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又帅又萌!动物学家发与动物合影成网络红人 -- 18::33 来源: 与各种可爱的动物拥抱确实是一件难得的事儿,但是蒙大拿本地人韦斯·拉尔森做到了他把与动物拥抱的照片传到社交网站上,吸引了大批粉丝关注 It’s a hard life hugging cute animals, but somebodies got to do it.与各种可爱的动物拥抱确实是一件难得的事儿,但是有人就做到了Officially Wes Larson is a bear scientist, unofficially he is an Instagram star with 81,000 followers who can’t get enough of his uploads.韦斯·拉尔森的官方身份是一名熊类动物学家,私下里是一名拥有800个粉丝的Instagram红人,粉丝们每天都迫不急待地看他上传的照片The Montana native quit optometry school seven years ago to study biology so that he could work towards protecting endangered species.这位蒙大拿本地人七年前从视光学校退学,开始研究生物,这样他就能从事保护濒危物种的工作When he’s not cosying up to bears, whales, chickens, parrots, lizards and giraffes he’s hanging out with Pants, an orphaned racoon he’s found himself raising.当他不忙着讨好熊、鲸、鸡、鹦鹉、蜥蜴和长颈鹿的时候,他就和“裤子”——一只他收养的浣熊孤儿待在一起In a recent interview with IG World Club he said: ’My whole life, I’ve been interest in wildlife’.在最近接受IG世界俱乐部采访的时候,他说:“我的全部精力和兴趣都在野生动物上”He continued: ’When I graduated college, I got sucked into the idea that I needed to make a lot of money. But I eventually decided to do what I was passionate about.’他继续说:“当我大学毕业的时候,曾经被挣很多钱的想法深深吸引但我最终还是决定做我热爱的事情”Since following his passions he has worked with the Southern Beaut Sea population of polar bears in Alaska three years.自从决定顺着兴趣工作之后,他已经在阿拉斯加南波弗特海的北极熊保护区工作了三年His work hasn’t always been easy, he revealed that while working in the Arctic studying polar bears the weather became almost unbearable, dropping to -57degrees Celsius. It was so cold his eyeball actually froze.他说,他的工作并不总是一帆风顺的,在北极研究北极熊的时候,天气变得几乎无法忍受,下降到了零下57摄氏度天气如此寒冷,他的眼珠几乎冻住了While this sort of hardship would put most people off he’s determined to do as much as he can to help endangered animals.虽然这种困难会让大多数人对这份工作敬而远之,他还是决心尽可能多地帮助濒临灭绝的动物He said his goal is: ’to get as much inmation as possible’ so that no human activity — from oil drilling to park picnicking — harms animals.他说,他的目标是:“得到尽可能多的信息”,以便没有人类活动——从石油钻探到公园野餐——伤害到动物Though he has a worthy goal, he’s also managed to travel to some amazing destinations and get up close with some incredible creatures.虽然他有一个值得追求的目标,他还游历过一些惊人的地方,并与一些令人难以置信的生物近距离接触His adventures as a real life Dr Doolittle have garnered a legion of Instagram followers keen to be updated on his regular animal interactions.作为一个现实生活中的“杜立德医生”,他的冒险已经在Instagram上赢得了大批粉丝,粉丝们急着要看他更新的与动物互动的日常And his pet raccoon is fast becoming more popular than him.而且他的宠物浣熊很快就比他还有名了防狼利器!3D装可根据目光变换形状 --30 :19:36 来源: The anti-ogling shirt: 3D printed outfit changes shape when men stare at itIt is an outfit that attracts attention - and one that can stare back.这是一件引人注目,同时也能“反观外界”的外套Fitted with a range of gadgetry, this fabric is covered with smart fibres that can expand and contract depending on who, and where, people look at it.衣的面料上配有一排小部件,表面附着一层智能面料,可以根据注视者目光的位置伸缩By detecting how old they are and whether they're men or women, it knows just how much to respond.通过追踪注视者的年龄和性别,面料就知道该做出多大反应防狼利器!3D装可根据目光变换形状Those features may not make 'Caress of the Gaze,' as creator Behnaz Farahi calls it, creep-proof, but it certainly lets them know something's blocked their gaze.这些功能可能未必会让这件被发明者本纳兹·法拉希(Behnaz Farahi) 称为“目光的爱抚”的衣成为防狼利器,但是绝对能让他们觉察到有东西阻挡了他们的视线Beneath the garb's spotted spikes lie a hidden camera and microcontroller.在这件衣斑驳的尖状物下,隐藏着一个摄像头和微型控制器They use an algorithm to spot onlookers and determine exactly where they're looking, twisting around the wearer to match where they're glancing.他们通过算法法则辨认观看者,并确定他们具体在看哪里,衣会随着观看者所看的位置在穿着者身上扭动'What if our outfit could recognize and respond to the gaze of the other?' Farahi writes on her website.“如果我们的衣能识别并对他人的目光做出反应会是怎样的?”法拉希在其网站上写道'This is an interactive 3D printed wearable, which can detect other people's gaze and respond accordingly with life-like behaviour.'“这是一件交互式3D打印可穿戴外套,它可以追踪到别人的目光,并相应的给予生动的回应”It's not the first kind of clothing to change according to its surroundings—Chinese fashion designer Yin Gao, instance has also made clothing that moves and lights up when people look at it.这并不是第一件能随环境改变的衣物——比如,中国时尚设计师高银(Yin Gao)也做过被人们注视就会移动、发光的衣But when it comes to Farahi's garment, its sophisticated ability to identify viewers and move exactly in line with their gaze set it far apart.但法拉希的这件衣,其通过辨别注视者并与注视者目光进行动态调整的复杂功能,确实令其脱颖而出防狼利器!3D装可根据目光变换形状Another reason: its futuristic material, designed to flex like skin, was made by special 3D printer.还有一个原因:它充满未来感、可以像皮肤一样收缩的面料由特殊3D打印机制成That 'allows the fabrication of composite materials with varying flexibilities [and] densities,' Farahi said.“这就让复合材料制成的面料具有极大的灵活性和多变的密度”法拉希如是说'Inspired by the flexible behaviour of the skin itself, this outfit theree exhibits different material characteristics in various parts of the body ranging from stiff to soft.'这件衣的灵感源自皮肤本身柔韧、有弹性的特点,它展示了身体不同部分的组织特性,软硬兼备Farahi isn't an ordinary designer—she's an architect and interaction designer working toward her Ph.D. at University of Southern Calinia.法拉希可不是普通设计师——她不仅是位建筑师,还是名交互设计师,目前正在南加州大学攻读士学位(University of Southern Calinia)And this isn't her first ay into printed attire -her previous projects include a flexible collar and helmet.这并非她首次进军打印装界,此前她还做过可伸缩衣领和头盔等项目But 'Caress of the Gaze' is the first to directly respond to outside observers.但“眼神的爱抚”是首个能直接回应外界观察者的作品She made it during Pier 9 artist residency at Autodesk, getting support from non-profit Madworkshop.她在欧特克公司(Autodesk)举办的“九号码头艺术家居所”活动中得到非营利组织“疯狂工作坊”(Madworkshop)的持,从而做出了这件衣And while it may not be coming to stores anytime soon, it's certainly showing what novel technology can do fashion.虽然这种装或许不能很快进驻商店售卖,但它肯定显示出了新技术对时尚界的影响Vocabularyalgorithm:算法,运算法则ay:袭击高颜值“机器人女神”佳佳走红达沃斯 -- 18::00 来源:chinadaily You might do a double take when you see this particular robot - and if you did you would not be alone.看到这个特别的机器人时你可能一时反应不过来——如果是,不只你一个人这样Visitors to a recent exhibition in China were greeted by Jia Jia, a humanoid robot who is not only scarily lifelike, but intelligent and quick-witted too.在中国最近的一个展览上,参观者受到佳佳的欢迎,她是一个人形机器人,不仅外形非常逼真,而且聪明机敏The female robot has been called a 'robot goddess' by her hoards of online fans, and some who met her at a recent exhibition were taken aback by her lifelike appearance.这个女机器人被网上的粉丝称为“机器人女神”,一些在近期的展览会上看到她的人对其逼真的外形感到大吃一惊Jia Jia stood near the entrance of the exhibition hall that hosted this year's Summer Davos um in Tianjin, in a major port city in North China.今年届夏季达沃斯论坛在中国北方的一个主要港口城市天津举行,佳佳站在展览厅的入口处She was dressed in a traditional Chinese outfit, hairstyle, complete with a classic hairpin, and immediately caught the attention of passers-by.她身着传统的中国装,梳着传统的发型,头上还别着一个古典的发簪,一亮相立即引起了周围人的注意This life-like cyborg is the brain child of engineer Chen Xiaoping and his colleagues at the University of Science and Technology of China.这个栩栩如生的机器人是中国科技大学工程师陈小平及其同事们的智慧结晶Her 'brain', which is essentially a huge online database, is connected to a cloud computing platm that allows her to enhance her ability to process emotions and speech as new data is uploaded.佳佳的“大脑”本质上是一个巨大的在线数据库,该数据库连接到一个云计算平台,使她能够随着新数据的上传增强处理情绪、语音的能力Jia Jia can hold conversations with those who ask her questions and respond in less than a second.佳佳可以与那些向她提问的人对话,并在不到一秒的时间内作出反应Reports said she is also able to make micro-expressions and recognise the facial expressions of others.有报道称,她还能够做出细微的表情,并读取别人的面部表情She is thought to be one of a kind in China, although in the past few years there have been other similar 'smart' bots made by engineers.尽管在过去的几年里已有其他工程师设计出类似的“智能”机器人,佳佳被认为在中国是独一无二的According to reports, the Chinese are taking a great interest in robotic technologies, with China ing more than 5 percent of global industrial robot sales in - 6,000 of 8,000 s sold worldwide last year.据报道,中国人对机器人技术有着巨大的兴趣,年机器人在中国的销量占全球工业机器人销量的5%以上——即去年全球销量.8万台中的6.万台The Summer Davos um was established in and alternates between the cities of Tianjin and Dalian - in north-eastern China's Liaoning Province.首届夏季达沃斯论坛于年举办,之后在天津和大连两座城市轮流举行,后者位于中国东北的辽宁省'Don't come too close to me when you are taking a picture. It will make my face look fat,' Jia Jia said.佳佳说:“拍照时请不要太靠近我这会使我的脸看起来很胖”This group of researchers were also the masterminds behind the service robot 'Kejia' that took home first place at the RoboCup championship in .这组研究人员也是年机器人世界杯锦标赛的务型机器人冠军“可佳”的背后主创Kejia reached a historical mark 8,555 points by showing off its skills of neatly lining up drinks.可佳通过整齐地排列饮料展示其技能,创造了8555分的历史高分But Xiaoping's robot goddess doesn't seem like it will be used in any competitions. 但机器人佳佳看起来并不会用于任何比赛'We hope to develop the robot so it has deep learning abilities. We will add facial expression recognition and make it interact more deeply with people,' Xiaoping explained.小平解释说:“我们希望研发机器人,让它具备很强的学习能力我们将添加面部表情识别,使其与人进行更深入的互动”He also revealed that Jia Jia was 'priceless' and the team would not consider mass production, yet.他还透露,佳佳是“无价”的,团队还不会考虑大规模生产Vocabularydo a double take: 开始愣了一下,过一会儿才恍然大悟be taken aback: 惊讶,大吃一惊one of a kind: 独一无二的英文来源:每日邮报翻译:实习生朱善美编审:yaning你还认得早晨喝咖啡前海绵宝宝么? -- :3:8 来源:sohu 我们都知道一个人在早上没喝咖啡前的状态,所以,我发挥想象力,绘制了很多著名卡通人物刚起来、没喝咖啡的样子年,我在社交网站上发布这些新作,立刻吸引了众多粉丝,我的作品可是让他们开怀大笑,您呢? I painted zany portraits of famous cartoon characters bee they've had their caffeine fix in the morning. We all know somebody who looks like this in the early hours of the day. In I started to post a lot of new content on my social media s which quickly saw an incredible bunch of followers gather together to laugh about my art. 尤达 Yoda 皮卡丘 Pikachu 天线宝宝 Teletubbies 崔弟 Tweety Bird 凯蒂猫 Hello Kitty 海绵宝宝 Spongebob 巴特;辛普森 Bart 兔八哥 Bugs Bunny 霍默;辛普森 Homer 蓝精灵爸爸 Papa Smurf 才华横溢的读者能来几幅中国人物的么?孙悟空啊,黑猫警长啊,小编给你准备礼物哈 English Source: Boredpanda够拼!乐队主唱为省5镑行李费 套件衣被热晕 -- :1: 来源:   James McElvar said: "I knew something was wrong early on as I just couldn't breathe properly - I thought I was having a heart attack".  詹姆斯·迈克尔瓦说:“我当我无法正常呼吸的时候我就知道事情有些不对了——我还以为我心脏病发作了”  A teenage boy band singer who collapsed through heat exhaustion after wearing all his clothes to avoid paying an airline fee has spoken of the "nightmare" moment he fell ill.  这个青少年男孩也是一乐队的歌手在为了避免付行李超重费用而穿上了所有的衣之后中暑昏倒,这场病简直是他的一场“噩梦”  James McElvar said that he felt he was left with no option other than to put every garment of clothing on after he was told he would have to pay a £5 charge as he was carrying too much luggage.  詹姆斯·迈克尔瓦说在被告知他不得不付5英镑的行李超重费后他感到自己除了把每件衣都穿上身外别无他法  The 19-year-old, a member of a band called Rewind, said that after being told by Easyjet staff at Stansted Airport he would have to pay the fee, he decided to beat it by putting all his clothes on and going to his seat.  这个19岁的男孩是Rewind乐队的一员,他说在伦敦斯坦斯特德机场被易捷航空的工作人员告知他不得不罚款之后,他决定把所有衣都穿上然后走向自己的座位来解决这个问题   He told the Mail Online: "It was impossible to walk, I could barely get on the plane. I wanted to take them all off as soon as I got to my seat - beside which was a spare seat that I could have sat one of my bags on - but was told I had to wait until we were up in the air."  他告诉每日邮报称:“我几乎无法行走,也几乎难以走进机舱我一坐上座位就恨不得立刻把衣都脱掉——把它们放到我边上那个用来放我的包的空座位上——但是我被告知必须要等到飞机上天之后才行”  After getting to his seat, James, who had been travelling back to Glasgow with other members of the band, began undressing but found his body temperature had sky-rocketed, leaving him feeling unwell.  坐进座位之后,与乐队其他成员一起飞回格拉斯哥的詹姆斯开始脱衣但是发现他的体温骤升,这让他感到很不舒  He said: "I knew something was wrong early on as I just couldn't breath properly I thought I was having a heart attack.  他说:“当我无法正常呼吸的时候我就知道事情有些不对了,我还以为我心脏病发作了”  "It was a nightmare. I passed out twice and was taken off the plane at Glasgow Airport to a waiting ambulance."  “这简直是一场噩梦我两次失去知觉,在到达格拉斯哥机场之后就立刻被等待的救护车带走”  The teenager had squeezed himself into the entire contents of his rucksack, which contained four jumpers, six t-shirts, three pairs of jeans, two jogging bottoms, two jackets and even two hats, rather than ditch them.  这个青少年把自己完全硬塞进了他的帆布背包——包含了四件连衫裤、六件T恤、三条牛仔裤、两条运动裤、两件夹克衫,甚至还有两顶帽子——宁愿全部穿上也不愿丢弃

世界各地圣诞老人欢聚一堂 --9 :: 来源: 来自个国家的0名圣诞老人齐聚哥本哈根,参加一年一度的为期三天的世界圣诞老人大会 (Reuters)-With just five months until Christmas, Santas from around the world are gathering in Copenhagen a mid-season break at the annual World Santa Claus Congress.据路透社消息,距离圣诞节只有仅仅五个月,为了在季中休息期间参加一年一度的世界圣诞老人大会,世界各地的圣诞老人们齐聚哥本哈根The annual conference gives them a chance to network, meet the public and get into shape the busy days in December.一年一度的大会让他们有机会与他人进行交流,与公众见面,并为月的忙碌生活提前做准备This year 0 Santas from countries gathered in the Danish capital the three-day event.今年来自个国家的0位圣诞老人齐聚丹麦首都,参加为期3天的盛会Santa Cherry from Canada, who is taking part the fifth time, said there was much more to being a Santa than just the clothes.来自加拿大的圣诞老人彻丽今年已经是第五次参加盛会了,她说道做一个圣诞老人除了那身衣,还有许多东西需要学习"A successful Santa is not just about the costumes and the clothes. You have to have Christmas in your heart. You have to have the love of children and caring and giving in your heart to be a really successful Santa and it’s not something you can make up. It has to be in you and people know, they can see it," she said.“一个成功的圣诞老人不仅仅是那些装和饰,你必须把圣诞节记在心里想成为一名真正意义上成功的圣诞老人,你必须喜欢孩子们,从心底学会关爱和给予这些东西是无法装扮的它必须在你的心里,人们能够知道,可以感受到,”她说道The World Santa Claus Congress has taken place at the Bakken amusement park near Copenhagen since 1957 and always in the summer which is Santa’s off season.“世界圣诞老人大会从1957年就在哥本哈根附近的巴肯游乐园举办,并且时间总在夏天,因为这是圣诞老人放假的季节”"I think the congress was started as a way of bringing Santas from all over the world together and sharing ideas and sharing our love of Christmas and being Santa and it’s just joyous. It’s great to be here," said Santa Ian from London in the ed Kingdom.来自英国伦敦的圣诞老人伊恩说道:“我认为大会将世界各地所有的圣诞老人聚集到一起,分享各自的想法,分享我们对于圣诞节以及成为圣诞老人的爱,这种方式很有趣很高兴来到这里”During the congress they have the opporty to discuss important issues concerning their trade, such as presents and weight regulations Santa Clauses. One of the most hotly contested topics is the date Christmas Eve.在大会期间,他们有机会谈论与工作有关的重要问题,例如圣诞老人的礼物以及对他们的体重进行规范其中最受争议的话题是平安夜的日期 Santa Allan from Denmark, there is only one correct date.对于丹麦的圣诞老人艾伦来说,平安夜只有一个正确的日期"I think the main question will be when is it Christmas Eve. Because everyone is talking about have you decided when that Christmas Eve will be or are you disagreeing like you used to? But the Danish guild is saying we have to have Christmas Eve on December th," he said.“我认为主要的问题是平安夜是什么时候因为所有人都在讨论你决定了平安夜是什么时候吗?或者你还像过去一样不同意吗?但是丹麦协会称我们必须在月日过平安夜,”他说The most important part of the meeting is the professional Santas to meet the public. Apart from parades there is also some sightseeing, a foot bath in the sea, Christmas cake baking and storytelling the children. On Wednesday (July ), Santas had to complete an obstacle course.聚会最重要的环节是让专业的圣诞老人们与公众见面除了游行,还有一些观光,在海里做足浴,圣诞节蛋糕烘焙以及给孩子们讲故事在周三(7月日),圣诞老人还必须完成障碍赛

中国制造对接“德国工业.0” -- 19:35:3 来源:chinadaily 6月日,德国总理默克尔开启了她的第九次访华之旅6月日,习近平主席会见默克尔总理,双方共同表达了进一步发展两国关系的看法,并表示,双方应该努力增进互信,加紧落实德国“工业.0”同“中国制造5”对接合作President Xi Jinping meets German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Beijing on Monday. PANG XINGLEIXINHUA请看相关报道:German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the increasingly close German-Chinese economic relationship provides enormous opporties to cooperate while adopting similar strategies the industrial process, namely Made in China 5 and Germany's Industry .0.德国总理默克尔表示,中德两国不断加深的经济合作关系为“中国制造5”和“德国工业.0”发展战略的合作对接提供了充分的机会中国制造5(Made in China 5),是中国政府实施制造强国战略第一个十年的行动纲领(-year action plan)《中国制造5提出,坚持“创新驱动、质量为先、绿色发展、结构优化、人才为本”的基本方针(to have manufacturing be innovation-driven, emphasize quality over quantity, achieve green development, optimize the structure of Chinese industry, and nurture human talent),坚持“市场主导、政府引导,立足当前、着眼长远,整体推进、重点突破,自主发展、开放合作”(to have manufacturing be market-oriented, guided by the government, planned both in short-term and long-term interest, pushed ward as a whole, focused on key project breakthrough, independent in development, and open cooperation)的基本原则,通过“三步走”实现战略强国目标,到新中国成立一百年时,综合实力进入世界制造强国前列(to transm China into a leading manufacturing power by the year 9)“工业.0”(Industry .0)战略的核心是“智能制造”(intelligent manufacturing),也就是说,要把信息技术工具应用到实际生产当中这一理念主要包括三个部分:信息物理系统( cyber-physical systems)、物联网(the Internet of things),以及云计算(cloud computing)这个理念放在德国,就是用物联网(the Internet of Things)将全球生产和创新网络中的中小企业有效连接起来,这样他们就可以同时做到提高批量生产效率和高效的定制化商品生产(not only more efficiently engage in mass production but just as easily and efficiently customize products)“工业.0”(Industry .0)这个说法来源于德国政府的一项高科技发展战略,年在汉诺威工业览会期间首次使用实施“工业.0”战略的企业要遵循以下四个设计原则:Interoperability(互通能力):机器、设备、传感器以及人员通过物联网联系和沟通的能力Inmation transparency(信息透明):通过传感器数据在信息系统创建虚拟现实世界版本的能力Technical assistance(技术持):通过将信息整合和可视化,让技术系统协助工作人员做出决策;让信息物理系统协助工作人员执行一些对人类有安全威胁的工作任务Decentralized decisions(分散决策):让信息物理系统自主决策并执行工作任务的能力(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)

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