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和田做双眼皮埋线多少钱新疆石河子大学医学院第一附属医院去痘多少钱America's economy美国经济Time for a double dip?美国经济面临二次探底?A lousy debt deal, rising fears of a recession, the danger of longer-term stagnation: America’s outlook is grim面临着糟糕的负债协议,膨胀的经济恐慌,更长时间经济低迷的风险,美国经济前景黯淡THIS ought to have been a good week for the American economy. The country’s leaders at last ended a ludicrously irresponsible bout of fiscal brinkmanship, removing the threat of global financial Armageddon by agreeing to raise the federal debt ceiling. Yet far from heaving a sigh of relief, investors are nervous. Stockmarkets around the world have tumbled (see article). On August 2nd, the day the debt deal was signed, the Samp;P 500 index saw its biggest one-day fall in over a year, and yields on ten-year Treasury bonds dropped to 2.6%, their lowest level in nine months, as investors sought safety.这周这本应是美国经济不错的一周。国家领导们终于结束了财政边缘政策上的荒唐而不负责任的争斗,同意提高联邦债务上限,免除了发生金融世界大战的风险。但是投资者远没有得到宽慰,反而感到紧张。世界股市也发生震荡。8月2日,负债协议签署的那天,由于投资者寻求安全,标准普尔指数迎来一年多以来的最大单日跌幅,十年期国债收益下跌2.6%,达到9个月以来的最低水平。It is not all to do with America: the euro zone is a mess (see article) and manufacturing everywhere seems to be slowing. But America’s prospects have suddenly darkened. Statistical revisions and some grim new figures have revealed a weaker-than-assumed recovery that has all but ground to a halt. Once stalled, an economy can easily tip back into recession, particularly if it is hit by a new shock—as America’s is about to be, thanks to a hefty dose of fiscal tightening made worse by the debt deal. The odds of a double dip over the coming year are uncomfortably high, perhaps as high as 50%.不仅是美国,欧元区也是一片狼藉,各地制造业低迷。但是美国经济的前景突然黯淡下来。最新修改过的数据显示,经济复苏低于预期,几近停滞。经济一旦停滞,就很有可能重返衰退,受到新的冲击时尤为如此。由于美国负债协议使原本紧缩的财政更加收紧,这种冲击马上就会到来。明年美国经济二次探底的可能性高得令人不安,可能达到50%。201108/149414乌鲁木齐美容整形医院割双眼皮多少钱 CNN's Judy Fortin looks at the dangers of tanning beds. Our obsession with having a year-round healthy glow is anything but healthy, especially for young women, but don't blame it all on the sun. Dermatologists are targeting indoor agents of tanning, namely tanning beds.The problem of tanning beds is that your entire body gets tanned, it gets tanned very quickly. There is much more intense than outside. It's cool,so you don't have a disincentive of getting hot,and it's easy and it's quick.And despite industry claims that these beds are safe, doctors disagree.We are seeing an epidemic of melanoma in people in their 20s.They are showing up in places that could only be affected by a tanning bed, buttocks, areas that just typically wouldn’t see sun on a regular basis,but there's no question that young people especially young women, in their late teens and 20s are having many more melanomas.Melanoma is the most deadly of skin cancers according to the American Cancer Society which says over 60,000 new cases will be diagnosed this year. Its numbers like these that have prompted the American Academy of Dermatology to come out with a new campaign against indoor tanning called "Indoor tanning is out".In fact, it is estimated every one in five Americans develops skin cancer.And one person dies from melanoma about every hour.I don't wanna be one of them.I don't wanna be one of them.One thing that tanning beds does is that they,people never have a rest from ED radiation, it's just like not having a rest from X-rays or cigarette smoke or any other known carcinogen. Your body doesn't have time to recover from it. Many doctors advise patients to avoid the dangers of tanning beds by spraying on or rubbing on products that produce that healthy glow, whatever you can do to avoid roasting it on.Judy Fortin,CNN,Atlanta.carcinogen: A cancer-causing substance or agent.200812/59065Asian, European Leaders Vow Cooperation on Financial Crisis亚欧会议各国领导人呼吁加强合作 Asian and European leaders meeting in the Chinese capital, Beijing, say current efforts to resolve the global financial crisis are not enough and that further cooperation is needed. 在北京参加亚欧首脑会议的亚洲和欧洲国家领导人说,各国目前为解决全球金融危机所作的努力还不够,需要进一步合作。Leaders from more than forty Asian and European countries issued a joint statement Saturday calling for coordinated efforts to tackle the financial crisis.  来自亚洲和欧洲40多个国家的领导人星期六发表联合声明,呼吁进一步协调合作,应对金融危机。The leaders pledged their support in efforts to reform the international monetary and financial systems. 各国领导人承诺,将持改革国际货币和金融体制的努力。The statement also called for the International Monetary Fund to play a lead role in helping economies recover. 声明还呼吁国际货币基金组织发挥领导作用,帮助全球经济恢复。Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said all countries needed to show confidence, cooperation, and responsibility to get through the crisis. He said only by cooperating would countries have the strength to overcome hardships.  中国总理温家宝说,所有国家必须展示信心、合作和责任感,共同度过危机。他说,只有通过合作,各国才有力量战胜困难。He says confidence means that all countries, especially developed ones, need to quickly take decisive measures to stabilize the financial markets so as to make people more confident. 温家宝说:“所谓信心,就是所有国家,特别是发达国家,应当尽快地采取果断措施,稳定金融市场,从而使人们获得信心。”The statement came at the end of the Asia-Europe Meeting, a two-day summit held to increase understanding and cooperation between the continents. 声明是在为期两天的亚欧首脑会议结束时发表的。本次会议的目的是增进各国间的理解和合作。The meeting, held every two years, is normally just a discussion platform. But the growing fall-out from the world credit squeeze has focused attention on finding solutions.  亚欧首脑会议每两年举行一次,通常只是为各国间磋商提供平台,但是由于世界信贷紧缩导致经济日渐衰退的状况迫使会议不得不集中精力寻找解决问题的办法。Mr. Wen said countries need to strike a balance between encouraging financial innovation and regulating the market.  温家宝说,各国需要在鼓励金融革新和监管市场之间寻求平衡。He says they need financial innovation but they need financial oversight even more. 他说:“我们需要金融创新来为经济务,但更需要加强金融监管,保金融安全。”Mr. Wen said although China's economy was not severely damaged by the crisis it would likely suffer more as global demand slowed down.  他还说,虽然中国经济没有受到金融危机的重创,但是随著全球需求下降,中国经济形势将会越来越严峻。The meeting also addressed energy security, poverty, and climate change, among other issues. 这次会议还讨论了能源安全、贫困和气候变化以及其它问题。The president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, said the financial crisis was no reason to postpone commitments made in fighting climate change.  欧盟轮执主席巴罗佐说,不能用金融危机作为理由推迟解决气候变化问题。"We need to agree a comprehensive, global agreement according to the principle of shared but differentiated responsibilities. And, I really believe that after the very good exchanges we had today that it is possible to reach that agreement," he said. 巴罗左说:“我们有必要按照既区别各国情况又共同承担责任的原则来设计出一份全面的全球协议。我的确相信,通过我们今天的友好讨论,达成这样一份协议是可能的。”Europe and Asia make up over half of the world's growth in domestic production.  欧洲和亚洲占据全球经济增长的50%。The financial crisis started in the ed States when massive defaults on home loans led several major banks to close down or merge. The credit crunch slowed consumption, investment and world trade. 金融危机是从美国开始的,起源于大规模房贷拖欠导致几家大倒闭或者濒临倒闭。信贷危机放缓了消费、投资和世界贸易的脚步。Washington will hold a financial crisis summit next month. Asian and European leaders meeting in Beijing said they would support the summit. 华盛顿将在下个星期召开一次金融危机峰会。在北京开会的亚洲和欧洲领导人说,他们将会持这次峰会。200810/54014乌鲁木齐哪里有洗纹身的好地方

新疆医科大学校医院激光去胎记多少钱South Korean officials say North Korea fired the missiles throughout the day Saturday, launching them in the morning, early afternoon, and early evening.The missiles were apparently launched from a facility on North Korea's east coast, and are believed to have flown approximately 400 kilometers each.The Foreign Ministry in Seoul issued a statement calling the launches a "provocative act" and expressing "deep regret over North Korea's continued acts to escalate tensions in Northeast Asia."South Korean officials say the launches violate the latest ed Nations Security Council Resolution 1874, passed after Pyongyang's nuclear weapons test in May. That measure prohibits the North from launching any ballistic missiles whatsoever.The test launches coincided with the ed States' Independence Day holiday, drawing comparisons to North Korea's test of a long-range missile on the July 4 holiday three years ago. The North's May nuclear test fell on the U.S. Memorial Day holiday.On Thursday, North Korea fired several short range missiles as talks between North and South Korea concluded without progress. South Korean Defense Department spokesman Won Tae-jae says such launches are aimed at getting the South's attention.He says when North Korea launches missiles with less than a medium range trajectory, they are mostly against South Korea. He adds, South Korea is constantly monitoring signs of such launches.North Korea is known to possess hundreds of similar short and medium range missiles capable of striking all of South Korea and most of Japan. Military analysts say a North Korean missile barrage could easily kill hundreds of thousands of people here in the capital, Seoul, within a matter of hours.A maritime advisory issued by North Korea for boats to steer clear of its eastern waters remains in effect until this Thursday. For that reason, nobody is ruling out the test launch of more missiles in the days to come. 07/76839伊宁市上睑下垂矫正多少钱 阿图什市丰胸多少钱

新疆中医学院附属医院祛疤痕多少钱The international community came together Saturday at the ed Nations to find ways to mitigate the current crisis in the Horn of Africa, but also to prevent future ones from happening. At the meeting, the World Bank chief announced nearly billion in new funding for drought and famine related efforts in the region.国际社会星期六在联合国聚集在一起,寻找减轻非洲之角地区目前危机,以及防止未来再次出现类似饥荒危机的途径。世界行长在会议中宣布新提供将近20亿美元的资金,用于非洲之角地区干旱和饥荒救灾行动。The ed Nations has been warning about the growing crisis in the Horn of Africa for months. In Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Djibouti there are more than 13 million people in dire need of assistance after a devastating drought triggered a famine.联合国几个月来一直在对非洲之角地区不断恶化的危机发出警告。一场灾难性的干旱引发饥荒之后,埃塞俄比亚、肯尼亚、索马里和吉布提,有1千3百多万人急需救援。U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the gathering that the epicenter of the crisis is in Somalia, where 750,000 people are at risk of imminent starvation and four million people need urgent humanitarian assistance.联合国秘书长潘基文告诉与会者,这场危机最严重的地区在索马里,那里有75万人有很快饿死的危险,有4百万人需要紧急人道主义援助。He blamed Islamic extremists who are battling the Somali government for exacerbating the crisis.他谴责和索马里政府交战的伊斯兰极端分子,加剧了这场危机。"We have made progress in helping those most in need in Somalia. But it is still not enough," said Ban. "We could save many more lives if we were given free access to areas under the control of Al-Shabab. It is no coincidence that these are the districts where the crisis is most acute. Somalia will never be free of the threat of famine until it has peace and stability."潘基文说:“我们在帮助索马里那些最需要帮助的民众方面取得了进展。但是还不够。如果我们能够自由畅通地到达索马里青年党控制下的地区,我们就能够拯救多得多的生命。这些地区处于危机最严重的地区并不是巧合,没有和平与稳定,索马里永远不会摆脱饥荒的威胁。”201109/155444 India is well known for its legions of computer programmers, but the country also has another face as the last bastion of the typewriter. Manual typewriters stayed popular in India long after developed nations had entirely switched to the keyboard and mouse. As recently as the 1990s, the Mumbai plant of a company named Godrej and Boyce was turning out 50,000 typewriters a year. They were popular in a nation where reliable electricity supplies - essential for computers - are still by no means guaranteed.But even in India, typewriter sales have slumped in the last ten years. Gradually, every manufacturer stopped making them, leaving only Godrej's Mumbai plant - and that switched to making fridges two years ago. And now the firm says it only has 500 typewriters left in stock. It's a far cry from the heyday of the 1950s, when India's then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru held up the humble typewriter as a symbol of the nation's independence and industrialisation. The first commercial typewriters were produced in the ed States in the 1860s. The machine was then the dominant office technology for more than a century until the computer came along.【词汇注释】legions of 很多another face 不同的方面the last bastion:最后的供应商manual adj. 手工的turn out 生产 slump v.下滑 in stock: 存货a far cry from: 与……截然不同 the heyday of: the most popular and successful time ofhumble adj.简陋的201110/157544阿克苏做脱毛手术多少钱克拉玛依瑞兰美白针多少钱



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