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On the afternoon of 16th, 50-plus civil servants participated the “olfaction” blind date in JIANWAI modern mall of Beijing, all attendees covered their eyes with eyepatches and drew on the masks, then, switched off the electricity, everyone carefully discriminated smell the isomerism gave out. If the woman found the man who had similar smell, she just patted(原形pat) him thrice, then invited him to join the following activity. The two parties with eyes covered participated a series of activities such as “Mind acts upon mind”, “tackle danger situations”, then chose lovers and sent the love tokens to each other.Although “closed” the eyes, we all know clearly---in the laugh with tease, boring and vacancy, through short body touch, what two strangers found is love? The immoral orgasm which caused by the curiosity was instantly met is equal to the love convulsion of “telesthesia”, there is no such fools in the world. If the things like that, the love game is too fickle and valueless. Love isn’t a game, if you treat it as a game, your heart will be abandoned ruthlessly; if you are originally a “game”, please don’t fake it as the name of love.“olfactory marriage interview” may be a romantic game, but how many real winners in this game? 16日下午,50余名公务员在北京建外现代城参加了一场“嗅觉”相亲会。参加者都用眼罩蒙住眼睛,再戴上面具。然后,屋里关灯,每个人仔细甄别异性散发出来的气味。如果女士找到属于自己味道的男士,就可以轻拍他三下,邀请其参加接下来的活动。双方蒙眼参加“心有灵犀”、“危情应对”等一系列的活动之后,选定情侣并将定情锁送给对方作为信物。眼睛虽然“闭上”了,其实心灵是雪亮的 ——戏谑、无聊、空虚的笑声中,两个陌生男女短暂的肢体接触,摸索到的是爱情吗?将猎奇心在瞬间被满足而产生的一时的道德叛逆快感与“心心相印”的爱情震撼划上等号,天底下还没有这种愚昧的傻瓜。倘若如此,这种游戏的爱情也太浮躁、太廉价了。爱情,真的不是一场游戏。如果你把爱情当成一场游戏来玩,必将被爱情所无情的抛弃;而如果你本来就是“游戏”,就请你别假以爱情的名义。“嗅觉相亲”也许只是一场风花雪月的游戏,真正在这场游戏中的获胜者又有几个呢? /200812/57801近些年来,公务员这个职位越来越吃香,在7年的时间里,公务员考试的报名人数增长了16倍。除追求稳定之外,权力现在也成为年轻人热衷“考碗”的重要原因。如今,“红领”已取代“白领”,变成了中国年轻人最青睐的工作。请看《中国日报》的报道:Becoming a civil servant - known as a red-collar worker in China - is the ambition of many white-collar workers in the city, according to a new survey.根据一项新调查,成为公务员,也就是国内所谓的“红领”,是许多城市白领的梦想。red-collar worker:红领,红领是指国家公职人员,也就是我国党群机关、行政机关和社会团体中由国家财政负担工资和福利的工作人员。与其相应的有:white-collar workers:白领 pink-collar workers:粉领gold-collar workers:金领blue-collar workers:蓝领civil servant:公务员, 这个职位是人们心目中的gold rice bowl:金饭碗,考公务员的人被称为gold-bowl seekers:考碗族。甚至还有一心想嫁公务员的bowl chasers:嫁碗族。 /201103/129418Recession-hit couples rethink wedding dreamsNagging concerns about the global economic downturn and rising unemployment are forcing many young Britons to think twice about tying the knot this year, a think-tank said on Saturday.Almost 80 percent of young British couples living together want to get married, the think tank Civitas said, but would reconsider their wedding plans due to increasing job losses as companies cut costs and lay off workers."As the recession bites it's going to be harder for partners to make that commitment - without financial stability and jobs they won't have the confidence to say 'I do'," Anastasia de Waal, director of family and education at Civitas, said.The study, which surveyed 1,560 adults aged between 20 to 35, also found that for 50 percent of the people making a commitment was the most important reason to get married, and only two percent considered marriage for tax advantages."If my boyfriend asked me now, then I would still say 'yes', but I wouldn't waste my money for a high-profile wedding," Jenny Brown, an employee works in London's central financial district.But De Waal said the recession would have a serious impact on planning a life together."This is not about being able to afford a fancy wedding dress for 10,000 pounds or not."A British Social Attitudes survey in January found that young people showed a less traditional attitude towards marriage and would put their careers first.About 40 percent of people aged between 18 to 34 said marriage was still the "best kind of relationship," compared with 84 percent of people aged 65 and over, it said.The release of the study coincided with the launch of Marriage Week UK on Saturday, using the slogan "Celebrating Commitment" and promoting the importance of marriage for family life and society. /200902/62113美国《》杂志创刊于1953年。1953年12月《》杂志出版第一期,为月刊,主要面向广大男性读者。关于美国人的文化,我们专门向上海外教网的外教Ashley请教了以下问题:1、How widely is Playboy known is the U.S? 《》在美国有多流行?几乎所有的美国人都知道《》杂志,不论男女,它是一本月刊(Monthly)。2、Is Playboy a porn magazine? 《》杂志算色情杂志吗?Does Playboy contain lots of porn pictures and words? 《》杂志中是否充斥着许多色情的图片和文字?是的,我想《》应该算是色情杂志,其中有许多比较裸露的(naked)的图片。3、Is there any restriction for the sale of Playboy? (such as not to kids, etc.)销售《》是否有一些限制呢?(比如不允许卖给孩子等等。)是的,是有一些限制的,将《》卖给18岁以下的孩子在美国将被视为非法的。就像卖香烟一样,如果您看上去像个孩子,您会被要求出示您的身份(ID)以明您可以购买该杂志,否则您是无法买到的。当然也有一些小贩为了利益照样将《》卖给一些未成年人,这种现象在许多国家都存在。4、Is Playboy more expensive than any other magazines?《》要比其他的杂志贵一些吗?是的,《》显得要贵一些。美国大部分的月刊的内页在150-250,价格约2-3.5美元。5、 Is there another magazine in the US serving in the same way as Playboy? 在美国还有和《》类似的杂志吗?有的比如阁楼风情杂志。 /201002/96088

Taking an interest in her life, job or anything else that she likes to talk about is a must for first date conversations. You can do that by asking questions like, “How did your job/hobby/interest start?”在初次约会的时候,聊聊她的生活、工作之类她乐意聊的话题是必须的。你可以用“你的工作、爱好、兴趣是怎么开始的呀?”作为开头。Contrary to popular opinion, women don’t only want to talk about themselves; they also want to see what’s going on with you. When it comes to dreams, expressing yours will make her gain some interesting insight into you, and she’ll love that you can open up to her.与大家通常所想的不同,女人在约会的时候不仅仅是想聊聊自己的问题;她们也会想要了解你。不要吝啬于谈谈你的梦想,这会让她对你有更深一层的了解,她会很高兴看到你对她敞开心扉的。Throwing in a word about your friend and something interesting he said or did will show your date that you have some awesome mates. Just make sure you don’t fall into the trap of going on and on about your friends to the point where you are taking focus away from your date.跟她聊聊你朋友的事情,或者你朋友说的或者做的好玩的事会让你的约会对象觉得你朋友很多。但是千万不要总跟她聊你朋友的事,这会让她觉得你的注意力都没放在她的身上。The sound of your laughter is always something she wants to hear. It shows her that she has a great sense of humor and you find her delightful. Just try not to overdo it, and always keep it genuine.初次约会的时候不要介意多笑一笑。这会让她感觉到你觉得她很可爱。但是也不要做得太过,最重要的是要表现出你的真诚。 /201107/142850

女人最吸引人的地方不是饰,而是发型。简单的辫子也能编出不同造型,有的甜美,有的干练,有的成熟。看看这五大发辫造型,总有一种是适合你的。 The Side Braid 侧边辫  The pieces slipping down in front are key. Wave your hair first and start braiding very close to the nape of the neck. And keep the ends undone—a dab of styling cream will help break them up。  前面必须垂下来一些头发。先把头发弄卷,然后紧贴颈背开始编辫子,辫梢要乱一点,用定型产品的话,这个发型就毁了。 /201105/138604

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