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A: Hey, Nicole. It's Jimmy in 3.B: Hi there, Jimmy. What can I do you?A: I screwed up, and I need your help.B: Tell me the specific problem. Let me see what I can do.A: I've torn my apartment apart, but I can't find my mailbox key.B: Well, you should be grateful it wasn't your car keys.A: On top of that, I couldn't find the duplicate either.B: If you need to get in there, come by and borrow a key.A: No, my mailbox is usually empty anyway.B: Well, then, I'll make you two more keys on Wednesday.A: No problem. I can wait till Wednesday. Maybe there'll be something in there by then.B: Okay. Have $ y when you see me Wednesday】.

A: Yes, this is John Smith. How may I help you?B: Hello, John. Terry Evans here. I'm happy to give you some good news.A: Great shoot.B: The apartment owner likes you. He has approved your rental application.A: Oh, thank you--that's the news I was hoping to hear!B: Bee you move in, of course, you have to pay some fees.A: Fees, I'm confused. What fees are you talking about?B: You know, the security deposit, and the first and last month's rent.A: Oh, I got it. I thought you were talking about something else.B: Just send me a check ,500. That's the deposit of ,000, plus $,500 rent.A: Just give me your address, and I'll mail the check today.B: You can send it to 35 E. Foothill Blvd., Pasadena, CA 9.A: So, when can I start packing? When can I move in?B: Your rent will start on the first, so move in then. Stop by here your keys.A: Very good! Now all I need is your phone number.B: Call my office anytime at 66-555-3000. 58

Police rescued two teens from an oncoming train in Changde, Hunan Province, on last Monday as the unaware pair was preoccupied with taking selfies on railroad tracks.上周一,湖南省常德市的警方在列车迎面而来时及时解救了两名青少年,当时这两个人正在铁道上自拍而对火车毫不知情The incident follows the death of a young woman last month in Guangdong Province who was struck by a train while posing similar photos. The news has prompted concerns on social media about what appears to be a growing trend of train track photography among teens.该事件发生之前,广东省上个月就发生过一名年轻女子因为自拍而丧命于铁道的事情这一消息随即在社交媒体上引起了对越来越多的青少年在铁道上拍照这一趋势的关注Railway personnel at Hanshou Station first caught sight of the two girls taking photos of each other perming splits along the tracks. And the employees quickly notified police officers stationed nearby.事发当时,汉寿火车站的铁路工作人员首先注意到了两个女孩在轨道上互相拍照并表演‘一字马’随即工作人员迅速通知了驻扎在附近的警察Officers arrived just in time to pull the girls from the tracks bee the train rushed past, Hunan-based Changsha Evening News reported.据湖南省《长沙晚报报道,之后警察及时赶到,在火车驶过之前把女孩拉离了铁道The two high school seniors, both , later told police the oncoming locomotive had totally caught them by surprise. They were reprimanded by officers their behavior and released to their parents.事发之后,这两名岁的高中生告诉警察称,迎面而来的火车头已经让她们完全懵住了而她们也因其行为受到了警方的斥责,并回到了自己的父母身边Train track selfies are an emerging trend on Chinese social media. In particular, among teenage girls their romantic overtones and connotations of adventure. But sometimes the perfect photo op can be deadly.火车轨道自拍现在成为了中国社交媒体上的最新趋势特别是在十几岁的女孩当中,她们认为这充满浪漫色和冒险精神但有时拍摄完美的照片可能是致命的A 19-year-old girl was killed by an oncoming train April 9 while taking selfies near tracks in Foshan, Guangdong Province.今年月9日,一名19岁的女孩在广东佛山附近的铁道上自拍,却最终惨死于迎面驶来的火车While taking photos with trains is not illegal, trespassing on tracks is. However, punishment and fines are light.虽然与火车拍照并不违法,但擅自通过铁道却是违法的不过目前相关的处罚和罚款都很轻 9

This is the hair-raising moment a stunning Russian model posed a death-defying photoshoot on top of one of the world tallest skyscrapers.这是一个惊心动魄的时刻:一位美貌的俄罗斯模特在世界最高的天大楼之一拍下了这张“亡命照”Viki Odintcova, 3, was held up only by the hand of a male assistant as she leaned out into thin air from the 1,0-foot tall Cayan Tower in Dubai in a bid to get the perfect Instagram shot.为了拍下完美照片在Instagram分享,3岁的Viki Odintcova爬上英尺(约3米)高的迪拜卡延大厦楼顶,探身出去,置身于稀薄的空气中她仅仅靠抓住一名男助理的手保自己不摔下去The Russian model first tilted backwards over the huge drop, bee dangling high above the ground from the arm of her bearded helper.她先是身体尽量向后倾斜,随后整个身体悬挂在空中,仅靠抓住助理的手保不掉下去The Instagram queen, who has more than three million followers on social media, admitted that she was a bit nervous bee the stunt.作为Instagram “女王”,Viki拥有超过300万粉丝,她承认这次拍摄前有点紧张I still cannot believe that I did it. Every time I watch this , my palms get sweaty, said the St Petersburg-based beauty.这位来自圣彼得堡的美女说:“每次我回看这段画面都会手心出汗,真不敢相信我做到了”Ms Odintsova posted the on her social media page where it quickly went viral.她把视频上传到了社交网站上,这段视频迅速走红The model is a big proponent of a healthy lifestyle and has said she takes her fitness very seriously.这位模特是健康生活方式的坚定持者,还曾表示自己非常看重身体健康Many of her fans were stunned she permed the stunt without any safety equipment. If she did use any secret safety equipment, it certainly well hidden from the naked eye.很多粉丝都惊呆了,她竟然在不使用任何保护措施的情况下表演特技如果她的确使用了一些秘密的安全装备,那肯定隐藏得很好,让人看不见Some pointed out that she would not have had a chance of surviving if anything had gone wrong.有人指出,如果出了什么差错,她连生还的可能性都没有One commented: How can you disregard your life like that? If I was your parent I would smack both you and the guy with the beard!还有人:“你怎么能这样不顾性命呢?如果我是你的父母一定把你和那个助理都揍一顿”Some users accused her of copying another beautiful young Russian, Angelina Nikolau, 3, who has made headlines around the world with her dangerous selfies taken on top of skyscrapers.一些用户指责她模仿了另一位年轻的俄罗斯美女,3岁的Angelina Nikolau,她也曾因为在天大楼拍摄了危险的自拍照而登上全球媒体的头条The Cayan Tower was the world tallest building with a 90-degree twist when it opened in .卡延大厦年对外开放时是世界最高建筑,楼体旋转90度 98

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