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  • Three-quarters of a million tourists flock to the pristine, white beaches every year - but this booming industry has come at a price. When the influx of foreigners left the government struggling to cope with a relentless stream of rubbish, their answer was to turn one of this islands into a dumping ground.每年,全球有75万名游客来到纯净的马尔代夫海滩,但繁荣的旅游业也让当地付出了代价。大量外国游客持续遗留下的垃圾令当地政府疲于应对,不得不将一座岛屿变成垃圾场。Clouds ofpungent, toxic smoke rising from open fires, piles of filth made up of plastic bottles, crisp packets and consumer detritus... itsa far cry fromthe white sands, crystal-clear waters and gently swaying palm trees that we associate with the Maldives, the quintessential paradise island holiday destination set in the Indian Ocean.焚烧垃圾产生的气体刺鼻有毒,塑料瓶、包装纸、游客丢弃的杂物堆积成山,这与白色沙滩、清澈透明的海水以及摇曳的棕榈树等我们对马尔代夫的印象格格不入。这座经典的度假胜地“天堂岛”座落在印度洋。Of its 200 inhabited islands, which are sp across an area of 35,000 square miles, 99 are dedicated resorts.马尔代夫有人居住00座岛屿分布在3.5万平方英里的海洋上,其中99座已专门开发成度假胜地。Three-quarters of a million tourists visit every year–more than double the domestic population. Of these, over 100,000 travel from the UK.每年5万人来马尔代夫旅游,是当地人口的两倍多。这其中有超0万名游客来自英国。The capital, Malé, is four times more densely populated than London. Given these facts, its hardly surprising that the Maldives has a waste disposal problem.马尔代夫首都马累的人口密度是伦敦倍。因此马尔代夫的垃圾处理难题就不足为奇了。What you are seeing here is a view of the Maldives on which no honeymooners will ever clap eyes.你在这里看到的,是去马尔代夫度蜜月的情侣们绝不会看到的情景。Four miles west of Malé is the countrys dumping ground, Thilafushi–or Rubbish Island as it has simply become known.斯拉夫士岛在马累西部四英里,这里是马尔代夫的垃圾倾倒场,简单说也就是人们所说的“垃圾岛”。The country dumps upwards of 330 tons of rubbish on the island every day, a figure attributed largely to the tourist industry on which the chain of atolls relies. Each visitor generates 3.5kg of waste per day.马尔代夫每天在该岛上倾倒超30吨垃圾,垃圾成山大部分原因是岛国马尔代夫依赖旅游产业。每位游客每天产.5公斤垃圾。Now, the government of the Maldives has belatedly banned the dumping of waste on the island, due largely to an increase in the number of waste boats fly-tipping directly into the sea, fed up with waiting seven hours or more to offload their cargo. The freighters are now ferrying debris to India instead.如今,马尔代夫政府已经禁止再向该岛倾倒垃圾,这主要是因为越来越多的垃圾船不愿等待7个小时甚至更久的时间卸货,而直接向海里“违法倾倒”。现在,垃圾船改为将垃圾运往印度。来 /201206/188193。
  • Drink in Economy Class经济舱中的饮料Hello,miss. Can you bring me something to drink?你好,能给我拿点喝的吗?Sure.sir. But there is a charge alcoholic beverages in economy class. Would you please refer to this price list? And then give me your order.好的,先生,经济舱里的酒精性饮料是需要付费的您先看一下这张价格单好吗?需要什么的话就叫我Thank you reminding me. Well.please give me a glass of brandy and I will pay it.谢谢你的提醒给我一杯白兰地吧,我等一下付钱OK I will bring it to you in a moment.好的,我马上就给您拿来。
  • ed Nations human rights investigators say the situation in Syria is ;deteriorating rapidly,; and that both government troops and rebels opposed to President Bashar al-Assad have committed war crimes.联合国人权委员会调查人员说,叙利亚局势“急剧恶化”,政府军和反对阿萨德总统的武装都犯下了战争罪行。In their latest report to the U.N. Human Rights Council, the investigators said fighting in Syria has escalated since July, with the conflict becoming more sectarian, radicalized and militarized.调查人员在交给联合国人权委员会的最新报告中说,叙利亚的战斗七月份以来已经升级,冲突显示出更强烈的宗教化、极端化和军事化的色。They said abuses by rebels were not on the same scale as those by government troops, but that both sides were found to have used child fighters.调查人员说,反政府力量犯下的暴行和政府军的罪行不可同日而语,不过,双方都使用了儿童兵。The report also calls on the international community to curb the supply of weapons gong into Syria with consideration for how the arms might affect the wider region.报告呼吁国际社会限制流入叙利亚的武器,要考虑到这些武器对整个区域产生什么样的影响。It recommends a political solution to the two-year crisis, saying there is ;no alternative.;报告还说,持续了两年的叙利亚危机应该实现政治解决,除此之外别无他法。In Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday the situation in Syria is ;not getting any better.;在莫斯科俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫星期一说,叙利亚局势“毫无改善”。He met with Syrian opposition leaders who are not a part of the main opposition Syrian National Coalition, and stressed his countrys position that any solution to the Syrian crisis must come from within Syria.拉夫罗夫星期一会见了不属于叙利亚全国联盟的反对派领导人,向他们强调了俄罗斯的立场。他说,叙利亚危机的任何解决方案都必须由叙利亚人决定。来 /201303/229132。
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