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Is marriage a good financial move?TODAY Financial editor Jean Chatzky takes a look at whether a walk down the aisle will cost you.And this morning, on today’s Money marriage and your finances, you've spent your life building your nest egg, and protecting your assets and then it happens. You fall in love. But is marriage a good financial move for you? Here with some advice is Money in Today’s Financial editor Jean Chatzky. Jean, hey! Hey!So marriage is a beautiful thing.[It can be.] But look at it from sort of like a cold hard financial perspective, is it a smart thing just kind of a broad question to get married? It rolls a lot of people’s assets into a risky position. Because think about it this way, we are getting married later, which means we are coming at marriage by the time that we have houses, we have, think, retirement accounts, we may have kids from a previous marriage, we wanna take care of all of those things, and just tying the knot can actually put those assets in a precarious position.And having that money talk when you are in love is so hard, isn't it?It's hard when you are not in love. I mean, I only say I do what I do for a very specific reason, talking about money used to and still does at some point make me completely nuts and if you don’t have these conversations, then you are going to really do yourself serious financial damage.So painful it is, you gotta have the talk.You gotta get to the line and have a talk?Okay! First, let’s talk about income.Now here is a question for you. Can getting married lower your income? It absolutely can. Because if let’s say you are toward retirement age, and you are earning money in retirement, your social security benefits will get taxed you can earn up to 25,000 dollars a year as a single person, but you get married you can only earn up to 32,000 before you get taxed. And it can actually lower the amount of money that you have to draw on from alimony.(Oh, yes) and, you know, if you get alimony, if you are getting social security benefits, or pension benefits from a previous spouse. Those could completely go away. You have to sort of compare what you could be eligible from, from your new spouse.Now, I always thought according to taxes, like everyone say, oh getting married is so good for your taxes, you always end up saving money on taxes, is it true or not true?Not necessarily. If you file jointly, that’s probably the best way to go, but there is the thing called marriage penalty and it doesn’t go away when you get older. You can actually lose money to taxes. If you get married and again you have to look at your (personal) individual situation. If you get married, your spouse is going to inherit all of your assets without paying any taxes on them once you get married. But that may mean that your kids do not.That's scream's prenup right, I mean, you should just get a prenup.Well, a lot of people really do need to look at the prenup question. The older you are, the more you come to the party with, particularly if you come to the party with either kids from a previous marriage or a business, you gotta protect that, and that means getting a lawyer in your court and a lawyer in his and sitting down at the table.Well, Let’s talk about kids. How, let’s say you have kids in college, pretend, or you have a grown kid, how does getting married later in life affect them?If you have kids who are about to go to the college, your new spouse’s income can be taken into consideration to form those financial aid formulae. So you might marry somebody who's earning a boatload of money, all of a sudden this child who you thought would be eligible for financial aid may not be. And that may make it difficult to [you know] pay for school, depending on how you've set up the finances. You also have to look at the question of inheritances. If your new spouse is ganna all of a sudden inherit everything that you have, your kids are all of a sudden not going to unless you take care of that in your wills and with the prenup. OK. Let’s talk about the pros of getting married, financially what are, what's the good side of that?Besides the love,(no no no) the love is very, you know, I like the love. But there are some good things in terms of real estate. If you own a house and you spouse owns a house, when you get married you are allowed to take a 500,000-dollar capital gain rather than a 20...250,000-dollar capital gain as you could as a single person. The rules get a little wishy-washy here. You may have to live in that house for a couple of years before you sell it and rent the other one, but that can be a huge amount of money to sock in the bank. Also you are gonna save money on auto insurance premiums, homeowner insurance premiums. So there are some good things and two are, two can definitely live more cheaply than.... (Right) You know, two together can live more cheaply than two apart.And again, you know it's just important to have the money discussion no matter how painful it is, right?Absolutely. And if you can't do it yourself sit down with an advisor and do it together, but do it.OK, Jean, thank you so much for the great advice. (Sure!) We appreciate it. And you can find more of Jean’s advice on our website at todayshow. com.03/64004。

  • They appreciate all the recognition they receive. The best way to see Norway is from the air. Sightseeing flights are available from all the major cities,enabling visitors to see the attractions of the country at their most spectacular. Fjords were originally glacially carved valleys. But as the ice melted,these 1 were filled by rising sea water,creating these dramatic landscapes. The Hardanger fjord is the second longest in Norway and with its glacier at the top,the most picturesque. Only from this height can you truly appreciate the enormous scale of the fjord and glacier. This vast natural formation is one of many in Norway but it's a rare sight you'll never forget. The glacier at Hardanger is actually formed of 3 separate glaciers which together measure 220 square kilometers. In the last few years,walking on glaciers has become extremely popular amongst locals and tourists alike. A simple tour to the glacier Bodalsbreen in the area around stream lasts about 5 hours and begins with an hour hiking through the Josterdalsbreen National Park. The Bodalsbreen is part of this national park. The ice-cold crystal-clear water melted from the glacier form 2 that flow into the valley. This is Norway's wilderness at its best. The glacial valleys create some extraordinary sights. It's the first time this tourist has attempted to walk on ice. Special knowledge isn't necessary. All he needs is the right outdoor gear---the most important thing for any trip onto the ice. 注释: ① glacier n. 1. 冰河, 冰川 ②Josterdalsbreen National Park: Jostedalsbreen国家公园是挪威在国家公园,包括欧洲大陆,Jostedalsbreen上最大的冰川。公园始建于1991年10月25日的皇家法令,然后在1998年,它已扩大到西北。现在该公园占地1,310平方千米,占地约800平方公里的园区的冰川。 课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?201109/155569。
  • Plate tectonics板块构造论 Faulty thinking断层理论 错误理论The myth and reality of the Japanese earthquake 日本大地震的神秘与真相BACK in January, Japanese seismologists warned that the tectonic plates colliding beneath the Pacific Ocean off the north-east coast of Japan were poised to slip catastrophically. By their reckoning, there was a 99% chance of an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 occurring off the Miyagi coast, and a 90% chance of one off Ibaraki prefecture, within the next 30 years. They were surprised only by the sheer size of the magnitude 9.0 monster that was unleashed when the plates at last let go on March 11th. 早在今年一月的时候,日本地震学家就曾警告说太平洋洋底日本东北海岸下的板块相互冲撞会导致造成倾斜、引起灾难。根据他们的估计,30年内,宫城县海岸附近发生8.0级大地震的可能性为99%,而茨城县海岸附近的几率则为90%。3月11日板块终于释放能量、发生9.0级强震,地震学家仅仅惊讶震级如此之高。It seems that, on occasions, the rupture along this particular type of “reverse fault” (where the upper part of one side of the fault is thrust over the foot of the other) can jump across gaps and other boundaries along the fissure, linking up with other parts of the fault to extend the breach alarmingly. The traditional fault-segmentation model used in seismology does not allow for this. But on that fateful Friday, when the North American plate slid over the Pacific plate along a subduction zone running 130km (80 miles) off the Pacific coast of northern Japan, the shock leapt from the first segment to a second and on to a third, extending the fault zone some 400km and increasing its intensity more than 30-fold. With all the action taking place only 24km down, the seabed was thrust violently upwards, triggering huge waves.有时,似乎沿这种特别的“逆向断层”(断层一面的上部插入另一面的下方之上)的断裂会越过沿着缝隙的裂口及其他分界处,同该断层的其他部分连起来并且把断裂处拉长,甚至会出现危险。地质学中使用的传统的断层分割模型并不能解释这种现象。然而在灾难发生的这个周五,当北美板块沿日本北部的太平洋海岸旁边长130千米(80公里)的俯冲带滑过太平洋板块后,冲击从第一个分割跳到第二个、随后又跳到第三个,断层地带被拉长到400千米,地震强度增加了30多倍。所有这一切活动都发生在据海平面仅34千米以下的地方,所以海床剧烈地向上猛推,引起惊涛骇浪。Could such a chain of seismic events happen elsewhere in Japan? Many in Tokyo fear that earthquakes may be creeping closer. The Japanese media have drawn attention to a quake of magnitude 6.6 on the far side of the country, between Nagano and Niigata prefectures, and to a quake of magnitude 6.1 in Shizuoka prefecture, both within days of the main quake. But these fairly common events occurred on entirely different tectonic plates. It is hard to imagine how faults on one continental plate might communicate with those on another that is hundreds of kilometres away.这种连锁地震可能发生在日本其他地方吗?很多在东京的人害怕地震也许离他们越来越近。日本媒体关注了一起发生在该国偏远地带、在长野和与新泻之间的6.6级地震,以及一起发生在静冈县的6.1级地震,这两次地震都发生在大地震后不久。然而这些相当平常的事件却是在完全不同的板块构造上发生的。很难想象一块大陆板块上的断层是如何同远在数千千米远的另一块断层发生相互作用的。No doubt Tokyo will be sideswiped one day. The most likely spawning ground for that earthquake will be 100km or more to the south-west, where the Philippine plate dives under the Eurasian plate, creating a continuous sequence of shudders. This could feasibly cause a megaquake of the kind the north-east has just suffered. But the evidence remains largely against it.毫无疑问终有一天东京会受到擦边撞击。最有可能发生这一地震的地带也许是西南部100千米或更远的地区,那时菲律宾板块冲到欧亚板块下面,引发持续不断的摇晃。这极有可能引发像此次日本东北地区遭受的大地震。但是这一说法仍无无据持。201104/130284。
  • Representatives from more than 190 nations are attending the ed Nations Climate Change Conference in the Mexican resort of Cancun. They're trying to reach accords on a number of issues but are leaving a comprehensive, legally binding agreement for next year. Environmental activists from non-governmental organizations are also in Cancun. They're pushing for action to curb greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming.190多个国家的代表聚集在墨西哥旅游胜地坎昆参加联合国气候变化大会。他们寻求在一系列议题上达成一致,争取在明年签署一项全面的、有法律约束力的条约。来自非政府组织的环保人士也聚集在坎昆,力促采取行动,削减温室气体的排放。他们中的很多人认为,能够拯救地球的时间已所剩不多。地球变暖与人类活动是否造成全球气温上升的问题是联合国气候大会上人们关注的议题。Activists lobby As conference delegates meet elsewhere, author Bill McKibben makes the rounds in the hotel lobbies, talking about the need for action now.在与会代表开会期间,作家比尔.麦克基本在饭店大堂里走来走去,跟人们讨论现在采取行动的必要性。In his best-selling book Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet, McKibben argues that an eight-tenths-of-one-percent rise in temperature has aly changed the planet irreversibly and that catastrophe awaits if it goes much higher.麦克基本在他撰写的畅销书《地球》 一书中争辩说,气温上升0.8度就已经无可挽回地改变了地球,如果气温升得更高,等待人类的将是一场重大灾难。"The arctic is melting quickly, Russia caught on fire this summer, Pakistan drowned [in floods], the ocean is 30 percent more acid than it used to be," McKibben said. "We are in tough shape with less than a degree of temperature increase."他说:“北极正在迅速融化,俄罗斯今年夏天遭大火,巴基斯坦被洪水淹没,海洋的酸度比过去提高了30%。我们所处境况不妙,地球气温再上升哪怕不到一度,就会造成灾难。”McKibben says the threat is confirmed, continually, by scientific data, yet world leaders have yet to produce an effective plan to meet the challenge. 麦克基本说,科学家的数据已经不断实这一威胁,可是世界各国领导人却仍然拿不出来一个应对挑战的计划。"The scientific method has worked pretty well. The political method has not worked at all," he added.“科学的方法行之有效,但政治的手段却一事无成。”201012/120088。
  • NBA stars jump ship NBA A weak dollar and huge contracts from across the Atlantic are pulling basketball players away from the NBA.A. What's going on ,everyone? Thanks for being in here. I am joined by P Torey, Sports Illustrated. Thank you for being in here. B. Of course, anytime. A. If, just a few years ago, if I would have said to you, people that are playing in the NBA, players that have a spot, they’re getting /game time,actually / are leaving the NBA and going to play ball in Europe. You probably would go to me and said I'm crazy. B. Yeah, that's basically true. I mean, the fact is we have /12 players so far this summer leave from the NBA to play aboard in Europe, and it gonna be a watershed season, I mean, for the evolution of the NBA before you had a guy like Dominique Wilkins go over to Italy, the end of his career, you know, feast on * and enjoy retirement. But now it's completely different. A. So why are we seeing that now? Why we are seeing players saying? You know what, the ball over there. That's where I should be. B. Yeah, well the first reason is the fact that ring offered more money than ever before. A. So the business aspect? B. Yes. And that's a reflection of the domestic and international economy. These guys are being paid in Euros and they are being paid roughly three times as much as they’ll be paid otherwise if they stayed in the states. And that's the value you can’t really get by staying at home. A. And a weak dollar obviously point a factor here. Just a couple of days ago, over that Democratic National Convention, CNN.money called up with Sir Charles Barkley. We talked him, exactly, we talked him about this exact question. Take a look and listen to what he had to say. Barkley: I think they are making a bid to do out of nothing. No great NBA player is gonna go play overseas. A. Alright, now that I'm trying to put you on the spot here with an NBA Hall of Famer, but do you agree with them? B. You know it’s a general rule I try not to disagree with Sir Charles too much, (I’ll try not … ) for fear of being thrown through a window mostly. A. He's, I think he’s got your hands on and fight. B. Yeah, a bit of / edge. But I' think, you know, I do disagree somewhat. The fact is, I sort of question what he means by good player. I think you are getting studying players right now, and you are not Kristic from the Nets, George *, of course, is also an excellent role player ... ... A. Come off the bench B. Exactly. But the bottom line is we couldn't have anticipated where we are now. So I think it's a bit too hasty to make any judgments about where we will be in a couple of years from now. The fact is players are operating is brands. And these emerging markets have brought something that we haven’t even encountered before. So I mean it’s certainly a new world we dealing with at this point. A. you know, I think it's so easy for fans out there, to sit there, we watch them play. We watch them play something that we play pickup on the weekends and you’ll think, that would be the coolest thing in the world to get paid millions of dollars to play basketball. I think we lose track of the fact that this is their job, their business. They get paid to play ball. Something that what we'd love to do. But that is what they do. So it is interesting when you say this from a business standpoint. They are doing this to make more money. B. Yeah, I mean money is really the bottom line literally, and figuratively in this case, you know. You're gonna pay a guy 55 million dollars for example like the Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade. They are gonna at least seriously consider that offer and you can wrap up that offer from one of these Russian or Italian, or refinanciers serious for a, lesser player but still a very good player I think you wouldn’t do that. A. Hold that, King James. Kobe Bryant. They are, you are saying, there’s a possibility they are gonna go over and play in Europe? B. Well, the question has been posed there, /you know, if a team could play you 55 million dollars for a year, you know,in the prime of you career to go over there, and play basketball in Europe, and they said, you know, we will definitely consider it. It's not one of those questions that you can dismiss out of hand anymore. Something you really gotta to do away because of the monetary, and global advertising perspectives. A. P Torrey again, he’s from Sports Illustrated. We are gonna keep an eye on this , and / see if Lebron James or Kobe ever do decide to go over and play overseas, but for now, it’s something that the NBA needs to be concerned with.200811/55167。
  • Recession signs are here 经济衰退 There are multiple signals of a recession, and they are all flashing green now. Well, he said we were in a recession back in March, and the US economy has skidded along for the past two quarters. So where are we now? In the Economic Cycle with me now Lakshman Achuthan, managing director of Accurate Economic Research Institute, thanks for being with us. Thanks for having me back. And this is a call you've made a lot about what we are recently and it's likely right a lot of people are starting to agree with you, but the question is we have not seen two back-to-back quarters of contracting growth that is the traditional definition of a recession. Yeah, it's it. . . what that is really is it is a rule of thumb. That was and I was researching this because I've heard so much about it. It came out in an article in 1974 where there was a laundry list of ways of knowing about a recession for the men in the street, and one out of like ten thinks was two negative quarters back-to-back, because it usually happens around a recession. What you find is that that's not the way you define a recession because a recession is really a sequence of events, and so you need to look at the sequence of indicators. Essentially what you're looking for is for sales to fall, so broad sales is a key indicator, which then pulls down production ,so industrial production is an indicator that you use to define a recession, which then hits jobs because if productions falls then jobs are gonna fall. You don't need to hire that many people and then wages or income comes down. That's the last piece, so it's the sequence, and then if wages come down, then it goes to the front of line, and people can't buy that much. So sale falls and that s how you get a recession, so the two negative quarters I think is something you often see there in a recession. Not always. But not always, so 2001 for example, (yeah) definitely a recession we almost lost 3 million jobs, we lopped off half of the value of the NASDAQ, a lot of grief around there and I don't think anyone disputes that it was a recession. You never had two negative quarters of back to back GDP. Yeah, and correct me if I'm wrong.We're dealing with inflation at the, you know, fastest rate in 17 years (That's correct. ) Wages are not a 5. 6 percent like inflation is ,and we're dealing with more than 400, 000 jobless claims last week, we're dealing with all of this. . . going on so, who's to say right now that we aren't in a recession? Well, I think, you know, some, er, a cheerleader of the economy for one reason or another, some institutions who wanna do that, if you are bullish, and you wanna have a, certainly, you might have a certain vested interest in arguing that. What we're trying to do is just get it right where, you know, where are we in the business cycle and what's the likelihood of a turning point ahead. Now we've aly called the peak. I think when the dust settles, you are gonna see more in negative quarters of GDP, they're gonna get revised down next year. And looking forward what we very concerned about is any sign of a recovery, and that hasn't really appeared yet. So you know the bad news is we are in a recession. The good news is it's been kind of shallow so far, the not so good news or ongoing concern is that we don't see the foundations for a recovery. when we look around the globe, outside the ed States, we see this economic weakness really creeping up in the countries we heard from the Euro zone like contraction in GDP, the worst probably we've seen there since the 1990s. How much is that going to affect any recovery in our country here in the US? Ah. . yeah, it is. . that's a great question. The global slowing is punctuated by recession ,we went in first, we don' t see a recovery yet. Europe and other places are following us down, and this is a problem for the US because of exports, OK? A couple of things have happened that are negative for our exports outlook in the quarters ahead. One is that the dollar has started to strengthen because that the rest of the world looks weaker. And the other is, is that as the rest. . as the rest of the world slows their demand for our goods is gonna ebb a little bit. So the exports which has been keeping us at a shallow recession is going to be kind of less of a positive for the US going forward. 200811/56362。
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