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2018年09月22日 15:43:31

吉安脱腋毛医院万安县人民中医院绣眉多少钱‘We don’t need to put our shirts on’: Topless cyclists in Waterloo plan rally‘我们不需要穿内衣’:滑铁卢袒胸骑行者计划集会They didn’t get a ticket, but sisters are filing formal complaint about police conduct and they’re planning a rally on Saturday她们没有收到传票,然而,们称,将正式对警察行为提起诉讼,并计划在周六举行集会Waterloo Regional Police say they’re conducting a review into why an officer pulled over three topless female cyclists on the weekend.周末,一名警官将三名袒胸骑单车的女子拦在路边。滑铁卢区警方称,他们正在调查原因。“It’s not an illegal thing to do,” Staff-Sgt. Mike Haffner said in an interview on Tuesday.上士迈克哈夫纳在周二的采访中称,“这件事情并不违法”。“It’s the law,” Haffner said. “If people choose to go topless, they can do it.”哈夫纳说,“法律规定,如果人们选择不穿内衣,他们可以这样做。”Sisters Alysha Brilla, 26, Nadia Mohamed, 24, and Tameera Mohamed, 22, were cycling together topless in the city on Friday after 9 pm when an officer in a cruiser with flashing lights pulled them over.周五晚上9点后,三Alysha Brilla(26岁)、Nadia Mohamed(24岁)和Tameera Mohamed(22岁)一起在市内袒胸骑自行车兜风,却被一名巡逻警官拿着手电拦在路边。Brilla said in an interview the male officer ordered them to put their shirts on.Brilla在一次采访中说,那位男警官命令她们穿上内衣。Brilla said she replied: “We don’t need to put our shirts on.”Brilla说,她是这样回答的:“我们没有必要穿内衣。”“He said, ‘Yes you do. That’s the law,’” Brilla said.“他说,‘你们必须穿上内衣。这是法律规定,’”。Brilla said she told the officer they were doing nothing illegal.Brilla说,她告诉那位警官,她们做的事情并不违法。In 1991, former University of Guelph student Gwen Jacob won a legal battle for the right to appear in public topless.1991年,曾在圭尔夫大学就读的学生格温雅各布就赢得了在公众场合袒胸权利的官司。 “My sisters were nervous,” said Brilla, a Juno award-nominated musician and women’s rights advocate.Brilla是一名朱诺奖提名音乐家和女权倡导者,她说,“我的们很紧张。” She said it was a hot, humid night and they passed several men who were shirtless.她说,那天晚上炎热潮湿,她们路过好几个男人都没有穿上衣。 “We even passed a female cop,” Brilla said. “She had absolutely no problem with us. She just ushered us through.”“我们还遇到了一名女巡警,”,Brilla说,“她丝毫没有为难我们,只是招手让我们通过。”She said the male officer in the cruiser told them there had been complaints from parents with children.她说,那名男巡警告诉她们,已经接到一些父母的投诉。 “It was aly dark outside,” Brilla said in an interview. “There were no children around. It was late at night.”“外面天已经黑了,”Brilla在采访中说,“周围没有孩子,已经深夜了。” She said they all had legal helmets, bells and lights and that she filmed much of the incident on her cell phone.她说,她们都按照法律规定,备有安全帽、车铃和车灯,并用手机把这次事件的大部分过程拍摄了下来。 They didn’t get a ticket, but Brilla said she and her sisters are filing a formal complaint about the police conduct.她们还没有收到传票,然而,Brilla称,她们要正式对警方行为提起诉讼。 “We’re conducting an internal review of the circumstances of the incident,” Haffner said.哈夫纳表示,“我们正在对此次事件的情况进行内部调查。” 译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201508/391117吵架的时候双方情绪都很激动,这个时候如果能够说几句“软话”缓和一下气氛,那么矛盾可能就不会那么激烈了。俗话说“退一步海阔天空”么。1. Please try to understand my point of view.1. 请理解我的观点。2. Wait, can I take that back?2. 等一下,我能收回我说的话吗?3. This is important to me. Please listen.3. 这对我很重要。请仔细听。4. I overreacted.4. 我反应过激了。5. I see you#39;re in a tough position.5. 我知道你的处境艰难。6. I can see my part in this.6. 这个问题,我有错。7. I hadn#39;t thought of it that way before.7. 我以前没有这样想过。8. I could be wrong.8. 我可能是错的。9. Let#39;s agree to disagree on that.9. 让我们接受我们的不同观点。10. This isn#39;t just your problem; it#39;s our problem.10. 这不只是你的问题。这是我们的问题。11. I#39;m feeling unappreciated.11. 我感觉没有受到重视。12. We#39;re getting off the subject.12. 我们跑题了。13. I know I need to listen more.13. 我知道,我应该多倾听。14. You#39;ve convinced me.14. 我已经被你说了。15. Let#39;s take a break for a few minutes.15. 我们停一会吧。16. I realize it#39;s not your fault.16. 我意识到这不是你的错。17. That came out all wrong.17. 我表达错了。18. I see how I contributed to the problem.18. 我明白是我引发了这个问题。19. What are we really fighting about?19. 我们到底在争什么呢?20. How can I make things better?20. 我怎样才能把事情变得更好呢? /201209/199900吉安中医院双眼皮多少钱

吉安激光嫩肤一般多少钱吉安激光脱腋毛医院Eating unpeeled apples may keep extra pounds and obesity-related diseases at bay, a study in PLoS ONE suggests. 《美国公共科学图书馆-综合》(PLoS ONE)杂志刊载的一项研究结果显示,苹果连皮吃能帮助减肥,使机体远离肥胖相关的疾病。 Ursolic acid is a natural compound found in the waxy coats on apples and other fruits and herbs. Previous research showed that ursolic acid increased the activity of a protein that stimulated muscle growth and glucose metabolism in mice. 熊果酸是一种在苹果及其他水果和草本植物的光滑表皮中发现的天然化合物。以往的研究表明,熊果酸能够增加一种蛋白质的活性,这种蛋白质可以刺激小鼠的肌肉生长及葡萄糖代谢。 In this follow-up study, researchers in Iowa tested ursolic acid on mice with diet-induced obesity. For six weeks, one group of mice had unlimited access to a diet of high-fat food proven to cause obesity, glucose intolerance and fatty liver disease. Two other groups of mice had unlimited access to the same diet, but supplemented with either 0.14 grams or 0.27 grams of ursolic acid per 100 grams of food. For comparison, an apple contains 50 milligrams of ursolic acid, equivalent to about 6% of the lowest dose given to the mice. 在这次的跟进研究中,爱荷华州的研究人员对患有饮食引起的肥胖症的小鼠进行了熊果酸测试。六周内,其中一组小鼠可以无限食用一种高脂肪食物,这种食物会引起肥胖症、葡萄糖不耐受和脂肪肝。其他两组小鼠也可以无限食用这种食物,但每100克食物分别配有0.14克和0.27克的熊果酸。一个苹果含50毫克的熊果酸,相当于给小鼠最低剂量的约6%。 Ursolic-acid mice developed more skeletal muscle but gained less weight than nonsupplemented mice, even though food intake was higher in ursolic-acid mice. Supplemented mice had greater strength and exercise capacity, and higher resting energy expenditure. Ursolic acid triggered an increase in high-energy brown fat associated with reduced obesity, though it isn#39;t known how, researchers said. The results were the same for both ursolic-acid doses. 补充熊果酸的小鼠骨骼肌生长较好,但增加的体重比未补充熊果酸的小鼠少,尽管前者的食物摄入量较高。补充熊果酸小鼠的力量和运动能力更强,休息时消耗的能量更多。研究人员说,熊果酸引起了与减少肥胖有关的高能量褐色脂肪的增加,但尚不清楚是如何引起的。两种熊果酸剂量的结果相同。 Caveat: Humans and mice may have differing capacities for the absorption, distribution and excretion of ursolic acid, researchers said. 注意:研究人员说,人类和小鼠对熊果酸的吸收、分配和排泄能力可能有差异。 Vertigo and gender: Women develop vertigo slightly more often than men. But a study found that men with vertigo, a common balance disorder, suffer more anxiety and depression. The results contrast with earlier studies that reported psychiatric distress is higher in women with vertigo. Vertigo is a spinning sensation that can leave people feeling dizzy or nauseous. About 40% of Americans have at least one episode of vertigo in their lifetimes. 眩晕和性别:女性比男性更容易患眩晕症。但一项研究发现,患眩晕症的男性更容易焦虑和抑郁,这与以往女性眩晕症患者精神压力更大的研究结果相反。眩晕症是一种常见的平衡失调症,会让人感觉头晕或恶心。约40%的美国人在一生中至少都有一次眩晕症发作。 The latest study, published in BMC Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders, assessed emotional response to vertigo in 202 patients treated at a Swiss clinic from 2007 to 2009. Subjects included 124 women and 78 men in their late 40s, of whom more than half had had vertigo symptoms for more than a year. Subjects rated their disability as mild, moderate or severe. Anxiety and depression were assessed on a hospital scale as possible, probable or abnormal. MRI brain scans, neurological assessments and other tests were administered. 这项最新研究刊登在《BMC耳鼻喉疾病》(BMC Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders)杂志上,研究对象为2007年至2009年在一家瑞士诊所治疗过的202位病人,研究人员对这些病人对眩晕症的情绪反应进行了评估。研究对象包括快50岁的124名女性和78名男性,其中半数以上已经有一年多的眩晕症症状。研究对象按照轻微、中等和严重评定眩晕症对自己精神状况的影响。焦虑和抑郁程度按照医院标准划分为可能、很有可能或反常。研究人员还对他们做了核磁共振脑部扫描、神经检测及其他检查。 Severe disability was reported by 25% of the women compared with 19% of the men. But emotional distress was significantly higher in the men, possibly because dizziness over a long period is more disabling in men and a greater risk factor for anxiety and depression, researchers said. Of men who rated their disability as severe, 60% had abnormal anxiety and 67% had abnormal depression. That compared with 26% and 19% of women, respectively. 25%的女性表示自己有严重的精神障碍,男性的比例为19%。研究人员说,但男性的情绪压力显著高于女性,可能是由于长期眩晕对男性精神状况的影响更大,并且更容易造成焦虑和抑郁。认为自己精神障碍严重的男性中,60%有反常的焦虑情绪,67%有反常的抑郁情绪。女性的比例分别为26%和19%。 Caveat: The Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale used to assess symptoms of anxiety and depression provides only limited information on mental disorders, researchers said. Other risk factors for mental disorders weren#39;t assessed. 注意:研究人员说,用于评定焦虑和抑郁症状的医院焦虑抑郁量表(Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale)只能为精神失常状况提供有限的信息。其他容易造成精神失常的因素未得到评估。 /201207/190112吉安保仕柏丽整形玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱传说戒指有很多种,比如说老年间老奶奶们喜欢带的明晃晃金灿灿夺人耳目的金镏子,有钱富二代娶媳妇求婚买的5克拉大钻石,或者代表已婚的pt素圈儿。其实无论是什么戒指都是代表佩戴者已经心有所属,所以很多已婚出轨的男女都会把戒指偷偷装起来充钻石王老五,或者大龄未婚女青年。现在美国就出了这么一款“防出轨戒指”,在戒指的内侧刻上了我“已婚”的字样。就算偷偷摘下来,手指上也会留下抹不掉的印记!Your cheatin’ heart may not tell on you, but this wedding ring might. Perfect for today’s promiscuous lifestyles, the Anti-Cheating wedding ring makes sure to display your marital status, even when you take it off.“With Arnold, Tiger and two timing IMF guy in mind, we have created this wedding ring for people intent on cheating. The negative engraving on the inside means that when you are in the ‘Club’ and an attractive woman… or man comes along to chat, slipping your wedding ring off is not an option. The mark left on your skin says…’I’m Married’.”Brought to you by The Cheeky, this titanium wedding ring may help keep your cheatin’ heart from straying too far. At least, until the impression disappears… /201207/192826吉安哪家医院开双眼皮最好

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