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泉州去眼代在泉州哪里点痣好第一句:Where do you want to have arbitration held?贵方希望仲裁在哪里进行?A: Where do you want to have arbitration held?贵方希望仲裁在哪里进行?B: If we submit the case for arbitration, the place for arbitration is to be in Japan.如果是我方递交案例,仲裁地就在日本。A: OK.好的。第二句:If you submit the case for arbitration, the place for arbitration is to be in China.如果你方递交仲裁案例,那就在中国。A: How about we submit the case?如果我方递交呢?B: If you submit the case for arbitration, the place for arbitration is to be in China.如果你方递交仲裁案例,那就在中国。A: OK.好的。B: As far as the place for arbitration is concerned, the customary practice is to hold arbitration in the country of defendant.就仲裁地而言,惯例是在被告国家进行仲裁。其他表达法:当事人申请仲裁,应当向仲裁委员会递交仲裁协议、仲裁申请书及副本。If the buyer is the plaintiff, the arbitration shall take place in Beijing.如果卖方是起诉人,仲裁将在北京进行。Generally speaking, all the fee for arbitration shall be borns by the losing party unless otherwise awarded by the court in Shanghai.总的来说,在上海所有的仲裁费用将由败诉的一方承担,除非法庭有特别判罚。 /201211/208324泉州脱毛美容医院 商务英语必备1000字 39暂无文本 /200708/16512Lisa请Shirley吃饭,说自己想回学校去读个硕士或是士学位,征求Shirley的意见。Shirley说,Shirley:I got my Masters in Business Management. Its helped my career, but it took several years of hard studying. If I didnt have a supportive family and a husband with a good job, I dont think I could have done it.L:So youre counseling me against this idea?S:Not necessarily, but I do recommend taking a slow approach.Can you take some night classes or find some way to keep working while you go back to school?L:Might be difficult.Shirley念的商业管理硕士学位,她觉得,自己之所以能读下来,靠的是家人的持,和老公的高收入。Lisa问Shirley是不是劝她放弃这种想法,so youre counseling me against it? to counsel someone against something意思是劝说某人不要做某事。Shirley说,not necessarily那也不一定。她建议Lisa慢慢来,take a slow approach, 看能不能边工作边选课。Lisa觉得不太实际。S:Maybe you could get an MBA or something more marketable.L:Thats worth considering.S:I got my BA from Brown University. My major was Environmental Studies but that hasnt been as useful as the business courses I took.L:Or maybe I should just take some courses that Im interested in, but skip the Masters.S:Thats another idea, but if you really have a dream, dont let anything stop you from going for it! Going back to school is hard, but its not impossible.Shirley劝Lisa考虑其他更容易找高薪工作的专业。不过,她同时也鼓励Lisa说,if you really have a dream, dont let anything stop you from going for it! 如果这真是你的梦想的话,那就不要让任何事情阻挡你。L:Youre right! I need to decide if this is truly what I want.S:And take your time. Youre still young. Maybe theres even a correspondence course you can take during your free time.L:Yeah! Then I could slowly build up credits and maybe later transfer into a university program.S:There you go! Thats some clear thinking.L:I guess I just love learning! I remember the day my SAT test scores came back....I was so excited!S:(chuckle) I dont remember loving school quite so much....most of the time I was either bored or totally stressed out. But like I said earlier, if you have a dream, dont let anything hold you back!Shirley说,Lisa甚至可以抽空先选几门correspondence course函授课程,这样可以慢慢积攒一些学分credits, 以后如果真想读学位,也可以用得上。她再次强调说,If you have a dream, dont let anything hold you back. 意思是有梦想,就不要让任何事情拉你的后腿。 /201205/182109泉州提眉切眉哪家好

泉州祛痣哪家医院泉州假体隆鼻手术价格 在公司的一场研讨会上,大家纷纷提出各自的营销方案。其中有一个方案很不错,要能实施下来的话,会给公司带来很大的业绩。但Catherine旁边的同事却很不满,因为那个方案需要每个员工付出努力去完成,而这位同事一向比较懒惰,所以对任何一个新项目都抱有抵触情绪。Catherine就对他说:Success is not gained through blind luck; you have to work hard for it. Success is not gained through blind luck; you have to work hard for it. 成功可不是撞大运来的,你必须去拼搏与奋斗。大家都知道good luck是“好运”的意思,而blind luck则是“纯粹的运气,撞大运”,有点像blind date,表面意思是“盲目的约会“,也就是不知道约会对象到底是什么样子,这就是我们说的相亲。所以blind luck也就是不知到底会是怎样的结果,完全凭运气的意思。 Benjamin: We are so tired now, why does John put forward the tiresome suggestion?本杰明:我们已经很累了,为什么约翰还要提出那么累人的建议啊?Todd: Don't think like that. Success is not gained through blind luck.托德:不要那样想。成功可不是撞大运来的。背景音乐:A Place Nearby◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎泉州永春县美容院哪里好

泉州哪个医院点痣好Anna: (On the phone) …yes, we have plenty in stock. Theyre £4 per unit… Oh, well, they are good quality ones…Narrator: Anna 联系的法国公司回电了。真希望他们能下订单。Anna: ….laser technology isnt cheap… hmm, I see… Well, thanks for calling back… Bye.Paul: Everything OK Anna?Anna: Not really. One of the companies I cold called has rung back…Paul: Good, good…Anna: …but they dont want to place an order. They say were too expensive.Paul: So you let them go? Didnt you negotiate with them?Anna: Oh, was I meant to? I wasnt sure what to say.Tom: Having trouble Anna? Dont worry, Im sure I can help. Negotiating is my thing!Narrator: ;Negotiating is my thing;! 这么骄傲?不过 Tom 当过年度最佳雪梨销售员,所以他还是有点儿能耐的。Anna: Are you sure Tom? Dont you want to negotiate your own deals?Tom: I owe you one Anna after you saved my bacon with Mr Socrates the other night. And besides, you and me…Paul: Come on you two. Get a move on. Europe is waiting for us! Custard cream?Tom: Right. Now you need to call that French company back and ask them what kind of price they are willing to pay.Anna: And then say thats fine?Tom: No. Negotiate. Say ;I dont think we can go that low.;Anna: ;I dont think we can go that low.;Tom: If they want a bigger discount, tell them they would have to buy more stock.Anna: More stock, bigger discount.Tom: And if you still cant agree a price tell them ;Ill meet you half way.;Anna: Meet half way?! That means going to Paris.Tom: No! Half way on the price. That line always works for me. I sold a load of plastic pears that way once.Anna: So thats ;Ill meet you half way;. Thanks Tom. Im really impressed. You… you…Tom: Do you?!Anna: What? I was going to say, you really do know your stuff – despite what other people say.Tom: Uh?Anna: Right, Im off to make that call right now.Narrator: 祝你好运 Anna, Tom 表现真不错!他的建议还挺有用的,不过能行吗?让我们再听听 Tom 的建议。What kind of price are you willing to pay?I dont think we can go that low.If you buy more stock I can offer you a bigger discount.Ill meet you half way.Narrator: 不知道 Anna 那边怎样了…Anna: Success! Theyve agreed to buy 5,000 Imperial Lemons.Tom: Brilliant. I knew you would be great. Did those killer lines of mine work?Anna: Sort of – but when I said what price were they looking to pay, they said the full price as long as I send them the contract today so I had better get an envelope and post it as soon as I can.Tom: Oh great.Anna: Tom… Tom…can you come over here to the stationery cupboard and get an envelope from the top shelf for me?Tom: Suppose so… (Door slams shut)…oh!Anna: Oh Tom, why did you do that? It wont open… its locked… help, help!Tom: Help!Narrator: Uh Oh. 这可有意思了,Anna 和 Tom 被反锁在文具柜里了,他们该怎么解释呢?我们下期节目继续。Bye! 听力挑战:法国的公司同意从 Tip Top Trading 购买什么商品?上期:Denise 说她的强项是什么?:给潜在客户打冷电话。 /201211/211115 “商务场景→英语句子”让你闭目养神时听一听,就能记住很多有“现场感”的英语句子,让你面对“紧急”的商务场景,也能应对自如。 /201309/254523泉州祛斑美白哪家好泉州德化县针灸减肥的医院



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