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英语中不感兴趣时的日常用法 -- :: 来源: I dont care. *向对方表示“不要再嗦”的心情What do you want dinner? (晚饭你想吃什么?)I dont care. (什么都行)Anything fine.-----管它呢!Who cares?I dont think it a good idea. (我认为那不是个好主意)Who cares? (管它呢!)So what? (那又怎么样?)So? (后来呢?)Well?Does it matter?Big deal.What difference does it make?-----随便你!Whatever you want.As you wish.谁知道呢Nobody knows.Do you think the economy will improve? (你认为经济可以恢复吗?)Nobody knows. (谁知道呢)Who knows?No one knows.-----这跟我没关系It has nothing to do with me. *have nothing to do with... “完全没有关系”、“没关系”,表明坏事或不好的事与自己无关Why dont you help him? (你怎么不帮他呢?)It has nothing to do with me. (这跟我有什么关系)It not my concern.It not my business.It not my problem.-----我才不在乎呢I couldnt care less. *“我没关系”、“没事”的口语说法,有些俚语味道Im going to report you to our boss. (我要向老板告你)Go ahead. I couldnt care less. (随便!我才不在乎呢)I dont give a damn.-----没人注意你Nobody cares.But Im not a good dancer. (可我跳舞跳得不好)Nobody cares. (没人注意你)Nobody gives a damn. *语气较强,在有些场合下,听起来会有点下流的感觉-----随他们去呢!Let it be.Tom and Mary are fighting a lot these days. We should do something about it. (最近汤姆和玛丽老打架,我们是不是得做点什么)Let it be. (甭管他们!)-----我才不在乎他们说什么呢I dont care what they say.Everyone says youre a liar. (大家都说你是个骗子)I dont care what they say. (我才不在乎他们说什么呢)I dont care what they might say.What they say doesnt matter to me. (他们说什么都跟我没关系)I dont care what anyone says.Other people opinions dont matter to me. (别人说什么对我来说不重要)Im not concerned about what they may say.-----哪个都行Anyone will do.Which one? (哪个?)Anyone will do. (哪个都行)It doesnt matter.Anyone okay.Anything will do.-----没他我们也可以We can do without him.We dont need him. (我们不需要他)His help isnt necessary. (我们不需要他的帮助)-----我没什么特别要说的Ive got nothing special to talk about.Ive got nothing special to talk about. (我没什么特别要说的)That okay. (那好吧)I have nothing particular to talk about.I dont have anything special to discuss. (我没有什么特别要商量的)-----无所谓It doesnt matter. *当被对方问“是A还是B”,回答哪个都行时Do you want red or white? (你想要红的还是白的?)It doesnt matter. (无所谓)I dont care.It doesnt make any difference.It all the same to me. (对我来说都一样)I dont feel strongly about it one way or the other. (我不那么在乎是哪一个)Either will do.Either one will be fine.-----这又不是什么新鲜事It the same old story.She only married him his money. (她只是冲他的钱才跟他结婚的呀)It the same old story. (这又不是什么新鲜事) 日常英语 英语口语Top Six Ways to Build a Wonderful Life1. Live Below Your MeansThere will always be temptation to sake the future immediate gratification. We all want to buy that new piece of technology, treat ourselves to an expensive night on the town, or take out a loan the flashy car we can't afd. It might feel great at the time but rash spending hurts a lot later on.Enjoy life's simple pleasures and save as much as you can. Expensive things don't create lasting happiness and security. Careful spending will bring you greater leisure and enjoyment in the long run.. Put Your Money to WorkSaving is great, but to make the most of your money you need to put it to work. Good investments can be the difference between retiring in your 0's or in your 60's. A post today at The Simple Dollar really got me thinking.According to Trent's projections, if a person in their early 's invests % of their income in an Samp;P index fund, the interest they earn will equal their current salary when they reach their early 0's. They could retire without a drop in income!Wise investing is the surest path to financial independence and it's something everyone can work on. It's definitely an area I'll be devoting more attention to in my personal life and on this blog.3. Educate YourselfTo be happy we need continuous growth. The best way to grow is life-long education. This doesn't mean you need to pursue a doctorate or spend hours ing every day. Self-education can be anything that takes you out of your comt zone. The important part is keeping an open mind and searching fresh ideas and perspectives. Education builds over time. It might feel like the bits of wisdom you acquire don't mean much, but over the years they add up to m a wiser, kinder, more interesting person.. Develop Lasting Personal RelationshipsSuppose you had everything you wanted. Would you be happy without anyone to share it with? The personal relationships we develop with friends and family members are the greatest source of happiness in our lives. Don't get about them. Taking the time to cultivate and enjoy personal relationships is essential to long-term happiness. Without the people you care about you'll probably be miserable, no matter how successful you become.5. Work Towards a Dream You're Passionate AboutEven if your life isn't perfect, you can always build towards a goal you're passionate about. If you aren't building towards something, you're probably stagnating. When this happens to me I start to feel like a victim trapped by my own life. The best way to reverse this is working towards a goal. We can't control everything about our lives, but working towards a goal gives us something positive to focus on and lays the foundation future success. No matter what your passion is, get out there and start doing something. As Lao Tzu said, even a journey of 1 000 miles begins with a single step.6. Stay in ShapeYou only get one body. Once it's been ruined there isn't much you can do about it. Exercise to keep the rust off. Avoid excessive consumption of damaging substances and unhealthy foods. It may feel like terrible self denial at the time but enjoying good health in your later years is worth the sacrifice. 675让我们每个人都飞到高处吧,并且认识到这一点:有些可能会令我们生气的约束,实际上是帮助我们攀升和实现愿望的平衡力 One windy spring day, I observed young people having fun using the wind to fly their kites. Multicolored creations of varying shapes and sizes filled the skies like beautiful birds darting and dancing. As the strong winds gusted against the kites, a string kept them in check.Instead of blowing away with the wind, they arose against it to achieve great heights. They shook and pulled, but the restraining string and the cumbersome tail kept them in tow, facing upward and against the wind. As the kites struggled and trembled against the string, they seemed to say, "Let me go! Let me go! I want to be free!" They soared beautifully even as they fought the restriction of the string. Finally, one of the kites succeeded in breaking loose. "Free at last," it seemed to say. "Free to fly with the wind."Yet freedom from restraint simply put it at the mercy of an unsympathetic breeze. It fluttered ungracefully to the ground and landed in a tangled mass of weeds and string against a dead bush. "Free at last" free to lie powerless in the dirt, to be blown helplessly along the ground, and to lodge lifeless against the first obstruction.Let us each rise to the great heights, recognizing that some of the restraints that we may chafe under are actually the steadying ce that helps us ascend and achieve. 78虐哭单身的经典语句 --30 :59: 来源: 最敏感也最易成为众矢之的的当属单身族群,在家被逼婚,出来散心还被一帮已婚好友“热心关怀”你的言谈可能会决定你在TA心中的位置是“好友”、“陌生人”还是“黑名单”下面这些话不要轻易对你身边的单身人士说出口哦!1. How are you still single? You're so great. 你怎么还单着?你这么优秀. It'll happen when you least expect it. 爱情将会发生在你最不经意的时候3. Don't you ever get lonely? 你从没有感到过孤单吗?. Aren't you worried you won't be able to have kids? 你没担心过你可能不会有孩子吗?5. Are you seeing anyone? 你现在有交往的对象吗?6. You should try online dating. My friend met their husbandwife that way. 你该试试网恋我有一个朋友就是那么遇到自己的丈夫妻子的7. They don't deserve you. 他们配不上你8. You are such a catch. 你条件这么好!9. Don't worry, you'll find someone someday. 不要担心,你总有一天会找到对的那个人的. He's just not y a serious commitment yet. 他只是还没准备好对你做出认真承诺而已. One day when you're married, you'll wish you were single. 等有一天结婚了,你会希望你还是单身的. There are plenty of fish in the sea. 天涯何处无芳草. You're just too picky. 你只是太挑剔了!. Just don't turn into some crazy cat lady. 千万不要变成一个爱猫狂啊,大. She probably just lost your number. 她可能只是把你的号码弄丢了. At a wedding: "You better get out there, they're doing the bouquet toss." 在婚礼上:“你最好离开这儿,他们要抛捧花了”. You're just too busy right now. 你现在只是太忙了18. You have to love yourself bee you can love someone else. 你必须首先爱自己,再去爱别人19. In reference to your best friend: "Have you guys ever thought of dating?" “你们没想过在一起约会吗?”(指你与你的好朋友). I can't wait to meet your future spouse, they are going to be amazing. 我等不及想见你未来的另一半了,他们一定很不错1. We'll all be laughing about this someday. 以后我们想到这个都会笑死的. You should let me set you up, I know the perfect person you. 你应该让我帮你撮合,我知道哪样的人最适合你3. Don't give up, it'll happen. 不要放弃,爱情总会出现的. "You don't need anyone." DAMN RIGHT! “你不需要任何人!” 这话太对了!(来源:新浪教育 编辑:许晶晶) 语句 单身 经典句表达“害怕”的地道英语句子 --1 :00:30 来源: 1. I' m afraid I can' t come to your wedding. 我很抱歉,恐怕参加不了你的婚礼 . He is really afraid of the dark. 他真的挺怕黑的 3. I have a great fear of sharks. 我很怕鲨鱼. I' m worried it might rain today. 我担心明天会下雨5. I fear I won' t finish my assignment on time. 我担心我不能时完成我的作业了6. I' m frightened I might fall. 我很害怕我会掉下去7. James is scared to death of flying. 詹姆斯怕坐飞机怕得要命8. That movie was absolutely terrifying. 那部电影真够恐怖的9. I was petrified when I heard a noise outside. 我听到外面的声响时都吓呆了. He' s been ding this day months. 他一连几个月都在担心这一天. That guy gives me the creeps. 那家伙让我毛骨悚然. I think he has a few last-minute jitters, but he' ll be OK. 我想他的确有些坐立不安,不过他会没事的 表达 害怕 地道

流利美语脱口出:流行美语短句+实例对话(19) -01-7 ::55 来源: 6. In the pink. 我身体很好A:Hi, Kathy, how are you feeling today?B:In the pink.A:凯茜,你好,今天感觉怎样?B:很好7. My back went out.我扭到腰了A:Why didn’t you go to work yesterday?B:My back went out while I was moving the furniture the day bee yesterday.A:你昨天为什么没去上班?B:我前天搬家具时扭到腰了8. Let’s go to a potluck dinner. 我们来聚餐吧A:Let’s have a potluck.B:I have other fish to fry.A:我们来聚餐吧B:我还有别的事要办9. I’m fussy about foods.我很挑食A:You are so skinny. I guess you are very fussy about what you eat.B:Yes, I am.A:你这么瘦,我想你一定很挑食B:是的0. May I take your order? 可以点菜了吗?A:May I take your order?B:Yes, please.A:您要点菜吗?B:是 美语 实例 对话

日常口语:遇到困难如何“呼救” -- ::8 来源: 十万火急!It's an emergency!快叫大夫!Please call a doctor.救命啊!Help! *无论什么样的紧急情况下都可以用Help! (救命啊!)What happened? (怎么了?)Somebody! (来人呀!)Help me! (帮帮我!)小偷!Thief! *遇到小偷或扒手时,用这样的喊声来引起周围人的注意Robber! 如何 困难 遇到 口语

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