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Watching one#39;s beloved go through pregnancy can be a bizarre and bewildering experience. It is also one that I assumed might be easy for me because we are the same sex.看着自己的挚爱怀胎十月可能是一种神奇而又令人彷徨的经历。但由于我和伴侣都是女性,因此我以为这件事对我来说可能不难。From the day we met, almost nine years ago, Bella was adamant that she wanted a child - and that she wanted to carry it. She loved the idea of pregnancy with the same vehemence with which I hated it. I wasn#39;t convinced about having children. Finally, though, after seven years together, when I was 33, I felt y. We began searching for a sperm donor.从我们相识的那天起,大约9年前,贝拉就坚持要个孩子--而且希望由她来生。她特别喜欢怀这个想法,而我恰恰相反,我讨厌这一念头。因为我还不确定要不要孩子。然而,相恋7年后,当时我33岁,我终于觉得是时候了。我们开始寻找精子捐献者。Although our journey towards a child has thus far been relatively short in comparison to that of many couples (heterosexual or otherwise), it has not been easy. First, there were the difficult conversations with certain family members, next the ;matchmaking; websites, followed by awkward phone interviews with prospective donors, and then several artificial inseminations. We were disappointed when not just our first but also our second donor moved abroad. Luckily, we found a generous-spirited, rational man whom we liked and trusted very much to be our third and final donor. Within five months, Bella was pregnant.虽然相比其他夫妇(异性恋夫妇或其它),到目前为止,我们要孩子的过程相对较短,但却也不是件易事。首先,要与某些家庭成员进行困难的沟通,然后搜索;配对;网站,之后打电话给潜在捐献者,问一些尴尬的问题,最后就是经历几次人工受精。当第一位精子捐献者移居国外后,第二位居然也出现了同样的情况,我们别提有多伤心了。但幸运的是,我们找到了一位有非凡肚量且十分理智的男性,我们十分喜欢、信任他,而他成为了我们第三位也是最终精子捐献者。五个月内,贝拉怀了。Sadly, however, she miscarried at 10 weeks, last June. It was a traumatic experience that has marked her deeply, the true extent of which neither of us could have predicted. Yet we were keen to try again, and three months later she fell pregnant for the second time.然而,不幸的是,她在第十周(也就是去年六月)的时候流产了。这让她深受打击,一度心情低落,这种情况是我们谁都没有预料到的。但我们又振作起来重新尝试,三个月后,她第二次怀上了。This time things were different - not only did the baby ;stick;, but for Bella the first trimester was full of extreme sickness, lethargy and anxiety. The other major difference was that I began to experience all sorts of unexpected emotions: fear, confusion and a sense of being completely set apart from my wife and the baby growing inside her. I was filled with overwhelming self-doubt and a strong desire to run away from everything that spelled out parent.这一次的情况有所不同--不仅宝宝;坚守;在贝拉的肚中,而且贝拉在头三个月里极度恶心、嗜睡和焦虑。另一个重大的变化就是我开始体验到各种各样意想不到的情绪:害怕、困惑以及有种远离了妻子和她肚中宝宝的感觉。我总是自我怀疑,强烈的希望摆脱一切拼有父母字样的东西。So much for my lofty ideas about the myriad ways in which I might be more attuned to my partner during the pregnancy, and more invested in our baby, than any man could be.我有很多的崇高想法(比任何男人都多):怀期间,我该如何以各种各样的方式适应另一半以及如何给宝宝更多的爱等等。译文属 /201704/506016泰州哪家医院治男性疾病好的It#39;s the latest hipster fad that forecasters predicted would be killed off in 2016.留胡须的风潮原本被预言将在2016年过去。But it looks like beards are here to stay for a bit longer.但现在看起来这股胡须风潮还要再刮一阵子。For more than half of the men in Glamour Magazine’s 100 Sexiest Men for 2017 have some form of facial hair.因为超半数入选《魅力》杂志2017年最性感百名男性的人都留着某种胡须。The poll, which included TV personalities, film stars, musicians, sportsmen and YouTubers, was voted for by 80,000 of the magazine’s ers showed they found men with beards more attractive.这一榜单的候选人包括电视名人、电影明星、音乐人、运动员和油管人,经该杂志8万读者投票选出,结果显示,人们认为留胡须的男性更有魅力。In the list, 63 of the 100 celebrity men all had some kind of facial hair.榜单中可以看到,入选的100位男星中有63位留着某种胡须。Jamie Dornan was awarded the top spot for a second time, having taken the accolade in 2015.詹米#8226;多南是第二次位居榜首,上一次他登顶榜单是在2015年。The Fifty Shades of Grey actor, 34, has previously spoken out about how much he hated himself without any facial fluff.曾主演《五十度灰》的詹米#8226;多南现年34岁,他曾经公开说过很讨厌自己没有胡须的样子。He said: ‘I hate my face without a beard, I swear to God I really hate it. I always think I look really young. I think when I’m clean shaven, I look like a thumb.’他说:“我讨厌自己脸上没胡须,我发誓我真的很讨厌。我一直觉得自己看起来挺显小的。如果我把自己的脸刮得很干净,我觉得自己看起来就像个大拇指。”And he’s not alone, Aidan Turner, who was placed at number two this year, also doesn’t shave when he’s not filming Poldark saying: ‘In my next role I want to grow a beard and put on loads of weight.’无独有偶,今年位居榜单第二的艾丹#8226;特纳在不拍英剧《波尔达克》的时候也不刮胡子。他表示:“下一个角色我希望能演个体型壮硕的大胡子。”In fact, in the top 10, only two of the stars were clean-shaven, Tom Hiddleston and Matt Bomer.事实上,前十名中只有两位男星是不留胡须的——汤姆#8226;希德勒斯顿和马特#8226;波莫。Throughout the list, there are a host of men who prefer to the ditch the razor including Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio, Prince Harry and Victoria star, Rufus Sewell.榜单中不爱刮胡子的男性不在少数,包括奥斯卡奖影帝莱昂纳多#8226;迪卡普里奥、哈里王子和参演英剧《维多利亚》的卢夫斯#8226;塞维尔。Adam Brady, Grooming Expert from Ruffians Barbers said the stigma around beards had disappeared.著名理发店Ruffians Barbers的造型师亚当#8226;布莱迪说,和胡子有关的耻辱感已经消失了。He said: #39;A few years ago, beards were seen as a sign of not being particular reputable.他说:“就在几年前,胡子还被看作是名声不太好的一种标志。”#39;Men with beards were seen as being dirty and unhygienic. But the stigma seems to have gone.“有胡子的男性被视为邋遢、不卫生。不过这种污名似乎已经远去了。”‘Men have got better at styling their beards. They no longer look overgrown, straggly and crusty.“如今男性更善于打理自己的胡子。他们的胡子不再是又硬又长、乱糟糟的了。”#39;There is also an abundance of products like beard oils, gels and creams so people can take care of them.“现在还有很多胡须护理品,如胡须油、胡须啫喱、胡须霜。”‘Men, not just celebrities take more pride in their appearance.“不仅是名人,普通男人也越来越为自己的形象而感到骄傲。”#39;It used to be seen as a negative for men to spend too much time papering themselves but that perception has changed.“过去男人花太多时间捯饬自己为人所不齿,但现在这种观念已经改变了。”‘A tidy well-kempt beard signals attractiveness plus more men have haircuts that complement their facial hair.’“整洁有型的胡须会令男人魅力倍增,现在更多男性会注意让自己的发型和胡须相匹配。” /201612/485880姜堰区妇幼人民中医院龟头炎症泰州治疗包皮包茎的价格

泰州看男子哪家医院好江苏省泰州市人民医院割包皮手术价格When one guy kept bugging this girl for nudes, she finally relented and sent him some pictures. But as you can see below, it wasn’t quite the response he was hoping for!当一名男子不断骚扰这个女孩向她索要裸照的时候,她最终“心软”了,并给他发了几张照片。然而,如你所见,这并不完全是男子希望得到的答复!“Some asshole online Fuckboy kept hammering me for nudes,” wrote imgur user leonaloir recently. “He got what he asked for.” First she sent him pictures of her thighs, and then she gave him snaps of her breasts and legs before stripping for her unknown admirer. But despite her best efforts, we don’t think this guy will be bugging her again any time soon.“网络上有一些可恶的家伙不断向我索要裸照,”免费图片分享网用户Leonaloir最近写道。“他得到了自己想要的。”首先她给他发了“大腿照”,然后是“胸”和“小腿”的快照,之后为她这位陌生的爱慕者发了一张“脱衣照”。虽然她“尽了最大努力”,但是我们认为这名男子很快就不会再骚扰她了。When one guy kept bugging this girl for nudes, she finally relented and sent him some pictures.当一名男子不断骚扰这个女孩向她索要裸照的时候,她最终“心软”了,并给他发了几张照片。But as you can see, it wasn’t quite the response he was hoping for!然而,如你所见,这并不完全是男子希望得到的答复!We don’t think this guy will be bugging her again any time soon!我们认为这名男子很快就不会再骚扰她了! /201701/488754泰州不孕不育医院International Women#39;s Day, originally called International Working Women#39;s Day, is celebrated on March 8 every year. The festival sets out to show respect, appreciation and love towards women for their economic, political and social achievements in modern society.3月8日是一年一度的国际妇女节。国际妇女节原名国际劳动妇女节,旨在对现代社会女性所取得的政治经济成就表示尊重、感谢以及赞美。During the past year, quite a few female celebrities have made significant achievements in their fields. Their persistence, enthusiasm and encouragement has led more females to pursue their own goals regardless of outside factors.在过去的一年里,许多女性名人在各自的领域取得了卓越成就。她们的毅力、热情以及勇气指引着更多女性专心追逐自己的目标。There is a saying in China that goes: ;Women hold up half the sky;. Now, let#39;s look at the lives of eight prominent sky-holders.中国有句古话叫:“妇女能顶半边天”。下面让我们来领略8位杰出女性的英姿。1.China#39;s Women#39;s Volleyball Team中国女排Profession: Sportswomen职业:运动员Key word: Persistence关键词:毅力Achievement: After a 12-year wait, China#39;s Women#39;s Volleyball Team re-gained its spot on top of dais, winning gold at the 2016 Summer Olympics. The team are now regarded as national heroes, proudly carrying the flag of China#39;s Olympic glory that first flew 30 years ago.成就:经历了12年的蛰伏之后,中国女排在2016年里约夏季奥运会上斩获金牌,重登最高领奖台。30年前,她们首次成为中国奥运之光,如今他们再次骄傲地扛起荣誉之旗,被国人视为民族英雄。Quote: ;We are a team, we never gave up and united as one to overcome difficulties. I believe this spirit can shine through in all walks of life.; — Lang Ping, coach of China#39;s Women#39;s Volleyball Team语录:“我们是一个团队,我们团结一致克困难,永不言弃。我相信这种精神在各行各业都会发光。”——中国女排教练郎平2.Liu Wen刘雯Profession: Model职业:模特Key word: Confidence关键词:信心Achievement: As the first Chinese model to walk the Victoria#39;s Secret runway and the first Asian model to make Forbes magazine#39;s annual highest-paid models list, Liu has led three other Chinese girls to the 2016 Victoria#39;s Secret Fashion Show, bringing a wave of Chinese chic to the fashion world.成就:刘雯是首位站上“维密”舞台的中国模特以及首位登上《福布斯》杂志最高收入超模排行榜的亚洲模特。2016年,刘雯带领着其他三位中国女孩一起登上了“维密”时装秀,在全球时尚界刮起了一股中国风。Quote: ;I am not born to be a model. But as long as I become a model, I take it seriously.; —— Liu Wen语录:“我不是非当模特不可的,但我成为模特,就会认真对待。”——刘雯3.Jolin Tsai蔡依林Profession: Singer职业:歌手Key word: Diligence关键词:勤奋Achievement: Reputed as the Queen of C-pop and described as an Asian Madonna, Jolin Tsai has achieved everlasting popularity in Chinese-speaking countries by releasing a series of commercially successful albums. During the past year, she has actively pushed into other fields winning the gold medal at the 2016 UK Cake International competition and becoming the first Chinese singer to be invited to take part in fashion shows including Victoria#39;s Secret Fashion Show, Met Gala and fashion week in Paris, New York, London and Milan.成就:蔡依林被誉为中国流行音乐天后、亚洲版麦当娜,她发行的系列畅销专辑为其在华语地区赢得经久不衰的人气。蔡依林去年一直在其他领域积极进取,她获得了2016年英国国际蛋糕大赛金牌,成为首位受邀参加“维密”时装秀、纽约大都会艺术物馆慈善舞会、巴黎时装周、纽约时装周以及米兰时装周的中国歌手。Quote: ;Pop singers should challenge pre-existing concepts and lead audiences to accept new genres of music. Madonna#39;s works were controversial and somewhat critically panned when just released, but after years they were considered masterpieces.; —— Jolin Tsai语录:“流行歌手应该挑战既定的概念,引领观众接受新潮的音乐类型。麦当娜的作品颇具争议,有些音乐刚发布时饱受批评,但过几年后人们却将其视为大师之作。”——蔡依林4.Zhou Dongyu周冬雨Profession: Actress职业:演员Key word: Sincerity关键词:真诚Achievement: Known as one of the ;Four Renowned Actresses of the Post-90s Generation;, Zhou Dongyu made her career breakthrough with the film Soul Mate, receiving the best actress award at the 53rd Golden Horse Awards.成就:周冬雨被称为“90后四小花旦”之一,她凭借着电影《七月与安生》实现了事业上的突破,在第53届金马奖上收获最佳女主角奖。Quotation: ;Zhou holds the screen very well. She can turn an initially daft personality into an angsty but stoical heroine.; —— A Variety review of her performance in the film The Palace评价:“周冬雨对银幕的掌控很出色。她可以从初期单纯的形象切换成一个焦虑不安但坚忍不拔的女主角。”——《综艺》杂志对周冬雨在《宫锁沉香》中表现的5.Dong Mingzhu董明珠Profession: Businesswoman职业:女企业家Key word: Thoughtful关键词:深谋远虑Achievement: Dong Mingzhu has transformed Gree from a sleepy domestic brand into the world#39;s largest maker of air conditioners based on sales. Dong has won the award ;Top 10 Economic Figures in China;.成就:董明珠被评为“中国10大经济人物”,她将格力从一个默默无闻的国产品牌打造成全球销量最高的空调制造企业。Quote: ;One of the toughest businesswomen in China.; —— The New York Times评价:“中国最强势的女企业家之一。”——《纽约时报》6.Dong Qing董卿Profession: TV host职业:电视主持人Key word: Intelligent关键词:知性Achievement: As a well-known Chinese television hostess, she is the face of two cultural reality shows Chinese Poetry Conference and Readers. The shows are redefining audiences#39; opinions on traditional culture and seeking the beauty of life. She is also the producer of Readers.成就:董卿是国内著名电视节目主持人,她是《中国诗词大会》以及《朗读者》节目的门面担当。这两档文化类综艺节目重新定义了观众对于传统文化以及追寻生活之美的看法。董卿也是《朗读者》的制作人。Quote: ;The charm of life lies in its unpredictableness, so we just have to try and keep going.; — Dong Qing语录:“生活的魅力就在于它的不可知,我们只是去为未来做努力。”——董卿7.Hao Jingfang郝景芳Profession: Writer职业:作家Key Word: Creativity关键词:创造力Achievement: Chinese writer Hao Jingfang was named the winner of last year#39;s Hugo Award for best novelette for her short science fiction story, Folding Beijing.成就:去年,中国作家郝景芳凭借短片科幻小说《北京折叠》获得雨果奖最佳中短篇小说奖。Quote: ;Science fiction writers prepare for all future possibilities, whether good or bad, likely or unlikely. You can hear sci-fi writers talking about strategies to face aliens at the dinner table, seriously. We care about all possibilities. We live in parallel universes.; —— Hao Jingfang语录:“科幻小说作者喜欢预测所有的可能性,无论是好是坏,可能发生还是不大可能发生。有时,你会听到科幻作者在饭桌上很严肃地谈论应对外星人的种种策略。我们生活在全部可能情境中,我们生活在全部平行宇宙中。”——郝景芳8.Wu Yishu武亦姝Profession: Student职业:学生Key Word: Wisdom关键词:智慧Achievement: Wu Yishu, a 17-year-old senior high school student from Shanghai, is the champion of the Chinese Poetry Conference. Her rich knowledge of classical poetry impressed everyone and she has become famous online.成就:来自上海的17岁高中生武亦姝是《中国诗词大会》的冠军。她丰富的古典诗词知识给人们留下了深刻的印象,也让她成了“网红”。Quote: ;Her rich knowledge and mastery of Chinese traditional culture meets all my fantasies about how an ancient female lived in the past.; ——Online comment from a fan评价:“她丰富的学识以及中国传统文化底蕴完全符合我对古代女子的幻想。”——网友 /201703/497289泰州无痛割包皮价格

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