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Hello! Welcome back to the offices of Tip Top Trading, where Annas interview for a sales job continues.你好,欢迎回到Tip Top Trading办公室,安娜还在这里应聘她的销售岗位。When we last said goodbye, Tip Top boss Paul had asked Anna why she wanted the job.在上次我们说再会的时候,Tip Top的老板保罗询问安娜为何想要这份工作。First she said: Errr...mmmmm...她首先说:呃……嗯……Since then, shes added: Mmmm...errr...之后她又说:嗯……呃……And as we join her again, Anna is saying: Well, errrr...Im errr.当我们再和她在一起时,安娜说:那么,呃……我……Come on, Anna! If you cant think of the word you need, find another way of saying it.拜托,安娜,如果你找不到合适的词,换个别的方式表达。I am...Well, I really, really want this job and I am willing to work very hard if I get it.我真的很想要这份工作,如果应聘成功我会非常的努力工作。So you’re very motivated, then?那么你很有积极性?Motivated! Yes, that’s it. I am really motivated.积极性!没错。我很有积极性。Good! Why?很好,为什么?Now over to you Anna; structure your answer!现在轮到你了,安娜。组织好你的回答。Say, firstly, then give your first reason, secondly and then a second reason.说“首先”,然后给出你的第一条理由,“其次”然后给出第二条理由。Then say, above all and give a really, really good, enthusiastic final reason!然后说,“最重要的”给出最好,最积极的最后一条理由!Go for it: firstly!加油吧:首先! /201611/479862

US Envoy says US Not Interested in Dictating Pakistan's Policies美高官驳斥有关干预巴内政的说法 Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte has dismissed suggestions the ed States is trying to dictate anti-terrorism policy to Pakistan's new government. American diplomat made the statement at the end of meetings with Pakistani officials, politicians and military commanders. 美国副国务卿内格罗蓬特驳斥了美国正在设法指导巴基斯坦新政府的反恐政策的一些说法。他在跟巴基斯坦官员、政界人士以及军事指挥官的会晤即将结束时发表了上述讲话。Accompanied by another senior State Department official, Richard Boucher, Deputy Secretary of State Negroponte arrived in Islamabad hours before Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani was sworn in to lead a new coalition government. 在吉拉尼宣誓就任巴基斯坦新联合政府总理的几小时之前,美国副国务卿内格罗蓬特抵达伊斯兰堡。随同他访问的还有美国国务院的另一位高级官员包润石。The timing of the visit by two senior American diplomats has outraged many Pakistanis, and newspaper editorials condemned it as "meddling in Pakistan's internal affairs."两位美国高级外交官员访问巴基斯坦的时间让许多巴基斯坦人感到愤怒,一些报纸的社论对此表示谴责,认为这样做是“干涉巴基斯坦内政”。Speaking to reporters in Karachi at the end of his visit. Negroponte rejected that criticism, saying the visit was planned two months ago and was meant to reaffirm U.S support for the new Pakistani government. 内格罗蓬特在访问即将结束时在卡拉奇对记者讲话。他驳斥了这些批评。内格罗蓬特说,这次访问计划是在两个月前做出的,是为了再次实美国持巴基斯坦新政府。"There was no hidden agenda and certainly no desire to interfere or intervene in any way in the political arrangements that are developing," Negroponte said. "This suggestion that somehow we expect Pakistan to carry out activities, on our behalf and at our behest, that are not in Pakistan's interest is simply wrong." 内格罗蓬特说:“这次访问并没有隐藏的议程、当然也不希望以任何方式干涉巴基斯坦正在发展的政治安排。不知什么原因,这些批评人士认为我们期望巴基斯坦为了我们的利益、按照我们的要求,而不是为了巴基斯坦的利益采取行动。这种想法完全是错误的。”Pakistan's new prime minister and top leaders of his ruling coalition have said the country's policy of cooperating with the ed States in fighting terrorism will be presented before parliament for approval. They also have called for holding talks with militants fighting Pakistani troops in the remote tribal areas bordering Afghanistan. 巴基斯坦新任总理和执政联盟的高级领导人说,巴基斯坦在反恐方面与美国的合作政策将提交议会批准。他们还呼吁与激进分子举行会谈,这些激进分子正在与阿富汗交界的偏远部落地区和巴基斯坦军队作战。The White House has said it anticipates continued cooperation between the ed States and Pakistan. 白宫表示期待与巴基斯坦继续合作,But Negroponte's visit was being seen by many in Pakistan as an attempt to shore up President Pervez Musharraf. 但是,巴基斯坦的许多人认为,内格罗蓬特的这次访问是试图持穆沙拉夫总统。Deputy Secretary of State Negroponte says the Pakistani prime minister and other officials have assured him of Pakistan's resolve to tackle terrorism. He said there is no single solution to the issue of militancy.内格罗蓬特副国务卿说,巴基斯坦总理和其它官员向他保了巴基斯坦处理恐怖主义问题的决心。内格罗蓬特说,要解决激进主义的问题没有单一的解决方案。"Security measures obviously are necessary when one is talking about dealing with irreconcilable elements who want to destroy our very way of life. I do not see how you can talk with those kinds of people," Negroponte said. "On the other hand, there are reconcilable elements in any of these situations who hopefully can be persuaded to participate in the democratic political process."内格罗蓬特说:“当我们谈论怎样与那些不可能和解的人打交道时,显而易见,有必要采取安全措施。因为这些人要毁灭我们的生活方式。我们的确无法想象与这种人谈判;另一方面,在一定情形下,还有一些可以和解的人,我们希望说他们,让他们参与民主政治进程。”Negroponte rejected a report in the Washington Post newspaper that U.S. forces have recently escalated air strikes against al-Qaida targets in Pakistan's tribal areas. He says Washington only acts in cooperation with Pakistani authorities.内格罗蓬特驳斥了华盛顿邮报的报导,报导说,最近美国军队加大了针对巴基斯坦部落地区基地组织目标的空袭。他说,美国政府只有在与巴基斯坦合作的前提下才会采取行动。The deputy secretary of state said the ed States is funding projects aimed at improving economic and social conditions in the Pakistani tribal regions on the Afghan border as part of efforts to discourage extremism. 内格罗蓬特说,美国正在资助与阿富汗交界的巴基斯坦部落地区的一些项目,旨在改善那里的经济和社会条件,这是遏制极端主义的部分努力。The tribal regions are known as safe havens for al-Qaida and Taliban fugitives who are believed to have established bases there to launch cross border attacks on U.S-led forces hunting those militants. 这些部落地区被认为是基地组织和塔利班逃亡者的庇护所,据信,他们在那里建立基地,跨越边界向美国为首的联军发动袭击,联军正在这些部落地区追剿激进分子。200803/32615

Voters in the southern state of Mississippi are going to the polls in that state's Democratic Party presidential primary. Opinion polls put Senator Barack Obama in first place, but, Senator Hillary Clinton is likely to almost evenly split the state's 33 delegates. 美国南方的密西西比州星期二举行民主党总统初选。民意调查显示,奥巴马参议员在这个州领先。不过,克林顿参议员可能几乎同奥巴马平分这个州的33张党代表票。More than half of Mississippi's Democratic voters are African-Americans, a segment of the voting population that has favored Barack Obama in past contests and they are expected to help him win Tuesday's primary as well. Obama, whose father was from Kenya and whose mother was white, is likely to win more than half the votes, but Hillary Clinton will take away almost as many delegates.  密西西比州民主党选民有一半以上是非洲裔美国人。而非洲裔选民在过去的选举中是持奥巴马的。预计这些选民将帮助他赢得星期二的初选。奥巴马的父亲来自肯尼亚,母亲是白人。奥巴马可能会赢得半数以上的选票。但是克林顿可能将获得将近一半的党代表票。In Democratic contests the delegates are divided proportionally according the number of votes won by each candidate. Clinton is behind Obama by about 100 delegates at this point, but she is counting on a big win in Pennsylvania, which holds its primary on April 22. Polls show she has an advantage there.  在民主党的竞选中,党代表票是按照竞选人得票的比例分配的。目前克林顿的党代表票比奥巴马少大约100张。但是她期待在宾夕法尼亚州以很大优势取胜。宾州将在4月22号举行初选。民调显示克林顿在宾州拥有优势。Mississippi is a poor state and often lands at or near the bottom of national lists on such matters as rural poverty, educational achievement and school financing. Issue of concern for voters include the economy, health care, job creation and the war in Iraq. 密西西比是一个贫穷州。在那里,乡村贫穷、教育成就和学校的财政持大都处于全国最低的水平或者接近最低的水平。该州选民关心的问题包括经济、保健、创造就业和伊拉克战争。On the eve of the Mississippi primary, as both candidates appeared around the state, a controversy flared over Clinton remarks that seemed to suggest she would be willing to name Obama as her running mate. 密西西比州初选前夕,两位民主党竞选人都到那里竞选。克林顿的言论显示,克林顿愿意选择奥巴马作自己的竞选夥伴。这些言论引起了一场争议。"I have had people say to me, 'I wish I could vote for both of you.' Well, that might be possible some day," she said. 克林顿说:“有些人对我讲,‘我希望能投你们两个人的票’。我看,有一天这会成为可能。”Obama responded by rejecting the notion that he would accept the second-place spot on the ticket with Clinton. 奥巴马的反应是,拒绝接受作克林顿的副总统竞选夥伴的设想。"I do not know how somebody who is in second place is offering the vice presidency to someone who is in first place," he said. 奥巴马说:“首先,我不明白,在竞选中处于第二位的人怎么会提出,让处于第一位的人当副总统竞选夥伴呢?”Obama is also expressing irritation over assertions by Clinton that he is not experienced enough to take on the job of commander in chief. He questioned how Clinton could see him as a potential vice presidential candidate if she does not believe he is y for such responsibility. 奥巴马还对克林顿断言说他没有足够的经验担任三军统帅表示恼怒。奥巴马问到,如果克林顿不相信他作好了担负作三军统帅责任的准备,那么克林顿怎么会认为他有能力担任副总统候选人?Democratic leaders are concerned that such rhetorical skirmishes between the two candidates may help Republicans by giving them ideas on how to attack whichever of the two wins the Democratic nomination. Senator John McCain, who has clinched the Republican nomination, has been able to concentrate on building his team and financial resources for the November election, while the Democrats still struggle to finalize their selection process. 根据美国宪法,总统如有意外,副总统自动接替总统职务。民主党领导人担心,两位总统竞选人之间这种唇舌剑式的互相抨击可能会帮助共和党,因为这可能提醒共和党怎样攻击奥巴马和克林顿两人中胜出的民主党候选人。麦凯恩参议员已经获得了共和党的提名。他在集中建立自己的团队和财政资源,为11月大选作准备。民主党仍然在竭力完成该党推举候选人的过程。200803/30139

----And this morning on Today's How-To: saving time, work, family, errands, chores, oh, yeah, but how about having some fun once in a while? Did you feel like you need more hours from the day? Well, Good Housekeeping Magazine has some advice on how you can stop wasting time and get it all done. And here with the ur, top ten tips, is Carolyn Forte, hey Carolyn, good morning!---Good morning, Hoda, nice to be here!---You know, ah, well, a lot of us spend time looking for things in the morning? It's the glasses, it's the keys, and in my case it's always, always the other shoe.---(laugh) Yeah, the other shoe, (now, ah) yeah!I've been there.--- What are the biggest mistakes we made when it comes to that? ---And to speak to what you're saying, (Yeah) I think it's being organized. When you're disorganized, you don't know where things are, (right) you're rifling from drawers, rifling through closets, trying to find the thing that didn't go back where it belongs. So if you can stay your organized, you can really save some time.---All right. Let's start saving time right this minute. OK?--Okay.-- No. 1, your No.1 tip here is bank online. (Right). Now some people are afraid to do it, but you say (A little nervous) it's something smart. --Yeah, yeah, it is very safe. And we certainly recommend that you use your own bank's website. So go to the bank, talk to the consumer service representatives there. If you have some questions about how to do it, how safe it is, it's the best way to find out how safe it is and how easy...---And how much time do you think you saved, Carolyn, by doing that?---You know if you can, write, write in a lot of checks, if you're making transfers, checking your statements, you can save 30 minutes, up, even up to an hour.---I've seen um~a lot of this number, the second tip, which is online grocers (en hmm). Now, um that's really not for everyone, but you actually go grocery shopping online.---That's exactly what you do. And you know, if you are the type of person that wants to every label and look at every, every, er, piece of fruit, it's probably not for you. But, um, you know, if you wanna give up a little control, you can definitely save some time. ---And what's the good strategy if you decide to shop online?---What I would suggest is especially starting out, is do the staples online. The brands that you use all the time, the paper products, the cleaning products, the cereals, get that online and then go to the store for the meats in the produce.---Now for those who are big library people who like the library, you say make a preemptive strike basically and go online first before you actually make the trip out to the library. ---That's exactly right. Check, check the library's website. You can reserve books rather than make a trip and find out they don't have the book that you want. (Right) You can put it in order and they will call you and let you know when it's in and then you go get it.----Ah the fourth tip I like it a lot because I travel a lot. It is print your boarding pass before you go to the airport. (Yep) That is so smart, right?--- It, really, it's like why don't we think of this sooner, right? (Yeah). It's really amazing, especially you don't have to check luggage, cause if you have to check luggage it's gonna take you a little time. (Sure) But if you're just carrying on, you skip those chaos and go right to the gate.---That's brilliant. Now (yeah) for, for those of us who are always sort of looking for the same phone number, I know I'm like this. I leaf through the phone book, I find the phone number, I call it, I shut the phone book,(right), um, and then the next week I'm gonna use that same number.(right) What's the good way to sort of keep track of things? --- Highlight it, you know, just do it in a bright color, so it jumps out to you if it's something that you use often and organize your phone book (en hmm). That's really important. No more napkins and envelope flaps and old Christmas cards and phone numbers. Do it nicely and you will find things quicker.---Okay my big Achilles' heel for me is my purse. It is the bottomless horrible pit. (the pit) I don't even know what's in there. But you, show me the best way (Everything goes in there, right.) ---You've got a handy bag.---You've got a little, a little example here for you. And the first thing to do is keep a pen in every purse. (Pen in every purse), okay? (Yep) and a couple of pens, cause you, inevitably you are gonna run out of ink, (Yeah) so you wanna do that, em, what I like is a nice handy little bag, (what's in there?), a zip-topped bag of note cards, your stamps, (right) your address labels, so when you are waiting into, in line or waiting, for, a doctor's appointment, (en hmm, en hmm) you could write out notes quickly, okay? Keep an easy-to-find credit card, either credit card or ATM card. (ATM card, that's smart, you could have your ATM card in there), bright colors, you know, exactly where (right) it is to pull it out and a separate pouch inside for all your receipts, so that they don't wind up all over the place (en hmm). What you can do is keep them there organized. (Can I show you my purse just one second?) (laugh). Go through them once in a while. Just take a, take a shot in that baby. Can you see in there? There are Sudafed, makeup. Anyway. I thought it's a lot in there. ( We can give you a hand) It's bad. All right and you say, just lastly, it's good (ok), it's, it's a good idea to stash scissors in every single room so if you are wrapping presents, doing things.---Right, you'll, you'll always have a th you have to clip, a tag you have to take off, a little brush,er, and you know, right at the front door before you go out, make it look great. So...---You are so smart. I feel like we have saved time today, (we did,we did) Carolyn Forte, thank you so much. (Thank you) We really appreciate your time. 200810/51249

Katie: Couric: There are a lot further along with Dorry Winning which's just scaled than we thought.Donny Deustch: Let's scrape in our knuckles in other words, right.Katie Couric: Yeah, exactly. Well, I thought those guys were great, by the way, I am in love with Allen, he is in Houston now. What a nice guy.Donny Deustch: He is a good guy. Great, great 3-point shooter also. You know, I'm not surprised that....Katie Couric:Yeah, I, I thought that as well, a great 3-point shooter to me.Donny Deustch: I am not, I am not surprised the guys on camera, saying things ,these things will blow you away. He's basically regreted this world of Allen Orden for Donny O'Neal. Guys, 80% guys don't need more time to themselves. 80% guys we asked them, do, does your loved one tell you she loves sweet love? Absolutely. Do you want your woman to lose weight? Yes, 40% said yes. But would you think /...but would you think two out of...Katie Couric: But I didn't like that guy. 44% said yes, 53% said no, and 4% said not sure.Donny Deustch: But two out of three people in this country're technically overweight. So in reality, that's good news. Men like curves, you know, why don't women think, men ...Katie Couric:They like women with a little junk in her trunk as fiance says.Donny Deustch: A little junk in the trunk and a little stuff in the buff, whatever it is, don't like the skinny, Kate Moss. A curve is OK. And guys didn't want plastic surgery, two, over two thirds of guys, don't touch it, we like it the way it is, so I think the media (played this~)Katie Couric: Do you think they really think that, or do you think, you know, oftentimes in these polls, as you know, Donny, in your career in advertising, people really do say what they think they are supposed to say?Donny Deustch: On camera they do, but I think in an on-line poll and in an anonymous poll, I think that's when people have an opportunity though, you know what, nobody is watching I can say what I want, and I was blown away that you know, we've got this whole group of happily married guys in this country. They were all kidding. They kind of complain with the other guy friends, they say, oh, you know, ah, the old ball in chain. But in reality, when asked, do you want your wife to express herself less? No..Katie Couric:Yeah, it's so happy to hear about, because you know...Donny Deustch: No...I want it, bring it on, bring it on.Katie Couric: You know, well I think oftentimes, he is an odd character, caricatures, in generalization, (Yes, that's it.)about people and manner, you know...Donny Deustch: We wanna hear what's going on.Katie Couric: Are.. are as human as women, and(Just a little bit.) you know, they may communicate differently. But I think their basic needs and their basic desires are (Right.) are really quite similar.Donny Deustch: Here is the only kind of niche in the whole thing. They always skip on the whole thing. When you asked, 50% said they would like their wives or girlfriends to spend more time with their girlfriends. It was interesting. So then, does that... you know, solemnly mean they really do want time by themselves? But yes, we want our girls to be with other girls, that's OK. But do they want separate vacations? 3 out of 4 no. I wanna go away with the woman I love. Once again, are you nurtured enough? 83% Yes, we've got happy guys out there. We are not pinched, we are ok.Katie Couric: And what about the single ones vs. the married ones?Donny Deustch: Single ones , once again, a little more sexual obviously, but the guys...Katie Couric: And what'd they want in terms of sexy? (Aggressive.)Want woman to be more aggressive?Donny Deustch: More aggressive, more aggressive, they are overwhelming guys. They want women to make the move, they don't want to have to make the move, they want women, they want women, they want women, they want women! Here it is. I, I actually represent the picks. No, they want women to be more sexually aggressive.Katie Couric: Oh, gosh, so much to say so little time. (So little time.)Fine, Donny, please. All right, you can catch more Donny's insights on the Big Idea With Donny Deutsch. Week nights at 10:00 Eastern and Pacific on CN. 200808/46527

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