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昆明韩辰整形美容医院打润白颜玻尿酸怎么样昆明脱毛多少钱Bill Gates says raising chickens could help improve the lives of people living in extreme poverty throughout the world.比尔·盖茨称养鸡可以改善世界各地极端贫困人民的生活。Thats why the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is working to create a sustainable market system for poultry in sub-Saharan Africa, where the U.N. says 41 percent of people live in extreme poverty.这就是比尔和梅林达盖茨基金会致力于在撒哈拉以南非洲建立可持续家禽市场体系的原因,联合国称那里百分之41的人民生活极度贫困。In a blog post on the foundations website, Gates explains four reasons why he thinks chickens are the best solution.在基金会网站上的一篇客文章中,盖茨用四个理由解释为什么养鸡是最好的解决办法。For one, chicken arent picky eaters, so theyre pretty cheap to feed.其一,鸡不挑食,喂养起来相当便宜。Theyre also profitable. In West Africa, chickens sell for each, and assuming you have a way to fertilize the eggs, a flock of five can turn into a flock of 40 in three weeks. Keep in mind, Gates plan is aimed at people living on a day.同样它们是有利润的。在西非,鸡的售价为5美元,假如你有办法让蛋受精,三个星期五只一群可以变成四十只一群。记住,盖茨的计划是针对每日靠2美元生活的人。Their eggs are also a good source of protein and other nutrients if you decide to eat them instead of sell them.如果你打算吃而不是出售,同样这些鸡蛋是蛋白质和其他营养物的很好来源。And they empower women. Raising chickens not only allows women to stay close to home but also builds up some economic power.而且这赋予妇女权力。养鸡不仅可以让妇女呆在家里附近,而且还可以建立一些经济力量。The foundation says 5 percent of rural families in sub-Saharan Africa raise good breeds of vaccinated chickens. 基金会称,百分之五的撒哈拉以南非洲地区的农村家庭饲养接受疫苗的好品种鸡。The plan does have some naysayers. One B reporter is concerned that increasing the chicken supply will only decrease demand along with their sale price, but he says that doesnt mean it isnt worth a shot.该计划也有一些反对者。英国广播公司的一名记者担心,增加鸡的供应只会减少需求以及销售价格,但他表示这并不意味着这不值得一试。译文属。201607/456181昆明第四附属医院打玻尿酸多少钱 The sort of point of no return when you absolutely believe, in your own mind,you cant get out.这种有进无退的处境 当你意识到时 你已经不能脱身了You thats it youre going. Youre taking off on a wing.只有这样了 你得上 站在机翼上起飞Beneath me is the Chihuahuan Desert.You cant mistake this place.It will kill you.我下面就是奇瓦瓦沙漠 这地方你绝不能出任何差错 否则必死无疑When youre in the air, youre just a lump of meat hanging on the wing. You cant do anything.当你在空中的时候 你只是机翼上的 废人一个 什么都做不了I was just sort of wedged in a sort of sort of mime-artist static position,trying to get these shots.我就好像是默剧艺术家 摆着一个静止的姿势 尽全力进行拍摄And the pilots smiling away,and Bears all comfortable in his seat.飞行员笑而不语 贝尔舒地坐在座位上And Im thinking, ;Hang on, this isnt usually,Im in a slightly more comfortable position than Bear.我就想 要坚持住 以前都是我比贝尔舒得多Okay, Bear,were coming up on 8,000 feet now.You better get y to jump.好了 贝尔 我们已经到达海拔8千英尺 你得准备跳了This was a first for me.If I catch the tail on exit,its game over.这是我头一回做这种尝试 要是在出口挂到了降落伞尾部 那我就玩完了The only way to do it was to invert the plane so I could hang clear.唯一的方法 就是把飞机翻转过来 这样我就没有妨碍了So, I was in the cockpit,filming Bear.Bear was now standing on top of the wing.于是我就在驾驶员座舱 拍摄贝尔 贝尔正站在机翼上面As soon as the plane inverted, he would then be hanging off the top of the wing.只要飞机一翻转 他立马就会 悬挂在机翼下面It tilts round,hes then suddenly hanging,and Bear goes from feet in my eye view to feet suddenly hanging off the ground.飞机开始旋转 他突然被吊起来 原本贝尔的脚在我镜头前面 突然变成吊在半空中Amazing. Absolutely amazing feeling.But I remember it going through my mind,太神奇的 真是震惊 可我还记得当时想的是yeah, Im upside-down in the plane, this is great.And Bears jumping out.我也坐在底朝天的飞机上了 真棒 接着贝尔就跳下去了201610/473012Lines of wildebeest are on the march.一队队的角马正在迁徙途中Each year, nearly two million animals migrate across the Serengeti Plains in search of fresh, green pastures.每年都会有将近200万只角马横越塞伦盖蒂平原,去寻找新鲜草场For these thirsty herds,对于这群饥渴难耐的角马来说the rivers are not only a vital source of drinking water but also dangerous obstacles.河流不仅是唯一能解渴的重要水源,也是充满危险的关隘This is one of the largest concentrations of Nile crocodiles in Africa, giants that grow over five metres long.这里是非洲一处最大的尼罗鳄聚集地,这些大怪物能长到5米多长From memory, the crocodiles know the wildebeest are coming and gather in anticipation.鳄鱼凭着记忆得知,角马已经来了,不出所料,它们纷纷下水The crocodiles jaws snap tight like a steel trap.鳄鱼的巨口像捕兽铗一般紧咬住猎物Once they have a hold, they never let go.一旦被它逮住,猎物再无逃脱的机会It took over an hour to drown this full-grown bull.它得花上一个多小时才能淹死这只成年公角马To surprise their prey, crocodiles must strike with lightning speed.为了突袭猎物,鳄鱼必须以闪电般的速度出击Here, only the narrowest line separates life from death.在这里,生与死只有一线之隔。201705/510322昆明眼部除皱价格

昆明市去色素痣多少钱栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201608/451798玉溪全身脱毛手术多少钱 An advantage of the long Chinese school week较长的中式教育教学周的一个优势就是is that the teachers have more time to engage with their students.老师们有更多的时间可以与学生建立更紧密的关系Come here.过来Miss Li is trying to bring Josh into line.李老师试图让乔什从教导These two days, you dont behave as well as I expected.这两天,你的表现并不如我期望的那样好So, I just want to find why, or do you have any solutions to,我想听听原因,或者你有什么好的解决方法or do you have any suggestions, you know. No.还是说你有什么建议。没有You can tell that Ive been mad... is that right? Yes.你看的出来我一直很生气,对吧。对Then why? You really dont know?为什么呢?你真的不知道吗I do know.我知道Please tell me.请告诉我I dont know... Cos Im just talking, I dont know.我也不清楚,可能是我一直在讲话吧Did you talk?你在课上讲话了吗Yes.讲了Why?为什么Cos I was uninterested, or I didnt get it.因为我不感兴趣,或者说我听不懂You know, I just want to do something to help.我只是想帮你Maybe...Its fine. Im fine.或许...,我没事,挺好的Ok. But I hope that you can be more concentrated since we dont have a lot of time left.好吧,我希望你能更加专注,留给我们的时间不多了Yep, OK.好的As a teacher, I just try my best to encourage the students.作为一名教师,我只是尽力去鼓励学生Because in China,因为在中国you have to compete with people around you, in all kinds of examinations.你要在各种各样的考试中和周围的人竞争OK. See you later. Bye.就这样吧,再见I think I could really, yeah, really get high grades if I just charged on and revised all the time.我认为我可以拿很高的分数,只要我一直专心复习I wouldnt do it though, because it...is, as I say, not healthy.但是我不会这样做,因为我觉得这样是不健康的Thats not what I want for myself.这不是我想成为的样子In China, individuality is not encouraged.在中国,个性是不被鼓励的We do everything for our country. Which is very good, I think.我们做的一切都为了国家,我认为这很好England need that.英国需要如此Need that strength. Need that solidarity.需要这种力量,需要那种团结精神But maybe the Chinese way of teaching, to some extent,但或许中式教学法在某种程度上kills the students imagination, freedom of thinking, critical thinking and creativity.扼杀了学生的想象力,思维自由,批判性思维以及创造力You just imagine - one, two, three, four.你设想一下,一,二,三,四In China, I would like to see education pay more attention to personality, right,在中国,我很希望能看到教育能更重视每个学生的个性培养or the potential of each student.或是发掘学生潜力Thats it, right? OK, thank you.这就算出来了,好的,谢谢201606/446952昆明做双眼皮开眼角多少钱

普洱比基尼脱毛价格 An old canoe has been sunk in the lake and left.一个被遗弃的旧独木舟沉在湖底See if I can get this thing out.Completely wedged in the mud, though.看我能不能把它弄出来 虽然被完全埋在泥里了I think I can get this out and patch up whatever sort of nick is in.但我想我还是能把它弄出来 并把它修好Its gonna be a much more efficient way of trying to cross this lake.用它来横渡这个湖会方便得多Using the cord and the carabiners from my paraglider,I make a three-to-one hoist,利用滑翔伞的绳索和钩环 我做了个可省力三分之二的简易起重装置which should help me to get the canoe onto the shore.这样我就能把小船拖到岸上了So, then, this is going from the boat to the shore,这是从船到岸上back to the boat and then, around it,and that is three times the pulling power.再拉回小船 然后缠上这个 就可将我的拉力放大三倍Im hardly actually putting any strain on this.Just throw all of this mud and gunk.我几乎不用怎么使劲 把这些污泥 倒掉You see where its leaking out here?Its got a hole there.Lets turn this over.看到了吗 这里在漏水 破了个大洞 来 把它翻过来But actually, Ill probably use some of the parachute canopy to plug that.我的打算是 用降落伞伞盖做个塞子Ive got a quick and easy fix to seal this hole.用这一简易快捷的办法堵上这个洞And then Ill just jam this under here,and the weight of that is gonna act as like a plug.把它塞到架子下面 加上铁架的重量 它就能塞住洞口了If I sit on the metal bar,it should press down to the material, creating a reasonable seal.如果我再坐上去 我身体的重量也压上去 就塞严实了Well, thats the plan.Yeah, thiss gonna be good.至少设想中是严实了 大功告成201608/458985红河州妇幼保健院激光去红血丝多少钱昆明e光祛老人斑哪家医院好



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