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Ever wonder what keeps some people faithful while others are sping their cooties all around town? Well, there#39;s more to monogamy than sheer willpower, according to new research.你是否好奇为什么有些人忠诚,而另一些人却到处沾花惹草?根据最新研究表明,一夫一妻制需要的不仅仅是单纯的意志力。In a study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, scientists recruited nearly 250 heterosexual people and had them rate the attractiveness of members of the opposite sex…all in the name of science.在一项发表在《人格与社会心理学报》的研究中,科学家招募了250名异性恋,并要求他们对其他异性成员的吸引力打分...一切以科学的名义。In one experiment, people were shown a pic of someone of the opposite sex, as well as a profile that included whether they were single or in a relationship. People who were in a relationship tended to say that single people (who might be a ;threat to their relationship,; according to the study) were less attractive than other single people deemed them.在一项实验中,在向人们展示异性的照片时,还附上照片上的人是单身或交往的信息。相比于单身的人,那些正在交往的人会觉得照片上的单身人士比较缺乏吸引力(研究说这是因为单身人士可能会“威胁到他们现在已有的关系”)。In a second experiment, people were asked to report how satisfied they were in their relationship before ranking the attractiveness of others. People who said they were happy with their S.O. once again ranked single folks as less attractive. But, those who weren#39;t all that satisfied in their relationship were more likely to say those singles were lookin#39; mighty fine.在第二项实验中,在要求参与者为其他人打分前,先询问他们对目前交往关系的满意程度。那些对自己的伴侣比较满意的人,会觉得照片上的单身人士吸引力较低。但是,对自己交往关系不满意的人,会觉得照片上的单身人士看起来不错。While this is super interesting, what does it mean? Scientists say that when we#39;rehappy in a relationship, we want to keep things that way. As a result, we unconsciously downgrade the looks of other people in our minds so that they don#39;t tempt us to cheat.很有趣对吧,这意味着什么呢?科学家对此表示,当我们对自己的交往关系满意时,我们想保持现状。因而,我们会无意识地为其他人的外观打出低分,这样他们就不会诱使我们出轨。Of course, there#39;s a huge difference between thinking someone is hot and actually stepping out on your S.O., and it#39;s totally possible to think Zac Efron is sexy while still being into your guy (ahem, just saying...).当然,觉得某个人很火辣,和真的背着你的伴侣出轨之间有着巨大的不同。你可以在忠于你的伴侣的同时,仍觉得扎克·埃夫隆性感(咳咳,只是说说…) /201607/453536

The meat industry has long been linked to animal suffering and harmful effects on the environment – but for meat-lovers, saying goodbye to chicken wings or a juicy hamburger isn#39;t always an easy decision.长期以来,肉类行业都和危害动物以及对环境的有害影响联系在一起--但是对于喜好肉食的人来说,不吃鸡翅或者美味多汁的汉堡并不是一件容易的事。Now, a new IndieGogo campaign claims to have found a cruelty-free solution – and it doesn#39;t require giving up your favourite foods.现在,众筹平台IndieGogo上一个项目声称,他们找出了一个无残酷性的解决方法--而且这个方法还不会要你戒掉你最爱的食物。Israeli startup #39;SuperMeat#39; is working to develop a way to grow #39;meal-y#39; meat in the lab using tissue samples from a chicken, with hopes real animal meat can one day be mass produced without actually harming any animals.以色列一家名为“SuperMeat”的初创企业正在致力于研发出一种在实验室里培育出“可供烹食”肉类的方法,使用的材料则是来自鸡的组织细胞样本。他们希望有一天可以大批量生产真正的动物肉类,同时不用去伤害任何动物。According to the campaign, #39;cultured meat#39; can be healthier, more humane, and could even help to fight world hunger.据该项目组织透露,“培养肉”更健康、更加人性化、甚至有助于对抗全球饥饿。While it#39;s early in the development process, SuperMeat says its product is expected to cost just per pound, according to Gizmag.据Gizmag透露,目前研发还处于早期阶段,“SuperMeat”表示,他们的产品美磅成本预计5美元。The startup#39;s cultured meat would use a small tissue sample from a chicken, collected without harming the animal, they say.该团队表示,他们的培养肉最开始使用的是一小块取自鸡身上的组织细胞样本,且该样本是在不伤害鸡的情况下取得的。These cells would be grown and duplicated in a #39;nutrient soup,#39; allowing them to form tissues and eventually, actual meat. It wouldn#39;t just taste like chicken – it is chicken, without the negative impacts, they argue.这些细胞将会放置在“营养汤”中,任其生长、复制,让它们形成组织,并且最终变成真正的肉。这些肉尝起来跟鸡肉的味道并不是完全一样--但是该团队认为这就是鸡肉,且没有副作用。The campaign argues that cultured meat could one day revolutionize the industry, helping to reduce carbon emissions and increase food safety around the world.该团队表示,培养肉总有一天会彻底改变这个行业,且有助于减少二氧化碳的排放,改善世界各地的食品安全。 /201608/458940

We know you mean well and you#39;re just trying to make us feel better, but there are some things single women just wish they didn#39;t have to hear.  作为单身,虽然知道你是一片好心,你只是想安慰我们,但是有些话单身女性就是不愿意听到。  Stop saying things like...  不要再对她们说……  1. ;Why are you still single?;  “你怎么还单着?”  Are you asking me to tell you a deep, hidden flaw that drives men away when they get to know me well enough? Are you asking me to retrace my steps through past relationships and find the mistake I made that thwarted a walk down the aisle? Or are you asking me this question because you think I#39;ve never asked it of myself?  你是不是想问我,我身上有什么深藏的隐秘缺陷,以至于对方一旦了解我,就会赶紧躲开?或者你是不是想让我回顾一遍我过去的恋爱史,找到自己曾经犯下的错误,搞清我是如何一步步走向单身的深渊的?或者你是不是认为,我从来没有问过自己这个问题,所以你才要来问问我?  2. ;He#39;s missing out.;  “离开你是他的损失。”  This sentence has never made me feel better. Not even for a single second. I always want to say, ;I don#39;t care if he#39;s missing out. I#39;m missing out right now.;  这句话从来不曾安慰我。一秒钟也没有过。我常常想说,“我不在乎他有没有损失。我现在就感觉很失落。”  For now, I#39;m the one who no longer has a plus-one for the wedding next month or a date to the symphony or a vacation buddy or a dinner partner or someone to have intimate conversations with.  眼下我才是单身的那个人,下个月同事的婚礼上不再有家属可以带去,去听音乐会的时候没有同伴,去度假的时候没有同游者,去吃饭的时候也没有可以说体己话的人了。  3. ;Your biological clock must be ticking.;  “你的时间不多了。”  For the love of everything holy. I am neither a clock nor a time bomb. Anyhow,why is it any of your business?  天啊,上帝啊,娘亲啊,我要么是一个时钟,要么是一个定时炸弹,不过话说回来,我是什么东西管你什么事呢?  4. ;You#39;re too picky.;  “你就是太挑了。”  This usually comes from people who don#39;t know me well at all, have no idea what I#39;m looking for in a potential marriage partner and have never met anyone I#39;ve dated.  说这种话的人一般对我并不熟悉,也不知道我在一段通向婚姻的感情中想要的是什么,也没见过任何一位我的前任。  The fact that two people are both single do not make them perfect for each other. There are lots of other variables that factor into the equation.  两个人都单身并不意味着他们就是对方的完美情人,在这个等式中还有许许多多其他的不可控变量。  5. ;You#39;ve gotta get out there more.;  “你应该多出去走走。”  I have attended college, church, conferences, blind dates, speed-dating events and singles mixers. I#39;ve signed up for several online dating sites. I went on more first dates last year than most people will go on in a lifetime.  我上过大学,去过教堂,相过亲,甚至参与过闪速相亲和单身联谊会。我在好几个在线相亲网站上注册了会员。  Please don#39;t imply (or explicitly state) that the reason I#39;m single is because I#39;m not trying hard enough.  请不要暗示(或者明示)我,我之所以还单身,是因为我还不够努力。 /201604/436042

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