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安庆海军医院男科挂号安庆市第一人民医院包皮手术怎么样A mother and daughter have made their wedding days extra special - by having a joint ceremony。一对母女举办了一场与众不同的婚礼,属于她们的共同婚礼。Kim Milhano, 28, and Susan Scott-Williams, 51, got married together after their partners suggested the best friends share their special day.The pair, who are often mistaken for sisters, saved £2,000 by combining their nuptials at a hotel near their homes in Bristol. Mother-of-two Kim said: #39;Sharing my big day with another bride could made it feel half as special but it actually brought us double the joy. #39;Me and my mum are best mates and so the whole day was perfect.#39;结婚前二人的丈夫建议她们应该让好朋友分享她们的幸福时刻,于是28岁的金·米哈诺和她51岁的妈妈苏珊·斯科特·威廉姆斯决定共同举办婚礼。这对住在布尔斯托尔的母女经常被误认为,而这次决定在离家不远的酒店里共同举行婚礼则为她们省下了两千英镑。 已经是两个孩子的母亲的金表示:“感觉和另一位新娘同时举行婚礼、自己的婚礼好像就不那么特别了,但这的确给我们带来了双倍的喜悦。我和妈妈是彼此最重要的伙伴,因此这是最完美的婚礼。”Kim, a care assistant, and her husband Carlos, 45, a construction worker, had been engaged for eight years but never got round to tying the knot. It was only when her mother found love for the second time that her new partner Barry, 46, a painter and decorator, and Carlos conspired to convince the girls of their idea for a double wedding. Kim and Susan then spent months planning their big day together choosing different dresses but matching bridesmaid gowns, bouquets and music。金是一名护理员,丈夫卡洛斯45岁,是一名建筑工人。他们已经订婚八年了但却从未想过步入婚姻殿堂。直到金的母亲重获挚爱46岁的室内装饰师巴瑞,卡洛斯才试图说金和她的母亲共同举行婚礼。而后的几个月里金和苏珊共同策划她们的大日子,选择风格各异但却不失妥当的伴娘礼,花束和音乐。The duo’s flower girls and paige boys also matched with Kim’s two children Koen, six, and Skye, four, doing the honours and Susan accompanied by her other grandchildren, Summer, five, and Harry, three. After walking up two aisles in a V-shape, the brides met their husbands for their ceremonies, which were followed by a huge party for 180 people, including the families of brides and grooms. And because they had one giant wedding instead of two, the family managed to save a quarter of the cost of the £8,000 event。金的花童是她6岁的儿子科恩和4岁的女儿斯凯,这两个孩子将尽地主之谊做些力所能及的事。而伴苏珊左右的是她5岁的孙子萨莫和3岁的孙女哈莉。当两位新娘走上各自的V行走廊,她们看到了等在那里的丈夫,她们的婚礼正式开始。这是一场与众不同的盛大婚礼,包括新娘新郎家人在内,共有180人出席。如果各自举行婚礼她们将花费8千英镑,但因为本次是共同举行婚礼,她们省下了四分之一的花费。Kim said: #39;When Carlos rang me and said ;I think you need to sit down; I was worried one of the kids was hurt. #39;So it was a bit of a relief when he said he wanted to have a double wedding with my mum and Barry. #39;Up until then day-to-day life had taken over and we’d never had time or the money to plan a wedding. #39;Mum and Barry were happy for us to do things completely our way because they’ve both been married before but it was her wedding too and I didn’t want to take over. #39;So we planned everything together - it’s what our whole family is like. Thankfully we never had a difference of opinion!”金说:“克洛斯求婚的时候我跟他说要坐下来等一等。因为我当时很担心会不会有孩子因此受到伤害,因此当他说他想同妈妈和巴瑞共同举行婚礼时,事情变得轻松了一些。而且虽然日子飞逝但当时我们没有时间也没有资金去举办婚礼。” “妈妈和巴瑞都很高兴我们能够完全按照自己的方式办婚礼。虽然他们此前都各种结过婚,但这也是属于妈妈的婚礼,我不想完全自己说了算。因此我和妈妈一起商议所有事情,正如一家人那样。谢天谢地我们从未有过分歧,”金继续说道。Susan, a drugs and alcohol worker, said: #39;I’d never thought about doing anything like this even though Barry and I had aly thought about possibly getting married.#39; Although Kim was more hesitant than me when Carlos and Barry suggested it, we all soon realised it would be a fantastic idea. #39;We did lots of planning together and although we’re quite different it all worked out. And we definitely saved money by having just one wedding instead of two!#39; It was such a proud day for my dad seeing his daughter and his granddaughter get married in the same wedding.#39;苏珊是一位生产药物和酒精的工人。她说:“虽然巴瑞和我想过结婚的事,但我从来没想到我们会共同举行婚礼。虽然当卡洛斯和巴瑞提出这个建议时金比我更加犹豫,但我们很快都放松下来意识到这真是个绝妙的主意。”“虽然我们很不同但我们在一起做了很多计划,所有问题都得以解决。并且毫无疑问因为举办一场而不是两场婚礼,我们节省了开。能够让我的父亲看到他的女儿和孙女在同一场婚礼中步入婚姻殿堂,是个多么激动人心的日子啊 。”苏珊骄傲地说道。 /201410/334726桐城市城关医院看男科怎么样 安庆远大医院属几甲

安庆包皮切割手术多少钱安庆治疗生殖器疱疹医院哪家最好 Pizzeria chain Pizza Hut’s sales could use a few more toppings.披萨连锁店必胜客(Pizza Hut)的销售额需要再加点料了。Parent company Yum Brands YUM -0.57% said on Wednesday that sales at Pizza Hut stores open at least a year fell 3% in the second quarter, an unexpected drop as analysts were anticipating a small 0.1% increase, according to Consensus Metrix,必胜客母公司百胜餐饮集团(Yum Brands)周三公布消息称,据Consensus Metrix数据显示,营业一年以上的必胜客连锁店第二个季度销售额的跌幅达到了3%,分析师原本预计销售额能有0.1%的小幅增长,但结果却让人大跌眼镜。分析师称,必胜客连锁店的运营机制比较老旧,创新寥寥无几,一直疲于应付来自其他竞争者的挑战。它的主要竞争对手达美乐披萨(Domino’s Pizza)现在正搞着火爆的促销活动:店内的双层配料披萨只售5.99美元。与此同时,其它餐饮连锁店也开始插足必胜客的领地:12月,契普多墨西哥连锁快餐店(Chipotle Mexican Grill )入股了一家小型快餐连锁店Pizzeria Locale,现在正在建设分店。另外,布法罗鸡翅烧烤店(Buffalo Wild Wings )也投资了一家披萨连锁店PizzaRev。Pizza Hut, which analysts say is operating dated stores and offering very little in the way of innovation, has been facing tough competition from all corners. Archrival Domino’s Pizza DPZ -0.29% has been discounting aggressively, and, for example, is currently offering pizzas with two-toppings for .99. Meanwhile, other restaurant chains are muscling in on Pizza Hut’s turf: In December, Chipotle Mexican Grill CMG -1.17% took a stake in a small chain called Pizzeria Locale, and is adding new outlets. And Buffalo Wild Wings invested in the pizza restaurant chain PizzaRev.必胜客首席执行官大卫o诺瓦克在发言中说:“虽然第二季度销售额下滑令人沮丧,但我们正大力改善必胜客在美国的业务,以期重振销售,希望销售额(年末能)出现大幅反弹。”本周,必胜客推出一款8寸披萨形状的巧克力饼干,以吸引餐厅内外的消费者。这款饼干类似棒!约翰(Papa John)去年推出的一款餐后甜品。“At Pizza Hut, although second-quarter results were disappointing, we are taking significant actions in our U.S. business to reignite sales and expect to make substantial progress” by the end of the year, CEO David Novak said in a statement. This week, Pizza Hut announced that it would sell an eight-inch pizza-shaped chocolate chip cookie to entice customers who are just racing in and out of its restaurants. Papa John’s introduced a similar dessert last year.百胜餐饮集团旗下陷入困境的品牌并不是只有必胜客一个。至6月14日为止的季度报告中,百胜餐饮集团旗下的塔可钟连锁餐厅(Taco Bell chain)的业绩也好不到哪儿去。塔可钟连锁餐厅的可比销售额只增加了2%,低于分析师预测的3.6%。Pizza Hut wasn’t Yum’s only trouble spot. Its Taco Bell chain also had a disappointing showing in the quarter ending June 14. Comparable sales rose 2%, below analyst estimates for a 3.6% increase.不过,百胜餐饮集团旗下的肯德基餐厅最终赢得了中国消费者的认可,中国贡献了百胜集团大约一半的收入。肯德基(中国)餐厅的同店销售额增长了15%,超过了分析师的预估值11%。去年禽流感爆发后,百胜餐饮集团在中国的销售额一度直线下滑。这家公司一直在努力打消中国消费者的疑虑,宣传连锁餐厅的食品安全。现在看来,他们的努力没有白费,这个集团在中国市场的运营利润增加了三倍。 /201407/313159安庆那家医院看不孕不育好

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