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Billy: So what did you get? Jennifer: It's all in the bag. Billy: What's this? Essential oil? Wow! This stuff is expensive. Jennifer: I need that to relax. I'm going to put a few drops in my bath water. Billy: How is oil supposed to make you relax? Jennifer: They all have essence of flowers in them. Billy: [Opening the little bottles] Mmmm. They smell nice.essential oil (n.)   精油essential是「精华的,精粹的」,名词是essence比 利:那你买了什么? 珍妮花:全在袋子里 比 利:这是啥啊?油精?哇!这玩意儿可贵了 珍妮花:我需要它来帮我放松我要在我的洗澡水里加上几滴 比 利:油要怎么帮你放松? 珍妮花:它们里头都有花香精华 比 利:(打开小瓶子)嗯很好闻 658。

  • English Food英国饮食So, you are going to Britain.那你打算去英国咯;Oh no!; say your friends,;The food is terrible! What are you going to eat?;哦,不!你朋友会说,食物太难吃了,你过去要吃什么?This was a common thing to say and perhaps it used to be true.这句话很常见,或许这在过去的确如此English food was terrible! But is that true today?英国的食物太难吃了!但是在如今的英国,这句话还对吗?Traditionally, English food consisted of meat and two veg.英国的传统饮食搭配都是一荤两素,That is to say a meal would be meat,either beef, pork or chicken and two vegetables.即每一餐由一份肉类和两份素菜搭配而成Of course, one of these was usually potatoes and the other might be peas or carrots.当然,其中一份素菜经常是土豆,另一份可能是豌豆或胡萝卜,This was then covered in gravy, which is a meat sauce.这些再和肉汁搅拌在一起,就是所谓的肉酱Fish and chips is another traditional dish often eaten on Fridays.炸鱼薯条是人们每逢周五便吃的另一种传统食物Quite simply it is fried fish served with fried potatoes, or chips.做法非常简单,把油炸的鱼和油炸的土豆或土豆条搭配在一起就行了Nowadays, however, all this has changed.然而,如今这些饮食习惯都已经发生改变A popular dish many is ;curry;, Indian food.印度的咖喱食品很受大众欢迎India used to be a British colony,and many immigrants came to Britain from India in the 1950s.印度以前是英国的殖民地,很多印度人在世纪50年代从印度移民至英国Naturally, they brought their customs and their food.自然而然他们也把自己的习俗和食物带到了英国,This led to many Indian restaurants opening,and now it is possible to buy Indian food in any town.促使了很多印度餐馆的兴起现在在任何一个城镇都能买到印度的食物,You can even buy the ingredients to make it in supermarkets.你甚至可以在超市里买到配料来做印度料理Indian food can be very hot and spicy,so it may take time to get used to it.印度食物很辣,你可能得慢慢地去适应Another common food in the UK is Italian.在英国,另外一类很常见的食物是意式料理Pasta is served in many homes everyday,and you can order takeaway pizza everywhere you go.在很多家庭每天都会吃意大利面;此外,不管你去哪里,你都可以点外卖的披萨Of course, if you visit England from China,you wont have to go far to get Chinese food.当然,如果你是来自中国的游客,你也无需跑太远就可以吃到中式食物Almost every town has a Chinese restaurant or takeaway.在英国,基本上每个城镇都有一个中国餐馆或外卖餐馆In big cities such as London you can visit Chinatown.在像伦敦这样的大城市里,你可以去唐人街,Here there are dozens of Chinese restaurants and even Chinese supermarkets.那里有很多中国餐馆,连中国超市都有,Even the street names are written in both Chinese and English.甚至这条街都用中英文标注One English dish that remains popular, however,is the traditional breakfast.然而,有一款英式料理如今依然颇受欢迎,那就是传统的英式早餐,This consists of bacon, sausage, egg, beans, mushrooms,tomatoes and toast, with a large cup of tea.它的搭配包括培根,香肠,鸡蛋,豆子,西红柿,吐司和一大杯茶On a cold morning it is guaranteed to fill you up and keep you warm till lunchtime.在寒冷的早晨吃上这样一份早餐,肯定能保你直到中午都不会觉得饥饿和寒冷So is food in England terrible?所以,英国的食物好吃吗?No—because it isnt English food!不,—因为那已经不是纯粹的英式料理了! 56763。
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  • All one; one all. —Alexandre Dumas. French writer人人为找,我为人人——大仲马,法国作家Beauty lives with kindness. —William Shakespeare, English dramatist美寓于善——威廉·莎长比亚,英国剧作家Virtue is bold, and goodness never fearful. —William Shakespeare, British dramatist美德是勇敢的,善良从来不会感到恐惧——威廉·莎长比亚,英国剧作家He conquers twice, who upon victory overcomes himself. —Francis Bacon, British philosopher在获得胜利之后而能克制自己的人,获得了双重的胜利——弗朗西斯·培根,英国哲学家Plain living and high thinking. —William Wordsworth, British poet生活要朴素,情操要高尚——威廉·华兹华斯,英国诗人 188。
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