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平顶山市下颌角整形多少钱郑州/隆鼻要多少钱三门峡市彩光祛斑的价格 The present government has been working hard to burnish the country's international image and project its power in the region which is one reason its recent efts to restore relations with Armenia,an initiative that's now running out of steam. 现任土耳其政府一直努力试图提升自己的国际形象,增强在该地区的权势.这也是土耳其最近与亚美尼亚修复关系的原因,不过该计划现在已经偃旗息鼓. 18875b6ijTuzZ!EJGJSbARwn|c)V3小学生记者提问住建部长:房子花光爸妈积蓄怎么办?[(1)怎么办如何生活下生存live byonhow can we get along with no money left. () 房子花光爸妈积蓄爸妈买一套房子花掉所有积蓄一套房子真的好贵cost an arm and a leg: something is priced at an excessively high price: 非常高的价格:a cruise that cost an arm and a leg.要花去好多钱的航行Pec%0W-j#5,]A pupil reporter raised a question to the minister, “How can we live by if a house can cost the legs and arms of daddy and mom?”昨日,十八大新闻中心,中国少年报的小学生记者跑新闻发布会,并积极举手提问W!7__]a@Ac[(1)十八大新闻中心 Media Center of 18th National CPC Congress;()跑新闻发布会踊跃参加新闻发布会be eager to attend scramble the seats at the media center;(3)积极举手争先恐后 fall over each other vie with each other take their initiative to raise hands ]Yesterday, at the Media Center of 18th National CPC Congress, some pupil reporters from Chinese Teenagers News scramble the seats at the media center the press conference and took their initiative to raise hands more questions.“现在房子太贵了,很多同学的爸爸妈妈买房把钱花光了,还向借钱,没钱给孩子买玩具了n*H~Tr3~s3#3dG+K;]”昨天在十八大新闻中心,岁的小学生记者张佳鹤对住房城乡建设部部长姜伟新说,”请教部长伯伯怎样能让房价降一点?”[(1) 太贵了买不起超出我的能力can notfail to afd a house (which is too expensive metoo much metotally out of my reachcapacity);() 向借钱向贷款-borrow from the bank-get a loan from the bank; (3) 没钱买很为难(好尴尬)陷入困境 be hard put to it to do failcan’t afd their child with a toy. He was hard put to it to explain her disappearance. 他难以说明她为什么不见了0PA@joXPI shall be hard put to it to pay my bills this month. 我这个月难以付帐t@y0M]mwbe_ny0S5b() 想请麻烦你 would you please tell meCould you do me a favor by telling me how to; (5) 让房价降一点lower the price; bring down the house price.];Now the house is shockingly priced and many parents of our classmates have almost nothing left after buying a house and borrowing from a bank, so they can not even afd their children any toys.;. This is what an -year-old pupil reporter, Zhang Jiahe, said to Minister Jiang Weixin of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development at the media center, particularly focusing on such a question: “Uncle Minister, how can we bring down the house price even a little bit? 姜伟新给小佳鹤的回答是:社会是在不断向前发展的,希望你们小朋友好好学习,房价的问题将来会解决的egsx@jUZtN+VsDv[(1) 向前发展move alongge ahead advance steadily;( ) 希望我希望it is highly hoped thathopefully; (3) 解决问题 tackleiron outsolve a problem这个问题将来会解决的现在还解决不了,将来一定能解决这个问题的早晚会解决这个问题的the problem can not be solved thus far but we can see it solved some day in the futureIt remains unsolved now but we can have it solved in the near future. ]Jiang Weixin answered Jiahe this way, our society is continuing to ge ahead. Hopefully, you, little children, are devoted to your studies. The problem of the high-priced houses will be solved sooner or later.zEb+KhdkX.7!FsEYh,bQW(H,+QJsYkrUZYj8M;XR5Od^LR焦作市人民医院口腔美容中心

济源市去除眼袋多少钱勒布朗詹姆斯获评NBA最优秀选手河南开眼角手术要多少钱 Robles is the current world record holder with .87 and also was the defending Olympic champion in the summer's London Games after Liu's shock quit four years ago in Beijing due to injuries.郑州/吸脂减肥价格表

河南省郑州/华山医院激光脱毛多少钱【今日一句】The boy was taken in the charge of his tutor.这男孩受他的家庭教师管理【要点提示】be in the charge of 【要点发音】 [ineth;#601;'t#63;a:d#658;#601;v] 【要点释义】由……负责,由......掌管, 由……看护【知识强化】The bus was in the charge of the driver. 这辆公共汽车由这位司机管理in charge of 负责,主管(表示主动) in the charge of 由……负责,被……主管(表示被动)Dr Bethune was in charge of the operation. 白求恩大夫负责这次手术 He was the officer in charge of the investigation. 他是负责调查的警官 9750 你是独生子女吗-6 ::7 A:Hi, Natasha, how's life?嗨,娜塔莎,最近怎么样?B:Great. My family came to visit me.挺好的,我家里人来了A:Oh, you must be very happy. How many people are there in your family?那你一定很高兴了顺便问一下,你们家有几口人?B:My immediate family is very large. It's my mother, my father, my two older brothers, my younger sister and me.我的直系亲属很多,有妈妈,爸爸,两个哥哥,和我A:I have a small family. They are my parents, my younger brother and me.我家人不多父母,弟弟和我B:I thought you were the only child in the family. Didn't China practice the only-child policy in the early 1980s?我以为你是独生子女呢中国不是从世纪80年代早期就开始实行计划生育政策了吗?A:Yes, it did. But my parents are ethnic minority people. It's a preferential policy an ethnic minority family to have two children.是的,的确是,不过我父母是少数民族的少数民族极家庭可以享受优惠政策生个孩子B:Interesting. What do you think about families with only one child?挺有意思的,那你怎么看待独生子女家庭呢?A:The child must feel very longly. My younger brother is years younger than me. Bee he was born, I used to be the only child and always dreamed that I would have a younger sister or brother one da我觉得孩子一定很孤独我弟弟比我小十岁他出生之前,我一直是家里的独生子,那时我一直希望自己能有个弟弟或B:Do you get along well with each other?那你们相处的好吗?A:Yes, we are very close. He is years old and very smart. He always makes us laugh a lot.是的,我们俩关系很好他今年岁了,很聪明经常逗得大家笑个不停B:You are very lucky to have such a nice family.你真幸运,有这么幸福的家庭A:Thank you.谢谢你郑州/冰点脱郑州/中牟县治疗腋臭多少钱



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