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【视频欣赏】【听力文本】Pick your words and prepare your manner carefully if you really want to help with advice and criticism.You Will NeedA plan of attack Respect for others Knowledge of the issue Listening skills Humility Step 1: Reflect and prepare(想好自己要说的)Reflect on what you want to say to the person and prepare a clear message. Be honest with yourself regarding any ill will you might harbor.Step 2: Maintain respect(尊重对方)Maintain unconditional respect for the person. Everyone, including you, is doing the best they can.Step 3: Know the situation(了解整件事)Document and praise the other’s efforts, intentions, and accomplishments. Before raising reservations about their performance, be complimentary.Try to conduct the conversation privately, away from prying eyes.Step 4: Listen closely(仔细聆听)Ask questions and invite them to explain their view of things. This could change the criticisms you offer.Step 5: Consider their power to absorb(考虑对方的承受能力)State your case, taking into account their compromised power to absorb information in such a tense circumstance.Step 6: Criticize the behavior(就事论事)Criticize the behavior, not the person. Accept criticism as well, knowing that mistakes are normal for everyone.Follow the Golden Rule of treating others as you would be treated in all your dealings with others.Step 7: Expect realistic results(争取有实质性的结果)Expect no more from others than you would from yourself. Craft achievable goals with their participation so you’re both on the same page.Step 8: Reinforce the message(强调对方应该如何改正)Reinforce the message to get agreement on what both parties understood, and what the plan for correction will be. Article/201002/97197How To Argue With Your Partner on Howcast【视频文本】Channel those inevitable couples spats into constructive, conflict-resolution sessions.You Will NeedA fair fight A time-out A schedule Communication skills amp;amp;;Iamp;amp;; or amp;amp;;Weamp;amp;; statements Positive affirmation Listening skills Follow up (optional) Step 1: Take a time out(生气的时候,都先冷静一下)If you feel yourself getting angry, gauge your emotion level on a scale from one to 10. Take a time-out if you or your spouse feels your emotions running too high.Step 2: Have a schedule(腾出一定的时间来讨论争执的问题)Schedule a time to discuss the conflict, so you can be civil. Avoid bringing up hot-button topics while one or both of you are running out the door.Pick your battles wisely. The things you argue about should be things that really matter – try not to sweat the small stuff.Step 3: Communicate(好好交流)When the scheduled time arrives, start by communicating your desired outcome, as well as your feelings and needs. Invite your spouse to brainstorm ways to fix the problem. Cooperating to find solutions will avoid urges to place blame and help satisfy a mutual goal.Follow up at a later date on any resolutions made to avoid broken agreements.Step 4: Use "I" or "We" statements(不要说“你”怎么怎么,说“我”“我们”)Use I" or “We” statements and avoid using “You” messages. “We need to find a way to save more money,” is more positive and constructive than saying, “You spend too much money.”Step 5: Affirm(承认对方正确的观点)Acknowledge something positive about your spouse before segueing to the issue. Knowing they are appreciated may help balance any perceived criticism.Step 6: Listen(仔细聆听)Listen to your spouse and make sure they feel heard. Acknowledge their point of view and validate their position before stating your own.Step 7: Fight fair(不要大吵大闹,就事论事)Fight fair. Stick to the argument at hand, and don’t make generalizations or bring up past conflicts. Avoid yelling, dominating the discussion, and unconstructive criticism and insults.A University of Michigan study found that earlier death is twice as likely in couples who suppress anger when unfairly attacked. Article/201006/105421

【Video】【Transcript】This is AP News Minute.The Senate Armed Services Committee has voted in favor of General David Petraeus to become the next commander of the Afghanistan war, paving the way for a swift full Senate confirmation.Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan clashes with the GOP on Day 2 of her confirmation hearings. Alabama Republican Jeff Sessions challenged Kagan over limits she placed on military recruiters while dean of Harvard Law School.Tropical storm Alex is expected to stay away from the oil spill zone but its outer edges are causing problems in the Gulf. Rough seas and powerful winds forced oil scooping ships back to shore Tuesday. Officials say the nasty weather makes skimming work unsafe and ineffective.A new crazy is sweeping China. Pet owners are clipping and dyeing their dog coats to make them look like other animals. The most popular look: Tigers.Sandy Kozel, the Associated Press with AP News Minute. Article/201007/109314

~0FMfIwCZZKdh,9y,V2u.%XdIDn1,Qy~nZdM+7P-!ZBRzz[abZ!Dust Your Television. Make static cling a thing of the past. Yes, we mean for the TV. A clearer and dust free screen will make that football match even more enjoyable!1HaWMp3]ONk清理你电视的灰尘a[#6e#xZbt8K3*~@0。让静电附着尘土成为过去式~_OCi@Z7NWkWxKx。是的,我们是在说电视pABTf%4rW!。更为清洁、无尘的屏幕将使足球比赛更我赏心悦目!.WSlmXFv^^))3)4BIwb9;3#sG@uZ^KtQbmD8I;2v%aqlH!q9 Article/201204/179674

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