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安庆市宜城医院男科挂号安庆治疗龟头炎需要多少钱啊How to translate the Olympic 奥运菜单 China's restaurateurs ponder how to translate their s into English: graphic literal description, or toned down for western tastes?The culinary delights of China are tantalizing selection to tickle your taste buds, but what does it all mean? Beijing's restaurant s have been given a linguistic makeover in a bid to tempt visitors to the Olympic host city to eat the local cuisine, but some of the descriptions seem to have left some frustrated, let alone famished. This restaurant's specialty is steamed hair-fish, but foreign customers might puzzle over the English description, "Six must occupy cooks in a covered vessel the hairtail". While steamed chicken is described as the intriguing chicken without sexual life.China's capital has taken great pains to prepare the city for an influx of Olympic visitors especially in the Food Department.Chinese cuisine has developed over a long period of time. Chinese food is rich and varied.But this boomerang of a measure has some officials worry. An official booklet has now been issued to restaurants containing rather more bland English translations for local dishes. Some restaurants have gone against the grain, preferring their own quirky translations, offering delicacies, such as wonderful fragrant fat cow.Foodies think bland translations will stop visitors from experiencing real Chinese food.You should first let people try this type of food, so that they realize how good Chinese food is, then they should go to go-street and try the more genuine flavors or even better food cooked in a Chinese home. That's the most genuine Chinese food.So, although "The clever and dexterous woman rips the cabbage" may not appeal to the less adventurous eaters, there's hope the good sports won't mind a little food lost in translation.Suranjana Tewari Reuters.参考中文翻译:中国餐馆在翻译菜单方面左右为难:是按照字面生动的翻译还是简单的迎合西方风格?中国的美食非常诱人,但是那些菜名是什么意思呢?最近北京的餐馆为了吸引游客到他们餐馆就餐而在文字方面绞尽脑汁。但是有些菜名的描述让游客非常沮丧,更不用说饿肚子了。这个餐馆的特色菜是蒸带鱼,但是外国顾客对这道菜的描述非常困惑:“厨师必须在一个盖着的容器里煮这条带鱼六个小时”,而蒸鸡的翻译更有趣“没有性生活的鸡”。中国首都在欢迎奥运会游客方面做了非常多的努力,尤其是饮食方面。中国饮食源远流长,中国美食更是多种多样。但是方式不当的恶果引起官方的忧虑。现在官方已经向每个餐馆发放了官方手册,上面印有当地美食的比较温和的翻译。但是有一些餐馆偏偏反其道而行之,以为他们自己的翻译更能吸引顾客,更能提供美味佳肴,比如“芳香肥牛”。美食家认为,比较温和的翻译会妨碍游客品尝真正的中国美食。顾客必须“食为先”,才能整整领略到中国饮食的美味,才会走上街头去品尝更多地道的美味,或者中国的家常菜。那才是最地道的中国饮食。所以,虽然“巧妇手撕包菜” 可能不会吸引那些不爱冒险的食客,但是仍然希望成功的奥运会不要介意菜单翻译方面小小的失败。200811/56849安庆精子成活率低 Obama Urges Physicians to Support Health Care Reform奥巴马呼吁全国医生持医疗改革U.S. President Barack Obama is continuing his campaign to reform the American health care system. He is urging the nation's doctors to put aside their skepticism and back changes that he says are needed to bring skyrocketing medical costs under control.美国总统奥巴马继续大力推动医疗保健系统的改革。奥巴马总统星期一敦促全国的医生们抛开怀疑,持变革。奥巴马总统说,为了使飞速上涨的医疗费用得到控制,改革是必不可少的。President Obama went before the nation's largest organization of physicians to make the case for health care reform.奥巴马总统在向美国最大的医生组织美国医学协会发表讲话时,阐述了医疗改革的必要性。"The cost of our health care is a threat to our economy," he said. "It is an escalating burden on our families and businesses. It is a ticking time bomb for the federal budget.他说:“巨大的医疗费用对我们的经济构成威胁。它正成为美国家庭和企业不断增加的负担。对于联邦预算而言,过高的医疗费用就像一枚定时炸弹。”In a speech to members of the American Medical Association at their annual meeting in Chicago, the president spoke in stark terms. 在芝加哥举行的美国医学协会年会上,奥巴马总统直言不讳地说明了自己的观点。He talked about big corporations like General Motors that are in trouble in part because of the high cost of providing health insurance to employees.他指出,通用汽车这样的大企业之所以陷入困境,部分原因就在于员工的医疗保险费用太高。"If we do not fix our health care system, America may go the way of GM - paying more, getting less and going broke," said Mr. Obama. 奥巴马说:“如果我们不去修复医疗保健系统,美国就可能重蹈通用汽车的复辙,那便是花费的更多,获得的更少,最后走向破产。”The president faced a tough audience. There is consensus in the medical community about the need for reform to improve the affordability and accessibility of quality care. But there is no unity on the best medicine to heal the ailing system.奥巴马总统所面对的听众也不好对付。医学界虽然普遍认为,需要通过改革来使更多的人负担得起高质量的医疗保健。但是,对于问题成堆的医疗系统,却至今没有一个公认的灵丹妙药。The president went out of his way to assure them that he does not support a government take-over. But he said there needs to be a way to provide health insurance to those of modest means. And he took on a major concern for doctors: the fear of a malpractice lawsuit.奥巴马总统尽力向他们保,他并不赞成政府接管医保系统。但他也说,需要找到一条为低收入者提供医疗保险的途径。同时,他也对医生们最担心的一个问题表达了意见,那就是医疗失误引起的法律诉讼。President Obama said he does not favor limits on the amount of money juries can award in malpractice lawsuits. But he said he is open to other options, and he pledged to work with the medical community.奥巴马总统说,他并不赞成对陪审团能够为医疗事故判定多少赔偿金设立上限。但他也表示愿意考虑其他方案,并保与医学界合作。"I need your help, doctors, because to most Americans, you are the health care system," he said.他说:“医生们,我需要你们的帮助。对绝大多数美国人而言,你们就代表着医疗保健系统!”Republican leaders in the U.S. Congress responded to the president's remarks by charging once again that he wants a health care system run by bureaucrats in Washington.美国国会的共和党领袖们对总统的讲话做出反应时,再次批评奥巴马总统想把医疗保健系统置于华盛顿官僚们的掌管之下。06/74596安庆怎么治疗男人遗精早泄

安庆包皮手术哪里最安全A Visit to Quake-Survivor Giant Pandas in Chengdu Giant Panda Base Black and white, pudgy and cute, China's national treasure, the giant panda, is popular around the world. But during last year's May 12 earthquake, two giant pandas died, and the Wolong Nature Reserve, the home for Giant Pandas suffered severe damage. How are the pandas faring a year after the disaster? Yunfeng tells the story of Chengdu's Giant Panda Breeding Centre where a few pandas from Wolong that survived the quake settled. Thousands of people visit the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Base each day to see its lush vegetation, bamboo groves, and most of all, the giant pandas.A Korean tourist, with the Chinese name Quan Rongren, says it is the first time for him to see giang pandas."I like giant pandas very much. They are very cute, clumsy and naughty."Micah Smith from the ed States came with his classmates from Sichuan University."With other students from Sichuan University, we went to places where the earthquake struck, and we handed out stuff to some of the school students. We came here to check out the pandas. (They seem) pretty nice. I wish they were more awake, because many of them are sleeping. The baby pandas seem very active. They are playing with each other."Four pandas at the Chengdu Panda Base were transferred from the Wolong Nature Reserve after the earthquake. Wolong was only 11 kilometers from the epicenter and suffered severe damage. It was once home to 63 giant pandas. After the quake, the body of one giant panda was found, while another still remains missing. All giant pandas from Wolong have been transferred to reserves in other provinces.Zhang Hemin(张和民), director of the Wolong Nature Reserve, tries to hold back tears when he recalls the scary experience a year ago."The earth was shaking, and the giant pandas were too scared to move. They just huddled together. Their psychological injury was immense."Zhang is known as the "father of giant pandas" in China. Since 1983, he has dedicated his time and talent to researching the breeding and protection of giant pandas. He says he considers pandas to be family members.Zhang has spent most of his time with the pandas, studying them and playing with them and has developed a deep affection for them. He says it was painful to see pandas pinned under rolling rocks, to see them trying to flee to safety and to meet their frightened eyes.Zhang says it usually takes two weeks for giant pandas to get used to a new environment. But to attend to their psychological needs, he and his co-workers have been using 'Ai Xin Wei Yang' or 'Caring Breeding' techniques since the earthquake.And Zhang has this to say,"We caress them more and talk to them more, and whenever we want to communicate with them, we bend down to avoid talking to them from a higher position. Now, we are glad to see that these giant pandas have almost recovered their old spirits."Tan Wen, who has nearly 10 years of experience in raising pandas, was designated the caretaker of the four newcomers from Wolong. He has treated the four quake-survivor pandas with extreme care and comes to the base very frequently to check on them."I think what's most important for a panda caretaker is the sense of responsibility. To really get along with them, there is no recipe other than to let them know that you really care about them. When they got the message and started to behave, I felt so rewarded. If they get sick, I will find the vet who is available 24 hours. But I myself still can't help worrying about them."Zhang Hemin says he hopes the giant pandas at Chengdu can move back into their new home near Wolong soon."You know, Wolong is a nature reserve, and those pandas were used to living in nature, not in parks or breeding centers, so it must be a little bit uncomfortable for them. I hope they will move into their new home as soon as possible."The new Giant Panda Nature Reserve will be built in Gengda Village, 10 kilometers from the former Wolong Nature Reserve. Experts spent months selecting Gengda village, which they believe provides the best geographic conditions, resources and safety conditions for the pandas.The construction of the Gengda reserve will start in July. It is estimated that the project will cost more than 1.4 billion yuan, or some 200 million U.S. dollars. Donations from different countries, non-governmental organizations, international companies and the Hong Kong government are providing most of the funds for the project.Here is Zhang Hemin again."The support from the Hong Kong government encourages us. And we are so thankful to people who have always cared about China's giant pandas. We'll live up to their expectations to rebuild a new cozy home for the giant pandas in the shortest time possible."Zhang also says the recovery and reconstruction project is a systematic project that includes assessments and mitigations of geological hazards caused by the earthquake as well as the recovery of local vegetation.Pandas usually mate in March and April. At that time, they climb from the bottom of mountains to the peaks to nourish themselves with fresh bamboo shoots before they deliver their cubs in August or September.To ensure the giant pandas have an uninterrupted "green zone," Zhang and his fellow workers are relocating more than 870 households situated on the mountain in Gengda Village.Of all the myths about giant pandas, one of the most beautiful ones goes like this: Four young shepherdesses were killed while trying to rescue a panda from a leopard. When the other pandas heard what had happened, they decided to hold a funeral to honor the girls' sacrifice.At that time, the giant pandas were pure white. To honor the deceased girls, the pandas wore black armbands at their funeral. They were so sad that they began to cry. As their tears rolled down their faces, the dye from the black armbands began to run and mingle with their tears.As the pandas rubbed their eyes, the black dye made big spots. In their grief, they clutched their ears and began hugging one another closely. The black dye marked the areas where the pandas touched themselves and each other. The pandas vowed never to wash off the black dye as a reminder of the girls and the sacrifice they made.It's not known how long this myth has been around in Southwest China, but if these giant pandas do have thankful hearts, they will definitely remember those who have cared for them especially after the May 12 earthquake and those who are still working hard to rebuild them a safe and comfortable home.05/69013大观区男性专科 潜山县红十字会医院男科挂号

安庆远大治疗疱疹预约Full-time jobs hard to find With unemployment on the rise, some job hunters rely on part-time work to make ends meet Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke this week said it’s possible the U.S. may be heading into a recession. But millions of Americans believe that we are aly there. Why? Because of the job picture, tens of thousands of people have been losing work, last month 80,000 jobs lost. We are here at an employment center in New Jersey, the state of New Jersey. And Over here, people come to try to find work. Here’s a list of demand occupations in New Jersey, nurses, accountants, teachers, these are some areas where there are companies hiring but it's still not very easy. Let’s have a talk over here with one of the job seekers. His name is Wahid, and Wahid is actually a veteran, he served in Iraq. Wahid, what did you do ah, / in Iraq with the army?I was both a solider linguist for one year and then later for about eighteen months a contract/ linguist.And so now you are looking for work once again?Yes, I am looking for a full time job as an Arabic linguist.I would think that’s a very in-demand position?That’s absolutely right, but most of those positions has to do with money that is allocated by Uncle Sam. So when the money becomes available that’s when I can get the job.But to find something with a private company, you haven’t found a full-time position?I am doing part time translation jobs, till I get the part time, till I get the translation job that will elevate my career.And is that providing enough money or you are doing something else as well?Actually the main income that I have right now is from day trading, because you can not really tell when the money will be allocated for those jobs. So I have to day trade and then do some, few, of few jobs for translation to the market of ....Day trading in stocks?Day trading in stocks…Tough right now,Very tough very risky, but I need at least five hours a day to be able to choose the stocks I buy.Very well, well, good luck with that, Wahid. As you can see this is an economy that it is very difficult for people to find employment, Wahid / even turning to day trading in order to provide income in a very tough market. Tough market not only for employment but also for stock traders as well. For CNN money.com, I am Allen Chernoff.01/60900 太湖县妇幼保健院治疗早泄多少钱安庆男科哪里好



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