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This tannery is infamous as the foulest-smelling place in all of Fez, Morocco. Tanning hides may be dirty and smelly work, but somebody has to do it. Every day, 17-year-old Mousin must wind his way through the ancient alleyways of Fez. He is following in the footsteps of countless generations who have labored before him in this 600-year-old tannery.After just three years here, Mousin's tenure has been relatively brief, but his father Abdul has been breathing in the tannery stench for more than three decades. Each delivery of skins, fresh from the slaughter, means the start of the stinking, wet, filthy process. Of all the foul tasks Mousin must do, few are worse than washing the animal skins. And there's no other way to do it than to climb right into the tub—a fetid sewer of animal hides, flesh, hair and bacteria. Exposure to the filth makes Mousin and his co-workers more susceptible to infections, particularly if they would have any open sores or cuts. While Mousin rinses his lambskins, others prepare pelt hides for tanning, scraping the leftovers into the same near-stagnant pool. Nothing about this job is for the faint of heart, but Mousin has learnt to appreciate its benefits.The reward for carrying out this unappealing job brings beginning tanners just a day, and very experienced ones about . Much of the tannery's odor comes from its potent and pungent secret ingredient- pigeon droppings. Mousin gathers the droppings from the rooftops of Fez. Then he's y for the dirtiest and smelliest job of all: wading into a vat of excrement. The stench is overpowering, but Mousin must keep his head and be sure to add just the right amount of water to the pigeon droppings. The perfect mix will help make a skin supple but not too soft."The pigeon droppings have a burning quality, so when you put it on the skin, it bites into it and softens it, and then the skin becomes like a piece of cloth."But to transform this raw hide into leather clog requires Mousin to get down and dirty. Shoeless, he can use his toes and heels to knead the skins over and over. For almost three hours, he tromps around the vat. Even apart from the smell, it's a difficult chore requiring strength and endurance. Finally, the skins are soft enough to please the expert- his father Abdul."This is a very good job. Just look at what we produce, it's beautiful. My son made this."It's a product to be proud of. And few who end up wearing this leather on their feet would ever know that it was crafted in one of the foulest-smelling places on Earth.12/93047During his run for the presidency, Barack Obama often talked about his mother, Ann Dunham, and the lessons she taught him through her work with poor rural communities around the world. Dunham died of cancer in 1995, before any of her grandchildren were born.奥巴马在竞选总统期间常常谈到他的母亲安·邓纳姆,以及他和玛雅·苏托洛从母亲在世界各地贫穷的乡村社区所做的工作中学到的东西。邓纳姆1995年因癌症去世时,她的孙辈们还没有出生。Now the president's sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, has written "Ladder to the Moon," a children's book that attempts to connect her young daughter, Suhaila, with the grandmother she never knew.玛雅·苏托洛想通过《通向月亮的梯子》帮助女儿了解她从未见过的外祖母。The book’s title was inspired by a picture post card Dunham gave Maya as a child. It features a painting by Georgia O’Keeffe which depicts a ladder floating against the night sky, with a half-moon high above it.这本书的书名是玛雅在儿时母亲送给她的一张明信片中得到的灵感。那是乔治亚·奥基夫的一幅画,画面上有一架梯子漂浮在夜空,梯子上悬挂着半轮月亮。In the book, little Suhaila asks her mother what her grandmother was like. "Like the moon," her mother replies. "Full, soft and curious." Suhaila longs to meet her, and one night, her wish comes true. A golden ladder appears at her window and Grandma Annie invites the girl to come along on a magical journey. 苏海拉在书中问,外祖母是什么样,母亲回答说:“象月亮一样,圆满、温柔并具有好奇心。”苏海拉渴望见到外祖母。一天晚上,她的梦想终于实现了。一架金色的梯子出现在窗口,外祖母邀请她一起去进行一次神奇的旅行。"The book is about an evening spent helping others to come up to the moon after natural disaster and religious strife and conflict," says Soetoro-Ng. "And the moon becomes a sanctuary, an imagined place to heal and rest in hammocks until we’re laughing loudly again."玛雅说:“书中讲述自然灾害和宗教冲突过后,他们一整个晚上都在帮助别人到月亮上去,月亮成了一个避难所,一个梦幻世界,人们在那里疗伤,休息,直到再次开怀大笑。”201104/133849Kobe's brand looks to China 2:37 USA Basketball will be covered in Nike bling when they shoot for Olympic glory this summer. All us on team USA basketball. Is this an next dream team. Now we are hereing with one player Kobe Bryant, thank you for joining us. My pleasure. You know not the way your were like to see your season end with Lakers but you have the Olympic world stage coming up. What is you hoping for? Is this just about the Golden or also being in China on that world stage? It's all about win the Golden the first for most. We passed on difficult Olympic in the past and hopefully we can kind play that touch bar. So what is the difference between 2014 because there were big news on that team. Two were with the problem when they came to play as a team? You know, I think the team that the team we have pleasure with great job best talent. And that came issue we have is pretty remarkable. We all get along, we all understand each other's games cause we all good play so many years. We also understand national team so much better than they were. And we understand that. We will be looking for that chanllange. Talking about you and some big responsor deals especially Nike, one of the biggest. What is it take to be the biggest sponsor deals in the game? I am not really sure the answer, you know , We always try to do is just play the game right way, try to be the best we can. As kids grow up, you don't want, high schoold kids watching us, watching Brown the way whatever it is. You don't want to do the thing that endorse deal. It is the game. The game you love to do, try to be the best basketball player that you should be, be a good person. And this the problem. What would we see next Brown as a besinessman? Do we see? You know,we see your pair of Nike,and, do we see your own line something Jorden tired with Nike. What we see in that field? Yeah, you see the development then. I think, Asia seems to be really a hot spot, my brand perticular. And that is somewhere we really have to go. How is travelling around the world with team basketball leverage into business opportunities for you and for Nike and you team? I mean open is market up just because the NBA such a global game, you have more opportunity and plays have to pass. This opportunity, this summer perticular to travel around, go to Macau, various places. Priority even play in Beijin is a great opportunity for to have that possiblity. The best advice you have ever got? The best advice I have ever got. My father told me when I was about seven years old. I was playing some league in Philadelphia. In the whold summer I went to the adult school one basket. He's grap, he came, gave me hugs and say we are going to love to score forty to score zero. And that was the best. Great advice. Thank you for Kobe Bryant and good luck.200812/58525U.S. unemployment dipped below 9 percent last month, as private employers added the most jobs since April. The U.S. Labor Department released its monthly employment report Friday, showing the U.S. economy picked up a net total of 192,000 jobs in February. That brings the U.S. jobless rate to 8.9 percent - the lowest in nearly two years and another sign that the US recovery is picking up steam.美国私人企业就业率上个月的增幅创下去年4月份以来的最高水平,全国失业率因此下降到9%以下。美国劳工部4号发布的就业报告,显示美国就业今年2月净增加19万2千份,同月失业率因此降到8.9%,几乎是两年来的最低水平。这再次显示,美国经济正在加快复苏。In the Midwestern state of Wisconsin - another sign of the improving economy. The Oshkosh Corporation is hiring 750 workers to service its military contracts. For the 2,500 applicants competing for those jobs, it's a welcome glimmer of hope.美国中西部的威斯康辛州就出现了经济好转的迹象。美国豪士科集团公司(Oshkosh Corp)正在增聘750人,为公司承担的国防合同提供务。这些职位共有2500人申请,他们对这次招聘抱有很大的希望。One man in Wisconsin said, "Fourteen years in the paper industry and a little bit in between there, and now I've hopefully got a new start."一位申请者说:“我在造纸业连续干了14年,以后也干了一点。我现在希望能够重新开始。我对此感到兴奋。”最新的就业数据印了他的感觉。And the latest job numbers support his optimism. Private employers added 222,000 jobs last month, bringing the nation's unemployment rate to its lowest level since April . 美国私人企业上个月增加了22万2千份就业,将全国失业率降到年4月以来的最低水平。Wells Fargo chief economist John Silva said it shows that companies are more confident about a sustained U.S. recovery. "It was nice to see the unemployment rate down a little bit. It was good to see that most of the job growth was in fact in the private sector. I think those are all good signs telling us that we have sustained economic growth and a better labor market."美国富国(Wells Fargo)首席经济学家席尔瓦(John Silva)说,这显示美国企业对美国经济的持续复苏增强了信心。他说:“失业率下降了一些是好消息,大部分就业增长实际来自私人企业也是好消息。我认为,这些都显示,国家经济复苏正在持续,劳工就业市场状况好转。”201103/127452

Beckham's hilarious InterviewAli-G Interviews Posh Spice and David Beckham for a fund raise in England. Hilarious!But that ain't an insult and that is the biggest compliment you can pay for a woman. Respect.No, but seriously, does you take it up the butt?No, of course I don't.Beckham, you telling me you ain't never been caught offside?No.But me heard you was well good at getting round the back and swinging your balls in, yeah?They do say it's the way he bends it, I have to say.Yes.Respect, respect, little bit of a different via from Parkinson, well, eh? Now Beckham...Do you reckon the better the footballer you is, the fitter the girl you go out with?Obviously.So you is the best at football, you know, so you gets Posh. So does Sporty Spice go out with someone from Scunthorpe ed?That's my friend and she's lovely.02/62240

当地时间2日中午12时30分左右,两艘快艇在帕塔亚附近海域相撞,造成两名中国游客遇难,另有多名中国游客受伤。 相关文本:A speed-boat-crash off Thailand's Pattaya coast has killed two Chinese tourists. At least 14 others on board have been injured in the accident.The two speed boats crashed Wednesday noon, about one hundred meters offshore. All the injured were immediately sent to Pattaya Memorial Hospital.A hospital coordinator says besides the nine Chinese mainlanders and a Hong Kong tourist, two British, one Pakistani and one Thai tourists have been injured in the accident.He says eight of them have been discharged with minor injuries. Six Chinese, including the one from Hong Kong, still in hospital. Two of them are in intensive care and in a stable condition.The two victims died on the way to the hospital. The coordinator says they have been sent to the nearest public hospital for possible autopsies. Officials from the Chinese Embassy in Thailand have arrived in Pattaya to help investigate the accident. Gao Zhenting, councilor of Chinese Embassy in Thailand, said, "We contacted Pattaya police, hospitals and travel agencies immediately after we received the report. Several officials have reached the scene to offer sympathy to the injured and relatives of the dead. We have asked for all-out efforts to treat the injured and a thorough investigation into the accident. The Thai vice transport minister has also arrived in Pattaya to help handle the remaining issues."The embassy says the 29 Chinese nationals were with a tour group organized by Wuhan Spring International Travel Service in China's Hubei Province. The travel agency says staff are heading to Thailand to take care of the tourists and other issues.12/90952

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