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Theres a pub behind me here just under neath this tunnel在这个隧道的后面有一个酒吧thats made me remember a lot about my past.这让我涌起很多回忆Its the pub on the river that my dad used to visit most evenings after finishing work.父亲每次打渔回来 都去那里喝酒And he would stand at the bar and as I understood it在我的记忆里 他会在酒吧驻留he would drink quite heavily get the train home喝很多酒 然后搭火车到我家附近go on to another pub and drink heavily there找个酒吧再继续喝then arrive eventually at the family home.最后才甘心回到家里Ive got memories of him opening the door into the living room我印象中他每次打开家门进到客厅时where wed often be sitting watching TV我们一般都在坐着看电视really worse for wear and hed just glance round the room父亲都已经烂醉 他一般只看一眼我们not say a word just shut the door and youd hear him go upstairs to bed.然后一句话也不说 关上门就上楼睡觉Did my dad worry about what it was doing to him?我爸有没有担心过喝酒的后果呢Most of dont.几乎是不会的Quite a few of us are going to push our drinking to the extreme.很少人会关心自己饮酒过量的问题I always tend to drink a little bit more than I should.我经常喝得比推荐量多I like to have that little bit extra.我喜欢那种飘飘然的感觉重点解释:1.glance round 环顾周围例句:She glanced round the room before she left.她略微环视了一下房间才离开。2.go upstairs 上楼例句:I see her go upstairs a moment ago.我刚才看见她上楼去了。3.worry about 为 ... 担心,为 ... 着急例句:Dont worry about little things.别为琐事烦恼。 201507/387155栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201511/399303A rise in the concentration of health-threatening dust particles causing pollution in many Italian cities has prompted the government to act. A host of new measures have been put on the table for the whole country.意大利许多城市面临威胁性健康粉尘颗粒浓度上升的污染,促使政府采取行动。全国范围一系列新的措施已经摆上桌子。They include encouraging local councils to replace ageing buses with more environmentally friendly ones and incentives for drivers to trade in their cars for less polluting vehicles.It all comes at a cost.其中包括鼓励地方委员会使用更为环保的公共汽车替换过时的,并鼓励司机交易低污染的汽车。这都需要一定的代价。On top of these measures there will also be discounts on public transport, bus and city metros. These discounts are supported by a fund of 12 million euros which will be made available by my ministry from the last day of the year.除了这些措施以外,还包括在公共交通、公交和城市地铁上打折扣。这些优惠由1200万欧元基金资助,从今年的最后一天开始可以实行。The government’s move follows this week’s introduction of traffic and speed restrictions in Rome, Milan and several other cities. But the action failed to curb pollution levels.政府举措紧跟着本周罗马、米兰和其他几个城市实行交通和速度限制,但行动未能遏制污染水平。Rockets, firecrackers and flares have been banned in public spaces in Milan, Bologna and Turin.米兰、洛尼亚和都灵在公共场所禁止燃放烟花、鞭炮和照明弹。But environment activists said the measures do not go far enough.但环保人士表示,仅靠这些措施还远远不够。译文属。 /201512/419217

Now to warm up as quick as possible.现在得赶紧暖和起来I learned very early on, never to complain about being cold.我老早就明白 永远也别抱怨 感觉太冷And in the military what would happen if youve ever said, ;Im a bit cold.;在军队中 如果你说 我觉得有点冷they got say, ;Sir we have a very easy solution,他们会说 ;先生 这太好办了two hundred push-ups.and it always works.Time to get this raft bulit.;做两百个俯卧撑; 这种方法屡试不爽 是时候造筏子了What I want to do here is just make a framework.我现在要做的是 一个框架around which I gonna weave all of the little branches,框架周围我要围一圈小树枝to make it like a doughnut raft.它看起来像是一个甜甜圈饼筏I am using dead wood -- less pliable but more buoyant.我选用枯树枝 虽不易弯折但更易上浮Then you need all of these polystyrene as the next layer,然后把这些聚苯乙烯围成第二层and then use tarpaulin to wrap around it, try to make it watertight as possible.然后用这个防水布 把它围起来 尽可能使它防水And I sit in the middle.Im gonna tie it together with parachute cord.我就坐在中间 我用降落伞绳把它绑在一起Now, tying with tarp,a good little trick is to get anything thats stone,even, one of these, hickory nuts.绑紧防水布 有一个小窍门就是找到一些石质的东西 甚至是 这种山核桃Grap one of those,put inside the tarp.Twist. Clove hitch.拿一个 放进防水布里面 拧紧 打一个双套结Tie it down. Jobs a good one.Ok, lets get this thing in the water.把它系好 就能固定好了 好了 把它弄进水里Now, for a field test.Ok, thats set.现在实地试验一下 准备好了It floats,and its keeping me well out of the freezing water.Ok, were out of here.筏子浮起来了 它能使我不必接触冰冷的河水 好了 我们要离开这里了201601/424770

We are survivors.我们总能幸免于难Mankind brought low by disease,War and devastation.人类饱经疾病 战争与灾难的洗礼 我们曾几度消沉But now, we harness new riches and new powers.而今 我们把控住新兴财富与新生力量We look beyond the world we know.And together, rise again.高瞻远瞩 继往开来 众志成城 再创辉煌Amidst the chaos of an unforgiving planet,Most species will fail.这颗星球残酷无情 在无数混乱中 大多数物种将会在劫难逃But for one, all the pieces will fall into place,但有一个物种 却有条不紊地进化着And a set of keys will unlock a path for mankind to triumph.一串钥匙即将开启人类通往胜利的道路This is our story, the story of all of us.这就是我们的故事 我们所有人的故事1352.The Sahara.The largest desert on the planet.1352年 撒哈拉大沙漠 地球上最为广袤的沙漠地带A searing wilderness the size of the united states.相当于美国国土面积的茫茫酷热之地The toughest challenge an explorer can face.这里会是探险家面临的最艰巨的挑战Ibn Battuta.He left Morocco age 21,Vowing never to travel the same road twice.伊本·白图泰 他二十一岁即离开洛哥 并郑重立誓绝不重复采用相同的路线Hes explored over 40 countries,But this is his first time in the sahara.他的足迹遍布四十多个国家 这是他一次来到撒哈拉201512/417414

When Jo was 9 years old, the family moved to a village outside Chepstow on the edge of the Forest of Dean.乔9岁的时候,家里搬到了切普斯托外的乡村,就在迪安森林的边缘。Here was a location that offered a whole range of imaginative possibilities...magical creatures, mystery and intrigue.这是一个给想象力提供了无穷可能性的地方,充满了魔法生物,神秘,阴谋。Im very drawn to forests.我对森林着了迷。And its my favorite part of the Hogwarts grounds.这也是霍格沃茨里我最喜欢的地方。The advantage of a forest is it can be so many things.森林的迷人之处在于它包含了太多的东西。It can be a place of enchantment.它可以成为一个充满魔力的地方。You never imagine a crowd in a forest. Its a solitary place.你无法想象森林里会有拥挤的人流,这是一个离群索居的地方。Is it because it used to be a place of shelter and safety to us, I suppose.我想这是我们寻求庇护和安全的地方。So I think- Im very drawn to them. Even though they can be spooky.尽管森林里可能有可怕的东西,但我就是对它们着了迷。Jo wrote stories from an early age.乔很小的时候就开始写故事。There was resonant material all around her.她身边有那么多灵感元素。She even lived next door to a graveyard.甚至她就住在墓地的旁边。The family lived in this house.一家人住在这幢房子里。Jo and her sister, Di, earned extra pocket money as part-time cleaners of St. Lukes church.乔和她的小戴在圣路克教堂做兼职清洁工赚零花钱。I cannot overstate how cold it got in this church in winter when we were cleaning it. It was freezing.毫不夸张地说,你无法想像有多冷。我们冬天在这里打扫,冷死了。For a pound each. Its tragic, really.每人赚一磅,真的挺惨。We must be in here loads.在这里肯定有我们的记录。Because we used to sign this book all the time.因为以前我们总是在这本书上签名。Oh, God, I know- Oh, look, its me. There I am.上帝,我就知道,看,这就是我,就在这里。Me and Di together.我和小戴签在了一起。;Joanne Rowling, age 12. Dianne Rowling, age 10.;“乔安妮·罗琳,12岁。戴安妮·罗琳,10岁。”Theres a name I stole for Harry Potter.我在这里偷了一个名字放在《哈利·波特》里。For an unpleasant character as well.还是个讨厌的人物。Hide the book. Lock it away.把书藏起来,锁起来。Heh, heh. Forgotten about that.我已经忘了这件事了。Yes.是的。201510/404514

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