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好莱坞传奇人物玛丽莲梦露以前从未见过的物品现在正在洛杉矶展出。Never-before-seen belongings of the Hollywood legend, Marilyn Monroe, are now on display in Los Angeles. The display comes ahead of the 50th anniversary of the movie star’s death at the age of 36.One of the world’s most iconic actresses, Marilyn Monroe, is the star of a new million dollar exhibition of some of her most personal belongings. It’s taking place in Hollywood, 50 years after her premature death.Andrea Silverman, general manager of Ripley’s Believe It or Not, said, ;We have her famous sweater, which was actually the last photograph that she did before her death. You’re going to see her makeup case. It took her over three hours to do her makeup. You guys have to come see all the cool stuff that we have. We have her shoes. We have her nightgown when she was married to Joe DiMaggio, for her honeymoon.;This black lingerie was worn by Marilyn for baseball legend Joe DiMaggio on their wedding night. Slippers with glass and white faux fur straps were valued 10 years ago at over 100 thousand US dollars.Also on display is a 12 thousand dollar lace nightcap as well as a bathing suit that was quite scandalous at the time for being a midriff baring two pieces. For Marilyn fans, they like the feeling of being inside the vault to see her things.Jeanne Wolf, Hollywood journalist, said, ;It’s hard to explain the worship, the love of a star like Marilyn, if there is anyone exactly like Marilyn. People want to do anything they can to put a hand on something she had her hand on, to touch her, and to feel somehow that personal connection come alive.;Marilyn Monroe died August 5, 1962. She was found dead at just 36 in the bedroom of her Brentwood home by her psychiatrist. Article/201205/181871If you love beer, you#39;ll appreciate this tip on getting beer stains out of your clothing. So, if you#39;ve had one too many and spill your beer, VideoJug can help you remove those stains from your favorite clothes!这段视频教给你怎样去除衣上的啤酒污渍,如果你喜欢喝啤酒,那么这段视频会对你有帮助。如果你的啤酒不小心洒到衣上,跟我们来学习一下怎样把你最喜欢的衣清洗干净吧!Step 1: You Will Need1.你需要2 Cups cold water,2 Tbsp white vinegar,1 tsp dishwashing liquid,light-colored cloths,large mixing bowl2杯冷水,2汤匙白醋,1茶匙洗洁精,浅色布料,大搅拌钵Step 2: Keep It Wet2.保湿It#39;s always better to treat the stain as soon as possible. Since it#39;s a wet spill, try to keep it wet until the stain is completely out. Drying it will only allow the stain to cling tightly to your shirt. And be sure to use cool water. Heat sets sugar, which is found in beer of all kinds.最好尽快处理污渍。由于啤酒洒到衣上是湿的,在完全消除污渍之前努力保污渍处仍然是湿的。干燥之后只会让污渍更顽固地沾在衣上。确保使用冷水。加热会让所有啤酒中都有的糖份沉淀在衣上。Step 3: Mix It Up3.混合Combine 2 cups of cold water, 2 Tbsp of white vinegar and 1 tsp (or a quick squirt) of dishwashing liquid. Dishwashing liquid isn#39;t just for cleaning dishes. It#39;s also useful for treating stains made from food and drinks. Just steer clear of the products made with added bleaches, perfumes and moisturizers. Also, only use clear or white to avoid further staining the fabric.将2杯冷水,2汤匙白醋和1茶匙洗洁精混合。洗洁精并不仅仅是用来洗碗碟的,对于处理食物和饮料造成的污渍也很有用,不过要避开添加了漂白剂,香水和保湿面霜的产品。同样,只使用无色或白色的洗洁精,以免对衣物造成进一步污染。Step 4: Pre-Treat4.处理Apply the solution to the stain with a light colored cloth. It#39;s easy to want to put some muscle into fighting stains. But rubbing too hard can cause the fibers of the fabric to get fuzzy and frayed. Resist the temptation and lightly blot the stain instead. Now all you have to do is wash and dry the shirt as usual.用浅色布料把混合溶液涂抹在污渍处。你可能很自然地想用力擦污渍,但是太用力刷会导致布料纤维变的毛糙。控制自己,轻轻地搓洗污渍。现在,只要像往常一样清洗和晾干衣就可以了。Thanks for watching How To Remove Beer Stains From Clothes感谢收看“怎样去除衣上的啤酒污渍”视频节目。 Article/201210/206539

Rose Marie Robertson, MD, FAHA, FACC, FESC (Chief Science Officer and Past President of the Board of American Heart Association) gives expert advice on: How do I lower my cholesterol?罗斯·玛丽·罗伯森是美国心脏联合会前任主席和首席医生,现在现身说法,给出降低胆固醇的指点。How do I lower my cholesterol?如何能降低胆固醇?To lower your cholesterol, the first thing you ought to think about is diet because we know that reducing the saturated fat in your diet, that is replacing the saturated fat with healthier fats, such as unsaturated fats, either monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats, and as well, reducing the amount of actual cholesterol you take in in your diet, can lower your cholesterol by as much as 11 to 15 percent. That#39;s a pretty good lowering just for diet, without medication. Certainly worthwhile.为了降低胆固醇,第一件事就是改变饮食结构,确切来说就是减少饱和脂肪的摄入。可以用不饱和脂肪进行替代,同时还要注意减少饮食中固有的胆固醇,这样可以减少11%-15%的胆固醇水平。单就饮食一项的功效来说,确实很划算。If the cholesterol level is very high to begin with, though, it won#39;t be enough, and you#39;ll need medication in addition to diet. You can#39;t give up on the healthy diet, because that#39;s important too. It#39;s important to keep that up. But you#39;ll need medication to help. In addition, adding soluble fiber to your diet, at a range of 1 to 25 grams a day can be important, and two grams a day of plant stanols or stearols, commonly found in margarine-like products, can also lower your cholesterol. So those dietary manouevries are worth making.如果刚开始时胆固醇水平特别高,只靠饮食是不够的,还需要药物治疗,但是药物治疗和饮食控制要结合。此外,可以在饮食中加入可溶性纤维,每天1到25克的摄入量,会很有效;每天2克植物固醇—通常在人造奶油或类似产品中含有—也可以降低胆固醇。这类饮食的策略会起到很好的效果。Thanks for watching How To Lower Your Cholesterol谢谢收看本期“降低胆固醇”节目。 /201208/194668

Weight loss is a challenge for approximately 68 percent of American adults. The thighs are a common problem area for people trying to lose weight. If you want to make thighs smaller, exercise is important for meeting your goals. 减肥对于大约68%的美国成年人来说都是一项挑战。大腿区域是人们试图减肥的常见问题区域。如果你使大腿变细,很重要的锻炼才能达成你的目标。Using both strength-training movements and cardio activity will help you burn fat and tone the thighs. 同时使用力量训练运动和有氧活动将帮助你燃烧脂肪及使大腿更健壮。If you want to make thighs smaller, focus on calorie burning. When you burn calories through exercise, weight loss occurs.如果你想使大腿变细,集中在燃烧卡路里的训练。当你通过锻炼燃烧卡路里,体重就会减轻。 Set a weight-loss goal. A healthy weight loss goal is 1 to 2 lbs. weekly, according to Medline Plus. 设定一个减肥目标。根据专业统计,一个健康的减肥目标是每周1到2磅。For this goal, you need to burn 500 to 1,000 daily calories. You can split this requirement between calorie reduction and exercise. 为了这个目标,你需要每日消耗掉500到1000卡路里。你可以将此要求分成卡路里减少和锻炼。 Article/201202/172969

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