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Hi I#39;m Chetna, I love making Indian food.大家好我是凯特纳,我超喜欢制作印度食物。And today with Hotpoint, I#39;m gonna show you the ultimate veggie curry.今天让我们用“Hotpoint”来制作极品素食咖喱。This is inspired by Chole which comes from Punjab, the north of India.印度北部旁遮普邦有一道传统菜名叫“Chole”,这道素食咖喱就是受到了它的启发。And it#39;s packed full of spices, ginger, garlic, coriander, chili with lots of fresh vegetables.这道菜有香料、姜、蒜、香菜、红辣椒以及许多新鲜蔬菜。My mum who still lives in India makes this very often.我妈妈现在住在印度,她经常做这道菜。She is an amazing cook,她做了一手好菜,and it reminds me of cooking with her and sitting down to have this meal together with my family.它让我想起了和她一起做饭,同家人一同享用这道菜的场景。It brings back so many memories.这让我回忆起了许多往事。I#39;m using Hotpoint gas hob which gives me great control on the temperature.今天我们使用的是“Hotpoint”燃气灶,它能够更好地控制温度。Add 2 tablespoons of oil. Keep the temperature medium-high heat.首先加入两勺食用油,保持在中火就可以了。Add 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds, the whole chili.加入一勺小茴香子,将盘中所有红辣椒倒入。And I#39;m keeping the seeds in because I want it nice and spicy.加入小茴香子的原因是让它更加入味,更加香辣。Now onions. That chili is hot. I can feel it.之后是洋葱,红辣椒真辣,我都已经感觉到了。Cook this for 10 to 15 minutes until I get golden brown color.之后翻炒10-15分钟,炒到金黄色就可以了。And they are the perfect color. We#39;ve cooked it slowly.现在翻炒出来的颜色非常好,我们采用的是小火慢炒的方式。Grate ginger and garlic, into the onions now. Beautiful!把姜蒜倒入锅中,与洋葱一起翻炒,很漂亮!One thing my mum always says is do not rush,我妈妈总会强调不要着急,because this is going to give you that ultimate flavor in the curry.咖喱在小火慢炒下,味道将是无与伦比的。Add 2 tomatoes to this. Turn up the heat to medium now and cook this for 10 minutes.将切好的两个西红柿倒入锅中,开中火翻炒,翻炒10分钟。Add 2 tablespoons of tomato puree to this and we#39;ll cook it for another 8 to 10 minutes.再加入两勺番茄酱,翻炒8-10分钟。Slow cooking it so that all the flavors come together.一定要慢炒,让食材的味道全部散发出来。It#39;s all going to be worth it in the end. And you#39;re gonna be thanking me later.所有的努力都是值得的,你一会儿肯定会感激我。Now add all the spices, 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder, half a teaspoon of chili,现在加入所有香料,一勺姜黄粉,半勺红辣椒粉,1 tablespoon of coriander powder and 1 teaspoon of garam masala.一勺香菜粉,还有一勺印度香料粉。My mum always has this spice box,我妈妈有个香料盒,and these are the basic spices in her box that are always y for whenever she needs to cook.这些都是她的基本香料,只要做饭这些她都会准备齐全。One teaspoon of salt, add 100ml of boiling water, one tin of chickpeas.加入一勺盐,100毫升开水,一听鹰嘴豆。We add all the liquid as well. So I#39;m gonna now add all the vegetables to this.将所有液体放入锅中,然后加入所有蔬菜。I#39;ve got a medium-sized cauliflower,a handful of green beans, one medium-sized carrot.放入一个中等大小的菜花,再抓一把绿豆放进去,还有一个中等大小的胡萝卜。Look at all those lovely colors. Now add frozen peas give it a good mix.看看这些五颜六色的食材,之后加入冻豌豆,搅拌均匀。Oh this smells takes me back home.哦,这个味道让我想家了。When I was studying away from home,and I would call my mum,我想起我在外学习的时候,我给我妈妈打电话,you know when I was about to visit and she said oh,what would you like to eat when you get home?说我要回家一趟,然后我妈妈会问我,你回家想吃什么?And I would very often say can you just make me some chole? Absolutely delicious!我经常会说,你能给我做些“Chole”吗? 美味至极啊!I will throw in another 100ml of boiling water. Good mix, lid on,之后再加入100毫升开水,搅拌均匀,盖上盖子,temperature medium and low and leave it for 20 minutes until the vegetables are cooked properly.控制在中小火,等待20分钟待蔬菜完全煮熟。Wow, I#39;m gonna finish this curry with a tablespoon of double cream and fresh coriander.啊,最后加入一勺浓奶油,撒上新鲜的香菜。Quick mix and we are y to plate up with some steaming hot rice.之后快速搅拌,将它与盛满米饭的盘子放在一起。I#39;ve also got some naan. I cannot wait to taste this.我还加上一些印度烤饼,我等不及要入口了。It#39;s time to eat!开吃了!So so good,my mum would be proud of it.太好吃了,我妈妈一定会为我骄傲的。You can tell the base of the curry has been cooked nice and slowly.咖喱最深层的味道也被煮了出来。Hope you#39;ve liked my food memory. Me, Jamie and Hotpoint would like to know yours too.希望大家喜欢我的这道美食记忆,杰米,我们的“Hotpoint”还有我期待大家的美味佳肴。So please share it with us, using the #myfoodmemories and大家可以通过“#myfoodmemories”来与我们分享,tell us about that special food that takes you back in time, 让我们知道让你魂牵梦绕的菜肴。and if you#39;d like to see more food memories including Jamie#39;s for Katya,如果你想知道更多关于美食记忆的话题,包括杰米的节目,then click on the link up here and go to food memories hub.请点击右边的链接,探寻更多关于美食的记忆。 Article/201707/516453。

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疯狂英语900句 04-12相关专题: /200704/12703。

雅思口语900句是在众多雅思阅读词汇中浓缩出来的精华,都是在历年雅思考试中出现且多次考过的,不得不记,不得不学!所有的单词都配有发音,每天更新三句话,天天前进一小步,雅思口语一大步! 谈论老师 (3)  43. It was this teacher who made me face reality with great courage and strong perseverance.  正是这位老师使我能够鼓起勇气,坚定信心,面对困难。  44. I sometimes think that my English teacher at junior high school has exerted great influence on me.  我有的时候觉得初中时候的英语老师对我有很大的影响。  45. He was then 30 years old and he often played football with us.  他那个时候30岁,常常和我们一起踢球。 /200604/6626。

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新英语900句视频版 第45课 阅读与复习 文本如下:Ali, my little Martian. Where were you? Why didn#39;t you tell me where you were going? You#39;ve been gone three hours!阿里, 我的小火星人, 你到哪里去了? 你为什么不告诉我你要去哪里? 你已出去三个钟头了!Mr. Yamamoto, I can#39;t thank you enough for bringing him back. What happened, Ali? Where were you? I was so worried.山本先生, 你把他带回来了, 我真感激不尽. 阿里, 到底发生了什么事? 你到哪里去了? 我多么耽心.Don#39;t cry, Mommy. I won#39;t do it again. I promise. Don#39;t cry. I just went to Mr. Yamamoto#39;s store to invite him to my party.不要哭了, 妈! 我不会再犯了. 我答应你. 不要哭了. 我只是到山本先生的店里去请他参加我的派对.It takes too long to invite people by mail. I got lost.因为写信邀请人太慢. 我迷路了.I started walking, and then I didn#39;t know where I was. So I asked people to help me find Mr. Yamamoto#39;s store.我开始走路, 然后不知道自己在哪里. 所以我请别人帮助我找山本先生的商店.Some people said, ;Turn left,; and some people said, ;Turn right,; and sometimes I forgot what they said. But I didn#39;t get scared!有的人说;往左转,; 也有的人说;往右转,; 有时候我忘了他们说什么. 可是我并不害怕!I kept saying to myself, ;You#39;re almost seven!; Anyway, all of a sudden, I was right there in front of Mr. Yamamoto#39;s store.我一直对自己说;你快七岁了!; 反正我忽然间, 来到了山本先生商店的门口.It was like magic! And Mr. Yamamoto can come to my party. I asked him.就像在变魔术一样! 山本先生可以参加我的派对, 我已经问过他了.You should have seen him, Mrs. Nikzad.可惜你没有看到, 尼克萨德太太.When Ali found the store, he may have been shaking a little, but he wouldn#39;t cry. He#39;s a brave boy.当阿里找到我的店的时候, 虽然似乎有一点发抖, 但他坚决不哭. 他是个很勇敢的小男孩.Dear Pedro,佩德罗,I#39;ve been back over a week now.我已经回来一个多星期了.I expected to have trouble adjusting to life in New York, but no one ever told me that I would have trouble justing to my old life!刚到纽约时会住不惯, 这是我预料中的事, 但从来没有人告诉我重新适应我以往的生活会有困难!I don#39;t understand it.我真搞不懂.I get angry at things that never used to get me angry.一向不会让我生气的事, 现在竟让我生气.I lose patience with my family.我对家人也没有了耐性.And unless I calm down, I#39;m going to lose my friends, too.而且, 除非我情绪能冷静下来, 不然我还将会失去我的朋友们.I must have changed. Everybody says I have.我必须改一改. 每个人都说我必须改.I know I see the world differently now, but I don#39;t want to be the person I was before I went away.我知道我各方面的眼光跟以前不一样, 但是, 我不愿意再作离开以前的那个我.What do I do now, Pedro?佩德罗, 我现在应该怎么办才好?I miss Marta every minute, but I won#39;t say any more about that because I can just hear you making fun of me.我时时刻刻地想念玛它, 但是, 关于这一点我似乎可以听到你在嘲笑我, 所以不多说了.I even miss you!我连你都想念!Which reminds me, how did your interview go?说起你的事, 我几乎忘了, 你面试的经过如何?Did you get the assistant manager position?你获得助理经理的职位了吗?You know, Pedro, there is no way I can repay the kindness that you and your family have shown me.你知道吗, 佩德罗, 你和你的家人对我的恩情我没有办法还报你们.All I can say is thank you, and I hope that someday soon you will visit us.我唯一能说的是谢谢你, 而且我希望很快的有一天你就会来看我们.Our house is your house.我们的家就是你的家.Miguel PS I know you don#39;t write letters, but you could send a postcard every now and then.米盖尔附记我知道你是不写信的, 不过有时候你可以寄张明信片来.PPS I must have been in a daze when I left New York.再附记我离开纽约的时候一定是昏了头.You know my sweater, the one you always used to borrow?你以前老跟我借的那件毛衣,I must have left it at your apartment.我大概遗放在你家.If you find it, keep it for me until I return.你要是找到的话, 帮我保留到等我回到纽约.It looks good on you.它穿在你的身上看起来不错.Attention young artists!年轻的艺术家们请注意!The Brazilian Pavilion of the World#39;s Fair is sponsoring an international art competition.万国览会巴西馆将举办一项国际性艺术比赛.,000 a year grant to?The winner will receive a live and study for two years at the institution of his choice anywhere in Brazil.第一名将获得一年一万美元的奖学金以作为赴巴西就读其所选择之任何大专院校为期二年的生活费及学费.All men and women under thirty years of age are cordially invited to enter the competition.诚请未满三十岁之青年男女报名参加.During December we will be exhibiting as many entries as possible at the World#39;s Fair Museum of Modern Art.巴西馆将在十二月份尽可能将所有的参赛作品陈列于万国览会现代艺术馆供大众观赏.But, as the judges, all internationally famous artists,但因为裁判必须在元月一日前作决定,must make their decision before January 1, the Brazilian Pavilion must receive your entry by December 1.所以所有参选的作品必须在十二月一日前送至巴西馆本比赛的裁判, 均为举世闻名的艺术家.On January 1 the Brazilian Pavilion will have the pleasure of announcing the results of the competition.在元月一日, 巴西馆将十分荣幸地宣布比赛的结果.The ceremony will take place in the Grand Gallery of the Museum at 4:30 PM.仪式将于该日下午四时三十分假现代艺术馆大陈列厅举行.All works of art remain your property and will be returned after the first of the year.各作品之所有权将属于作者所拥有作品于元月一日后将归还原主.As we cannot be liable for paintings submitted to us, please insure your entry against loss, damage, or destruction.作品若有遗失, 损害或毁损等情形, 巴西馆无法负责任, 敬请各位自行投保为盼.Persons related to the staff of the Brazilian Pavilion are not eligible to enter the competition.凡与巴西馆工作人员有亲戚关系的人不得参与比赛. /200809/48041。

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This is the biggest underground river passage in the world,这是世界上最大的地下河通道so big a jumbo jet could fly through it.大到可以通过一架大型喷气式客机It#39;s Deer Cave in Borneo.它就是婆罗洲的鹿洞The sheer size of Deer Cave allows some animals to gather there in huge numbers.鹿洞的容量很大,使得大批动物到此聚集A staggering three million wrinkle-lipped bats live here.这里住着数量惊人的300万只犬吻蝠The bats roost high on the walls and ceilings,这些蝙蝠倒挂在洞壁和天顶上where they#39;re well protected from the outside elements and safe from predators.它们在此完全不受外界因素的干扰,还能躲开天敌。And while they#39;re up here, the bats produce something very important.它们高悬在洞穴上方时会产生一种非常重要的东西This 1 00-metre-high mound is made entirely of bat droppings, guano.这堆100多米高的东西全都是蝙蝠的排泄物,粪便。Its surface is covered by a thick carpet of cockroaches. Hundreds of thousands of them.地面上爬满了密密麻麻的。它们的数量无以为计。Caves are one of the few habitats on Earth not directly powered by sunlight.洞穴是地球上少数几种不直接依赖阳光的生态环境之一In the absence of plants, this food chain is based on a continuous supply of bat droppings.在缺少植物的情况下,这里的食物链完全依赖供应不断的蝙蝠粪便The cockroaches feed on the guano and anything that falls into it.的食物就是粪便以及任何掉进里面的东西。 Article/201707/516668。

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