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Youll Never Guess Where This Man Calls HomeBruce Campbell gives A News Nick Watt a tour of his home inside a former Greek passenger jet.If you fly over these woods today, you are sure of a big surprise. Bruce?No, its not a plane crash. Hi.Hi. Welcome to my home.Its Bruce Campbells house.How do I get in? Why do you just built yourself an isolate cabinet?Im an engineer, and I like toys, like so many men do, and this is a good big toy, it is just a fun construction.This was once a perfectly normal Greek passenger jet, Olympic airlines, until Campbell, present centre electrical engineer, 100 grand, flew it to Oregon where a house mover inched into her new forest home.I mean you got a kind of open plane feel. Works?Im single.I dont need walls. They just get no way.Campbell has rigged up the toilet so it works on the ground.It flushes.When you lock the door, did the occupied light come on.It does, you see.Campbell is still remodeling future, right now he sleeps in a coach, a folded couch. So at night you have to put down every window shield?No, I dont worry. The scrolls dont play.And for outdoor fun, a bit of outside space?Yes, there is this.Have you ever banged on any aircrafts wing? /201311/265736

So many couples say to me, ;There is no time for romance in our busy life.; Do you know what I say? I say, ;Hogwash.;许多夫妻对我说,“我们的生活太繁忙了,根本没有时间制造浪漫。”你知道我怎么回答吗?“胡说八道。”If you get twenty seconds, you can do a ten second kiss and a ten second hug, and you are going to make that contact. Lets say you are driving and stop at the red light.哪怕你只有20秒的时间,你也可以花10秒钟来亲吻对方,另外10秒钟来拥抱对方,可以进行交流。假设你正在驾车,在红灯前停下来。Are you going to stare at the light or the traffic? How about touching each others hand? How about leaning over each other and giving a kiss at every red light? That could be really romantic. Have a dinner, and will you reach out for a b basket or do you reach over the table for each other? Romance doesnt mean that it takes lot of time; it is the intention and the desire which will feel really romantic in your marriage.你是盯着红灯还是繁忙的交通?互相握一下对方的手怎么样呢?每次红灯等待的时候互相依偎着给对方一个吻,可以吗?这是非常浪漫的事情。晚餐的时候,你的手是伸向面包篮还是越过桌子伸向对方?浪漫并不需要太多时间,关键是有浪漫的想法和渴望,这在婚姻中才是最浪漫的。Thanks for watching How To Be Romantic In Your Marriage When You Cant Find The Time.感谢收看“没有太多时间婚姻中怎样添加浪漫情绪”视频节目。视频听力由。201309/257208


  500 million humans live in the worlds desert lands,more than the combined population of Europe.五亿人口住在沙漠地带比欧洲人口还要多。They know the value of water.他们懂得水的价值。They know how to use it sparingly.他们也爱惜涓滴。Here, they depend on wells replenished by fossil water.在这里 他们依赖水井中的原生地层水。Which accumulated underground in the days when it rained on these deserts.它是由二万五千年前降于沙漠的雨水。25,000 years ago.聚集而成。Fossil water also enables crops to be grown in the desert to provide food for local populations.原生地层水令谷物得以在沙漠生长为当地人口提供食粮。The fields circular shape derives from the pipes that irrigate them around a central pivot.圆形的农田由围绕中心的管道进行灌溉。But there is a heavy price to pay.但代价沉重的。Fossil water is a nonrenewable resource.原生地层水不可再生。In Saudi Arabia, the dream of industrial farming in the desert has faded.在沙地阿拉伯在沙漠作现代耕种的梦已褪。As if on a parchment map,the light spots on this patchwork show abandoned plots.这像一张羊皮纸地图,光点显示了被放弃的计划。The irrigation equipment is still there.灌溉设备仍在。The energy to pump water also.抽水的能量仍在。But the fossil water reserves are severely depleted.但原生地层水已严重枯竭。Israel turned the desert into arable land.以色列把沙漠变成耕地。201410/336910。

  secular religiousity;Correspondence between external immensity and inner intensity.;——Gasto Bachelard201407/303244


  Living here is difficult indeed.在这里生活实在是不容易Its March,现在是三月and high on these cathedral cliffs,在这片巨大悬崖高处ibex have given birth.野山羊已经产下宝宝For the first few days the kids were kept safe,刚出生几天的小羊 在与世隔绝的崖顶isolated on the cliff tops.很安全But now the ibex have a problem.但现在野山羊碰上一个问题The only food and water is far below at the bottom of the gorge.唯一的食物和水源 位于下方远处的峡谷底部And that is where predators lurk.那里也有掠食动物埋伏If theyre to feed, its a risk they will have to take.如果要进食 这是无法避免的风险The adults lead the way.成年野山羊带头前进They know the safest routes.它们知道最安全的路径Though safe, here, is a relative term.但是在这里 安全只是相对性的说法201309/257275



  汉娜 罗森回顾了表明女性在某些重要领域超越男性的一些显著的新数据,例如大学毕业率。这些不仅以美国为中心还在整个世界都流行的趋势是否预示着“男性时代的结束”?也许并非如此--但这些表明社会变化的数据值得揣。201311/266106



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