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Thanks, Bee amp; After I never intended to tell you anything about this,but since I became an adult I discovered that the meaning of Thanksgiving sure isn't what it used to be. When I was younger,I remember receiving the inevitable homework assignment to write an essay on “Something I Am Thankful .” Then,I'd spend a lot of time sitting in my room trying to figure out just what in the world that could possibly be,and I'd end up writing down everything I could think of from God to environmental consciousness. But after having children,my priorities have clearly changed. Bee children:I was thankful to have been born in the ed States of America--the most powerful,free,democracy in the world. After children:I am thankful Velcro1) tennis shoes.As well as saving valuable time,now I can hear the sound of my son taking off his shoes which gives me three extra seconds to activate the safety locks on the backseat windows right bee he hurls) them out of the car and onto the freeway.Bee children:I was thankful fresh,organic vegetables.After children:I am thankful microwavable macaroni3) and cheese--without which my children would be surviving on about three bites of cereal and their own spit.Bee children:I was thankful the opporty to obtain a college education and have a higher quality of life than my ancestors.After children:I am thankful to finish a complete thought without being interrupted.Bee children:I was thankful holistic) medicine and natural herbs.After children:I am thankful any pediatric5) cough syrup6) guaranteed to “cause drowsiness7)” in young children.Bee children:I was thankful the opporty to vacation in exotic eign countries so I could experience a different way of life in a new culture.After children:I am thankful to have time to make it all the way down the driveway to get the mail.Bee children:I was thankful a warm,cozy home to share with my loved ones.After children:I am thankful the lock on the bathroom door.Bee children:I was thankful material objects like custom8) furniture,a nice car,and trendy clothes.After children:I am thankful when the baby spits up and messes my good shoes.Bee children:I was thankful my wonderful family.After children:I am thankful my wonderful family. 933

Lesson 7Andrew CarnegieAndrew Carnegie, known as the King of Steel, built the steel industry in the ed States, and , in the process, became one of the wealthiest men in America. His success resulted in part from his ability to sell the product and in part from his policy of expanding during periods of economic decline, when most of his competitors were reducing their investments. Carnegie believed that individuals should progress through hard work, but he also felt strongly that the wealthy should use their tunes the benefit of society. He opposed charity, preferring instead to provide educational opporties that would allow others to help themselves. "He who dies rich, dies disgraced," he often said. Among his more noteworthy contributions to society are those that bear his name, including the Carnegie Institute of Pittsburgh, which has a library, a museum of fine arts, and a museum of national history. He also founded a school of technology that is now part of Carnegie-Mellon University. Other philanthrophic gifts are the Carnegie Endowment International Peace to promote understanding between nations, the Carnegie Institute of Washington to fund scientific research, and Carnegie Hall to provide a center the arts. Few Americans have been left untouched by Andrew Carnegie's generosity. His contributions of more than five million dollars established ,500 libraries in small commies throughout the country and med the nucleus of the public library system that we all enjoy today. 1

提高"英语口语"三大要诀 -- 3:: 来源: 学英语有多难?想要提高口语水平又有多难?掌握好下面三个要诀,口语学习可以变得很简单!  要诀一:朗诵英文诗  英语是否流利取决于对节奏的把握情况,而朗诵英文诗是练习英语节奏的最佳途径之一英文诗的节奏感鲜明而强烈,大声朗诵一些优美的诗歌,你会受益匪浅  例:I wandered lonely as a cloud that floats on high o’er vales and hills...我像一朵孤独的流云,高高地飘游在山谷之上...(出自英国诗人华兹华斯的《咏水仙)  要诀二:学唱英文歌  唱英文歌既可以帮你练习发音(pronunciation),掌握语调(intonation)和节奏(rhythm),又可以让你在愉悦的心情下背会很多单词和句型,真是一举两得!  要诀三:背诵名人演说词  好的演说词在遣词造句上不仅得体优美,而且特别注重沟通力和说力,是锻炼口语表达的很好的素材  例:Ask not what your country can do you; ask what you can do your country.不要问国家能为你们做些什么,而要问你们能为国家做些什么(美国前总统肯尼迪)

To Benjamin Bailey, November 18 My dear Bailey, I will get over the first part of this (unsaid) Letter as soon as possible it relates to the affair of poor Crips - To a Man of your nature such a Letter as Haydon's must have been extremely cutting - What occasions the greater part of the World's Quarrels? Simply this, two Minds meet and do not understand each other time enough to prevent any shock or surprise at the conduct of either party - As soon as I had known Haydon three days I had got enough of his character not to have been surprised at such a Letter as he has hurt you with. Don't, because you have suddenly discover'd a Coldness in Haydon suffer yourself to be teased. Do not my dear fellow. O I wish I was as certain of the end of all your troubles as that of your momentary start about the authenticity of the Imagination. I am certain of nothing but of the holiness of the Heart's affections and the truth of Imagination - What the imagination seizes as Beauty must be truth - whether it existed bee or not - I have the same idea of all our passions as of love they are all, in their sublime, creative of essential beauty. In a word, you may know my favorite speculation by my first book, and the little song 88

Calculus: 结石 -01-6 3:8:57 来源: 如果说,calculus(微积分)还有一层含义,即表示日常最令人痛之欲绝的“结石”,您会不会很很惊异?calculus(微积分)和calculus(结石)之间从词源上讲有无联系呢?今天的“词海拾贝”可以帮您解答以上的疑问要理解calculus(结石),得从数学的“童年”说起原始社会,人类在狩猎活动中要与野果、木棒、石头等打交道久而久之,便有了数量的意识这种对数的认识往往与实物联系在一起对古人而言,算术就是摆弄小石子,用小石子代表数也是很自然的事这些小石子用calculi(calculus的复数形式)来表示,源于拉丁词根“calx”(一种石灰石)正是在数calculi(小石子)的基础上,人类才有了以后严密的“数学计算”,名词calculation(计算)正是源于此到世纪,人们开始用calculus来特指更为高等、更为抽象的数学演算法,即“微积分”了解了“微积分”和“小石子”之间的这层关系,再来理解形似小石子的“结石”可用calculus来表示应该没有什么难度了吧?值得一提的是,因为calculus现在指高精密的数学演算法,所以可以延伸为“周密的分析或思考”,如:The success of expedition was the result of much calculus.(这次探险的成功是周密分析思考的结果)(中国日报网站编译) calculus 石子 数学 结石

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