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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201612/481042They want to tie it to your real world behaviours -他们想将这些数据与你的真实生活联系起来location data from your cellphone - and its these correlations.例如手机里的定位信息就是连接的桥梁And as you are being surveilled 24/7,就在你全天候被监视的同时you are more under control.你也越来越受控制Right? You are less free, you are less autonomous.你不自由了 不自主了Schneier believes the ultimate result from all this surveillance施奈尔认为这场监控的终极结局may be a loss of freedom.可能是我们将失去自由What data does is gives someone control over you.数据给了别人控制你的能力The reason Google and Facebook are collecting this谷歌 脸书之所以收集数据is for psychological manipulation.是为了心理操控Thats their stated business purpose, right? Advertising.这是他们所谓的经营宗旨对吧 做广告They want to convince you 他们想说你to buy things you might not want to buy otherwise.购买那些你本不想买的东西And so that data is all about control.因此数据的存在就是为了掌控Governments collect it also for control. Right?政府收集数据也是为了掌控They want to control their population.他们想控制民众Maybe theyre concerned about dissidents,或许他们是担心异议人士maybe theyre concerned about criminals.或许他们是担心罪犯重点解释:1.under control 处于控制之下例句:You must get your spending under control.你必须节制开。2.be concerned about 关心例句:He is full of concern about his sick mother. 他非常挂念他有病的母亲201612/486118

Last year, I got a chance to watch the new ;Star Wars; movie, which was fantastic, but one thing kept bugging me.去年我有一次去看了全新的《星球大战》电影,这部电影很棒,但是有件事一直让我很困惑。I dont know if you noticed this or not.我不知道你们有没有注意到。In this entirely technically advanced world, I did not see a single AED anywhere,在那个技术极其先进的世界,我竟然找不到一台AED,which was totally shocking -- almost as shocking as not knowing what an AED is, which you guys do know.这让我非常震惊--差不多和一个人不知道AED到底是什么同样震惊,我相信你们都知道的。But for those at home, an AED is an automated external defibrillator.但对于那些不知道的人,AED是自动体外心脏除颤器。Its the device you use when your heart goes into cardiac arrest to shock it back into a normal rhythm,你在心脏骤停时就会用这台仪器,去电击心脏使其恢复正常起搏,or, as one of the guys I was teaching a class to referred to it as: ;The shocky-hearty-box thing.;或者,用我其中一个学生的话说就是:“那个电电心脏的盒子啥的。”But I really cant blame the Empire, since health and safety regulations arent really their first order of business.但我真的没法怪罪帝国,因为健康和安全规章也不是他们最重要的事情。Though, even if we -- I think worse than not having an AED would be if there was one there,虽然,如果我们……我觉得比没有AED更糟糕的是,的确有一台AED,but just, no one knew where to find it.却没有人知道它放在哪里。These devices can drastically increase your chance of survival -- almost like a tauntaun on Hoth.这些设备可以极大提升人们存活的几率,就好像咚咚兽对于霍斯星人一样。But Im pretty sure that stormtrooper is going to be toast, regardless if we have an AED or not,但我十分确信帝国冲锋队会死得很惨,无论我们手头是否有AED,since what happens is the chest plate is going to be quite hard to get off,因为他们的胸甲太难取下来了,and like that tauntaun, the AED has a very short window of time at which its highly effective.而就像咚咚兽一样,AED最高效的工作时间范围非常窄。In this case -- basically, weve got to use it within the first 10 minutes.对于这种情况,我们必须在心脏骤停10分钟内使用。The Jedi, on the other hand, have no problems with their outfits.而绝地武士又不同,他们的着装完全不会影响。Those robes open straight up, you can place the pads right onto the chest那些袍子直接就打开了,你可以把电极板直接摁到胸口上,so upper-right-hand side of the chest, lower left,分别放在胸口右上侧,还有左下侧,wait for the unit to determine if its a shockable rhythm and get y to shock.等到AED自动判定心律是否适合电击,然后就自己放电了。But, the Jedi do have a problem. They have a head appendage issue.但是绝地武士的确有个问题,就是他们头上长着的触角。And so I can be totally clear, thinking Im y to go,假如我都准备好给他电击了,but Im accidentally touching a tentacle and inadvertently shocking myself.但自己不小心碰到了他的触角,结果很不幸地把我自己电死了。So before you hit that button, make sure you are clear and everyone else is clear.所以在你按下电击按钮前,务必保自己安全,其他人也安全。Going back to that stormtrooper: If I did get that chest plate off in time,回到帝国冲锋队的话题,假如我把胸甲及时取下来了,what would you do if you suddenly found there was a Wookiee under there, or possibly two Ewoks?假如你突然发现是个伍基人,你会怎么办?或者是两个伊沃克人?Well, lucky for us, in the kit theres actually a razor,那么很幸运的是,AED套件里有剃须刀,and we can use that to shave the chest on the upper right-hand side and the lower left.能够把胸口右上方的毛发剃掉,左下方也一样。Wookiees also have another problem. They have an accessory issue.伍基人还有一个问题,他们身上会佩戴其他东西。What we want to do is remove these我们一定要把这些摘掉,anything between the two pads we want to remove, since it can cause something called ;arcing.;任何挡在两个电极板间的东西都要取下来,因为它可以造成一种叫“电弧放电”的现象。For those who dont know what arcing is, do you remember the Emperor,对于那些不知道电弧放电的人,你们大概记得西斯皇帝when he shoots electricity out the ends of his fingers -- that would be kind of like arcing.可以从手指尖放电--那大概跟电弧放电差不多了。Another thing that -- Oh! By the way, he creates that by wearing wool socks under his robes.另外一件事--哦!顺便提一句,他能这么做是因为穿了羊毛袜子。We can also get arcing if we have an extremely wet chest.如果胸口太潮湿的话也会引起电弧放电。The electricity travels across the surface instead of through the heart.电流通过皮肤表面传导而非经过心脏。We can correct this with the immortal words of Douglas Adams: ;Dont panic,;我们可以引用道格拉斯·亚当斯的不朽名言予以修正:“不要恐慌。”which most of us have done today -- and also always having a towel. So, good words to go by.我相信大家都会照做的--然后赶紧去找一条毛巾。这些都是警世良言啊。The metal bikini -- unfortunately, this is where panic sets in -- like the modern bra,不幸的是--这个金属的比基尼,却让我们感到很恐慌,就像现代的胸罩一样,we have to make sure we remove, because this can cause severe arcing along with burns.我们一定要把它取下来,因为它会造成强烈的电弧还有灼伤现象。But unfortunately this opens up an issue thats almost as controversial as talking about the prequels.但是这又引来一个棘手的问题,几乎跟讨论星战前传一样棘手。The mere mention of the word ;nipples,; and people get into a little bit of a tizzy.只需提到“乳头”这一个词,大家就开始感到很紧张。By the way, that is not a nipple, thats a cupcake.顺带提一下,这不是乳头,这只是个纸杯蛋糕。Chances are, if you do have to use this, this is going to be on someone you know.比较现实的情况是,假如你要用AED,也应该是用在你认识的人身上。And remember, everyone has nipples, except for Jabba.一定记得,每个人都有乳头,除了贾巴。But he does love cupcakes. Speaking about Jabba, if we do have to use an AED on him,但是他却很喜欢纸杯蛋糕。提到贾巴,如果我们要对他用AED,remember pad placement is the same, even though he doesnt have nipples.放置电极板的位置是一样的,即使他的确没有乳头。So its going to be upper right-hand side, lower left.所以是胸口右上方、左下方。If we were going through, were shocking, getting y to go -- after weve done the shock,之后我们准备好了,我们可以开始电击了--在电击完了之后,one of the things we need to do is remember to do compression.我们记得要做的一件事是心脏按压。The preferred method is 30 compressions and two breaths in the center of the chest,最好的方式是按压30次,之后人工呼吸2次,位置在胸口中心,between the nipples, pressing down at least two inches, no more than two and a half,乳头之间,向下按压至少5厘米,不要超过6.5厘米左右,at a rate of at least 100 beats a minute, no more than 120.频率至少每分钟100次,不要超过120次。Unfortunately, due to the size of Jabbas mouth and also what he puts in said mouth,但又有个问题,鉴于贾巴的嘴尺寸太大,而且他在嘴里塞的各种东西,we may not want to actually do the mouth-to-mouth part.我们可能不太想做嘴对嘴呼吸那部分。So instead, we can do compression-only CPR.那么我们就可以做只有心脏按压的复苏。The way of remembering the compression-only part is we can actually use the Imperial March.大家要记得这种只用按压的步骤,因为我们可以直接用帝国进行曲。I would sing it for you -- Unfortunately, that would be more something an interrogation droid would do.我可以唱给你们听--但可惜的是,这种事情还是交给审讯机器人去做吧。Yoda. Small little guy, like a baby. What we do is basically treat him like a baby,聊聊尤达。这个小个子,跟小孩儿一样。我们某种程度把他当成一个小孩儿,in the sense that were going to place one pad in the center of the chest and one in the back.其实意味着我们把一个电极板放在他胸口中心,另一个放在背后。If we place them both in the front, they can be too close and cause severe arcing, so we want to avoid that.假如我们把它们都放在胸前,它们因为靠的太近,会引发强烈的电弧,所以我们要尽量避免。Hopefully, this helped to clarify and put some light on some of the darker issues希望我的讲解能够帮助大家理解、解决了一些比较禁忌的问题、of using an AED in the Star Wars universe, or any universe in total.以及在星战世界中如何使用AED,在其它世界也一样。Ill leave you with one point.我最后给大家一个忠告。Remember, if you do find yourself dealing with a Wookiee, do not shave the entire Wookiee.务必记得,如果你真的要给伍基人做心肺复苏,千万别把他全身的毛都剃了。This takes way too much time, and it only pisses them off. Thank you very much.这实在太耗时间,而且他们也会相当不爽的。非常感谢。201707/516899

Thousands of African migrants are stuck in Central America, and local aid workers are concerned it could become a humanitarian crisis. 成千上万的非洲移民被困在中美洲,当地救援人员担心这可能成为一场人道主义危机。The migrants are seeking asylum in the U.S. and travel first by boat or plane to Latin America. 移民们在美国寻求庇护,并乘船或飞机前往拉丁美洲。But its difficult to get asylum in Costa Rica, and Nicaragua closed its borders last year, making it hard for people to travel farther north. 但在哥斯达黎加很难得到政治庇护,去年尼加拉瓜关闭了边界,使人们很难再往北前行。The result is makeshift camps, like this one in the town of Penas Blancas, where people are living with scarce resources. 结果是临时搭建营地,像这个在佩尼亚斯的小镇,那里的人生活资源稀少。The migrants typically dont carry any identification, so its difficult to deport them. And it would cost the Costa Rican government a lot of money to detain or deport that many people. 移民通常不携带任何件,所以很难将他们驱逐出境。而且这将花费哥斯达黎加政府很多钱扣留或驱逐那么多人。译文属。201610/473040

TED演讲视频:纸风光舞之乘着纸 风和光舞蹈舞编Aakash Odedra患有诵读困难,他一直觉得动作是他表达的最佳方式。“私语”是他对该体验的歌颂。让我们看他旋转着穿越风暴中央的同时,书本里的纸张在他周围飞扬。201705/509300

栏目简介:Food-ordering websites do make life for many people easier. Yet the popularity of food being delivered has led to large amounts of plastic waste. It is estimated that every day food ordering websites like Meituan, Ele.me and Baidu Waimai use 400,000 square meters of plastic bags, as big as almost 59 football fields. Yuan Chenyue talks with consumers and experts to learn what they think of all the waste.201704/505540

Well enter by the river,take them by force if necessary.我们将通过河流进去 需要的话 用武力制Remember your training, follow orders.记住你们接受的训练 从命令If they start shooting well hit them back hard.如果他们开始射击 我们会猛烈还击There is no place for cowardice.我们没有任何畏怯的余地The Pinkertons were mercenaries.平克顿是一帮雇佣兵They were from out of town.他们从城外来They had no ties to Pittsburgh,no ties to these workers.同匹兹堡没有关系 同这些工人也无关They were paid a wage to wield their clubs.他们只是收人钱财 替人使用武力The moment Frick made the decision to bring in Pinkertons,the die was cast and the only way this strike was going to end was in tragedy.弗里克雇佣平克顿的那一刻起 死伤就已注定 罢工肯定会以悲剧收场FIRE!开火2,000 men barricade themselves inside the Homestead plant.两千人在霍姆斯泰德工厂里筑起路障Causing steel production to grind to a hault.让钢铁生产无法进行Carnegie Steels chairman, Henry Frick,is in no mood to negotiate.卡内基钢铁公司的主席亨利?弗里克没有任何妥协的意思Under pressure to quell the revolt,Frick brings in the Pintertons.为了平息反抗 弗里克招募了平克顿A mercenary army capable of outgunning the U.S. Military.一个武器多于美国军队的雇佣军And their presence threatens to be the spark that light the powder keg.他们的出现将点燃冲突的导火索Frick thought to himself when the workers see the Pinkertons,when they see that Im not going to back down they will back down.弗里克认为工人们看到平克顿后 看到他不会妥协后 他们自己就会妥协He thought a show of strength,a show of resolve, was all that was needed.他认为展示武力 展示决心 就足够解决问题了And that would be the end.只需要这样事情就能了结He badly miscalculated.他显然犯了重大错误201605/442270

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