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01. Marriage reveals your personality.婚姻能够暴露本性。02. Love should not blind a couple to the realities of their legal status as husband and wife.对于合法的夫妻双方来说,爱情不该是盲目而不现实的。03. Compatibility is a condition of a successful marriage.和睦相处是婚姻成功的先决条件。04. Marriage seems easier to under stand for what it cuts out of our lives than for what it makes possible within our lives.看上去,婚姻让我们失去的,远比带来的多得多。05. Good people can create a bad relationship in marriage.有时,两个好人并不一定就能成为好夫妻。06. In order to survive years of sameness and keep love alive in the family, the couple ought to attach great importance to choosing well.要顺利渡过一个个乏味的日子,让家里一直爱意浓浓,夫妻双方在选择结婚对象之初,就需要特别慎重。07. The truly lucky people are the ones who manage to become long-time friends before they realize they are attracted to each other.在陷入热恋之前就自信能够长久保持亲密关系的人,才是婚姻中最幸运的人。08. If the family life does not live up to the premarital expectation and not to be improved, some couples would choose divorce rather than staying together to suffer.一旦婚后的现实与婚前的期望产生矛盾且不可调和,很多夫妇宁愿选择离婚而不是继续凑合下去。09. When the passion no longer exists, there are more and more complaints and distrust in daily life.当退去,生活中的抱怨和猜忌也就越来越多了。10. As for the marriages of the Me Generation, they are greatly troubled by personality problems associated w?th being the only child.80后独生子女常常会因为他们性格的原因让婚姻生活麻烦不断。11. Many young people deem that marriage will be expired when time obscures the passion.很多年轻人认为,没有了,婚姻也就到头了。12. Responsibility is of vital importance in sustaining a marriage.要维系婚姻,最重要的就是双方的责任感。13. Understanding your own personality is the important step in knowing how you relate to the world and those who around you.了解自己的性格,对如何待人接物有非常重要的帮助。14. If you understand which characteristics define you as an individual , it will make it easier to identify important characteristics in a prospective partner.如果你对自己的性格有一定的了解,那么你在选择未来伴侣的时候,就会对他/她的性格是否与你合适有一个更清楚的认识。15. A couple in a marriage just like a pair of shoes, each side of the pair can have its own personality.婚姻中的男女就像鞋子中的一只一样,都有自己的个性。16. Certain personality traits can affect a couples ability to adjust to marriage.人的某些性格特点影响夫妻双方对婚姻生活的适应能力。17. People who expect perfection from their spouses may be especially likely to be dissatisfied, because their spouses will inevitably fail to meet these expectations.通常,苛求配偶完美的人更容易对婚姻失望,因为他们的配偶通常都达不到他们的期望值。18. Perfectionists often struggle in marriage.在婚姻生活中,完美主义者常常会感到非常不适应。19. If your partner treats people or circumstances m a way you cant accept, you will inevitably come to grief.如果你对自己伴侣待人接物的方式不能接受,你就会不可避免地陷入痛苦之中。20. A minute difference in personality before marriage may turn out an unbridgeable gap.婚前微不足道的性格差异,婚后可能会演化成不可逾越的鸿沟。 /201507/388980我的步骤很简单,选材—重复—自嗨—对号入座。选材很重要如果你要问我相对于Two Broke Girls and The Big Bang Theory哪个更适合学口语,我肯定告诉你选Two Broke Girls。原因很简单,因为大爆炸里面的口语基本在在日常生活中用不上。所以选材,要选生活化点的。目前这几部比较火的美剧,能够马上学以致用的由“从最容易上手到一般上手”的排列顺序:Friends Modern Family Mom That70s Show,或者你足够了解美国的笑点,你可以看Broke Girls。下面我以Friends为例,跟大家分享具体实操步骤。重复很重要第一遍:(先看完)提升兴趣:从头至尾中英文字幕辅助拉通看一遍,了解剧中人物关系,故事情节发展以及美国文化及各种笑点。第二遍:(模仿对白)中英文字幕一起,每集认真看,笔记本放在一旁,在每集当中找到自己喜欢的点,抄在笔记本上,先自己跟读7遍,然后”自嗨”,即脑海里自己跟自己练习对话,培养语境。第三遍:(再猜一遍)全英文字幕,肯定会有看不懂的地方,但是不懂的地方不要马上查字典或者翻看中文字幕,快退快进上下文不停切换,练习英文猜测能力。第四遍:(重复几遍)重复第二遍,第三遍。等到步骤都完成后,就全天24/7播放,Have it in the background. 只要是醒着的就播放,让自己每天置身于那个语言环境。模仿人物个性很重要不是每次背诵模仿完语句就行了,你要找到一个关键人物,那个跟你性格很搭的人物。因为这样你才能灵活运用语调,当你想表达各种情绪时。我在这里跟大家分享《老友记》剧中6个人物的性格,请各自对号入座。My favorites are Chandler and Phoebe! How about you?我个人最爱钱德勒和菲比。你们呢? /201706/515303unit 14 找邮局dialogue英语情景对话 A:How do I get to the post office from school?A:从学校到邮局怎么走?B:Turn right outside the school; go along until you come to the main road; tum left; go straight ahead, straight on at the roundabout, down the hill, and turn left at the boffom.B:出学校后右转;往前走直到大路上;向左转,向前走,一直走到环形路口,走下小山,在山脚下再左转。A:OK, I see. Thank you very much.A:好的,知道了。非常感谢。B:You are welcome. Hope you can find it soon.B:不客气,希望你能尽快找到。 /201504/367119

抱怨I have a complaint.I want to complain about something.我有一些不满。Youre all talk and no action.你只会说不会做。A: Sorry, Ill make it up to you someday.抱歉,我改天会报答你的。B: Youre all talk and no action.你只会说不会做。make it up to sb.“报答,回报”How many times do I have to tell you?If Ive told you once, Ive told you a thousand times.我要跟你讲多少遍才行呢?Any complaints? Do you have any complaints?有什么不满吗?Whats your complaint?你哪里不满?Youd better mind your own business.你最好少管闲事。A: Why did she marry a man old enough to be her father?他都可以当她爸爸了,她怎么嫁给他?B: Youd better mind your own business.你最好少管闲事。mind ones own business经典口语句,意为“管好自己的事,少管闲事”。Im serious.I mean it.我是说真的。A: Im tired of your complaints.我受够了你的抱怨。B: Just listen to me. Im serious.听我说,我是说真的。Would you mind keeping it down?I wonder if youd mind keeping it down.可不可以安静一点?What are you thinking about?到底在想什么?A: May I take a leave for ten days from tomorrow?明天开始我可以请十天假吗?B: What are you thinking about?你到底在想什么?Thats not fair. Its unfair.这不公平。Im not at all pleased by your negligence.你们疏忽大意,我很不满意。A:Im not at all pleased by your negligence.你们疏忽大意,我很不满意。B:We feel terribly sorry.很抱歉。negligence n. 疏忽Ill tell him a thing or two.Ill give him a piece of my mind.我会跟他反映的。Thats easy for you to say.你说得简单。A: You should get used to the new job soon.你应该尽快习惯新工作。B: Thats easy for you to say.你说得简单。What a fool!真蠢!A: What do you think of his behavior yesterday?他昨天的行为你怎么看?B:What a fool!真蠢!I really hate waiting.我讨厌等人。A:I really hate waiting.我讨厌等人。B: Im sorry. l had something urgent just now.对不起,刚才我有点急事。Im not happy about it. Im not satisfied with it.我对此很不高兴。Stop complaining! No more complaints!不要再抱怨了。I just cant stand the odor.我只是受不了这股味。A:Why do you pinch your nose?你为什么捏着鼻子?B:I just cant stand the odor. It stinks.我只是受不了这股味,臭死了。odor n. 气味pinch v. 捏,掐stink v. 发出臭味 /201501/354139

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