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片名:极速蜗牛 Turbo 又名 涡轮方程式 | 极速Turbo类别:动画 | 喜剧地区:美国主演:瑞安·雷诺兹 | 塞缪尔·杰克逊 | 玛娅·鲁道夫 | 保罗·吉亚玛提导演:达伦·莱姆克编剧:达伦·莱姆克 | 罗伯特·D·西格尔上映日期:2013年7月17日剧情:影片讲述了一个菜园蜗牛Turbo抱有一个几乎不可能实现的梦想:成为INDY500汽车大赛的冠军,也就是世界上跑得最快的蜗牛。一次偶然的不寻常事件让他拥有了非凡的速度,Turbo打算让自己的梦想成真。A freak accident might just help an everyday garden snail achieve his biggest dream: winning the Indy 500.So begins another wonderful week at the plant.-Good morning, Jack.-MorningWell, that#39;s a shame. Every day it#39;s the same thing.-Let#39;s go, people. Picked you up.Turbo, y to make his move. Oh, he cuts me off. -Quit with the speed dial, and start living your life.-I have a life?-The sooner you accept the dull, miserable reality of your.-Oh, no.-The happier you will be!-I wish I was fast. Oh, no. What#39;s happen to me?-You#39;re a freak of nature! We#39;re gonna get you fixed.-This is roll of me, Jack! -Nothing wrong with you?-We#39;re far from home garden, snail.-Are you get this y?-Go.-My name is Turbo.-Oh, I wish I can rename myself.-This is my crew.-I#39;m fast like a shadow.-But shadows do not inherently move fast.-Watch, shadow.-I can still see you.-If you speed that, snail. We#39;ll do big things, garden snail. The big race. **,baby.-Welcome to the biggest race honor.-Is that a snail?-What kind of welcome is that?-All these snails they believe me. I#39;m doing this for them.-A snail cannot race in a competition made for cars.-But you are just a little ray of sunshine.-Are you a car?-No.-Then, it#39;s not driving like one.-Did you see it?-What will happen, if you wake up tomorrow as your power is gone?-I#39;d better make the most of today.-He moves so fast; the whole world moves in slow motion, baby. /201307/248746Jolie#39;s 1st appearance since mastectomy Actress Angelina Jolie is back on the red carpet for the first time since having a double mastectomy.接受双侧乳腺切除手术的安吉丽娜·朱莉首度公开亮相红毯,力撑皮特新片首映。 朱莉一身露背黑裙,背部纹身抢眼;皮特则一身情侣黑装亮相;两人红毯甜蜜热拥、亲吻恩爱依旧。红毯受大批粉丝追捧的两人心情也十分灿烂,与影迷狂玩自拍,朱莉更手握绣着“I love you soo…much”(我超级爱你)字样的玩偶,抢镜十足。Angelina didn#39;t give media an interview instead of choosing to speak directly to the fans, signing on the autographs. She didn#39;t ever give a brief statement before going to the premier. She talked about her all deal and decisions to have a preventative double mastectomy. Taking a listen to what she had said.;I feel great, I feel wonderful, I feel very very grateful for all supports behind me. I am very happy to see the discussion about women#39;s health, expanded and that means the world to me. After losing my Mum to this issue, I am very grateful for it and I am very moved by the kind of support from people, very grateful for that. Also I had a chance to chat with Brown Pit. He talked about this medical procedure, its effect on his family. He said with a quite relief that was all over. He also talked to me a bit about the public reaction how people surprised and how the public world react to her decision, her announcement. And taking a listen to what he had to say.;I am surprised how what a tipping point became. There are so many people world in nibble about what will be the opposite, what the possibilities and the further norms that will take to the people... /201306/243527

3 dead, 62 injured in twin Nairobi blasts内罗毕连环爆炸案致3死62伤Police in Kenya say at least three people been killed and 62 others wounded after two buses in the country#39;s capital, Nairobi, were struck by explosive devices. There has been no immediate claim of responsibility. But Kenya has blamed similar attacks on the al Qaeda-linked Somali group al-Shabaab.肯尼亚警方称,其首都内罗毕两辆公交车被爆炸装备袭击导致至少3人死亡,62人受伤。目前尚无对该次袭击负责的声明。但肯尼亚将此次袭击归咎于做过类似袭击的基地组织索马里青年党。This latest attack comes just a day after four people were killed in two blasts in the coastal city of Mombasa.此次袭击恰好发生在,海滨城市蒙巴萨造成4人死亡的两次爆炸案之后的一天。 Article/201405/294724

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is this legit?这合理吗?Patriot Day is marked every year in September. 爱国日在每年的九月份。True. Not to be confused with Patricks day, which is held in April, Patriot Day is on September 11 of every year.这是真的。不要与四月的圣帕特里克节弄混了,爱国者日是在每年的9月11号。Patriot Day remembers the victims, the first responders, the families affected by the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the ed States. 爱国日纪念那些2001年9.11的受害者、第一个回应者以及被其影响的家庭。So does the National September 11 Memorial Museum. 同样纪念这些的还有纽约911纪念馆。It opens today in New York. 该馆于今天在纽约开馆。First, for the families who were directly affected by the attacks, and later for the public.首先对被该袭击直接影响的家庭开放,随后对公众开放。CNN#39;s Kate Bolduan joined Joe Daniels, the museum#39;s president for an emotional tour of the building.CNN的Kate Bolduan与该馆馆长Joe Daniels一起,展开了一段情感之旅。 /201405/298976In a big San Andreas earthquake,在圣安地列斯地震中this station would move more than a metre这个站点在约小于十秒的时间内within a matter of less than ten seconds,移动到一米以外的地方so other stations like this positioned all along所以其他类似的延圣安地列斯断裂带the San Andreas Fault could设置的站点实际上也能actually track the rupture as it#39;s progressing.起到追踪断裂活动的作用We#39;re seeing it here coming up the fault我们可以看到 从这里开始是断层and the red is where there#39;s a lot of damage,红色部分表示重灾区so we could have used our stations in this area,因此我们可以将站点安置在这个区域at this point, 20 seconds into the earthquake.这时 地震刚开始二十秒Know that it#39;s underway,我们知道地震已经开始we#39;ve got a big earthquake started随后地震会渐趋强烈and send that information to Los Angeles在强震到达洛杉矶前我们能及时that the earthquake#39;s underway.发出预警信号We could potentially get up to a minute#39;s warning.我们或能做到提前一分钟发出预警信号You could hook this up to your elevator如果这时你不巧正在电梯里and have your elevator moved to the nearest floor你就有机会下降到最近的楼层and open the doors, so people weren#39;t trapped打开大门 那人们就不会for the next few days after the power goes out.在电力中断后的几天内被困We could ring an alarm in operating room,我们可以敲响手术室的警钟so the surgeon pulls the scalpel out of your chest.那外科医生就能暂停手术You could ring an alarm你可以敲响where they#39;re handling toxic materials,毒物处理室的警钟so you#39;re not pouring out chlorine.这样就不会发生氯气泄漏事故 Article/201305/241785

#39;I just thought it was beautiful to look at and had a well-honed, worn look, and a patina that made me feel that it was used - and used again and again. It is a fundamental act both of cooking and of living, and living with a family and passing on, at least in India.“我只觉得它看起来很美丽,打磨精致,有点磨损,古色古香,让我觉得这是一把曾经被反复使用过的舂杵。至少在印度,使用它,会是一种烹饪与生活中最基本的行为,一种代代相代的家庭生活。”#39;When I left India, which was a long long time ago, my mother gave me certain utensils to take with me, and they were all heavy, I remember that. There was a wok, a grinding stone, and a huge mortar and pestle, so those are what I left with, and I have all of them, and I use my mortar and pestle to this day.#39;“很多很多年前,当我离开印度时,我母亲送给我一些厨具带在身上,我记得它们可真是沉甸甸的呵。有个锅、研磨石,还有研钵跟舂杵。这些就是我离开家时的所有,现在我还保留着,这研钵跟舂杵还在天天使用。”Other stone pestles and mortars have also been found in New Guinea, and what they show is that there were farmers growing crops in the tropical forests and grasslands here in ancient times, around ten thousand years ago. 其他石杵与研钵也在新几内亚出土,它们显示了一万年前左右,在这些热带森森与草原上,已经出现在人类从事农业劳作、养育庄稼的身影This relatively recent discovery has upset the conventional view that farming began in the Middle East, in what#39;s called the Fertile Crescent, and from there sp across the world. 相当近期的考古发现挑战了传统观点,认为农业起源于中东一带所谓“新月沃土”的地区,随后向世界各地蔓延。We now know that in fact this particular bit of the history of humanity happened simultaneously in many different places. 我们现在知道,其实在这段人类历史上的特定时期,这种变化在全球范围内是同步产生的。Clearly a lot of us became farmers at the same time, and wherever people were farming, they began to concentrate on a small number of plants, selectively harvesting these from the wild, planting and tending them. 显然我们当中相当多的人开始在这时期转换成农民的角色,而且不管人类在何地耕作,他们总是开始把注意力集中到若干类的植物种类上,有选择性地从野外采集回来,种植起来,用心照料。In the Middle East, they chose particular grasses - early forms of wheat; in China, wild dry rice; in Africa, sorghum - a grain that looks a bit like grass; and in Papua New Guinea, the starchy tuber, taro. 在中东,人类选择了一种特殊的草本植物,以最早期的小麦,在中国的是野生旱稻,在非洲是一种看上去有点像野草的高梁,在巴布亚新几内亚, 是芋头这种淀粉块茎。For me, the most surprising thing about these new plants is that in their natural state you very often can#39;t eat them at all, or at least they taste pretty filthy if you do. Why would you choose to grow food that you can eat only once it#39;s been soaked or boiled or ground to make it edible at all? 对我而言,最值得惊叹的莫过于,这些新植物在自然状态下其实是不可食用的,至少很难下咽。为何人类会选择种植这种得经过像浸泡、煮沸或研磨后才可以食用的食物呢?Martin Jones, Professor of Archaeological Science at Cambridge University, sees this alchemy of food as an essential part of human evolution:剑桥大学考古学教授马丁·琼斯把加工提炼食物看成是人类进化过程中的重要组成部分:#39;As the human species expanded across the globe, we had to have a competitive edge over other animals going for the easy food. “随着人类在全球范围内扩张,我们避免不了在那此唾手可得的食物方面与其他动物进行激烈竞争。 Article/201403/2824051962, The Cuban Missile Crisis.1962年 古巴导弹危机The standoff with Moscow over nuclear weapons in America#39;s backyard.与莫斯科的核对峙 就发生在美国后院Actual warheads - the bombs,the actual bombs were in Cuba.真正的核弹头即核弹 就在古巴They were aly there. And the delivery system was coming over.核弹已经就位 运载系统也正在运来Suddenly it seems very important to have adequate supplies in every home.突然间大家都意识到每家每户储备物资的重要性I remember vividly people going to the local supermarkets and buying up all kinds of canned goods and throwing them back in their cars我清楚地记得当时人们都往超市跑,将货架上的各种罐头食品一扫而空,然后一股脑扔进车里and driving up to the Siskiyou Mountains or the Trinity Alps or the Sierra Nevada Range to get out of the blast range of any nuclear weapons that might fall in the bay area.径直开到锡斯基尤山或特里尼迪阿尔卑斯或内华达山脉里,为的是一旦核弹在海湾地区投放能尽量避开爆炸危险区There are rumors that an attack may come from within,that Soviet spies are plotting to bring America down.有传言说袭击将来自美国境内 苏联间谍意图瓦解美国The Senate sets up hearings to unmask communists in the government and media.参议院召开听会试图揪出政府和媒体内部的共产党间谍And they saw ghosts behind every corner and enemies on every bookshelf.他们眼中每个角落都有潜在的敌人,每种言论背后都可能有间谍在操纵So this effort to root out the enemy at home became a defining moment.美国国内这场根除红色分子的运动对美国历史进程起到了决定性的作用After World War II when the Cold War emerged二战后冷战兴起there was this feeling that the country could split apart very easily politically美国人有一种普遍情绪,认为美国很可能在政治上走向分裂and there was a desire that that not happen.人们不希望这种局面出现So there was this kind of sort of self-imposed conformity.因此大家自发地寻求一致点If the communists are atheists, Americans are religious.共产党宣扬无神论 美国人就虔诚信教If the communists are acting collectively,共产党强调集体行动we are true individuals.美国人就尊重个体决策If the communists want to break down family structures,共产党要改变传统的家庭结构we are the tight nuclear family.我们就要让核心家庭成为社会的基石Communism. Armageddon.共产主义,末日战场These threats to the nation#39;s freedoms are just too close for comfort.这个国家的自由所面临的威胁令所有国民寝食难安The ed States has seen off superpowers in the past.美国曾几度战胜强劲的对手Digging deep to defend what matters.一次次地倾尽全力捍卫自身的信仰Maybe the most important values we have are our family, faith, and the American flag.也许我们价值体系里最重要的部分就是家庭、信仰和飘扬的星条旗But these values,which Americans have defended since the Revolution,are about to be challenged in unexpected ways.然而,美国人自独立战争时期起就一直捍卫的价值观将受到一种前所未有的威胁 /201304/233467

No one is immune to getting the axe – especially in an economic downturn. But you can certainly lower your chances.任何人都有可能被解雇,尤其是在经济低迷时期。但是你可以将自己被炒鱿鱼的风险降低。You Will Need你需要Loyalty忠诚Reliability可靠Problem-solving abilities解决问题的能力Revenue-producing capabilities产生效益的能力Pleasant personality令人愉快的性格Flexibility灵活性Steps步骤Step 1 Demonstrate loyalty1.表达忠诚Be vocal about your commitment to your place of employment. Eighty-five percent of CEOs surveyed ranked loyalty as the employee trait they most admired.直言不讳地对雇主表达忠诚。85%的受调查CEO将忠诚列为最受赏识的员工品质。Step 2 Make your boss#39; life easier2.让老板的生活更轻松Make your boss#39; life easier. Complete tasks reliably; anticipate their needs; be a self-starter; consistently exceed expectations.让老板的生活更轻松。可靠地完成任务,预测他们的需求,积极主动,超出老板预期。Don#39;t go to your boss with problems; bring them solutions.不要总是向老板提出问题,而是为他们寻找解决方案。Step 3 Save the company money3.为公司节约资金If your job is to make the company money, step up your efforts. If you#39;re not in a revenue-producing position, find ways to save the company money.如果你的工作是为公司赚钱,那么更加努力。如果你的职位不为公司赢利,寻找省钱的方法。Step 4 Be a team player4.团队合作Be a pleasure to work with. Being liked and respected by your colleagues is almost as important as having the boss#39; approval.做一个合作愉快的同事。同事的喜爱和尊重与老板的认可同样重要。Step 5 Go with the flow5.顺应形势Be flexible. Employees who can adapt to change are not only considered more valuable, but have a better chance of surviving a reorganization.灵活。能够适应变化的员工不仅仅被认为是有价值的,而且更有机会在人员重组中留存下来。Step 6 Be someone you#39;d want to keep6.设身处地Be the kind of employee you#39;d want to retain in a downturn. What#39;s more sensible than that?如果是在经济低迷时期,你想要保留什么样的员工呢?这是最明智的。Employees with a strong work ethic are more valuable to employers than those with a high IQ, according to one survey.根据一项调查,对雇主来说,拥有良好的工作品德的员工比IQ高的员工更有价值。视频听力由。 Article/201311/266104

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