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  • How You Made Money你怎么赚的钱A young man asked an old rich man how he made his money.一个年轻人问一位富有的老人是怎样赚到钱的The old guy fingered his worsted wool vest and said, ;Well, son, it was 1930. The depth of the Great Depression. I was down to my last nickel.;老人轻抚着自己的精纺毛背心,说道:“孩子,是这样的那是1930年,大萧条时期,我就只剩下5分钱”;I invested that nickel in an apple. I spent the entire day polishing the apple and, at the end of the day, I sold the apple ten cents.;“我用这5分钱买了一个苹果,然后用一整天的时间把这只苹果擦得光洁漂亮,到晚上,我把它卖了一毛钱”;The next morning, I invested those ten cents in two apples. I spent the entire day polishing them and sold them at 6:00 p.m. cents. I continued this system a month, by the end of which Id accumulated a tune of .58.;“第二天早上,我用这一毛钱买了两个苹果并用一整天把它们擦得光洁漂亮,下午6点钟时我把它们卖了两毛钱如此以往,一个月后,我积攒了一块五毛八”;And that how you built an empire?; the boy asked.“你就是这样发家致富的?”年轻人问;Heavens, no!; the man replied, ;Then my wife father died and left us five million dollars.;“当然不是!”老人答道,“后来,我的老丈人死了,留给我们500万” 30。
  • 英语学习笔记:hit v. 开始做某件事情hit the shower 洗澡hit the road 出发上路hit the gym 去健身hit the hay 去睡觉hit the bar 去酒吧Same here.我也一样That’s OK.不要/不用了更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 66。
  • 朗读原文:;Oh, Mr Tumnus-Im so sorry to stop you, and I do love that tune - but really, I must go home. I only meant to stay a few minutes.; ;It no good now, you know,; said the Faun, laying down its flute and shaking its head ather very sorrowfully. ;No good?; said Lucy, jumping up and feeling rather frightened. ;What do you mean? Ive got to go home at once. The others will be wondering what has happened to me.; But a moment later she asked, ;Mr Tumnus! Whatever is the matter?; the Faun brown eyes had filled with tears and then the tears began trickling down its cheeks, and soon they were running off the end of its nose; and at last it covered its face with its hands and began to howl. 700。
  • 听力原文:Transport infrastructure运输基础设施Life in the slow lane羊场小道上的生活The government trumpets its ambitions roads, railways and airports. In fact, infrastructure is getting worse政府吹嘘他们有关公路和铁路以及航空运输的野心,事实上,(英国的)基础设施正在沦落重点词汇:1 lane(尤指乡间的)小径,小路 trumpet 宣扬;鼓吹;吹嘘听力原文:IF YOU want to get rich, goes a Chinese saying, first build a road. George Osborne, Britain chancellor, seems to agree. He seldom misses a chance to put on a hard hat and proclaim the virtues of more roads and railways. His idea of a ;Northern Powerhouse; would boost the north of England with a big new transport network that better connects the region. Certainly, if people are not stuck in traffic jams or can work in peace on a train they can get more done, leading to higher productivity and increased wages.重点词汇:1 chancellor (德国或奥地利的)总理, (英国的)财政大臣, (英国大学的)名誉校长, (美国某些大学的)校长 hard hat 安全帽(建筑工人等戴)3 proclaim 宣布;声明;公布 Powerhouse 权势集团;强国5 virtues [不可数名词](mal) behaviour or attitudes that show high moral standards 高尚的道德;正直的品性;德行; [可数名词] a particular good quality or habit 美德;优秀品质;良好习惯.听力原文:Yet all the rhetoric, in recent years British infrastructure has been deteriorating. Roads are more clogged: the percentage of journeys on main routes that are classed as ;on time; has fallen by six percentage points since . Trains are getting more crowded, too: a quarter of trains arriving in London in rush hour are overcrowded, up from a fifth in . Commuters are putting up with creaky carriages: in - the average age of the rolling stock rose from to years. The number of local buses has fallen by .5% since , even though the population has grown by 3%. The World Economic um ranks the quality of Britain overall infrastructure th in the world, down from 19th in , and behind Iceland and America (which is th). It is unlikely that things will improve soon. When the coalition government came to power in , Britain was aly one of the lowest spenders on infrastructure in Europe. But as Mr Osborne tries to balance the books, public-sector investment is projected to fall from 3.% of GDP in to just 1.% in .重点词汇:1 rhetoric 华而不实的言语;花言巧语 deteriorate变坏;恶化;退化3 clog(使)阻塞,堵塞 commuter (经很远的路程)上下班往返的人;通勤5 creaky 嘎吱作响的6 carriage(火车的)客车厢7 class 动词 归类8 put up with sbsth 忍受9 rolling stock: the engines, trains, etc. that are used on a railwayrailroad (铁路上运行的)全部车辆(包括机车、车厢等) project 动词 规划;计划;拟订方案注释:年大选的时候,保守党并不占绝对优势,保守党争取了民主自由党的持才成为执政党的,所以保守党领袖卡梅伦和自由民主党领袖克莱格联姻执政,卡梅伦为首相,克莱格为副首相听力原文:A small infrastructure budget is not necessarily a bad thing, if the money is used wisely. This often means spending on unsexy things-improving traffic lights and so th-rather than big, expensive undertakings. In Sir Rod Eddington, an Australian businessman, published a government-backed review of Britain infrastructure provision, warning against grands projets having cost-benefit ratios that are often worse than otherless-exciting transport projects. Politicians like to be photographed at big digs, but the returns from such projects are hard to predict.重点词汇:1 not necessarily used to say that sth is possibly true but not definitely or always true 不一定;未必, and so th | and so on 等等,3 undertaking(重大或艰巨的)任务,项目,事业;企业 provision (法律文件的)规定,条款5 grand adj 宏大的,宏伟的; (最)重要的; 豪华的; n. 一千美元; 大钢琴;6 dig 考古发掘听力原文:Sometimes there is no option but to build big. On many London Underground lines-which aly run as many as 30 trains an hour-it is hard to make incremental improvements; the only sensible way to create new capacity is to build a new line, as the government is doing now with Crossrail, an east-to-west London link. Still, it has mostly ignored the recommendations of the Eddington review, says John Van Reenen of the Centre Economic Permance at the London School of Economics, instead focusing its energy on larger, shinier projects.重点词汇:1 incremental 增加的;递增的 sensible 明智的;理智的;合理的;切合实际的注释:伦敦目前正在进行的一项耗资0亿美元的铁路项目――Crossrail工程竣工后,会使该市的公共交通系统得到很大改善 Crossrail铁路将把希思罗机场与伦敦东部和中西部地区连接在一起,在60分钟内运送0万名乘客这条铁路预计将于年竣工,它会并入伦敦现有铁路网,其中包括伦敦地铁听力原文:The addition of a third runway at Heathrow airport, example, would cost over billion pounds ($ billion). Transport the North, the infrastructure arm of the powerhouse idea, envisages building an 18-mile road tunnel, perhaps Europe longest, under the Pennine hills, and constructing other expensive new highways. The tunnel alone could cost up to ?6 billion. Meanwhile, 1.5 billion pounds is likely to be spent improving a few miles of road between Cambridge and Huntingdon. Government figures suggest that since the expected cost of the average public infrastructure project has roughly doubled. As a result less money is available smaller upgrades. Funding local roads has been cut by % in real terms since . Analysis by the RAC Foundation, an independent think-tank, found that the number of potholes being filled in per year has increased fourfold since ,suggesting that costly, long-term repair is being sacrificed in favour of patching up. Government support local bus services is down by % in five years.重点词汇:1 envisage 想象;设想;展望 think-tank (尤指政府的)智囊团,智库3 pothole 路面坑洼,路面坑洞 pennine奔宁山5 in real terms 实际上,实际中的6 RAC: Royal Automobile Club.The RAC is a British organization which provides services car owners.(英国)皇家汽车俱乐部 修理;7 patching up(尤指)临时修补欢迎关注荔枝主播凤梨君 FM18550欢迎关注主播凤梨君 微信号fenglisama 567。
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