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阿拉尔市小腿减肥多少钱乌鲁木齐瘦脸针哪家医院好Todd: Alex, when you were little, what did you like to do?艾利克斯,你小时候喜欢做什么?Alex: When I was small and I was in junior high school we used to like playing soccer with my friends. Actually in Kenya, whats different from other countries, we used to make our own soccer ball to play. So, its very easy.我上高中的时候喜欢和朋友踢足球。肯尼亚与其他国家的区别就在于,我们要自己制作足球。这十分简单。Todd: Wow. How do you make the soccer ball?哇。你怎么做足球?Alex: We used to collect like plastic papers and bind them with string, around them to make something round. So it was like, you didnt have to spend any money.我们会收集塑料纸,用绳子捆起来,再找圆的东西照在外面。这样,你就不用花钱买足球了。Todd: Wow, thats ingeneous. Thats great. So were you a good soccer player?哇,真是聪明。真棒。你球踢得好吗?Alex: Not really. I used to like playing soccer but I was not very good, actually to tell the truth不是很好。我以前很喜欢踢足球,但说实话并不是很擅长。Todd: Yeah, me too. I wasnt a very good athlete. I mean I like sports but I was never any good. Um, so do you play soccer in Japan?我也是。我不是很擅长运动。我的意思是我喜欢运动,但我并不擅长。嗯,你在日本也踢球吗?Alex: Sometimes, until last year when I was in school I still played soccer. Right now, actually Im not playing anymore because Im like busy.有时候踢,去年我在学校的时候还踢足球呢。现在不踢了,因为忙起来了。Todd: Yeah.是的。Alex: Yeah. You cant play soccer without a big group of people and everyone is busy right now so Im not playing anymore.是的。要踢球必须找一大批朋友,而现在大家都很忙,所以就不踢了。Todd: Yeah, thats a bummer. Like I always want to play sports but its hard as you get older. Whens the last time you played soccer?是的,这点很麻烦。我喜欢运动,但年纪越大坚持越难。你上一次踢足球是什么时候?Alex: About one year ago. I think November of 199?,...2003, November.大约一年前。好像是九几年11月,或者03年11月。Todd: OK. Actually in Kenya do you call it soccer or football?在肯尼亚你们管足球叫“soccer”还是“football”?Alex: In Kenya you call it football.在肯尼亚,人们管足球叫“football”。Todd: Football. Im sorry.“football”。真遗憾。Alex: Actually, Ive been in Japan for sometime so Im used to calling it soccer. In Kenya you call it football.我在日本已经待了一段时间了,所以习惯叫足球“soccer”了。在肯尼亚我们叫它“football”。注:译文属原创,,。 /201303/229912克拉玛依激光祛痘印多少钱 Todd: So, Ruth in Europe, have you traveled much?托德:鲁斯,你去欧洲的很多地方旅行过吗?Ruth: Yeah, actually, um, well, when I was younger I went on a tour around all of Western Europe and then when I was at university I backpacked around Scandinavia for a month with a friend. (Nice!) It was really nice, actually, yeah.鲁斯:是的,实际上我年轻的时候去西欧旅行过,我上大学的时候和一个朋友去斯堪的纳维亚半岛背包旅行了一个月。(真好!)实际上那真的非常不错。Todd: Wow, so where did you go in Scandinavia?托德:哇,那你都去斯堪的纳维亚半岛的什么地方了?Ruth: Well, we started off in Sweden and then we went to Norway and then we went to Denmark. We never actually made it to Finland. That was simply because we ran out of money, so.鲁斯:嗯,我们从瑞典出发然后去了挪威和丹麦。可是我们没能去芬兰。原因很简单,因为我们没钱了。Todd: So were you out in the wilderness, or were you just going from village to village?托德:你是去旷野里旅行了,还是只是在各个村庄旅行?Ruth: Really we just, we arrived in Stockholm. We went around Stockholm. We went to Oslo. We spent most of our time in the cities, although everything was so expensive. We ended up sleeping in youth hostels or on peoples floors.鲁斯:我们去了斯德哥尔。我们在斯德哥尔四处转了转。我们还去了奥斯陆。我们大部分时间都在城市里旅行,不过城市里的所有东西都很贵。我们晚上会入住青年旅馆或是睡在别人家的地板上。Todd: What do you remember most about your trip?托德:你在旅行中印象最深的事情是什么?Ruth: Um, probably just having no money, so we couldnt eat really for a fortnight.鲁斯:嗯,可能就是花光了钱吧,所以我们两星期都不能好好吃饭。Todd: You couldnt eat?托德:不能吃饭?Ruth: Well, we ate breakfast in the youth hostel, and then we would take a b roll from the youth hostel, from the breakfast bar and have that for lunch and then in the evening we would eat if we could afford it.鲁斯:嗯,我们在青年旅馆吃早餐,然后我们会从青年旅馆的早餐吧台拿一个面包卷当做午餐,晚上如果我们付得起我们就会吃饭。Todd: Actually, in terms of food, what do people in Scandinavia usually eat?托德:实际上,谈到食物,斯堪的纳维亚半岛人一般都吃什么?Ruth: Um, I think they eat a lot of potatoes and meat and things. Im not sure really what a typical Scandinavian meal would be.鲁斯:嗯,我想他们常吃土豆和肉类这样的食物。我也不太清楚斯堪的纳维亚半岛有什么典型食物。Todd: Thats OK. You didnt have any money to buy any food right?托德:好吧。你没有钱买吃的吗?Ruth: We didnt eat so.鲁斯:对,所以我们没吃饭。Todd: Yeah, silly question. Um, so what do you remember most about Stockholm?托德:好吧,这真是愚蠢的问题。嗯,那你对斯德哥尔印象最深的是什么?Ruth: Ah, theyve got some really nice buildings in Stockholm. Ive got relatives who live in Stockholm so we stayed with them, and also it was really hot when we went there, but it was also very pricey.鲁斯:啊,斯德哥尔的大楼非常漂亮。我有亲戚在斯德哥尔生活,我们和他们住在一起,我们到那里的时候天气非常热,而且东西也很贵。Todd: So in every store you went into were they playing ABBA?托德:那你们去的商店都有播放阿巴合唱团的歌曲吗?Ruth: No. Thank goodness.鲁斯:没有。真是谢天谢地。 译文属 /201409/325619乌鲁木齐玻尿酸哪家医院效果好

阿图什去粉刺多少钱Todd: OK, Shawn, Im going to talk about your favorites.托德:好的,肖恩,来谈一下你最喜欢的事情吧。Shawn: Sure.肖恩:好的。Todd: Whats your favorite color?托德:你最喜欢什么颜色?Shawn: I say, green.肖恩:绿色。Todd: Green.托德:嗯,绿色。Shawn: Yes.肖恩:没错。Todd: OK. And whats your favorite fruit?托德:那你最喜欢什么水果?Shawn: My favorite fruit: orange.肖恩:我最喜欢的水果是橙子。Todd: Orange!托德:橙子!Shawn: Oranges. I love oranges. Very sweet and good for the body.肖恩:对,橙子。我喜欢橙子。很甜,而且对身体有好处。Todd: Yeah, have you had any of the oranges in Japan?托德:对。你在日本买过橙子吗?Shawn: Ive had a couple. Much better than the ones I have back in Canada.肖恩:买过。比我在加拿大买的好多了。Todd: Oh, really. OK. Um, whats your favorite season?托德:哦,是吗。那,你最喜欢什么季节?Shawn: Id say spring, cause its a combination of warm weather, at the same time its not hot like it is in the summer. In spring its a bit cool. You can walk around very relaxed. It the best. Its a combination of all the seasons in one.肖恩:春天,因为天气很暖和,同时又不会像夏天那么热。春天稍微凉爽些。你可以悠闲地四处转转。这非常好。春天把所有季节的优点集合起来了。Todd: OK. whats your favorite movie?托德:好的。那你最喜欢的电影是什么?Shawn: My favorite movie! Id have to say ;Gladiator.; Russel Crow. Its a tragic movie about a very strong leader who, how-should-I-say, triumphs over, how-should-I-say, over very overpowering conflicts. Its, um, plus, Im a bit of an action movie buff. I know its sad to hear but, its definitely an interesting movie.肖恩:我最喜欢的电影!那一定是《角斗士》了。拉塞尔·克劳主演的。那部电影讲述了一名强大领袖的悲剧,要怎么说呢,他战胜了强大的对手。嗯,另外,我热衷于动作电影。我知道这听起来很悲伤,不过那绝对是一部有意思的电影。 /201311/264775乌鲁木齐治疗胎记 合同洽谈 Contract Negotiation让我们说正题吧。Lets get down to business.A: So lets get down to business.B: OK.Shall we start with prices?A: Certainly.Id be happy to answer any questions.谈判有结果 reach a conclusion/an agreementconclude these negotiationsA: We started negotiation from last year. We do hope to reach a conclusion by that time.B: Thats really what we want,too. The key problem is the price,you know.A: Both of us need move. Its impossible for me to move alone.转让专利 transfer patentA: Were willing to transfer our patent.B: In what form?A: Wed like to transfer the right to use the patent in the form of the license.购买专有技术 buy the know-howA: Wed like to buy the know-how.B: No problem.But the price is much higher.A: How much will you ask for?B: Five times the price for the patent.我们要签多久的合同?How long shall we make the contract for?A: Have you got any comment about these clauses?B: No.But one more thing wed like to ask is how long well make the contract for?A: How about one year?B: Dont you think one year is a little bit short?到期 expireA: When does the contract expire?B: Next January.A: Is it possible to renew it?B: Itll be renewed if there are no disagreements.还有需要修改的地方吗?Is there anything to be amended?Have you got anything that needs to be revised?A: Is there anything to be amended?B: No.Things that should be there are there. Were very satisfied.A: When shall we sign the contract?B: How about tomorrow morning?我们的律师已经看过合同了吗?Has our attorney looked at this contract yet?A: When will the contract be y?B: The day after tomorrow.A: Has our attorney looked at this contract yet?再检查一遍 have another checkgo over the terms once moreA: Shall we sign the contract now?B: Yes,but wed better have another check.A: Youre absolutely right. I really appreciate your conscientious attitude.B: Thank you.Here is the copy for you.就剩下我们签名了。All thats left is to sign our names.A: I think everything is in order here.B: All thats left is to sign our names.A: Ive been looking forward to this moment for a long time.真高兴我们最终达成了协议。Im so pleased weve made the deal finally.A: Im so pleased weve made the deal finally.B: Me too. I hope the contract will lead to years of pleasant cooperation.A: Lets propose a toast to our successful negotiation!B: Cheers! /201203/174939阿拉尔脂肪移植隆胸费用

新疆医大第一附属医院激光祛痣多少钱经典句型:The collar of the suit is still dirty. 西装的领子还很脏。A:The collar of the suit is still dirty.甲:西装的领子还很脏。B: Let me have a look. I think youd better have it cleaned again.乙:我看看。我想最好重新洗一洗。But you have to pay again.但是你还需要付钱。A: What? Its your fault.甲:什么?这是你们的错。经典句型:Did you see the stain on the sleeve? 你看见袖子上的污渍了吗?A:Did you see the stain on the sleeve?甲:你看见袖子上的污溃了吗?B:Sorry. This kind of stain is very hard to eliminate completely.乙:对不起。这种污渍是很难彻底清除的。A:But you didnt tell me in advance.甲:可是事先你们并没有告诉我。句型讲解:in advance是“预先、事先”的意思,advance可以做动词、名词和形容词。例如:advance the growdi of rice促进水稻生长,advance of knowledge知识的进步,advance information预告、超前信息。 /201407/308878 伊宁治疗黄褐斑要多少钱哈密市彩光祛痘多少钱



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