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嘉兴冰点激光脱毛哪家医院好浙江嘉兴绣眉哪家好秀城区做颧骨整型多少钱 Massachusetts Man Paddles Eight Miles in a 1200-Pound Pumpkin #39;Boat#39;马萨诸塞州男子乘1200磅南瓜船划了8英里Todd Sandstrum isn#39;t the first person to transform a large, hollowed-out pumpkin into a seaworthy boat. But according to The Enterprise, the Easton, Massachusetts resident is likely the only individual who#39;s ever paddled a 1240-pound gourd for eight miles straight.Todd Sandstrum并不是第一个把大南瓜掏空当船划的人。但是据报道,这个马萨诸塞州居民可是第一个乘1240磅的大南瓜在水上划了8公里的第一人。On Saturday, September 3, Sandstrum made a successful effort to sail his way into the Guinness World Records by attempting a category he#39;d created himself: “Longest Journey in a Pumpkin Boat (paddling).” In all, the trip only took Sandstrum around four hours, 13 minutes to complete. The feat isn#39;t officially verified yet—but the daring farmer#39;s chances look pretty good; he traveled eight miles down the Taunton River, from Dighton to Fall River, inside a pumpkin that won a weigh-off at the Marshfield Fair in Marshfield, Massachusetts in August.9月3日,周六那天,Sandstrum顺利完成这一挑战,还打破了他之前独创的“南瓜船最长划行距离”吉尼斯纪录。完成这一挑战总共花了4小时13分钟。虽然目前该纪录还未被吉尼斯官方公,但这个农民小哥开心极了;他乘着八月在马萨诸塞州马什菲尔德展览会上选出的“最重南瓜”改造的南瓜船,沿着汤顿河划了8英里,从戴顿一直划到福尔里弗。This isn#39;t Sandstrum#39;s first shot at a world record. Last year, in September 2015, he resolved to steer an 800-pound pumpkin nearly 14 miles down the Taunton River. A sprained ankle forced the sailor to set a more realistic goal, and he ended up striving for nearly eight miles instead. Ultimately, because of the injury, leg cramps, and other logistical difficulties, Sandstrum only completed around four miles. This length was much shorter than he#39;d aimed for, even though the Guinness organization had set a looser, three-mile guideline for the first-time feat.这不是Sandstrum第一次挑战吉尼斯纪录。2015年9月,他就打算划着800磅的南瓜船沿汤顿河行进14英里。但过程中膝盖不慎扭伤,只得把目标定为8英里。最终,由于膝盖疼痛,腿抽筋和其他问题,他只行进了4英里。虽然与他当初的目标相去甚远,但吉尼斯纪录设的挑战标准也比较松。第一次只划3英里就能记入纪录。This year, Sandstrum wanted to beat his personal goal by paddling even further—and to verify his accomplishment, he ensured the entire thing was captured on . (Last year#39;s attempt didn#39;t have full documentation from start to finish, Sandstrum told The Enterprise, so it didn#39;t end up making Guinness.)今年,Sandstrum打算挑战自己的记录,并用摄像机把整个记录记下来。(去年的挑战全程没有被记录下来,所以没被吉尼斯收录。)According to Modern Farmer, both pumpkin stunts were performed to promote agricultural awareness and education. Sandstrum is a consultant for Crave Food Services, an online service that pairs restaurants with local farmers, and he#39;s passionate about “getting kids out in the dirt and growing something, and to understand where food comes from,” he told the magazine.据美国《登农夫》杂志报道,南瓜船表演主要是为了提高公众农业意识和教育。 Sandstrum是“热爱食物务网”的顾问,这个网主要提供当地农户和饭店点对点的务。同时,Sandstrum还很热衷于宣传“让孩子亲近泥土,播种粮食,了解食物的来源”的概念。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201609/465417嘉兴抽脂手术减肥多少钱

平湖市哪家医院脱毛好海盐县人民医院打玻尿酸多少钱 I started jogging from 2014, not everyday, basically 3 times one week (around 20km each week), here is what I benefit from jogging:我从2014年开始慢跑,并非每天,基本是一周三次(大概一周跑20公里),以下是跑步带给我的益处:* Good sleep良好的睡眠。* More energy during daytime白天精力更充沛。* Good body shape and posture漂亮的身形和站姿。* More positive and confident更积极、自信。* Skin is better and better, even with less skin care即使对皮肤很少保养,皮肤还是越来越好* Pay more attention to the health, eat health, exercise health, work health etc.更加关注健康,饮食健康,运动健康,以及工作健康等。* Less anxiety and keep inner peace, and won#39;t lose my temper easily just like before.焦虑减,少内心平静,不再容易发脾气。* Won#39;t quit easily like before, can insist doing something longer than before.不再轻易放弃,可以比以往坚持更久。* Proud of myself that I can keep running over 2 years对于自己可以坚持慢跑两年感到自豪。 /201701/487927嘉兴冰点无痛脱体毛哪家医院好

桐乡治疗咖啡斑价格Have you ever seen Kate Middleton at an official engagement carrying anything other than a clutch?你见过凯特·米德尔顿在正式场合携带其它东西而不是包包的情况吗?We know--we too racked our brains (a.k.a. Google) trying to find at least one exception, but alas, the clutch is as much a Kate Middleton staple as is her bouncy hair.我们知道--即使是绞尽脑汁(也就是搜遍谷歌全网)也不会找到一次例外,哎,包包同凯特·米德尔顿那极富弹性的头发一样重要。However, the reason the Duchess of Cambridge always seems to select a small box clutch goes far deeper than fashion-statement purposes.不过,这位剑桥公爵总是选择手提一个小型包包的原因远不止是出于诠释时尚。Myka Meier, founder of Beaumont Etiquette, told Good Housekeeping that Kate ;holds her bag in front of her in both hands when shaking hands might be awkward.; Yes, duchesses have awkward moments too.Beaumont Etiquette的创始人麦卡·米亚向杂志《好管家》透露,凯特在面临握手尴尬时会把包包放到自己的双手前。是的,公爵夫人也会有尴尬的时候。MailOnline#39;s expert, William Hanson, explains, ;It is protocol that you do not extend your hand to any member of the royal family (blood royal or those who have married into the family) unless their hand extends first.;《每日邮报网》的专家威廉·汉森解释称:“这是一种外交礼仪,你不要伸手与王室的任何成员(王族或者是那些嫁入王室的人)握手,除非他们主动伸手”。Hence, the reason Kate feels the need to pick a bag that puts both her hands out of commission.所以,这就是凯特觉得有必要提个使她不能腾出双手的包包的原因。So if you want to take a page from Kate#39;s book at your next awkward family gathering (or during flu season), keep your clutch in both hands and smile politely.因此,如果你想要在下一次尴尬的家庭聚会(或者是流感季节)当中效仿凯特,那么就双手提个包包、有礼貌地微笑。 /201701/489582 嘉兴去除肿眼泡浙江去除眼袋多少钱



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