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默克尔称中国正逐渐成为德国经济竞争对手 -- :: 来源: 德国总理默克尔表示,中国推进生产高价出口商品的行为让其成为世界市场中一名有力的竞争者这透露了欧洲国家对中国贸易投资的隐忧 German Chancellor Angela Merkel said China’s push to produce higher-value exports is turning the country into a competitor in global markets, underscoring European concern about Chinese trade and investment.德国总理默克尔表示,中国推进生产高价出口商品的行为让其成为世界市场中一名有力的竞争者这透露了欧洲国家对中国贸易投资的隐忧A three-day trip to China that included joint cabinet talks in Beijing and a visit to a BMW joint venture was partly a chance to ensure that “diverging interests” between the two countries “aren’t swept under the carpet,” Merkel told reporters in Shenyang on Tuesday.默克尔三日的中国行程包括在北京的联合首脑会谈以及参观宝马公司的合资企业周二,她在采访中表示,这次访问从某种意义上来说是一次确保两国间利益分歧不会被刻意掩盖的机会“It’s good us that we can cooperate with one another -- that secures jobs in Germany as well,” Merkel said after touring the BMW plant. “But one also sees that, step by step, competition is developing, because people in China also want to get ahead and make products of their own.”默克尔在宝马工厂之旅结束后表示:“我们之间的互相合作很好,这也确保了在德国的工作也能完成得很好,但是我们也应看到竞争已经悄然展开,因为中国人民也正努力争取制造自主产品”Merkel’s visit was overshadowed by a dispute over Chinese steel exports to the European Union and China’s demand to be granted market-economy status by the EU. There’s also resistance in Germany to Midea Group Co.’s bid Germany robot maker Kuka , whose machinery is used in many eign manufacturers’ plants in China. It was the German leader’s ninth trip to China in a decade as chancellor.默克尔此次中国之旅笼罩着中国钢材出口欧盟和中国要求获得市场经济地位的纠纷阴云德国国内同样有反对美的集团投标收购德国机器人制造商Kuka 的声音该公司的机器遍布中国国内的外资制造厂这是十年内德国总理第九次到中国的访问Merkel said she and Chinese leaders had “very intensive” talks on China’s bid market-economy status, which would make EU penalties against Chinese exports such as steel more difficult. Members of the European Parliament passed a resolution in May that opposes granting China that prize.默克尔表示,她和中国领导人就中国申请市场经济地位进行了密切的交谈如果中国获得了市场经济地位,欧盟对其出口钢材等产品的出发将变得更加困难五月份,欧洲议会成员通过决议,决定中国暂时不能获得市场经济地位The EU still has “some work to do” on dealing with China’s demand, Merkel said Monday at a news conference alongside Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang in Beijing. “It doesn’t do us any good to inject too much emotion into all of this.”周一,默克尔在和李克强总理也共同出席的新闻发布会上表示,欧盟仍然需要为满足中国需求而“付出一些努力”:“但是对此表现得太过情绪化对我们毫无益处”Li reiterated that China is seeking to modernize its economy. Moving up the manufacturing value chain was a central piece of the five-year development plan China approved in March.李克强反复重申中国正在努力将其经济向现代化转型制造业价值链上移是三月份最新发布的五年计划中的重要内容“We actually don’t want to be making cheap products, example raw steel,” Li said. “Consequently, we will accelerate structural change.”李克强表示:“实际上我们并不想一直制造粗钢之类的便宜产品,最终我们会加快结构性改革的步伐”年内将变得非常富有的7个城市 -- :59:39 来源: 未来年内,哪些城市将变得非常富有?忘了纽约、伦敦或香港吧,绝对不是这些地方 get New York, London or Hong Kong. Here are seven cities that are racing up the rankings of the world’s richest, and will be among the top by 5, according to researchers from McKinsey.忘了纽约、伦敦或香港吧据麦肯锡发布的报告,以下这7个城市正在向全球最富有城市的头衔冲刺,到5年,他们将跻身全球十大最富有城市排行榜Doha, Qatar多哈,卡塔尔Qatar’s Doha is predicted to be one of the rising stars in terms of per capita GDP. The country is aly among the richest in the world, and huge investments ahead of the Soccer World Cup are set to give it extra boost.从人均国内生产总值来看,卡塔尔的首都多哈,被认为是一颗冉冉升起的新星这个城市曾经站在全球最富有的城市队伍中年世界杯前的巨大投资将会让这个城市变得愈加富有Bergen, Norway卑尔根,挪威Bergen is the second most populous city in Norway.卑尔根的人口规模在挪威城市排行中位列第二位It is aly at the efront of the country’s economy, but McKinsey’s researchers predict it will rise to become one of the richest cities globally. It serves as the hub Norway’s energy industry, shipping, and marine research.目前,这个城市已经站在了挪威经济的最前沿不过,麦肯锡的研讨人员预测,该市还将跃升为全球最富有城市之一卑尔根是挪威能源行业、船运和海运研讨的枢纽Trondheim, Norway特隆赫姆,挪威Another Norwegian city on the list, Trondheim is the birthplace of mobile tech. It is where the GSM standard was invented in the 1980s.挪威还有一个城市也上榜了:特隆赫姆是移动技术的诞生地创建于上个世纪八十年代的GSM标准,就是在这个城市Since then, the local tech scene has been booming, and now boasts over 550 startups with more than ,000 employees, according to officials.根据官方数据,自那时起,特隆赫姆本地技术行业蓬勃增长,现已有550家新兴企业,雇员规模高达1万人Hwaseong, South Korea华城,韩国Hwaseong, although not widely known outside South Korea, is a booming city south of Seoul. It’s home to the global research facilities of Hyundai (HYMTF) and Samsung (SSNLF), as well as flagship plants Kia and LG Electronics.虽然知道这个城市的人不是很多,不过它是首尔南部一个新兴城市该市是现代和三星旗下全球研讨中心的所在地,同时也是起亚和LG电子旗舰工程所在地The city is investing heavily in new residential real estate in the super modern Dongtan district.华城正在斥巨资投资新住宅房地产市场Asan, South Korea牙山,韩国Like its neighbor Hwaseong, Asan is home to several large industrial complexes.It also benefits from being near the port of Pyeongtaek, which is the closest port to east China, and a global shipping hub.和邻市华城一样,牙山是数家大型工业企业的故乡另外,该市距离平泽的港口很近,并受益平泽港口是距离中国东部最近的港口,也是全球船运枢纽Rhine Ruhr, Germany莱茵-鲁尔,德国Rhine-Ruhr is aly one of the most successful urban areas in Germany. It’s the third largest in Europe, trailing only Paris and London.莱茵-鲁尔,曾经是德国最成功的城市地区之一它是欧洲第三大城市,仅次于巴黎和伦敦Many powerhouses of German industry and finance are based in the region, including tune 500 companies.德国工业和金融业很多“大块头”都位于该市,其中包括《财富杂志世界500强中的家Macau, China,中国Macau is an example of how quickly things can change. Tipped to become one of the richest cities in the world by 5, Macau suffered a huge recession at the end of last year.是明事情能够飞速改变的范本就在其大步向5年全球十大最富有城市排行榜迈进的同时,该市年年底遭遇了大规模的衰退Its economy slumped % after an anti-corruption drive hurt Macau’s casinos, the main driver of the territory’s economy. Growth is expected to return next year, but experts sayMacau must find other sources of income to recover its momentum.受累于中国政府反腐力度的加大导致该市行业受重创,经济暴跌%,经济增长有望在来年回暖不过,专家指出,必须找到其他收入来源以重获增长动力特朗普 第一个在竞选中赚钱的总统候选人 --6 :31:9 来源: Donald J. Trump regularly boasts that he is self-funding his presidential bid, but new campaign finance filings show that he is also shifting plenty of money back to himself in the process.唐纳德·J·特朗普(Donald J. Trump)经常标榜自己开展总统竞选活动的资金是自筹的,但新的竞选财务报备文件显示,他还在这个过程中把大量资金返还给了自己According to documents submitted to the Federal Election Commission, Mr. Trump, whose campaign has just .3 million cash on hand, paid at least .1 million to his businesses and family members in May expenses associated with events and travel costs. The total represents nearly a fifth of the million that his campaign spent in the month.提交给联邦选举委员会(Federal Election Commission,简称FEC)的文件显示,目前只有0万美元现金的特朗普竞选团队,今年5月向他的企业和家庭成员付了至少1万美元,具体涉及参加活动的费用和差旅费他的竞选团队在5月总出600万美元,这笔钱在其中占了差不多五分之一The spending raised eyebrows among campaign finance experts and some of Mr. Trump’s critics who have questioned whether the presumptive Republican nominee, who points to his business acumen as a case his candidacy, is trying to do what he has suggested he would in 00 when he mulled making an independent run: “It’s very possible that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it.”这些出让竞选活动财务专家和特朗普的批评者皱起了眉头共和党总统候选人特朗普把自己的商业头脑称为竞选优势,而批评者质疑他是否正在做他00年时曾提到的事情,当时特朗普在考虑独立参加竞选,他说:“我非常有可能会成为第一个在竞选活动中赚到钱的总统候选人”“He could end up turning a profit if he repaid himself the campaign loans,” said Paul S. Ryan, a campaign finance expert with the Campaign Legal Center. “He could get all his money back plus the profit margin what his campaign has paid himself goods and services.”“如果他把竞选贷款偿还给自己,他可能最终就会盈利,”竞选法律中心(Campaign Legal Center)的高级顾问保罗·S·瑞安(Paul S. Ryan)说“他可以拿回他所有的钱,外加竞选活动付钱购买他自己的商品和务产生的利润”While most candidates list an array of vendors providing goods and services on their F.E.C. filings, Mr. Trump’s is packed with payments to his various clubs and buildings, his fleet of planes and his family. The self-proclaimed billionaire is required by law to his spending this way to prevent his companies from making illegal corporate donations to his campaign. In , about $.7 million was paid to at least seven companies Mr. Trump owns or to people who work his real estate and branding empire, repaying them services provided to his campaign.大多数候选人在向FEC提交的文件中都列出了提供商品和务的供应商名单,而特朗普的文件中写满了付给他的各种俱乐部、物业、飞机和家人的钱法律要求这位自称的亿万富翁以这种方式解释他的出,以防他的公司非法向他的竞选活动提供企业捐款在年,竞选团队付了约70万美元给特朗普旗下的至少七家公司,或是给那些为他的地产和品牌帝国效力的人,用以购买相关的务In May, the biggest-ticket item was Mr. Trump’s use of the Mar-a-Lago Club, his Florida resort, which was paid ,000. The campaign paid 0,000 to T Air his private airplanes, ,000 to Trump Restaurants and more than 不少百万富翁出生穷苦,成功之道是什么? -- ::9 来源: 这些百万富翁将成功归功于3个令人感到意外的因素:辛勤工作、积极进取和家庭教育 Most high net worth Americans say they worked their way up from a lower class.大多美国高净值人士表示,他们是从低层阶级一步步奋斗起来的That’s according to a report released by U.S. Trust on Monday, based on a survey that asked 68 adults in the U.S. with million or more of "investible assets" hundreds of questions.这个结论来自于美国信托星期一发布的一份报告,它基于对美国68名拥有300万美元或更多的“可投资资产”的成年人所提出的数百个问题的调查About 77% of those surveyed said they grew up in the middle class or lower, including 19% who say they were poor. And they credit their success to three somewhat surprising factors: Hard work, ambition and family upbringing. Respondents even went so far as to say that these influences were much more important than "connections" or "innate talent."大约有77%的受访者表示,自己出生在中产阶级或更低阶层的家庭,其中有19%甚至表示出生于穷人家不过,他们将成功归功于3个令人感到意外的因素:辛勤工作、积极进取和家庭教育受访者还表示,相对而言,这些因素比“关系”或“天赋”更为重要"The points seem to be so traditional in nature," said Chris Heilmann, the chief fiduciary executive at U.S. Trust, Bank of America’s private wealth management firm. "It’s [about] deeply held family values rather than an inheritance or existing wealth,"美国私人财富管理公司美国信托的高管Chris Heilmann指出,“这些观点看起来是传统的调查显示家庭价值要比继承或现有财富更具影响力”The survey was also a shout-out to strict parents. About 80% of respondents said their parents were firm disciplinarians. They also named "academic achievement," "financial discipline" and "work participation" as the family values that were most emphasized in their homes.调查还显示,严格的父母也是绝大多数美国百万富翁成功的功臣约有80%的受访者表示,父母对自己要求很严格此外,受访者声称,“学术成就、“财务约束”和“工作参与”也是他们的家庭教育中最为看重的几点"It indicates the American Dream seems to be alive and well," Heilmann said.Heilmann说,“这表明美国梦仍然颇具生机,深入人心”Considering that some people might doubt that, Heilmann said that the results were "refreshing, encouraging and a bit surprising."考虑到可能有部分人对此怀疑,Heilmann解释说这个结果“很振奋、鼓舞人心,也有点出乎意料”,000 to Trump Tower, the Manhattan skyscraper that houses the campaign’s headquarters.今年5月,最大的一笔开是特朗普使用他在佛罗里达的度假村“马阿拉歌庄园”(Mar-a-Lago)的费用,为.3万美元竞选团队还为他使用私人飞机付了35万美元给T Air公司,向特朗普酒店(Trump Restaurants)付.5万美元,向曼哈顿的特朗普大厦(Trump Tower)付逾万美元;他的竞选总部就设在这栋大楼里Mr. Trump’s family also profited from the campaign last month, with his son Eric’s Virginia wine business taking in about ,300.特朗普的家人也从竞选活动中赚了钱,上个月,团队向他儿子艾瑞克(Eric)在弗吉尼亚经营的葡萄酒企业付了00美元And Mr. Trump, who has said he will not take a salary if he is elected president, paid himself ,5 in May. The disbursements are related to travel expenses, according to the filings.特朗普曾表示,如果自己当上总统,任职期间不会拿任何薪水,但5月份他给自己开了35美元从文件看,这笔钱和差旅费有关Mr. Ryan said that the extent to which Mr. Trump was utilizing his own businesses his run was uNPRecedented and that because of his unique financial circumstances, he was wading into territory that went beyond the F.E.C.’s guidance.瑞安说,特朗普在竞选活动中对自己的生意的利用是前所未有的,而且由于他独特的财务状况,这种做法超出了FEC的指导范围“We don’t have clear answers,” Mr. Ryan said. “Historically, candidates would separate themselves from their business interests when running office. Trump has done the opposite by promoting his businesses while running office.”“我们没有明确的,”瑞恩说“从历史上看,候选人在竞选公职的时候,会对自己的商业利益采取避嫌的做法而特朗普恰恰相反,他竞选公职的时候还在推广自己的生意”While candidates often gain notoriety from running president, they are barred from enriching themselves directly from their campaigns. When a campaign buys copies of a candidate’s book in bulk and distributes them, example, the candidate cannot accept royalties from the purchases. However, Mr. Ryan notes that the F.E.C. does allow candidates who own commercial property to rent it from themselves at fair market rates, as Mr. Trump has regularly done. Mr. Trump’s use of his branded water and steaks falls into something of a gray area.虽然竞选总统经常给竞选人招致恶名,但他们被禁止直接通过竞选活动中饱私囊例如,如果竞选团队批量购买候选人写的书,分发它们,候选人不能从这种采购中获得版税然而,瑞安指出,FEC确实允许那些拥有商业物业的候选人,以公平的市场价格,把它们出租给竞选活动,特朗普就常常这么做特朗普使用自己品牌的饮用水和牛排的方式属于一种灰色地带Ciara Torres-Spelliscy, an election law expert at New York University’s Brennan Center Justice, said that Mr. Trump did not appear to be violating any campaign finance laws, but that he could face more scrutiny over the use of his businesses campaign purposes now that he is more explicitly asking supporters to donate money to campaign.席亚拉·托雷斯-斯拜里希(Ciara Torres-Spelliscy)是纽约大学布伦南正义中心(New York University’s Brennan Center Justice)的选举法专家,她说,特朗普并未违反任何竞选财务法,但他现在更加明确地要求持者捐钱给他的竞选活动了,所以他在竞选活动中使用自己的产品和务就应该面临更多的关注“It is something to keep an eye on, because as soon as you start using campaign money that has come in from donors, not just the money that he has loaned to himself, and he uses it something that he will personally keep, or his family will personally keep, that is what crosses the line.”“这是值得注意的事情,因为一旦你开始使用来自捐助者的竞选资金,而不仅仅是你自己贷款给自己的钱,且用这些钱来购买自己或家人拥有的东西,那就越过了界限”Whether Mr. Trump could end up profiting from his campaign remains a subject of speculation; some have questioned if he will eventually ask the more than 纽约街头现假和尚乞讨 --9 :9: 来源: New York City Buddhist leaders are sounding the alarm to tourists: Beware the ;fake monks.;纽约的佛教领袖们向游客发出警告:小心“假僧人”Men in orange robes claiming to be Buddhist monks are approaching visitors to some of the city most popular attractions, handing them shiny medallions and offering greetings of peace. They then hit them up donations to help them build a temple in Thailand, and are persistent if their demands are refused.在纽约一些热门景点,有些穿着橘色袍子的人声称自己是佛教僧人以接近游客,递给他们闪闪发光的纪念章,送给他们平安的祝福然后就向他们索要捐赠,帮他们在泰国兴建寺庙,如果他们的要求被拒就会死缠烂打;The problem seems to be increasing,; said the Rev. TK Nakagaki, president of the Buddhist Council of New York, a group that represents nearly two dozen Buddhist temples. ;They are very aggressive and hostile if you dont give them money.;纽约佛教协会会长雷夫#86;TK#86;中垣说,“问题似乎越来越严重了,”佛教协会代表着二十多个佛教寺院“你不给钱的话他们就会非常咄咄逼人,充满敌意”His group has taken to the streets and social media to warn people that the men appear to have no affiliation to any Buddhist temple. ;Please be aware,; one Facebook post, ;this is a scam.;他的团队走上街头,并在社交媒体上警告人们,这些人和佛教寺院可能没有任何关系“请小心,”脸书上一条帖子写道,“这是诈骗”Along the popular High Line elevated park, one of the robed men handed a couple a shiny, gold-colored medallion and a plastic beaded bracelet. He then showed them photos of a planned temple and barked, ;Ten dollars! Twenty dollars!; When they wouldnt give up cash, he snatched the trinkets back.在游人众多的高线空中公园,一个长袍僧人递给一对夫妇一枚金光闪闪纪念章和一串塑料珠子做成的手链,然后向他们展示一座计划中的寺庙的照片,并叫道:“十美元!二十美元!”如果他们不愿意给钱,他还会把那些小玩意儿抢回去Other brightly robed men have been spotted pulling the same routine, albeit more successfully, in Times Square, not far from where costumed characters such as Elmo, Minnie Mouse and the Naked Cowboy take pictures with tourists tips. Some of the monks were later seen handing wads of cash to another man waiting nearby.有人发现其他光天化日之下抢劫的假僧人也遵守着同样的程序,只不过更成功一点,他们是在时代广场不远处还有穿着戏的人扮卡通人物,比如艾、米老鼠米妮,和裸体的牛仔,他们同游客拍照以收取小费晚一点就会看到一些僧人把一堆堆现金交给一个待在附近的人The Associated Press tried to ask more than half-dozen of the men about their background and the temple they said the donations were being used to support. Each claimed to be a Buddhist monk collecting money a temple in Thailand, but none could give its name or say where exactly it is located. All the men refused to give their names and ran off when pressed answers.美联社记者试着向六七个僧人问了问题,了解一下他们的背景和他们声称的要用捐款修建的寺庙,每个人都说自己是佛教僧人,要筹款在泰国建寺庙,但没有人说得上来那个寺庙的名字或具体地点所有人都拒绝说出他们的姓名,硬要让他们回答的话就都跑掉了The men first started appearing at the High Line, a New York City public park that maintained by a private nonprofit group, about three years ago, said Robert Hammond, executive director of Friends of the High Line. But it ;became excessive; in the past year, he said, with up to a dozen of the men accosting tourists at once and sometimes grabbing them to demand cash.“高线公园的朋友们”的常务董事罗伯特#86;哈蒙德说,约在三年前,这些人第一次出现在纽约的高线公园,高线公园是由一家私人非盈利组织运营的公共公园但是去年“变本加厉”,他说,多达十几个人同时向游客搭话,有的时候还抓着他们要钱Panhandling on city streets isnt illegal in New York, as long as the person isnt acting aggressively. But the city parks department has a rule that says it is unlawful to solicit money without a permit from the parks commissioner.在纽约,在城市街头乞讨并不犯法,只要乞讨者的行为不带有攻击性但是纽约市的公园管理部门规定,不经公园管理者允许的乞讨是不合法的When asked about the men, New York City Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver initially said, ;I have no idea what youre talking about.; He later said that if the men arent abiding by the law, ;the parks encement patrol will take care of it.;当被问及这些僧人的时候,纽约公园委员会委员米歇尔#86;西尔弗一开始说,“我不知道你在说什么”之后他说如果这些人不遵守法律,“公园的执法巡逻队会管的”But parks department spokeswoman Crystal Howard said parks encement officers hadnt issued any summonses and the men actions were ;aggressive panhandling,; a violation of state law that would be enced by police. New York City police say that in the rare cases when someone has called 9 against the men, they were usually gone by the time officers arrived.但是,公园管理部门的女发言人克丽丝特尔#86;霍华德说,公园的执法人员没有发布过任何传唤信息,而这些人的行为是“有攻击性的乞讨,”违反了州法,警察应该来管他们纽约警方说,针对这些人报警的案件很少,而且通常警察赶到的时候他们就跑了A few days after the AP inquired about the men on the High Line, several signs were posted there with photos of them, warning visitors not to give money to panhandlers.就在美联社记者询问有关高线公园的乞讨者的几天之后,公园里就竖了几个指示牌,上面有他们的照片,警示游客不要给这些乞讨者钱财Similarly robed men have been spotted in San Francisco, asking tourists to sign their ;peace petition; bee demanding cash. In China, authorities said the problem of ;fake; monks begging in the streets prompted them to create an online registry of all actual Buddhist and Taoist sites.有人还在旧金山看到类似的长袍僧人,他们会要求游客写下“平安愿望”然后再要钱在中国,有关部门称“假”和尚沿街乞讨的问题迫使他们创建一个在线注册网站,登记所有真正的寺庙和道观的信息In Times Square, the warnings came too late tourist Rob Cardillo, of Pennsylvania. He gave a robed man $ to help out with his temple, without ever asking anything about the temple or what the money would be used .在时代广场,警示对来自宾夕法尼亚的游客罗伯#86;卡迪洛来说来得太晚了他给了一个长袍僧人美元帮他修寺庙,甚至都没有问有关寺庙或钱财用途的任何事;He might be fake, but it the thought and I feel it,; Cardillo said as he gripped the gold medallion.“他也许是假的,但重要的是思想,而我感受到了这种思想,”卡迪洛握着那金色的纪念章说道Vocabulary:medallion: 奖章,纪念章scam: 骗局accost: 搭讪panhandler: 乞丐英文来源:雅虎新闻翻译:实习生孙美真编审:yaning million that he has lent to his campaign to be repaid. The eventual effect of the campaign on Mr. Trump’s personal brand, which he has said represents a large part of his wealth, also remains unclear.人们仍在推测,特朗普是否最终可以从他的竞选活动中获利;他贷款给自己的竞选活动000万美元,有人质疑他是否最终会要求连本带息地偿还这笔钱特朗普曾表示,个人品牌是自己财富的很大一部分,而这场竞选对其个人品牌的最终影响目前也仍不清楚Democrats on Tuesday tried to seize on the payments Mr. Trump made to his businesses as evidence of hypocrisy. Commenters on the liberal website Daily Kos ridiculed Mr. Trump running a “scampaign” and overstating the personal investment he was making in his campaign by funneling the money back to his empire.民主党人周二试图抓住特朗普付钱给自己的企业这一点,明他的虚伪自由派网站Daily Kos上的者嘲笑特朗普“谋财骗选”(scampaign),通过将资金输送回自己的商业帝国,夸大了自己对竞选的个人投资Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee and Mr. Trump’s main rival this fall, also piled on, taking to Twitter on Tuesday to jab him over the expenditures and his relatively paltry fund-raising sum in one swipe. “What is Trump spending his meager campaign resources on?” she said. “Why, himself, of course.”特朗普在今年秋天的主要对手、稳获民主党总统提名的希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)也加入了进来,于周二在Twitter上针对他这些开和相比之下微不足道的筹资额一并进行攻击“特朗普把他微薄的竞选资源用在了什么地方?”她说“呃,当然是他自己身上”

希拉里民主党大会发表提名演讲(视频) --30 :57:50 来源:chinadaily 当地时间7月日,在美国费城举行的民主党全国代表大会上,希拉里压轴亮相,并在演讲中正式宣布接受民主党的总统候选人提名她将代表民主党出征美国大选,也成为首位获得美国主要政党提名的女性总统候选人我们来看看她在演讲中说了什么The fourth and final day of the Democratic national convention has ended, if you don’t count the ongoing balloon-related activity on the floor, where dozens of delegates continue to linger.年民主党全国大会的第四天结束了,同时这也是大会的最后一天,如果不算接下来的庆祝活动的话数十名代表将继续参加后续的庆祝活动Here’s what happened:以下是最后一天大会的具体情况:Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic presidential nomination, becoming the first woman to be nominated by a major party the country’s highest office.希拉里?克林顿接受了民主党总统候选人提名,成为了美国历史上首位获得主要政党提名的女性Clinton delivered an hourlong speech that was part biography, part profession of faith, part political prospectus, part job application and part attack on Donald Trump.克林顿发表了长达一个小时的演讲,演讲内容主要包括其个人经历、职业信念、政治计划、工作规划和对唐纳德?特朗普的抨击“He’s offering empty promises,” Clinton said. “What are we offering? A bold agenda to improve the lives of people across our country - to keep you safe, to get you good jobs, and to give your kids the opporties they deserve.“特朗普承诺的都是空头票,”克林顿说“而我们呢?我们给出了一个提高全国人民生活水平的宏伟计划——保障你们的安全,让你们拥有满意的工作,让你们的孩子拥有属于他们的机会“The choice is clear.”“应该选择谁,现在看来很明确了”Clinton: “Imagine him in the Oval Office facing a real crisis. A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.”希拉里说:“想象一下,当特朗普坐在总统办公室,面对着一个真正的危机一个你可以用推特做诱饵的男人是不可以把核武器交给他的”The night was programmed to highlight the historic nature of Clinton’s nomination, with speaker after speaker calling a first female president. However the rest of the country felt, the cheering room agreed that it was participating in history.这个夜晚就是为突出希拉里提名的历史意义而设计的,一个又一个的发言者都呼吁选民持希拉里成为第一位女性总统无论其余的美国人怎么想,欢呼的人群相信他们正在创造历史Clinton ignored attempts by scattered protesters to interrupt her speech, and sometimes the crowd helped her by chanting “Hillary! Hillary!”一些抗议者企图打断希拉里的演讲,却被她无视了人群里时不时大声呼喊“希拉里!希拉里!”以示对她的持The show was almost stolen by Khizr Khan, the father of a Muslim soldier killed in Iraq, who tore into Trump, his veiled wife standing beside him. “Donald Trump ... Let me ask you, have you even the ed States constitution?” Khan asked, pulling a copy from his pocket. “I will gladly lend you my copy.”这场演讲差点被一位名叫希治尔?可汗的穆斯林士兵的父亲抢了风头他的儿子在伊拉克阵亡,他的妻子蒙着纱巾站在他旁边他强烈抨击特朗普说:“唐纳德?特朗普……让我问问你,你读过美国宪法吗?”他问道,从兜里拿出一本宪法“我很愿意把我这本借给你看”Introducing her mother, Chelsea Clinton delivered a personal speech about feeling supported as a child. “That feeling – being valued and loved – that’s something my mom wants every child,” she said.希拉里的女儿切尔西?克林顿谈到她母亲时表示,作为孩子,她感受到了持和鼓励“那种感觉——被重视、被疼爱——是我母亲希望每个孩子都能拥有的”她说Sanders congratulated Clinton “on this historic achievement” in a tweet. “We are stronger together,” he wrote.桑德斯在推特上祝贺希拉里取得这个“历史性的成就”“我们团结在一起会变得更加强大”他写道“Great speech,” the president thought:美国总统奥巴马认为这是一个“精的演讲”:Great speech. She's tested. She's y. She never quits. That's why Hillary should be our next @POTUS. (She'll get the Twitter handle, too)“精的演讲她经受住了考验她已经准备好了她永远不会放弃这就是为什么希拉里应该成为下一任美国总统(她也会搞定推特的)”— President Obama (@POTUS)— 总统奥巴马July 9, 年7月9日Clinton managed some lighter moments in her attacks on Trump, as when she described his convention speech: “He spoke 70-odd minutes – and I do mean odd.”希拉里在抨击特朗普的时候也说了一些比较轻松诙谐的话当她描述他在大会上的演讲时说:“他讲了70多分钟——奇怪,这真是很巧呢(此处或影射特朗普不受欢迎率达70%)”The Trump campaign replied that the Clinton speech was “an insulting collection of cliches and recycled rhetoric.”特朗普竞选团队对此作出回应,称希拉里的演讲是“一堆带有侮辱性的陈词滥调和车轱辘话”英文来源:卫报翻译:张安莹(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)审校#38;编辑:丹妮翻至下页看希拉里提名演讲视频[!-empirenews.page--]希拉里提名演讲视频: #0;希拉里演讲全文:Thank you! Thank you that amazing welcome.And Chelsea, thank you.I’m so proud to be your mother and so proud of the woman you’ve become.Thanks bringing Marc into our family, and Charlotte and Aidan into the world.And Bill, that conversation we started in the law library 5 years ago is still going strong.It’s lasted through good times that filled us with joy, and hard times that tested us. If at first you don’t succeed: how Hillary Clinton came back from the brink Read moreAnd I’ve even gotten a few words in along the way.On Tuesday night, I was so happy to see that my Explainer-in-Chief is still on the job.I’m also grateful to the rest of my family and the friends of a lifetime.To all of you whose hard work brought us here tonight …And to those of you who joined our campaign this week.And what a remarkable week it’s been.We heard the man from Hope, Bill Clinton.And the man of Hope, Barack Obama.America is stronger because of President Obama’s leadership, and I’m better because of his friendship.We heard from our terrific vice-president, the one-and-only Joe Biden, who spoke from his big heart about our party’s commitment to working people.First Lady Michelle Obama reminded us that our children are watching, and the president we elect is going to be their president, too.And those of you out there who are just getting to know Tim Kaine – you’re soon going to understand why the people of Virginia keep promoting him: from city council and mayor, to governor, and now senator.He’ll make the whole country proud as our vice-president.And … I want to thank Bernie Sanders.Bernie, your campaign inspired millions of Americans, particularly the young people who threw their hearts and souls into our primary.You’ve put economic and social justice issues front and center, where they belong.And to all of your supporters here and around the country:I want you to know, I’ve heard you.Your cause is our cause.Our country needs your ideas, energy, and passion.That’s the only way we can turn our progressive platm into real change America.We wrote it together – now let’s go out there and make it happen together.[pause]My friends, we’ve come to Philadelphia – the birthplace of our nation – because what happened in this city 0 years ago still has something to teach us today.We all know the story.But we usually focus on how it turned out – and not enough on how close that story came to never being written at all.When representatives from unruly colonies met just down the road from here, some wanted to stick with the King.Some wanted to stick it to the king, and go their own way.The revolution hung in the balance.Then somehow they began listening to each other … compromising … finding common purpose.And by the time they left Philadelphia, they had begun to see themselves as one nation.That’s what made it possible to stand up to a King.That took courage.They had courage.Our Founders embraced the enduring truth that we are stronger together.America is once again at a moment of reckoning.Powerful ces are threatening to pull us apart.Bonds of trust and respect are fraying.And just as with our founders, there are no guarantees.It truly is up to us.We have to decide whether we all will work together so we all can rise together.Our country’s motto is e pluribus unum: out of many, we are one.Will we stay true to that motto?Well, we heard Donald Trump’s answer last week at his convention.He wants to divide us – from the rest of the world, and from each other.He’s betting that the perils of today’s world will blind us to its unlimited promise.He’s taken the Republican party a long way ...from “Morning in America” to “Midnight in America”.He wants us to fear the future and fear each other.Well, a great Democratic president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, came up with the perfect rebuke to Trump more than 80 years ago, during a much more perilous time.“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”Now we are clear-eyed about what our country is up against.But we are not afraid.We will rise to the challenge, just as we always have.We will not build a wall.Instead, we will build an economy where everyone who wants a good paying job can get one.And we’ll build a path to citizenship millions of immigrants who are aly contributing to our economy!We will not ban a religion.We will work with all Americans and our allies to fight terrorism.There’s a lot of work to do.Too many people haven’t had a pay raise since the crash.There’s too much inequality.Too little social mobility.Too much paralysis in Washington.Too many threats at home and abroad.But just look at the strengths we bring to meet these challenges.We have the most dynamic and diverse people in the world.We have the most tolerant and generous young people we’ve ever had.We have the most powerful military.The most innovative entrepreneurs.The most enduring values.Freedom and equality, justice and opporty.We should be so proud that these words are associated with us. That when people hear them – they hear … America.So don’t let anyone tell you that our country is weak.We’re not.Don’t let anyone tell you we don’t have what it takes.We do.And most of all, don’t believe anyone who says: “I alone can fix it.”Those were actually Donald Trump’s words in Cleveland.And they should set off alarm bells all of us.Really?I alone can fix it?Isn’t he getting?Troops on the frontlines.Police officers and fire fighters who run toward danger.Doctors and nurses who care us.Teachers who change lives.Entrepreneurs who see possibilities in every problem.Mothers who lost children to violence and are building a movement to keep other kids safe.He’s getting every last one of us.Americans don’t say: “I alone can fix it.”We say: “We’ll fix it together.”Remember: our Founders fought a revolution and wrote a constitution so America would never be a nation where one person had all the power.Two hundred and ty years later, we still put our faith in each other.Look at what happened in Dallas after the assassinations of five brave police officers.Chief David Brown asked the commy to support his ce, maybe even join them.And you know how the commy responded?Nearly 500 people applied in just days.That’s how Americans answer when the call help goes out.[pause]Twenty years ago I wrote a book called It Takes a Village. A lot of people looked at the title and asked, what the heck do you mean by that?This is what I mean.None of us can raise a family, build a business, heal a commy or lift a country totally alone.America needs every one of us to lend our energy, our talents, our ambition to making our nation better and stronger.I believe that with all my heart.That’s why “Stronger Together” is not just a lesson from our history.It’s not just a slogan our campaign.It’s a guiding principle the country we’ve always been and the future we’re going to build.A country where the economy works everyone, not just those at the top.Where you can get a good job and send your kids to a good school, no matter what zip code you live in.A country where all our children can dream, and those dreams are within reach.Where families are strong … commies are safe …And yes, love trumps hate.That’s the country we’re fighting .That’s the future we’re working toward …And so it is with humility ... determination ... and boundless confidence in America’s promise … that I accept your nomination president of the ed States![Pause]Now, sometimes the people at this podium are new to the national stage.As you know, I’m not one of those people.I’ve been your first lady. Served eight years as a senator from the great state of New York.I ran president and lost.Then I represented all of you as secretary of state.But my job titles only tell you what I’ve done.They don’t tell you why.The truth is, through all these years of public service, the “service” part has always come easier to me than the “public” part.I get it that some people just don’t know what to make of me.So let me tell you.The family I’m from ... well, no one had their name on big buildings.My family were builders of a different kind.Builders in the way most American families are.They used whatever tools they had – whatever God gave them – and whatever life in America provided – and built better lives and better futures their kids.My grandfather worked in the same Scranton lace mill 50 years.Because he believed that if he gave everything he had, his children would have a better life than he did.And he was right.My dad, Hugh, made it to college. He played football at Penn State and enlisted in the navy after Pearl Harbor.When the war was over he started his own small business, printing fabric draperies.I remember watching him stand hours over silk screens.He wanted to give my brothers and me opporties he never had.And he did. My mother, Dorothy, was abandoned by her parents as a young girl. She ended up on her own at , working as a house maid.She was saved by the kindness of others.Her first grade teacher saw she had nothing to eat at lunch, and brought extra food to share.The lesson she passed on to me years later stuck with me:No one gets through life alone.We have to look out each other and lift each other up.She made sure I learned the words of our Methodist faith:“Do all the good you can, all the people you can, in all the ways you can, as long as ever you can.”I went to work the Children’s Defense Fund, going door-to-door in New Bedd, Massachusetts on behalf of children with disabilities who were denied the chance to go to school.I remember meeting a young girl in a wheelchair on the small back porch of her house.She told me how badly she wanted to go to school – it just didn’t seem possible.And I couldn’t stop thinking of my mother and what she went through as a child.It became clear to me that simply caring is not enough.To drive real progress, you have to change both hearts and laws.You need both understanding and action.So we gathered facts. We built a coalition. And our work helped convince Congress to ensure access to education all students with disabilities.It’s a big idea, isn’t it?Every kid with a disability has the right to go to school.But how do you make an idea like that real? You do it step-by-step, year-by-year … sometimes even door-by-door.And my heart just swelled when I saw Anastasia Somoza on this stage, representing millions of young people who – because of those changes to our laws – are able to get an education.It’s true … I sweat the details of policy – whether we’re talking about the exact level of lead in the drinking water in Flint, Michigan, the number of mental health facilities in Iowa, or the cost of your prescription drugs.Because it’s not just a detail if it’s your kid – if it’s your family.It’s a big deal. And it should be a big deal to your president.Over the last three days, you’ve seen some of the people who’ve inspired me.People who let me into their lives, and became a part of mine.People like Ryan Moore and Lauren Manning.They told their stories Tuesday night.I first met Ryan as a seven-year old.He was wearing a full body brace that must have weighed 0 pounds.Children like Ryan kept me going when our plan universal health care failed …and kept me working with leaders of both parties to help create the Children’s Health Insurance Program that covers 8 million kids every year.Lauren was gravely injured on 9.It was the thought of her, and Debbie St John, and John Dolan and Joe Sweeney, and all the victims and survivors, that kept me working as hard as I could in the Senate on behalf of 9 families, and our first responders who got sick from their time at Ground Zero.I was still thinking of Lauren, Debbie and all the others years later in the White House Situation Room when President Obama made the courageous decision that finally brought Osama bin Laden to justice.In this campaign, I’ve met so many people who motivate me to keep fighting change.And, with your help, I will carry all of your voices and stories with me to the White House.I will be a president Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. the struggling, the striving and the successful. those who vote me and those who don’t. all Americans.[pause]Tonight, we’ve reached a milestone in our nation’s march toward a more perfect union: the first time that a major party has nominated a woman president.Standing here as my mother’s daughter, and my daughter’s mother, I’m so happy this day has come.Happy grandmothers and little girls and everyone in between.Happy boys and men, too – because when any barrier falls in America, anyone, it clears the way everyone. When there are no ceilings, the sky’s the limit.So let’s keep going, until every one of the 1 million women and girls across America has the opporty she deserves.Because even more important than the history we make tonight, is the history we will write together in the years ahead.Let’s begin with what we’re going to do to help working people in our country get ahead and stay ahead.Now, I don’t think President Obama and Vice-President Biden get the credit they deserve saving us from the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes.Our economy is so much stronger than when they took office. Nearly million new private-sector jobs. Twenty million more Americans with health insurance. And an auto industry that just had its best year ever. That’s real progress.But none of us can be satisfied with the status quo. Not by a long shot.We’re still facing deep-seated problems that developed long bee the recession and have stayed with us through the recovery.I’ve gone around our country talking to working families. And I’ve heard from so many of you who feel like the economy just isn’t working.Some of you are frustrated – even furious.And you know what? You’re right.It’s not yet working the way it should.Americans are willing to work – and work hard.But right now, an awful lot of people feel there is less and less respect the work they do.And less respect them, period.Democrats are the party of working people.But we haven’t done a good enough job showing that we get what you’re going through, and that we’re going to do something about it.So I want to tell you tonight how we will empower Americans to live better lives.My primary mission as president will be to create more opporty and more good jobs with rising wages right here in the ed States ...From my first day in office to my last!Especially in places that too long have been left out and left behind.From our inner cities to our small towns, from Indian Country to Coal Country.From commies ravaged by addiction to regions hollowed out by plant closures.And here’s what I believe.I believe America thrives when the middle class thrives.I believe that our economy isn’t working the way it should because our democracy isn’t working the way it should.That’s why we need to appoint supreme court justices who will get money out of politics and expand voting rights, not restrict them. And we’ll pass a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens ed!I believe American corporations that have gotten so much from our country should be just as patriotic in return.Many of them are. But too many aren’t.It’s wrong to take tax breaks with one hand and give out pink slips with the other.And I believe Wall Street can never, ever be allowed to wreck Main Street again.I believe in science. I believe that climate change is real and that we can save our planet while creating millions of good-paying clean energy jobs.I believe that when we have millions of hardworking immigrants contributing to our economy, it would be self-defeating and inhumane to kick them out.Comprehensive immigration rem will grow our economy and keep families together – and it’s the right thing to do.Whatever party you belong to, or if you belong to no party at all, if you share these beliefs, this is your campaign.If you believe that companies should share profits with their workers, not pad executive bonuses, join us.If you believe the minimum wage should be a living wage … and no one working full time should have to raise their children in poverty … join us.If you believe that every man, woman, and child in America has the right to afdable healthcare … join us.If you believe that we should say “no” to unfair trade deals ... that we should stand up to China ... that we should support our steelworkers and autoworkers and homegrown manufacturers … join us.If you believe we should expand social security and protect a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions … join us.And yes, if you believe that your working mother, wife, sister, or daughter deserves equal pay … join us ...Let’s make sure this economy works everyone, not just those at the top.Now, you didn’t hear any of this from Donald Trump at his convention.He spoke 70-odd minutes – and I do mean odd.And he offered zero solutions. But we aly know he doesn’t believe these things.No wonder he doesn’t like talking about his plans.You might have noticed, I love talking about mine.In my first 0 days, we will work with both parties to pass the biggest investment in new, good-paying jobs since World War II.Jobs in manufacturing, clean energy, technology and innovation, small business, and infrastructure.If we invest in infrastructure now, we’ll not only create jobs today, but lay the foundation the jobs of the future.And we will transm the way we prepare our young people those jobs.Bernie Sanders and I will work together to make college tuition-free the middle class and debt-free all!We will also liberate millions of people who aly have student debt.It’s just not right that Donald Trump can ignore his debts, but students and families can’t refinance theirs.And here’s something we don’t say often enough: college is crucial, but a four-year degree should not be the only path to a good job.We’re going to help more people learn a skill or practice a trade and make a good living doing it.We’re going to give small businesses a boost. Make it easier to get credit. Way too many dreams die in the parking lots of banks.In America, if you can dream it, you should be able to build it.We’re going to help you balance family and work. And you know what, if fighting afdable child care and paid family leave is playing the “woman card”, then deal me in!(Oh, you’ve heard that one?)Now, here’s the thing, we’re not only going to make all these investments, we’re going to pay every single one of them.And here’s how: Wall Street, corporations, and the super-rich are going to start paying their fair share of taxes.Not because we resent success. Because when more than 90% of the gains have gone to the top 1%, that’s where the money is.And if companies take tax breaks and then ship jobs overseas, we’ll make them pay us back. And we’ll put that money to work where it belongs … creating jobs here at home!Now I know some of you are sitting at home thinking, well that all sounds pretty good.But how are you going to get it done? How are you going to break through the gridlock in Washington? Look at my record. I’ve worked across the aisle to pass laws and treaties and to launch new programs that help millions of people. And if you give me the chance, that’s what I’ll do as president.But Trump, he’s a businessman. He must know something about the economy.Well, let’s take a closer look.In Atlantic City, 60 miles from here, you’ll find contractors and small businesses who lost everything because Donald Trump refused to pay his bills.People who did the work and needed the money, and didn’t get it – not because he couldn’t pay them, but because he wouldn’t pay them.That sales pitch he’s making to be your president? Put your faith in him – and you’ll win big? That’s the same sales pitch he made to all those small businesses. Then Trump walked away, and left working people holding the bag.He also talks a big game about putting America first. Please explain to me what part of America First leads him to make Trump ties in China, not Colorado.Trump suits in Mexico, not Michigan. Trump furniture in Turkey, not Ohio. Trump picture frames in India, not Wisconsin.Donald Trump says he wants to make America great again – well, he could start by actually making things in America again.The choice we face is just as stark when it comes to our national security.Anyone ing the news can see the threats and turbulence we face.From Baghdad and Kabul, to Nice and Paris and Brussels, to San Bernardino and Orlando, we’re dealing with determined enemies that must be defeated.No wonder people are anxious and looking reassurance. Looking steady leadership.You want a leader who understands we are stronger when we work with our allies around the world and care our veterans here at home. Keeping our nation safe and honoring the people who do it will be my highest priority.I’m proud that we put a lid on Iran’s nuclear program without firing a single shot – now we have to ence it, and keep supporting Israel’s security.I’m proud that we shaped a global climate agreement – now we have to hold every country able to their commitments, including ourselves.I’m proud to stand by our allies in Nato against any threat they face, including from Russia.I’ve laid out my strategy defeating Isis.We will strike their sanctuaries from the air, and support local ces taking them out on the ground. We will surge our intelligence so that we detect and prevent attacks bee they happen.We will disrupt their efts online to reach and radicalize young people in our country.It won’t be easy or quick, but make no mistake – we will prevail.Now Donald Trump says, and this is a e, “I know more about Isis than the generals do …”No, Donald, you don’t.He thinks that he knows more than our military because he claimed our armed ces are “a disaster”.Well, I’ve had the privilege to work closely with our troops and our veterans many years, including as a senator on the armed services committee.I know how wrong he is. Our military is a national treasure.We entrust our commander-in-chief to make the hardest decisions our nation faces.Decisions about war and peace. Life and death.A president should respect the men and women who risk their lives to serve our country – including the sons of Tim Kaine and Mike Pence, both marines.Ask yourself: does Donald Trump have the temperament to be commander-in-chief?Donald Trump can’t even handle the rough-and-tumble of a presidential campaign.He loses his cool at the slightest provocation. When he’s gotten a tough question from a reporter. When he’s challenged in a debate. When he sees a protester at a rally.Imagine him in the Oval Office facing a real crisis. A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.I can’t put it any better than Jackie Kennedy did after the Cuban Missile Crisis. She said that what worried President Kennedy during that very dangerous time was that a war might be started – not by big men with self-control and restraint, but by little men – the ones moved by fear and pride.America’s strength doesn’t come from lashing out.Strength relies on smarts, judgment, cool resolve, and the precise and strategic application of power.That’s the kind of commander-in-chief I pledge to be.And if we’re serious about keeping our country safe, we also can’t afd to have a president who’s in the pocket of the gun lobby.I’m not here to repeal the second amendment.I’m not here to take away your guns.I just don’t want you to be shot by someone who shouldn’t have a gun in the first place.We should be working with responsible gun owners to pass common-sense rems and keep guns out of the hands of criminals, terrorists and all others who would do us harm. decades, people have said this issue was too hard to solve and the politics were too hot to touch.But I ask you: how can we just stand by and do nothing?You heard, you saw, family members of people killed by gun violence.You heard, you saw, family members of police officers killed in the line of duty because they were outgunned by criminals.I refuse to believe we can’t find common ground here.We have to heal the divides in our country.Not just on guns. But on race. Immigration. And more.That starts with listening to each other. Hearing each other. Trying, as best we can, to walk in each other’s shoes.So let’s put ourselves in the shoes of young black and Latino men and women who face the effects of systemic racism, and are made to feel like their lives are disposable.Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of police officers, kissing their kids and spouses goodbye every day and heading off to do a dangerous and necessary job.We will rem our criminal justice system from end-to-end, and rebuild trust between law encement and the commies they serve.We will defend all our rights – civil rights, human rights and voting rights… women’s rights and workers’ rights … LGBT rights and the rights of people with disabilities!And we will stand up against mean and divisive rhetoric wherever it comes from. the past year, many people made the mistake of laughing off Donald Trump’s comments – excusing him as an entertainer just putting on a show.They think he couldn’t possibly mean all the horrible things he says – like when he called women “pigs”. Or said that an American judge couldn’t be fair because of his Mexican heritage. Or when he mocks and mimics a reporter with a disability.Or insults prisoners of war like John McCain – a true hero and patriot who deserves our respect.At first, I admit, I couldn’t believe he meant it either.It was just too hard to fathom – that someone who wants to lead our nation could say those things. Could be like that.But here’s the sad truth: there is no other Donald Trump ... this is it.And in the end, it comes down to what Donald Trump doesn’t get: that America is great – because America is good.So enough with the bigotry and bombast. Donald Trump’s not offering real change.He’s offering empty promises. What are we offering? A bold agenda to improve the lives of people across our country – to keep you safe, to get you good jobs, and to give your kids the opporties they deserve.The choice is clear.[Pause]Every generation of Americans has come together to make our country freer, fairer, and stronger.None of us can do it alone.I know that at a time when so much seems to be pulling us apart, it can be hard to imagine how we’ll ever pull together again.But I’m here to tell you tonight – progress is possible.I know because I’ve seen it in the lives of people across America who get knocked down and get right back up.And I know it from my own life. More than a few times, I’ve had to pick myself up and get back in the game.Like so much else, I got this from my mother. She never let me back down from any challenge. When I tried to hide from a neighborhood bully, she literally blocked the door. “Go back out there,” she said.And she was right. You have to stand up to bullies.You have to keep working to make things better, even when the odds are long and the opposition is fierce.We lost my mother a few years ago. I miss her every day. And I still hear her voice urging me to keep working, keep fighting right, no matter what.That’s what we need to do together as a nation.Though “we may not live to see the glory,” as the song from the musical Hamilton goes, “let us gladly join the fight.”Let our legacy be about “planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.”That’s why we’re here … not just in this hall, but on this Earth.The Founders showed us that.And so have many others since.They were drawn together by love of country, and the selfless passion to build something better all who follow.That is the story of America. And we begin a new chapter tonight.Yes, the world is watching what we do.Yes, America’s destiny is ours to choose.So let’s be stronger together.Looking to the future with courage and confidence.Building a better tomorrow our beloved children and our beloved country.When we do, America will be greater than ever.Thank you and may God bless the ed States of America!



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