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And as he performed, I looked around the audience, and I saw their faces and the look in their eyes and their responsiveness to his music, and it was clear to me finally where the problem lay.他演出的时候,我看周围的观众,我看着他们的脸,他们的眼睛,他们对音乐的反应,很明显我知道了问题出在哪儿。It wasnt that the music that was lacking, it was my ability to appreciate it and to hear it in the right way.问题不在于音乐不够好,而在于我没有能力去欣赏,是我听的方式不对。The crowd, they would sing along and be totally immersed in his music.人群跟着一起唱,完全沉浸在他的音乐中。And I had this epiphany, that I was missing the point.我领悟到是我错了。And from now on, I was going to somehow learn how to get it.从此我开始学习如何欣赏它。I was gonna learn how to hear with local ears, and I deconstructed and analysed what it was, that made Chinese audiences connect with certain types of melodies and rhythms, and song structures, and lyrics, and thats what Ive been doing for the past almost twenty years.我开始学习如何用本土的方式来听,我解构它,分析它,是什么使中国听众喜欢这种独特的,旋律,节奏,歌曲结构和歌词,这就是过去的20年我一直在做的。And it took me a long time and I am still learning, but at some point, I not only began to be able to appreciate the music but I started being able to contribute to it and create my own fresh spins on the tried-and-true.这需要很长的时间,我仍然在学习,但从某一刻开始,我不仅能够欣赏这种音乐,而且我开始能够贡献于它,在实践当中贡献我自己的新鲜血液。And I think this happens to everyone, really, who is on the outside looking in, it always looks strange.我觉得这个发生在每一个人身上,真的,以一个局外者的视角向里探望总会觉得奇怪。If you looked at things from your perspective, youre always going to think that these people are weirdos, whats wrong with them, why are they listening to these stuff?如果你以自身的角度去审视别人,你总是会觉得这些人是怪人,他们到底怎么了,他们为什么听这些东西。And Im saying that you can make an effort and get , it can be done, and Im living proof of that.而我说,你可以努力并最终理解,我就是活生生的例子。And as an ambassador of Chinese pop, Im trying to get people to open up to a sound that they may not feel is palatable at the first listen.作为华语流行歌曲的大使,我力图让人们对第一次觉得别扭的音乐保持开放的心。So what else can we do to reduce this imbalance in our popular cultures?所以我们还能做什么来减少这种流行文化中的不平衡呢?Well, maybe give a talk at the Oxford Union. Tour more outside of China?也许在牛津辩论社做个演讲是其一。在中国之外多开演唱会?But seriously, actually I think the tides have aly started to change, very slowly, very cautiously, almost calculatingly. You see more cross-cultural exchange now.但严肃地说,我觉得潮流已经开始改变了,慢慢地,小心地,一步步地,你现在能看到更多跨文化交流了。More interest in China, definitely a lot of joint ventures, a lot of co-productions in recent years.更多人在中国投股,近年来,显然有了更多合资企业,更多的合作产品。201507/385477The Chinese economy is of course much smaller than the ed States; with a smaller motor, the world economy is likely to move forward at a slower pace. But within these limits a tectonic shift is taking place between the ed States and China with third parties reorienting themselves to the source of positive impulses. The shift may not be permanent or irreversible, but at the present moment, it constitutes the most predictable and significant trend in the global political economy and China is pulling its trading partners like Brazil and some African and Asian counties along with it. India is also doing well based on domestic growth.中国的经济总量显然要比美国小得多;马达变小了,世界经济发展可能会放慢步伐。 但是,由于这些限制,美国与中国之间正在发生结构性的变化,别的国家也在重新调整自己的方向以找到发展的原动力。这个变化也许不会是永久的或不可逆转的,但在目前,这是全球政治经济可预测和显著的趋势。中国正在带动像巴西这样的贸易伙伴和一些非洲、亚洲的国家向前发展。印度立足于国内,经济增长势头良好。The success of Chinese economic policy cannot be taken for granted. The infrastructure investment in the Chinese hinterland may or may not generate self-sustaining economic growth. Under the Chinese system, the return on new investments is generally very low because investment decisions are dictated by political rather than commercial considerations. On the previous two occasions, the relaxation of bank credit produced a spate of bad loans.我们也不能想当然地认为中国经济政策必定会成功。在中国内地,政府对基础设施的投资会不会使经济保持自我持续的增长还是个未知数。在中国的体制下,因为投资决策是出于政治而非商业考虑,所以新投资的回报率通常很低。前两次信贷的宽松导致了大批不良贷款。201409/331392

Hi, everybody. One of the things that makes America great is our passion for innovation – that spirit of discovery and entrepreneurship that helps us meet any challenge. One of the greatest challenges of our time is climate change. Over the last seven years, weve made historic investments in clean energy that helped private sector companies create tens of thousands of good jobs. And today, clean power from the wind or the sun is actually cheaper in many communities than dirtier, conventional power. Its helped grow our economy and cut our total carbon pollution more than any other country on earth. That leadership helped bring nearly 200 nations together in Paris around the most ambitious climate agreement in history. And in Paris, we also launched one of the most important partnerships ever assembled to accelerate this kind of clean energy innovation around the world. Investors and business leaders including Bill Gates, Meg Whitman, and Mark Zuckerberg joined us, pledging their own money to help advance new technologies to the market. Thats important because well only meet this challenge if the private sector helps lead the way. As I said in my State of the Union Address, rather than subsidize the past, we should invest in the future. Thats why the budget I will send to Congress this Tuesday will double funding for clean energy research and development by 2020. This will include new investments to help the private sector create more jobs faster, lower the cost of clean energy faster, and help clean, renewable power outcompete dirty fuels in every state. And while Republicans in Congress are still considering their position on climate change, many of them realize that clean energy is an incredible source of good-paying jobs for their constituents. Thats why we were able to boost clean energy research and development in last years budget agreement. And I hope they support my plan to double that kind of investment. Because its making a difference across the country. In Idaho, our Battery Test Center is helping electric cars run longer on a single charge. In Ohio, entrepreneurs are pioneering new ways to harness wind power from the Great Lakes. In Tennessee, researchers are partnering with utilities to boost storage and solar power to create a more resilient electric grid. The point is, all across the country, folks are putting their differences aside to face this challenge as one. Washington should do the same. Thats how were going to solve this challenge – together. And thats how were going to give our kids and grandkids the future they deserve – one with a safe, secure, and prosperous planet. Thanks, everybody, and have a great weekend.201602/426537

What am I doing here?我为何还站在这里Well, the fact of the matter is事实上,the best science tells us that the capacity of the human body,最可信的科学表明人类能活,my body, your body,我和你们一样is about 90 years,大约九十岁a little bit more for women.当然,女性稍微长一些But life expectancy in this country但是这个国家的平均寿命is only 78.仅仅78岁So somewhere along the line,距离平均线were leaving about 12 good years on the table.明显还差了12年These are years that we could get.这十二年是我们能得到的。And research shows that they would be years largely free of chronic disease,研究表明这些年主要是免于慢性疾病的年月,比如heart disease, cancer and diabetes.心脏病,癌症和糖尿病We think the best way to get these missing years我们认为要得到这12年,最好的方法是is to look at the cultures around the world去欣赏全世界的文化that are actually experiencing them,并且实地体验areas where people are living to age 100100岁的人居住的地方at rates up to 10 times greater than we are,比我们大十倍areas where the life expectancy的地方的人平均寿命is an extra dozen years,要多12年。the rate of middle age mortality is a fraction这个国家的of what it is in this country.中年人死亡率很低。We found our first Blue Zone about 125 miles我们发现第一个蓝区距离撒丁岛的off the coast of Italy, on the island of Sardinia.意大利海岸大约125英里And not the entire island, the island is about 1.4 million people,这个岛大约有140万人,但是并非分布于整个岛屿,but only up in the highlands, an area called the Nuoro province.他们只在一个叫怒奥罗的高低上居住And here we have this area where men live the longest,这个区域的人寿命最长about 10 times more centenarians than we have here in America.逾百岁的人是我们在这里居住的美国的10倍多And this is a place where people not only reach age 100,这个地方的人不仅活到100岁they do so with extraordinary vigor.而且精力异常充沛Places where 102 year olds still ride their bike to work,活到102岁仍然骑自行车工作chop wood, and can beat a guy 60 years younger than them.伐木,能打败小他们60岁的人Their history actually goes back to about the time of Christ.他们的历史追溯到基督时代Its actually a Bronze Age culture thats been isolated.是被隔离的青铜时代的文化。Because the land is so infertile,因为这块地如此贫瘠they largely are shepherds,他们大多是牧羊人which occasions regular, low-intensity physical activity.工作时间稳定,体力活动强度低。Their diet is mostly plant-based,他们的饮食以素食为主,accentuated with foods that they can carry into the fields.是地里自产的食物They came up with an unleavened whole wheat b他们找到了一种未经发酵的全麦面包called carta musica made out of durum wheat,那是由硬质小麦和a type of cheese made from grass-fed animals一种食草动物的奶做成的奶酪so the cheese is high in Omega-3 fatty acids所以奶酪含有高欧米茄-3脂肪酸instead of Omega-6 fatty acids from corn-fed animals,而不是食谷类动物奶做成的欧米茄-6脂肪酸奶酪and a type of wine that has three times the level还有一种酒,它的多酚含量of polyphenols than any known wine in the world.是世界所有已知酒类所含含量的三倍Its called Cannonau.它叫卡诺乌红葡萄酒But the real secret I think lies more但我认为真正的秘诀多取决于in the way that they organize their society.他们社会组成的方式。And one of the most salient elements of the Sardinian society撒丁岛社会里一个最显著的现象是,is how they treat older people.他们如何对待老人You ever notice here in America, social equity你曾注意过美国的社会平等seems to peak at about age 24?在大约24岁时达到高峰吗Just look at the advertisements.来看看这些广告吧Here in Sardinia, the older you get在撒丁岛,年纪越大the more equity you have,享受的平等权就越多,the more wisdom youre celebrated for.被颂扬的才智就越多。You go into the bars in Sardinia,进入撒丁岛的酒吧instead of seeing the Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendar,不看体育画报的泳装表演日程,取而代之的是you see the centenarian of the month calendar.看每月日历上的百岁老人This, as it turns out, is not only good for your aging parents这个已被明,不仅有益于你的年迈父母to keep them close to the family --使他们更靠近家庭it imparts about four to six years of extra life expectancy --而且传授大约4到6年的额外寿命。research shows its also good for the children of those families,研究表明对那些家庭的孩子也很有益who have lower rates of mortality and lower rates of disease.因为这些家庭的死亡率和疾病率比较低Thats called the grandmother effect.那被称为祖母效应201507/386138

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