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2018年11月18日 01:18:24 | 作者:飞度快对话网 | 来源:新华社
DETROIT — Last April, Ford Motor announced with fanfare that it would reintroduce its storied Lincoln Continental luxury sedan, with an eye on sales in the expanding Chinese market.底特律——去年4月,福特汽车公司(Ford Motor)高调宣布,将重新推出林肯大陆(Lincoln Continental)豪华轿车,瞄准不断扩张的中国市场。But now, as Ford prepares to put the Continental on the market, it faces a far different economic landscape.但现在,就在福特准备将大陆轿车投放市场之际,它面对的是一个完全不同的经济格局。While the car is expected to bolster Ford’s efforts to reinvigorate the Lincoln brand in the ed States, its prospects in China are clouded by an upheaval in the stock market there and a general slowdown in auto sales.虽然这款轿车将推动福特在美国重振林肯品牌,但它在中国的销售前景因为该国股市的动荡及汽车销售的总体放缓而变得暗淡。At the unveiling of the production version of the Continental on Tuesday at the North American International Auto Show, Ford executives said they were undaunted by the economic troubles in China and were pressing ahead with their plans.周二,在北美国际车展(North American International Auto Show)公布林肯大陆的量产车型时,福特高管们表示,他们,他们不畏惧中国的经济问题,依然在推进相关计划。“We are in China for the long term,” said Kumar Galhotra, the Ford executive in charge of the Lincoln division. “It’s a very vibrant economy that’s going to have short-term ups and downs.”“我们是要长期在中国发展的,”负责林肯品牌的高管库马尔·格赫特拉(Kumar Galhotra)说。“这是一个充满活力的经济体,会出现短期起伏。”He said Lincoln sales in China had grown steadily since the brand entered the market in November 2014. Last year, sales topped 11,000 vehicles, but Lincoln had limited recognition among most Chinese consumers.他表示,自林肯品牌于2014年11年进入中国市场以来,其销售量稳步增长。去年的销售量超过了1.1万辆,但林肯品牌在大多数中国消费者中的认知度有限。And despite the fluctuations in the Chinese stock market over the last six months and the ripple effect on wealthy car buyers, Mr. Galhotra said he had not seen any effect on the pace of sales.尽管中国股市在过去六个月出现波动,在富有的购车者中激起了连锁反应,格赫特拉表示,他没有看到这对销售步伐造成什么影响。“We are ahead both in our volume targets and our dealership targets,” he said.他说,“在自己的销售目标和经销商目标上,我们已经超出预期。”In the ed States, where it will also go on sale this year, the sedan has a long history, having epitomized elegance in the 1960s before it faded into obscurity and went out of production in 2002.在美国,大陆轿车有着悠久的历史,在20世纪60年代曾是优雅典范,后来渐渐变得默默无闻,最终在2002年停产。福特今年将在美国继续出售这款轿车。Ford sold 101,000 Lincolns in the ed States last year, an increase of 7 percent from 2014.去年,福特林肯汽车在美国的销售量达到10.1万辆,同比增长7%。The model will be a notable addition to the brand’s American lineup, but it is meant to be a linchpin in Ford’s broader ambitions for the Lincoln in China.这款汽车将会大大加强该品牌在美国的产品阵容,而它也注定成为福特实现在中国扩大林肯市场的雄心的关键。So far, the company has 33 Lincoln dealers in China, with a goal of 60 by the end of the year. With the addition of the Continental, Lincoln will have five models available in China, which Ford’s chief executive, Mark Fields, called “meaningful progress” for a fledgling brand.到目前为止,该公司在中国有33家林肯经销商,福特计划在今年年底前扩展至60家。加上大陆轿车,福特在中国销售的林肯汽车将达到五款。福特首席执行官马克·菲尔茨(Mark Fields)称这对于一个新品牌来说是“颇有意义的进展”。Because Ford dropped Continental from the Lincoln portfolio more than a decade ago, the company’s designers had unusual freedom to update the vehicle’s styling and image.由于福特在10多年前将大陆轿车从林肯系列中去除,该公司的设计师拥有非同寻常的自由,可以修改这款轿车的款式和外观。To that end, Ford chose to create a car designed as a quiet sanctuary from the outside world. Its designers went to great lengths to include creature comforts that distinguish the Continental from others in the crowded luxury sedan market, like seats that have individual leg adjustments and can provide a massage with the touch of a button.为了实现目标,福特选择打造一款能够隔离外部世界以享受安宁的轿车。其设计师不遗余力地突显物质享受,使其有别于丰富多样的豪车市场中的其他轿车,比如大陆轿车的座位设有腿部调节器,按下按钮就可以享受。Mr. Fields said the car would find its own niche among more established models sold by BMW and Volkswagen’s Audi brand. “We are not trying to out-German the Germans,” he said.菲尔茨表示,相对于宝马(BMW)和大众奥迪(Audi)旗下更受市场认可的车型,这款轿车将会找到自己的细分市场。他说,“我们不会去比德国人做得更德国。One analyst said Lincoln could benefit from carving out a new identity in the luxury market.一名分析人士表示,林肯品牌可以通过在豪车市场中开创新形象而获益。“There is absolutely a place in the market for a vehicle that promises quiet luxury,” said the analyst, Eric Lyman of the research firm TrueCar. “The challenge for Continental will be awareness and perception of the Lincoln brand.”“能够让人安享奢华的汽车在市场中绝对会占有一席之地,”研究公司TrueCar的分析人员埃里克·莱曼(Eric Lyman)说。“对于大陆轿车来说,挑战在于人们对林肯品牌的了解和认知。” /201601/422975Britain and France on Sunday night snubbed a contentious EU emergency meeting to align the bloc’s approach to Donald Trump’s election, exposing rifts in Europe over the US vote.欧盟周日晚间召开紧急会议以协同应对唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)的当选,但英国和法国没有出席这个争议性的会议,暴露出欧洲对美国选举结果的分歧。Hailed by diplomats as a chance to “send a signal of what the EU expects” from Mr Trump, the plan fell into disarray after foreign ministers from the bloc’s two main military powers declined to attend the gathering demanded by Berlin and Brussels.会议是由柏林和布鲁塞尔提议的,被外交官们称为向特朗普“传递有关欧盟期望的信号”的机会,但欧盟两大军事强国的外长拒绝出席,打乱了该计划。The setback comes as markets wait for Mr Trump to announce key appointments in his team. They are watching closely for a sign of which face the president-elect wishes to present to the world: appointing his campaign chairman Steve Bannon to the role of chief-of-staff will send a different message to appointing the more moderate Reince Priebus, the Republican National Committee chairman.欧盟遭遇这一挫折之际,市场正等待特朗普对其团队关键职位的任命,密切留意这位当选总统希望向世界展示什么迹象:任命竞选活动执行总裁斯蒂芬.班农(Stephen Bannon)担任幕僚长,和任命更为温和的共和党全国委员会(Republican National Committee)主席雷恩斯.普里巴斯(Reince Priebus)担任幕僚长,将会传递不同的信息。The split in Europe highlights the difficulties European capitals face in co-ordinating a response to Mr Trump, who has questioned the US’s commitments to Nato and free trade and hinted at seeking a rapprochement with Russian president Vladimir Putin.欧洲内部分歧突显出欧洲各国政府在协同回应特朗普方面的困难,特朗普质疑美国对北约(Nato)和自由贸易的承诺,并暗示将寻求与俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔.普京(Vladimir Putin)和解。Mr Trump at the weekend met Nigel Farage, the populist Brexit campaigner who has become the first foreign politician to meet the future US president. Carl Bildt, the former Swedish prime minister, tweeted: “If Trump wanted to look statesmanlike to Europe, receiving Farage was probably the worst thing he could [do].”特朗普周末会晤了主张英国退欧的民粹主义者奈杰尔.法拉奇(Nigel Farage),这是与这位未来美国总统会晤的首位外国政客。瑞典前首相卡尔.比尔特(Carl Bildt)在Twitter上发文称:“如果特朗普希望向欧洲展示政治家风范,接见法拉奇很可能是最糟糕的做法。”British foreign secretary Boris Johnson dropped out of the Brussels meeting, with officials arguing that it created an air of panic, while French foreign minister Jean-Marc Ayrault opted to stay in Paris to meet the new UN secretary-general. Hungary’s foreign minister boycotted the meeting, labelling the response from some EU leaders as “hysterical”.英国外交大臣鲍里斯.约翰逊(Boris Johnson)没有出席布鲁塞尔会议,官员们辩称,该会引发了恐慌气氛,而法国外长让-马克.埃罗(Jean-Marc Ayrault)选择呆在巴黎以会晤联合国新任秘书长。匈牙利外长抵制此次会议,认为一些欧盟领导人的回应“歇斯底里”。A combination of Mr Trump’s election and Britain’s vote to leave the EU had triggered calls for a total overhaul of the EU’s foreign and defence policy, with Berlin and Paris demanding greater integration. “If the US disengages from Europe, we need to look after our own security,” said one EU diplomat.特朗普当选和英国投票退出欧盟促使一些人呼吁欧盟全面调整外交和防务政策,柏林和巴黎要求加大一体化。一位欧盟外交官表示:“如果美国与欧洲脱离接触,我们需要搞定自己的安全。”Ministers will discuss plans such as bolstering the EU’s ambition to mount joint operations during a scheduled meeting on Monday, which Mr Johnson and Mr Ayrault will attend.外长们将在定于周一举行的会议上讨论相关计划,包括持欧盟发起协同行动的雄心——约翰逊和埃罗将出席此次会议。Nato chief Jens Stoltenberg at the weekend warned both the US and its European partners against “going it alone” on defence matters.北约秘书长延斯.斯托尔滕贝格(Jens Stoltenberg)周末警告美国及其欧洲合作伙伴不要在防务问题上“单干”。Paris and Berlin had been co-ordinating their response to Mr Trump’s election, while London has jockeyed to maintain its position as the US’s main European ally. The French president and German chancellor spoke before releasing two separate, guarded welcomes to the president-elect last week.巴黎和柏林此前协同回应特朗普的当选,同时英国积极调整姿态,保持其作为美国主要欧洲盟友的地位。法国总统和德国总理上周在交谈后分别发表声明,对特朗普当选表示谨慎欢迎。 /201611/478049B News – US vice president Joe Biden has announced plans to lend railway operator Amtrak (National Railroad Passenger Corporation of the USA) .45bn to expand services and make upgrades.B新闻 – 美国副总统拜登宣布计划,借贷给铁路运营商美国全国铁路客运公司(美铁)24.5亿美元,以扩大务,进行升级换代。Amtrak#39;s plans include expanding high-speed trains between Washington DC and Boston. The vice president said ;America needs to go big on infrastructure; investment.美铁的计划包括扩充华盛顿特区和波士顿之间的高速列车。副总统说:“美国需要加大基础设施”投资。Rail infrastructure in the US lags many other developed countries, particularly in terms of high-speed trains.美国的铁路基础设施落后于其他许多发达国家,特别是在高速列车方面。The new trains, which Amtrak expects to begin running in 2021, will have initial speeds of up to 160mph, but will be capable of speeds up to 186mph. The new trains will have one-third more seating, increasing capacity by 40%.新型列车的初始速度将达到时速160英里,但有能力提高到时速186英里。美铁期望新型列车2021年开始上线运行。新型列车将多出三分之一的座位,载客量增加40%。;We need these kinds of investments to keep this region - and our whole country - moving, and to create new jobs,; said Mr Biden.“我们需要这样的投资,以保持这个地区乃至整个国家继续前行,并创造新的就业岗位。”拜登说。America#39;s Northeast corridor, which includes Washington, New York City, and Boston is one of the country#39;s busiest route networks. Amtrak recorded 11.7 million riders along that route in 2015 - its highest number on record.美国的东北走廊包括华盛顿,纽约城和波士顿,是该国最繁忙的路线网之一。美铁2015年录得沿线1170万的乘车人数 – 是其有记录以来的最高值。;The Northeast corridor is a national economic engine that carries a workforce contributing bn annually to the national GDP,; said New Jersey Senator Cory Booker.“东北走廊是全国经济引擎,承载着每年为国家国内生产总值贡献500亿美元的劳动力队伍。”新泽西参议员布克说。 /201608/463600

In an old Polish joke, a Frenchman and a Russian are travelling in opposite directions on the Moscow to Paris express when their trains pull into Warsaw central station at the same time. Mistakenly believing they have reached their final destination, each steps out of the train and on to the platform.有一个波兰老笑话,一个法国人从巴黎乘火车到莫斯科去,一个俄罗斯人从莫斯科乘火车到巴黎去,当他们各自的列车同时驶入华沙中央火车站的时候,两人都误以为自己已经抵达目的地,都走出列车踏上了月台。 My God, Moscow is every bit as desolate as I expected! the Frenchman cries. 我的上帝啊,莫斯科跟我想的一样荒凉!法国人嚷道。Meanwhile, the Russian exclaims, Ah, Paris is beautiful.同时俄罗斯人大叫,啊,巴黎真美。How much has changed since the two gentlemen arrived in Warsaw?自从这两个人抵达华沙以来,发生了多大变化呢?The debate about the future of Europe in the wake of the UK’s vote to leave the EU takes place in the shadow of rising Euroscepticism. 在英国民众投票决定退出欧盟(EU)之后,有关欧洲未来的辩论就笼罩在欧洲怀疑主义(Euroscepticism)高涨的阴影之下。But it could well turn out that it is not Euroscepticism (the belief that the EU is fundamentally evil) that is Europe’s central problem today, but Europessimism, the feeling that the project is doomed. 但事实可能明,当今欧洲的核心问题并非欧洲怀疑主义(认为欧盟从根本上是恶的),而是欧洲悲观主义(Europessimism),一种认为欧盟一体化注定失败的想法。It is not the anger of the Leavers but the worries of those who fear being left out that will decide the future of the EU.决定欧盟未来的,不是脱欧派的愤怒,而是那些担心被排除在外的人们的忧虑。Central Europe is the land of Europessimists. 中欧是欧洲悲观主义者的聚集地。Most people in the Visegrad group of EU member states (the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) are still positive about the union but they worry about its survival. 在由捷克、匈牙利、波兰和斯洛伐克这4个欧盟成员国组成的维谢格拉德集团(Visegrad group),多数人依然对欧盟抱有希望,但他们担心欧盟的存亡问题。For many, it carries echoes of the disintegration of the Soviet empire.在很多人来看,苏联帝国解体的遗音正在回响。The day after the British referendum in June, Poles woke up to the realisation that an estimated 850,000 of their compatriots live and work in a country that wishes no longer to be part of the EU. 在6月英国举行公投后次日,波兰人认识到,据估计有85万波兰同胞在一个希望脱离欧盟的国家生活和工作。They also saw that Warsaw was in danger of losing a critical ally in its struggle to resist further political integration in the bloc and to balance the preponderant influence of Germany.他们也看到,在努力抵制欧盟进一步政治一体化、平衡德国作为欧盟主导者的影响力方面,华沙有可能失去一个关键的盟友。The difficulty here, however, is that while Poles are uneasy about the direction in which the EU is heading, many Europeans are concerned about recent political developments in Poland.然而,问题在于,在波兰人对欧盟的前进方向感到不安的同时,许多欧洲人也在担忧波兰近期政治动向。Once the poster child for success in a post-communist world, Poland is deeply divided. 波兰曾经是后共产主义世界中的成功典范,现在却深陷分裂。Less than a year after the Law and Justice party (PiS) won the general election, the country faces a constitutional crisis fomented by a conspiracy-minded rightwing government.在法律与正义党(PiS)赢得大选后不到一年,波兰就面临着一场宪法危机,挑起这场危机的正是具有阴谋论思想的右翼政府。The conservative revolution spearheaded by Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the PiS leader, has polarised the country, scaring off foreign investors and minimising Poland’s influence within the EU.法律与正义党的领袖雅罗斯瓦夫#8226;卡钦斯基(Jaroslaw Kaczynski)发起的保守主义革命让这个国家走向了两极分化,吓走了外国投资者,让波兰在欧盟内的影响力大大减弱。The government has curbed the powers of the independent judiciary; announced a plan to put the majority of the banking sector back in Polish hands; made public television a propaganda vehicle for conservative Catholic values and has been ruthless in seeing off opponents.政府已经限制了独立司法机构的权力;宣布了一项让大部分业资产重回波兰人控制的计划;让公共电视台成为保守的天主教价值观的宣传工具,并且冷酷无情地打击对手。A report published in July by the liberal Stefan Batory Foundation asserts that the draft constitutional tribunal law before the Polish parliament would, if it is passed, constitute a serious violation of the principle of the rule of law and a threat to#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;fundamental#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;civil rights and freedoms.奉行自由主义立场的斯特凡#8226;巴托里基金会(Stefan Batory Foundation)7月发布的一份报告声称,波兰议会将表决的《宪法法院法草案》如果获得通过的话,将严重违反法治原则,构成对基本公民权利和自由的威胁。From the PiS point of view, it is logical to try to concentrate power in party hands because, if it does not control institutions like the courts, media or central bank they will be controlled by its enemies. 站在法律与正义党的角度,试图把权力集中在本党手中是合理的,因为如果其不控制法院、媒体或者央行等机构,它们就会被该党的敌人控制。The separation of powers enshrined in liberal democracies does not stop those in charge from abusing their office; instead, it enables them to evade responsibility and stymies popular demands for radical change.自由民主政体所推崇的三权分立不能阻止掌权者滥用职权,反而使他们能够逃避责任,阻挠民众对根本改革的诉求。One could be forgiven for assuming that such a government would be Eurosceptic, yet neither it nor the majority of Poles wants to leave the EU. 如果人们认为这样一个政府抱着欧洲怀疑主义,这情有可原,但无论是波兰政府还是波兰多数民众都不想脱离欧盟。The bloc therefore has a tough choice to make. 因此欧盟必须做出一个艰难的选择。The European Commission and some member states are tempted to insist that the Polish government has violated the values of the EU and to seek legal recourse. 欧盟委员会(European Commission)和一些成员国不免认为波兰政府违反了欧盟价值观,并有意诉诸法律手段。With Britain having voted in favour of Brexit, some in Brussels believe that the EU should demonstrate not only that it can hurt the Leavers but also that it has the power to sanction those who break the rules. 英国投票结果倒向退欧之后,布鲁塞尔的一些人士认为,欧盟应该对外展示,其不仅能够伤害到脱欧派,也有权力制裁那些违反规则的人。Such a policy would be a mistake.这样的政策是错的。Brussels and the individual member states should not shy away from criticising Poland, of course, but they should make clear that reinventing and reinvigorating the EU will not take place at the expense of central Europe. 当然,布鲁塞尔方面和各成员国不应回避批评波兰,但它们应该明确表示,重塑和复兴欧盟不会以牺牲中欧利益作为代价。Any reform of the EU that looks like it will split the bloc along the west-east axis will further the process of disintegration.任何看上去可能将欧盟分裂为东西两部分的欧盟改革方案只会进一步促进欧盟解体。European politics today presents a paradox: in their vision for the EU, central European governments appear to represent the frustration and resentment of the populists, yet it is their own pro-EU voters to whom they are answerable.当今欧洲政治领域存在一种矛盾:在他们关于欧盟的设想中,中欧国家政府似乎代表了民粹主义者的失望和怨恨情绪,然而他们需要对本国的亲欧盟选民负责。So Brussels should not be in a hurry to write central Europe off.因此,布鲁塞尔不应急着放弃中欧。 /201609/464692

Plenty of us turn to takeout when we#39;re feeling too sick to cook. But a Belfast woman#39;s order has gone viral after she asked for a side order of medicine with her food.很多人在生病时感觉没有力气做饭,就会叫份儿外卖。但近日英国贝尔法斯特一位女士的外卖订单火了,因为她在订餐之余还请送餐人员顺便帮她买药。Feeley#39;s Fish amp; Chip Shop received the unusual request from Fiona Cuffe on December 30. In the ;#39;additional comments; section, she#39;d written, ;Will you please stop in Spar on the way and get me Benylin cold amp; flu tablets and I#39;ll give you the money, only ordering food so I can get the tablets I#39;m dying sick xx.;12月30日费利家炸鱼amp;薯条店收到了菲奥纳?卡夫的这份不寻常的外卖订单。这位顾客在买家留言上写着:“麻烦您能在来的路上顺便帮我去Spar(一家零售连锁公司)买些Benylin伤寒流感药片吗?我会付药钱的,只有点个外卖我才能拿到药。我快难受死了。”Feeley#39;s shared a photo of the receipt on Facebook with the caption ;Words absolutely fail me.; Despite being taken aback, the restaurant fulfilled the order -- and posted a picture of the much-needed flu pills before delivering them.这家餐厅将这张收据拍了照发到了脸书上,标题写着“我完全不知道该说什么好。”虽然感到惊讶,但是餐厅还是按照订单要求满足了顾客——并且,送餐人员在给顾客送这些急需的感冒药前,还拍了照片发到了网上。The original photo has been shared nearly 3,000 times on Facebook, with many commenters from around the world praising Feeley#39;s customer service. Even Fiona#39;s father John posted his thanks.这张原照在脸书上被分享了近3000次,世界各地的许多人留言赞赏了费利餐厅的暖心。菲奥纳的父亲约翰也在网上表示了自己的感谢。The restaurant#39;s social media manager, Daniel Casey, told CNN they were ;shocked to see such a strange request -- but I admired her skill to get what she needed!;餐厅的社交媒体经理丹尼尔?凯西在接受CNN采访时说道:“一开始我们看到这么特别的要求时很惊讶,但是我很欣赏菲奥纳这种想方设法满足自己需求的能力。”;And she stated she was dying, so of course we were happy to help.“而且她在订单中说自己要难受死了,所以我们当然很愿意帮助她。”;We operate in a small community and the customer in question has used us several times before,; he said. ;She was delighted at receiving the medicine and we wish her a speedy recovery -- our customers are the lifeblood of our business, and we will always do what we can for them.;他说:“我们的餐厅位于一个小区内,这位客户之前就让我们帮过她几次忙了。她收到药后很开心,我们希望她能早日康复——顾客是我们的衣食父母,我们总会在能力范围内帮助他们。”And just in case Fiona#39;s medicine didn#39;t perk her up, Feeley#39;s even offered to send her a free meal when she#39;s feeling better.如果药物还不能让菲奥纳振作起来,费利餐厅甚至提出等她好一些以后免费送她一餐。 /201701/487086

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