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Rodrigo Duterte blasted the US but played down his shift towards China as the outspoken Philippine president sent mixed messages on a visit to Japan.罗德里戈.杜特尔特(Rodrigo Duterte)猛烈抨击美国,但同时也淡化了他向中国的靠拢。这位直言不讳的菲律宾总统在访问日本时发出混合的信息。Addressing an audience of Japanese executives among the biggest investors in the Philippines Mr Duterte repeated his threat to break off defence agreements with the US and expel foreign troops from the archipelago.在对一群日本高管——包括菲律宾一些最大的外商投资者——发表讲话时,杜特尔特重复了他的威胁,即撕毁与美国之间的防务协议,把外国军队赶出菲律宾群岛。But he said his visit to China last week, where he announced the Philippinesseparation from the US, signalled an independent foreign policy rather than a new alliance with Beijing.但他表示,他上周访问中国——其间他宣布菲律宾与美国分离——标志着独立外交政策,而不是与北京结成新联盟。Mr Duterte’s remarks add to the confusion about his intentions towards the US and will do little to reassure Tokyo, which is alarmed at the sight of Manila, its vital strategic partner, feuding with its indispensable ally.杜特尔特的言论增加了外界对于他对美国意图的困惑,而且无助于让东京方面放心;东京方面震惊地看到日本的关键战略伙伴与日本不可或缺的盟友之间出现不和。I went to China for a visit and I would like to assure you that all there was, was economics, he told the Japan External Trade Organisation. 我去中国作了一次访问,我想向你保,一切都只是经济,他告诉日本贸易振兴机构(Japan External Trade Organization),我们没有谈论武器,我们没有谈论军队驻扎。We did not talk about arms, we did not talk about stationing of troops, we avoided talking about alliances, military or otherwise.我们避免谈论联盟、军事等等。China and the Philippines signed 13 agreements last week amounting to a notional .5bn in trade and investment. 中国和菲律宾上周签署3项协议,名义上相当于135亿美元的贸易和投资。In a dramatic month of diplomacy, Mr Duterte has reshaped Manila’s stance towards Beijing, all but setting aside an international court’s ruling in favour of the Philippines over disputed waters in the South China Sea.在一个月的戏剧性外交活动中,杜特尔特重塑了马尼拉对北京的立场,基本上搁置了国际仲裁法院围绕南中国海争议水域作出的对菲律宾有利的裁决。He repeated his harsh words towards the US, saying the Philippines was not a dog on a leash and pledging to get foreign troops out of the country within two years. 他重复了针对美国的尖锐措辞,称菲律宾不是一条用绳子拴着的,并承诺在两年内让外国军队撤出该囀?However, Mr Duterte has yet to take any concrete action after similar remarks in the past.然而,杜特尔特在以往发表类似言论后至今没有采取任何具体行动。In contrast to his attitude to the Philippinesformer colonial master, Mr Duterte has had warm words for Japan, despite the wartime history between the countries. 与他对菲律宾曾经的殖民宗主国的态度不同,杜特尔特对日本热情洋溢,尽管两国之间有战争历史。He has repeatedly thanked Japan for its record of development aid and called the country a longstanding friend. 他一再感谢日本一直以来的发展援助,并称日本是一个老朋友。He urged Japanese companies to invest more in the Philippines.他敦促日本公司在菲律宾加大投资。Speaking to a group of Japanese parliamentarians, Mr Duterte seemed to go further and say Manila and Tokyo had common security interests in regard to Beijing. 杜特尔特在向一群日本议员发表讲话时似乎更进一步,表示马尼拉和东京针对北京有着共同的安全利益。When China grows bigger, it could clash with the ed States, he was ed by local media as saying. 当中国强大起来之后,它可能与美国发生冲突,日本媒体援引他的话称,We are in the same position with regard to China so we should join hands.我们在对华问题上有着共同的立场,应该携起手来。At an evening summit meeting, Mr Duterte and Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe discussed the significance of their US alliances to Asian security, the South China Sea and Mr Duterte’s violent anti-narcotics campaign in the Philippines.杜特尔特昨晚会晤日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe),讨论盟国美国对亚洲安全的重要性、南中国海及杜特尔特严厉扫毒等议题。The leaders also acknowledged the court ruling on the South China Sea, a priority for Japan. 杜特尔特与安倍还表示承认 仲裁法庭对南中国海的裁决,这对日本是一优先考虑之事。The Philippines will uphold the value of democracy, adherence to the rule of law and the peaceful settlement of disputes including in the South China Sea, said Mr Duterte, following the summit.二人会晤后,杜特尔特说:菲律宾将坚持民主价值,坚持法治及和平解决包括南中国海在内的争端。However, Yuko Kasuya, an expert on Philippine politics at Keio University in Tokyo, said Japan would struggle to keep Mr Duterte out of Beijing’s orbit or to act as a bridge between Manila and Washington. 然而,东京庆应义塾大学(Keio University)的菲律宾政治专家粕谷祐子(Yuko Kasuya)表示,日本将难以使杜特尔特不被拉入北京的轨道,也难以充当马尼拉和华盛顿之间的桥梁。The overall presence and the future prospect of Chinese business and markets for the entire country is far greater than that of Japan. 对于整个国家,中国企业和市场的总体存在和未来前景远远超过日本。Militarily, Japan’s support is negligible, said Ms Kasuya. 在军事上,日本的持微不足道,粕谷祐子表示,Probably what Japan can do is to expect the unexpected.日本可以做的很可能就是期待会发生意想不到的事情。来 /201610/474612。

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden says the White House is determined to listen to ;every scrap of evidence; Turkey provides before deciding if it will extradite Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen.美国副总统拜登说,白宫决心在决定是否引渡穆斯林教士居伦之前,倾听土耳其提供的“每一丁点据”。Gulen lives in the eastern state of Pennsylvania, and Turkey is demanding his immediate extradition, accusing him of organizing last months failed military coup -- a charge he denies.居伦现居美国东部的宾夕法尼亚州。土耳其要求美国立即将其引渡回国,指责他组织了上个月的未遂政变,对此居伦予以否认。Biden met in Ankara Wednesday with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He tried to head off Erdogans impatience by explaining that American courts require firm evidence before a suspect is surrendered to another country.拜登星期三在安卡拉会晤了土耳其总统埃尔多安。他设法避开埃尔多安急不可待的要求,解释说美国法庭要求在将一名嫌疑人送交另外一个国家之前必须有确凿的据;You cant go into the court and say, This is a bad guy... you have to say this is a guy or woman who committed the following explicit crime,; Biden said.拜登说:“你不能到法庭上说:这是一个‘坏家伙’,你必须说:‘这个男人或女人从事了如下明确的犯罪活动’。”He said prosecutors need to show a judge probable cause, and that sometimes courts move slowly. Biden noted that President Barack Obama could be impeached if he orders a foreign national extradited without a proper hearing.拜登说,检察官需要向法官表明这么做有合理的理由,有时法庭进展非常缓慢。拜登指出,奥巴马总统如果未经恰当听审,就擅自下令引渡一名外国公民,有可能会受到弹劾。Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has said any delay in sending Gulen back to Turkey could harm U.S.-Turkish relations.土耳其总理耶伊尔德勒姆说,任何拖延送交居伦的行为,都有可能损害美土关系。Biden said he understands Turkeys anger, and said the U.S. has no interest in protecting anyone who has done anything to hurt one of its allies.拜登说,他理解土耳其的愤怒,但表示美国无意保护任何一个从事过伤害其盟国的人。Turkey has arrested or fired 80,000 government workers, judges and academics it believes are Gulen supporters or were involved in the coup attempt launched by a group of renegade military officers.土耳其逮捕或解雇了8万名政府雇员、法官和学者。它认为,这些人或是居伦的持者,或参与了由一些反叛军官发动的未遂政变。来 /201608/463056。

The ed Nations Security Council is set to vote Wednesday on new sanctions against North Korea aimed at cutting off funding for its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.联合国安理会预计星期三投票表决对朝鲜实施新的制裁,目的是切断朝鲜核武器和弹道导弹项目的资金。The session is expected to include remarks from U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who rarely attends council votes.很少参加安理会投票的联合国秘书长潘基文可能在会议上讲话。Previous Security Council resolutions have demanded North Korea abandon its nuclear weapons program and not conduct any nuclear tests or launches of ballistic missiles. But North Korea has repeatedly defied the world body during the past decade, including with its latest nuclear test in September.以前的安理会决议要求朝鲜放弃核武器项目,不再进行核实验或发射弹道导弹。但是朝鲜过去十年里一再无视联合国决议,包括九月份刚进行的一次核试验。The new sanctions would include capping North Koreas coal exports, which a U.S. official said would amount to cutting the countrys single largest source of external revenue by 60 percent, or as much as 0 million per year.新的制裁将包括限制朝鲜煤炭出口。一位美国官员说,这项制裁将把朝鲜最大的外汇收入来源减少60%,相当于每年7亿美元。There would also be a ban on exports of certain metals such as copper, nickel, silver and zinc that bring North Korea more than 0 million a year.制裁还包括铜、镍、银和锌等金属出口,这些金属出口每年给朝鲜赚亿多美元。Some 11 North Korean officials and 10 entities involved in the nuclear and ballistic missile programs would be added to the list of those designated for travel bans and asset freezes.1名朝鲜官员和10个机构由于参与核武器和弹道导弹项目也将被补充列入禁止旅行和财产冻结的名单上。The measure also targets imported luxury goods favored by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and other officials, banning carpets and tapestries worth more than 0 and fine china and porcelain tableware valued at more than 0.制裁的目标还包括朝鲜领导人金正恩和其他官员热衷的奢侈品进口,禁止价格500美元以上的地毯和装饰布料,价00美元以上的瓷器餐具。The U.S. and South Korea joined with China, Russia, Japan and North Korea in six-party talks aimed at curbing the North Korean nuclear weapons program in exchange for aid, but those negotiations broke down in .美国、韩囀?中囀?俄罗斯、日本与朝鲜举行的六方会谈目的是要朝鲜停止核武器项目来换取援助,但是六方会谈009年破裂。来 /201612/481145。

Some local governments are so overstretched that they are struggling to meet their day-to-day operating costs, China’s finance ministry said on Sunday, as it warned on escalating debt risks in the economy.中国财政部上周日表示,一些地方政府财政过于困难,难以满足日常运转开,并警告中国经济债务风险上升。Local governmentsfiscal woes come as they face the prospect of either continuing to support highly indebted state-owned enterprises, especially in steel and coal, or allowing them to close and taking on the burden of additional pensions, unemployment benefits and unpaid debt.在地方政府出现财政困境之际,它们面临的前景是要么继续持高度负债的国有企业,尤其是在钢铁和煤炭行业,要么让它们破产并承担更多养老金、失业补助和未偿还债务的负担。“Imbalances in government revenue and expenditures are becoming more pronouncedin resource-dependent regions, the finance ministry warned in its budget report, issued on Sunday at the annual meeting of the country’s rubber-stamp legislature.中国财政部上周日在全国人民代表大会的年度会议上发布预算报告。报告警告称,在资源能源型地区,政府收矛盾加剧。These provinces, many in the north-east, have suffered a population outflow and strained local government budgets thanks to slow deterioration of state-owned heavy industries such as coal, steel and oil.这些省份很多位于东北地区,它们面临人口流失,同时由于煤炭、钢铁和石油等国有重工业形势缓慢恶化,地方政府预算吃紧。The higher borrowing has increased “the hidden-debt risks of local governments the finance ministry added. “Some township-level governments are having financial difficulty in keeping themselves operating.”财政部补充称,举债增加加大了地方政府的隐性债务风险,一些城镇政府在保持自身运转方面出现财政困难。It set a ceiling for local government debt of Rmb11.55tn, up from Rmb10.7tn last year.预算报告为地方政府设定的债务上限1.55万亿元人民币,去年为10.7万亿元人民币。A four-year downturn in coal and oil prices hit hard in the north-east rust belt and in northern China’s mining heartland, with last year’s annual meeting of the legislature punctuated by mass protests at some of the country’s largest state-owned mines.煤炭和石油价格连年的下跌重创中国东北工业锈带以及中国北方矿业中心,在去年两会期间,中国一些最大国有矿区曾爆发大规模抗议活动。Sharp rises in steel and coal prices later in 2016 have signalled a recovery in the commodities cycle. But China’s excess steel capacity is still contributing to trade frictions while ageing coal mines and oilfields are kept on life support to preserve jobs.2016年晚些时候钢铁和煤炭价格的大幅上涨显示大宗商品周期回暖。但中国钢铁行业的过剩产能仍造成贸易擦,同时日益老化的煤矿和油田为了保持就业依靠财政救济维持生存。“The biggest issue for us now is the employment issue with relocation from the energy sector,said Wang Wenya, deputy chief justice in Shanxi province, China’s largest coal producer. She said Shanxi would need other provinces to kick in to meet the estimated Rmb3.4bn needed to retrain or relocate about 22,000 people affected by coal industry closures.山西省高级人民法院副院长王文娅表示,“我们现在最大的问题是能源业职工再安置带来的就业问题。”她说,山西省将需要其他省份大力持,解决受煤矿关闭影响的2.2万人再培训或重新安置所需的大4亿元人民币资金的问题。山西省是中国最大的产煤省份。For this year, China has set a target of reducing steel capacity by 50m tonnes and shuttering 150m tonnes of coal mining capacity. Previous capacity closures have primarily involved non-operational mills. Top-down restrictions on coal mine operations did spur a supply squeeze last summer, fuelling the rapid rise in coal prices that has complicated efforts to keep ageing mines shut.就今年来说,中国制定了压减钢铁产000万吨、退出煤炭产.5亿吨的目标。早先关闭的产能主要是已停产煤矿。自上而下的煤矿限产措施在去年夏季的确导致供应紧张,使得煤价迅速上涨,这让关闭老化矿山的努力更加复杂。Li Keqiang, premier, said China would “suspend or postpone construction on or eliminate50m kilowatts of coal-fired power generation this year, indirectly acknowledging the difficulties of tracking capacity shutdown targets.中国总理李克强表示,今年中国要“淘汰、停建、缓建”煤电产000万千瓦,间接承认了完成产能关闭目标的难度。Late last week, Greenpeace said the pace of approvals for new coal-fired power plants slowed sharply to 1 gigawatt per month in 2016, from 3 gigawatts per week in 2015. In 2016, which saw the slowest pace of approvals in at least 20 years, 22GW of new capacity was authorised for construction in 2016, down from 142GW in 2015.上周晚些时候,绿色和平(Greenpeace)表示016年,新的火电厂获批速度015年的每周3吉瓦急剧放缓至每吉瓦016年全年仅2吉瓦的新煤电产能获批建设,是至少20年来最低的批准速度,远低于2015年的142吉瓦。来 /201703/496558。

This year investors have grappled with aplethora of global mysteries: Brexit, war in the Middle East, negative interestrates, energy prices, the Chinese debt bubble, Russian President Vladimir Putin’spolicy-making and drama in Brazil.今年,投资者已经在全力应对全球的诸多不确定性:英国退欧、中东战争、负利率、能源价格、中国债务泡沫、俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)的决策以及巴西的戏剧性事件。Now, however, we face another biguncertainty: what an election battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clintonmight do to American asset markets.然而,现在我们又面临一个巨大的不确定性:唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)与希拉里#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)的选战会对美国资产市场带来何种影响。Although Mrs Clinton, the presumed Democratnominee, appears to have a fairly big lead over Mr Trump in the polls, theoutcome of November’s presidential vote looks uncertain. We have all learnt in the pastyear how wrong pollsters can be.尽管有望获得民主党候选人提名的希拉里似乎在民调中远远领先于特朗普,但今年11月总统大选的结果看起来仍是不确定的。我们在过去一年里都明白了,民调机构可能错得多么离谱。What is even more unnerving for investorsis that, as populism gathers momentum, it is eroding many of the normalboundaries of “rightand “left “pro-businessand “anti-businessDiscerning clear policy patterns amid the wild rhetoric is not easy for eitherDemocrats or Republicans.甚至更让投资者担心的是,随着民粹主义兴起,“右翼”和“左翼”、“持商业”和“反对商业”之间的许多正常界限变得模糊起来。无论是民主党还是共和党,在他们的一片嘈杂言论当中找出清晰的政策模式并非易事。So what is an investor to do if they wantto Trump-proof their portfolio —or even benefit from an ugly Clinton-versus-Trump fight? In thecoming weeks, sellside banks and financial advisers will produce acres ofideas. Here are five of my own.那么,如果投资者想让他们的投资组合抵御特朗普带来的冲击——乃至从希拉里对决特朗普的残酷选战中获利,他们该怎么做?在今后几周,卖方和金融顾问将会提出诸多观点,下面是我自己个观点。First of all, do not buy banks; or not ifyou hope government will boost their share price. Until recently, Mrs Clintonwas perceived as being soft on Wall Street; indeed, some financiers hoped thatbank-bashing would end in 2016.首先,不要买股;或者说,假如你指望政府会推升股股价,不要买。直至最近,人们都认为希拉里对华尔街持温和立场,实际上,一些金融家期待,遭受抨击的局面将016年结束。But Bernie Sanders, her Democratic rival,has performed so well that Mrs Clinton will face pressure to steal his“socialistlanguage to appease his supporters, and may well pick an anti-WallStreet figure as her running mate, such as Sherrod Brown, an Ohio senator.但希拉里的民主党竞争对手伯尼#8226;桑德Bernie Sanders)表现得太好了,以至于希拉里将会面临窃取其“社会主义”言论来取悦其持者的压力,而且很可能选择一位反对华尔街的人物作竞选搭档,比如俄亥俄州参议员谢罗德#8226;布朗(Sherrod Brown)。Mr Trump may not be so different. ManyRepublicans would love to repeal the post-crisis financial reforms, and he hascriticised the Dodd-Frank Act. But he also seems instinctively hostile to WallStreet. As a self-appointed hero of angry main street voters, he is unlikely toembrace banks.特朗普可能没有那么大的转变。许多共和党人将会乐于废除危机后出台的金融改革措施,而他已经抨击了《多弗兰克法案Dodd-Frank Act)。但他也似乎发自本能地对华尔街怀有敌意。作为一名自诩代表愤怒的大众选民的候选人,他不太可能持。Second, do not expect a rally in Treasurybonds; at least, not one driven by debt cuts. A couple of years ago, it waspresumed that by this point in the economic cycle policymakers would bediscussing how to cut America’s vast debt burden. But Mrs Clinton is no fiscalhawk. On the contrary, she seems to lean towards fiscal stimulus, and may tryto appease supporters of Mr Sanders this way.第二,不要预计国债价格反弹;至少不要期待债务削减推动国债反弹。两年前,人们认为,到经济周期的这个时点,政策制定者将会讨论如何削减美国庞大的债务负担。但希拉里不是财政政策方面的鹰派人物,相反,她似乎倾向于财政刺激政策,并且可能试图通过这种方式取悦桑德斯的持者。And, while the Tea Party wing of theRepublican party is eager to slash debt, Mr Trump has built a career onexploiting leverage. He has vaguely promised to get rid of America’s tn debtin eight years; but he also wants to create jobs, boost growth and protectentitlements. Little wonder that traditional fiscally hawkish Republicansdislike him.而且,尽管共和党内的茶党派系渴望削减债务,但特朗普的职业生涯就是建立在利用杠杆的基础之上。他含糊地承诺在8年内消除美国15万亿美元的债务;但他也希望创造就业机会、促进增长和保护福利。难怪传统的共和党财政鹰派人士不喜欢他。Third, embrace infrastructure stocks —whoever wins. Mr Trump built his brand with construction, and were he to win inNovember he would be likely to unleash a national infrastructure campaign tocreate jobs and growth. He likes the idea of being a second Franklin Roosevelt,the man who built America’s highway system.第三,买入基础设施股票——无论谁赢得大选。特朗普通过建筑业创建了自己的品牌,如果他在今年11月赢得大选,他很可能发起全国性的基础设施建设活动来创造就业和促进增长。特朗普喜欢成为第二个富兰克#8226;罗斯Franklin Roosevelt)的想法——罗斯福打造了美国的公路体系。But Mrs Clinton may do this too. After all,as Lawrence Summers, the former US Treasury secretary, recently pointed out,the beauty of infrastructure spending is that it could create middle-class jobsand growth at a time when monetary policy has reached its limits —at least,if you do not mind raising debt.但希拉里也可能推动基础设施建设。毕竟,正如美国前财长劳伦斯#8226;萨默Lawrence Summers)最近指出的那样,基础设施出的魅力在于,它可以在货币政策达到极限的时候创造中产阶级就业和经济增长——最起码如果你不介意债务上升的话。Fourth, expect currency volatility. Themost eye-grabbing element of Mr Trump’s campaign so far has been his threatsabout trade protectionism. But Mrs Clinton has turned more protectionist, too,toning down her support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. No one knows if hernewfound caution will actually change trade flows or supply chains. Butsabre-rattling on the global stage could certainly quickly unleash somecurrency swings.第四,预计汇率会出现波动。特朗普的竞选活动迄今最吸引眼球的地方是他威胁要实施贸易保护主义。但希拉里也越来越带有保护主义色,在言语上减少了对《跨太平洋伙伴关系》(Trans-Pacific Partnership,简称TPP)的持。没有人知道,她的新的谨慎立场是否会真的改变贸易流动或者供应链。但全球舞台上的威胁恫吓肯定会很快引发一些汇率波动。来 /201605/442984。

The US is set for a devastating confrontation with China and should be prepared for WAR if it attempts to block Beijing in the South China Sea, warns state media国家媒体警告美国要想阻止北京进入南海,就要做好战争的准备The US is set for a devastating confrontation with China and should be prepared for war if it attempts to block Beijing in the South China Sea, state media has warned.国家媒体警告,美国准备在南海上与中国进行毁灭性的对抗,如果想阻止北京进入南海就要做好战争的准备。Prospective US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was told to watch his mouth by the Chinese government mouthpiece after the former ExxonMobil CEO told US senators that he would seek to deny Beijing access to the artificial islands they have been building in the South China Sea.作为国务卿候选人的前埃克森美孚公司CEO的蒂尔纳森对美国参议员们说他会设法禁止北京进入其在南海上建造的人工岛屿。中国政府喉舌警告他要注意自己的言行。Furthermore those islands were awarded to China at the end of WW2. They can do what they want with them. ;Not only did we support Chinas claim to the South China Sea at the end of WWII... we actually helped the Republic of China reclaim that territory from Japan per Japans WWII surrender agreement. Not only with the US Navy transporting equipment and people to the SCS islands and providing defense support including US Radar installations under a Chinese flag there - but as a participant in the Sino-Japan Peace treaty (also called the Treaty of Taipei) which specifically defines these islands as Chinese to be transferred to China at the end of WWII.; (e from an online article).此外,二战后这些岛屿交给了中囀?所以他们想在岛上干啥那是他们的自由。“战后我们不仅持中国在南海的主权声明,我们实际上还根据日本二战的投降条约帮助中华民国从日本手中拿回这片领土。不仅美国海军帮忙将设备和人员运输到南海上,提供防卫持包括在一面中国国旗下安装了美国的雷达设施,而且是中日和平条约(也称为台北条约)的参与者,该条约规定这些岛屿属于中国,二战后转交给中国。(援引自一篇网络文章)。来 /201701/488630。