式,”新浪董事长兼首席执行官曹国伟在发布财报后的一个电话会议中说。Weibo contributed US million worth of income in the second quarter, more than tripling from a year ago. Value-added services, mainly including online gaming income and membership fees, also nearly tripled to US.7 million.在第二季度微贡献了价值3000万美元的收入,比一年前的两倍还多。增值务,主要包括在线游戏收入和会费,也上涨近两倍,达至770万美元。Weibo has become a crucial information source, especially for breaking news, but it has been struggling to find ways to diversify its revenue stream to make up for operation and technology upgrade costs.微已成为一个重要的信息来源,尤其是对突发新闻,但它一直在努力寻找方法以扩大其收入来源,从而弥补操作和技术升级的成本。China#39;s largest e-commerce company Alibaba Group purchased 18 percent stake in Weibo for US6 million in April to fend off rivals such as Tencent and 360Buy.com.中国最大的电子商务公司阿里巴巴集团在4月用5.86亿美元购买了微18%的股份,击退了竞争对手如腾讯和京东商城。Sina and Alibaba announced a partnership earlier this month and said they would unveil new advertising platforms for Taobao vendors to market their services or products on Weibo.新浪和阿里巴巴本月早些时候宣布建立合作伙伴关系,并表示他们将为淘宝供应商推出新的广告平台,从而在微上出售他们的务或产品。 /201308/252186中国正在大力建造清洁城市和宣扬使用可再生清洁能源同时,然而中国的煤炭能源的一步扩大使用正在阻碍这种努力。总所周知,煤炭来来是中国的主要能源之一,仅在”中国火炉”重庆,每年就有几千个矿工因为挖煤而失去自己的宝贵生命,如何减少对煤炭的依赖,快速建立清洁城市呢?Clean Cities and Dirty Coal Power--China's Energy Paradox(矛盾) CHONGQING—This year China surpassed (超越)the U.S. as the world’s largest emitter(释放者) of greenhouse gases. And coal is largely to blame. The dirty black rock is burned everywhere, from industrial boilers to home stoves, and generates 75 percent of the nation’s electricity. More than 4,000 miners die every year digging the fossil fuel (挖煤)out of China’s heartland. One consequence of the country’s reliance on coal is most visible in the air. Smog cloaks cities, reducing the sky to little more than a blue patch amid a blanket of haze. As the pollution builds, it forms a brown cloud, visible from space, that in a week’s time crosses the Pacific Ocean to the western U.S., where it accounts for as much as 15 percent of the air pollution.The haze means no true horizon can be seen when one is walking the streets of Chongshy;qing, an inland port city on the Yangtze River that produces most of China’s motorcycles as well as other industrial goods. It seems the entire Rust Belt (美国工业老区,传统的制造业中心)of the U.S. has been crammed into this “furnace of China,(中国的火炉)” as it is known—a single community of more than 30 million people, twice the size of the New York City metropolitan region.Chongqing’s men, women and children breathe air filled with lung-clogging soot and smoke(可以进入呼吸道的没煤灰微粒). Nationally, health care associated with respiratory ills(呼吸道疾病) costs China an estimated 0 billion a year, according to the World Bank(世界). Furthermore, the foul air can literally stunt the growth of the next generation, according to recent research from Frederica P. Perera of Columbia University and her Chinese colleagues.The Chinese have been burning coal for centuries. They now consume 2.5 billion tons a year—more than double that of the U.S.—and imports are rising despite extensive domestic mining. In 2007 the country’s 541 coal-fired power plants pumped out 554,420 megawatts(兆瓦) of electricity, according to the Chinese State Electricity Regulatory Commission(中国国家电力监管委员会)—roughly equivalent to the output of 550 large nuclear reactors. On average, China opens one coal-fired plant every week to serve its 1.3 billion people and the massive industries that manufacture cheap goods, largely for the U.S. and Europe.Notwithstanding its deeply polluted state, China is also working feverishly(兴奋地) to clean up. It plans to reduce pollutants(污染物) by as much as 10 percent over the next five years. Part of the effort involves creating carbon-neutral cities and expanding renewable energy sources, as described in the stories that follow. Much of the strategy, however, is simply to shutter small, inefficient coal plants and replace them with larger ones that are more efficient. “To close small plants, it will be very effective to improve air quality,” Sarah Liang, a spokesperson in Greenpeace’s Beijing office, tells me. But that still leaves a load of pollution.Greener Generation(更环保的能源生产)Despite the surfeit(过量) of soot(烟灰), the average Chinese citizen accounts for a mere fraction(一小部分) of the greenhouse emissions of the average American. Sheer population overcomes the small per capita number, however, and the country is not bound by any international treaty to reduce its pollution. Nevertheless, the government has at least started to tackle the problem by launching a pilot project to capture and store the carbon dioxide (CO2) produced from burning coal at a demonstration power plant dubbed GreenGen.The project, in the Yellow Sea port city of Tianjin northeast of here, will proceed in three phases. First, a consortium of power and coal companies will construct a so-called integrated gasification (气化)combined cycle power plant. In this design, coal is converted into a gas, and pollutants are removed before the gas is burned. Such technology could cut acid rain–causing sulfur dioxide emissions by more than 90 percent and smog-forming nitrous oxides by 75 percent—as well as capturing more than 80 percent of the CO2 emitted by 2015 and storing it in nearby depleted (大大减少的)oil fields.The -billion GreenGen plant became the world’s leading clean coal project in January after the U.S. government pulled the plug on FutureGen, a similar demonstration plant in Mattoon, Ill., that lost steam as construction costs skyrocketed(突升). The cancellation came despite the fact that the ed Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and leaders of the world’s eight richest nations (the G8), including President George W. Bush, had called the development of clean coal technology essential to preventing the consequences of climate change.Completing GreenGen, which will generate up to 250 megawatts of electricity, may prove daunting, however. “There’s no co-benefit to doing the carbon capture and storage,” says energy technology expert Kelly Sims Gallagher of Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. “There’s an argument for doing GreenGen in terms of research and getting experience with it, but from a commercial point of view it doesn’t make sense.” The reason: extra energy is consumed to turn the coal into gas and subsequently to then capture the CO2—in effect requiring the burning of more coal to generate the same amount of electricity.GreenGen is a for-profit power plant, so economic gains or losses will determine whether its owners ever proceed with the capture-and-storage step. One argument in its favor would be to pump the extracted CO2 into underperforming oil wells to recover more of the oil. In an environment where oil is more expensive than ever, that approach could be “economically viable and valuable for nations that are rich in coal,” says Vic Svec, a senior vice president at U.S. coal giant Peabody, which is part owner of GreenGen.Better Enforcement Needed(需要更有效的管理)Residents of Chongqing got a glimpse of cleaner skies in the years leading up to the recent Olympics, as factories were shifted to the outskirts of towns and small, inefficient coal power plants were closed to clear the air for visiting media and tourists. “When I was young, the sky was green, and we [could not] see stars at night,” says local government official David Lee, a lifelong Chongqing resident. “This year we see blue skies and stars. We think it’s much better.”The air can still be tasted on the tongue, however, and felt in the lungs. And it still obscured the horizon for this observer. Among the culprits (罪犯)are companies that flout (轻视)clean air laws—as well as lackluster efforts to enforce those laws. Factories and power plants turn on the pollution-shy;control equipment when government officials visit, but when they leave the controls are shut off to boost power production. “The government cannot check every day,” Lee says. But regulators “need to enforce the environmental laws if they want blue skies,” insists Li Junfeng, secretary general of the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association.Other cities, such as Zhengzhou in China’s most populous province of Henan, have little hope of clear skies any time soon. The atmosphere in the provincial capital is thick with pollution because the movement of factories and power plants away from signature cities such as Beijing has put them closer to less well-known metropolises.Despite a ban on coal burning and billion spent on clean air measures in the past decade, smog is still an issue in Beijing, in part because cars have proliferated in recent years. “It is bitter air that you can feel,” says resident Timothy Hui, a program manager in the Beijing office of the Natural Resources Defense Council, a U.S.-based environmental group. “People hate it. They complain.”Some analysts place part of the blame on Western countries. A full 23 percent of China’s greenhouse gas emissions can be linked to the production of goods exported to the West, according to the Tyndall Center for Climate Change Research in England. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University put the share even higher: at 33 percent.That demand doesn’t absolve(赦免) China from cutting back on noxious emissions or taking more responsibility for the fate of the world’s climate, which in no small part will be forged in the crucible of its industrial cities. “Gradual warming of the earth’s atmosphere is caused by the developing countries as well as the developed countries,” says Wang Xiansheng, professor of English at Zhengzhou University. “The whole world should get united to deal with the problem.”Keke View:有关专家预测,在今后50年内煤炭仍将长期是我国的主要能源。煤炭工业要在“十一五”期间实现资源节约型、环境友好型和走新型工业化道路的发展目标,确保国家能源安全,必须大力发展煤炭科技,促进科技成果的转化,不断提高煤炭资源安全开采与洁净利用的水平。成立能源与安全科技园,组建技术研发平台,转化能源科技成果,有利于促进我国煤炭工业、能源工业实现节约发展、清洁发展、安全发展以及可持续发展。 /200907/79659成都市半永久容妆术

酒泉做纹绣多少钱成都市半永久眉毛 WARNING: Holding a cellphone against your ear or storing it in your pocket may be hazardous to your health.  警告:将手机贴在耳边或者塞在口袋里可能有害健康。  This paraphrases a warning that cellphone manufacturers include in the small printthat is often tossed aside when a new phone is purchased. Apple, for example, doesn't want iPhones to come closer to you than 1.5 centimeters; Research In Motion, BlackBerry's manufacturer, recommends 2.5 centimeters.  在消费者购置新机后,常对手机厂商印在不起眼位置的小字警告不以为然。例如,苹果公司提醒称iPhone手机距离人体至少要有1.5厘米,黑莓手机生产商RIM公司建议最小距离为2.5厘米。  If health issues arise from cellphone use, the implications are huge. Voice calls - Americans chat on cellphones 2.26 trillion minutes annually - generate 9 billion for the wireless carriers.  如果手机使用可导致健康问题,后果将很严重。美国每年手机通话的时长共计2.26万亿分钟,这些语音通话为无线运营商带来了1090亿美元的收入。  Devra Davis, an epidemiologist who has worked for the University of Pittsburgh, has published a book about cellphone radiation, "Disconnect." The book surveys scientific research and concludes the question is not settled.  匹兹堡大学的流行病学专家德芙拉 戴维斯出版了一本有关手机辐射的书《关机》。这本书对有关科学研究进行了调查,其结论是:这个问题还没有定论。  Brain cancer is a concern that Ms. Davis examines. Over all, there has not been an increase in its incidencesince cellphones arrived. But the average masks an increase in brain cancer in the 20-to-29 age group and a drop for the older population.  脑癌是戴维斯女士研究的辐射后果之一。总体而言,自手机出现以来,脑癌发病率并未上升。但这一平均率掩盖了如下事实:脑癌在20至29岁年龄群体中的发病率增加,而在老年人群中的发病率下降。 /201012/120117成都半永久定妆眼线

成都枫尚化妆韩式半永久化妆多少钱To understand how much television could soon change, it helps to visit an Intel Corp. division here that runs like a startup.想弄清不久后电视可能会发生多大的变化,不妨参观一下英特尔(Intel Corp.)位于加州圣克拉拉的一个部门,这个部门的运营方式颇似初创公司。Erik Huggers, a Dutch-born former British Broadcasting Corp. executive, has assembled a 350-person team with talents beyond computer chips -- including programmers, industrial designers, artists and experts in fields like encoding. They#39;re creating a Web-based service that not only serves up on-demand programs but overhauls live TV.出生于荷兰的前英国广播公司(British Broadcasting Corp.)高管哈格斯(Erik Huggers)组建了一个有350人的团队,其中的人才远不止研究电脑芯片的人员,还包括程序员、工业设计师、艺术家和视频编码等领域的专家。这个团队正在创建一种基于网络的务,这种务不仅可以提供点播节目,还会令直播电视发生翻天覆地的变化。Intel#39;s plans include a server farm to record every piece of programming that is aired -- local, national and international -- and store it for at least three days in the #39;cloud.#39; With an Intel-designed set-top box, people won#39;t have to own DVRs or even plan to record programs.英特尔的计划包括一个务器群,它可以录下播出的每一个节目(地方的、全国的或国际的),并将其存储在“云”中至少三天。安装了英特尔设计的机顶盒后,人们就不必买数字硬盘录像设备了,甚至不用再为录节目做安排了。Switch on the TV set in the middle of any show, and a viewer can simply go back to the beginning. #39;This is live TV -- but you can rewind it, #39; Mr. Huggers says.在任何节目的中间打开电视,用户都可以返回到节目的开始。哈格斯说,这就是直播电视,但你可以倒回去看。Intel is just one entry in the computer industry#39;s growing land grab for the living room, one likely to bring voice activation, restyled remotes, new on-screen interfaces and other major changes in the way people interact with TV sets.英特尔只是电脑行业众多加入起居室地盘争夺战的公司之一。这种争夺战可能带来语音激活、新式遥控器、新型屏幕界面以及人与电视机之间互动方式的其他重大改变。Other tech giants pushing TV advances include Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp., Sony Corp. and Google Inc., which last week announced a device called Chromecast that wirelessly transfers content from mobile devices to TVs. Google and Sony have also been working on Internet-based -delivery services, people familiar with the matter have said.其他正在推动电视进步的科技巨头包括苹果(Apple Inc.)、微软(Microsoft Corp.)、索尼(Sony Corp.)和谷歌(Google Inc.)。谷歌上周公布了一种名为“Chromecast”的设备,这种设备可以将移动设备上的内容无线传输到电视上。据知情人士说,谷歌和索尼还一直在研制基于互联网的视频交付务。Computer-industry players have been pushing new TV visions for 20 years, with decidedly mixed results. Cable- and satellite-TV providers have strong positions, with big players like Comcast Corp. preparing major upgrades of their own.20年来,电脑行业内的公司一直在为电视业开创新领域,结果明显是好坏参半。有线电视和卫星电视提供商有着强有力的地位,康卡斯特(Comcast Corp.)等大公司也在准备进行重大升级。Negotiations with media companies for content rights could delay new services and limit some features, though Intel vows to enter some markets by the end of the year.与媒体公司就内容版权进行的谈判可能令新务的推出延迟,并限制一些功能,不过英特尔誓言将在今年年底前进入部分市场。 /201308/251407 A dramatic plan to transport humans beyond the solar system within 100 years today received the backing of former President Bill Clinton。美国正在开展一项名为“百年星舰”的宇宙探索计划,希望在百年内能够让人类冲出太阳系,抵达其他遥远的星球。该计划获得了美国前总统比尔#8226;克林顿的持。The 100-year Starship project, which was set up with US military seed funding, plans to develop huge #39;starships#39; to send humans far into space。“百年星舰”计划是用美军的种子基金创立的,将建造大型“星际飞船”,把人类送往太空。It has aly received large amounts of funding, and former President Bill Clinton has even stepped in to serve as the symposium#39;s Honorary Chair。该计划已得到大批资金资助,美国前总统克林顿还作为名誉主席出席了研讨会。In a statement, Clinton said: #39;This important effort helps advance the knowledge and technologies required to explore space, all while generating the necessary tools that enhance our quality of life on earth.#39;克林顿在声明中说:“这项重要研究能帮助我们增进探索太空的知识和技术,还能让我们生产出提高地球上人们生活质量的必需工具。”The astronaut who became the first black woman in space in 1992 has been chosen to skipper the #39;100 Year Starship#39; project。在1992年进入太空的首位黑人女宇航员梅#8226;杰米森被选为“百年星舰”计划的首任机长。#39;The 100 Year Starship will make the capability of human travel beyond our solar system to another star a reality over the next 100 years,#39; she said。她说:“在未来一百年内,‘百年星舰’计划会让人类冲出太阳系,飞往其他星球的梦想成真。”#39;We will embark on a journey across time and space. If my language is dramatic, it is because this project is monumental。“我们将开启跨越时空的星际之旅。如果我说得太夸张的话,那是因为这项计划本身就很有纪念意义。”And our team is both invigorated and sobered by the confidence DARPA has in us to make interstellar flight a reality.#39;“我们的团队充满活力,美国国防高级研究计划署对我们也很有信心,星际飞行的梦想终将成真。” /201212/211756嘉峪关韩式半永久化妆绣眉绵阳纹美瞳线哪家好



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