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NICOSIA, Cyprus When Cyprus seized hundreds of millions of dollars from bank depositors, many of them Russians, as part of an internationally brokered deal two years ago to rescue its collapsing financial system, the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, denounced the move as “dangerousand “unfair,warning of a sharp chill in relations.塞浦路斯尼科西亚——当塞浦路斯为履行两年前在国际社会的干预下所达成的协议,大举没收储户——其中许多是俄罗斯人——的存款时,俄罗斯领导人弗拉基米尔·普Vladimir Putin)谴责此举“危险”而“不公平”,并警告称两国关系可能会急剧降温。前述协议的目的在于拯救塞浦路斯濒临崩溃的金融体系。But Putin was all smiles recently when he received Cyprus president, Nicos Anastasiades, in Moscow, hailing relations with the Mediterranean nation as “always being truly friendly and mutually beneficialand agreeing to extend on greatly improved terms for Cyprus a .5 billion Russian loan.然而,当普京最近在莫斯科接待塞浦路斯总统尼科斯·阿纳斯塔夏季斯(Nicos Anastasiades)时,他却笑容满面,称赞俄罗斯与地中海国家的关系“一向真正友好互利”,并同意延长一笔价5亿欧元(约合168亿元人民币)的俄罗斯贷款——修改后的借贷条款大大有利于塞浦路斯。The shift from fury to declarations of eternal friendship displayed Putins well-known flair for tactical back flips. But it also showed his unbending determination to break out of sanctions imposed on Russia by the U.S. and the European Union for Moscows annexation of Crimea and support for armed rebels in eastern Ukraine.由愤怒到宣布永恒友谊的转变,表现了普京著名的后空翻技巧。但这也表明,他誓要打破美国和欧European Union)因莫斯科吞并克里米亚和持乌克兰东部武装分裂分子而对俄罗斯实施制裁。Putin has methodically targeted, through charm and cash and by fanning historical and ideological embers, the EUs weakest links in a campaign to assert influence in some of Europes most troubled corners. One clear goal is to break fragile Western unity over the conflict in Ukraine.借助魅力和金钱,以及历史和意识形态的余烬,普京有计划地把目标对准了欧盟最薄弱的环节,以期巩固它对欧洲一些最动荡不安的角落的影响力。其中一个明确目标,就是打破西方国家在乌克兰冲突方面的脆弱联盟。On Wednesday, Greeces new left-wing prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, is the next to visit Moscow. Before the trip, Tsipras declared himself opposed to sanctions on Russia, describing them as a “dead-end policy.”周三,希腊的新左翼首相阿莱克斯·齐普拉斯(Alexis Tsipras)也将访问莫斯科。出行前,齐普拉斯宣称自己反对制裁俄罗斯,称这些制裁措施为“没有出路的政策”。On Sunday, Putins efforts to peel away supporters from the EU opened a new rift, after the U.S. ambassador in Prague criticized a decision by the Czech president, Milos Zeman, to attend a military parade in Moscow on May 9. And in February, Putin visited Hungary, the EUs autocratic backslider, peddling economic deals.周日,普京离间欧盟持者的行动制造了一道新的裂痕;此前,捷克总统米洛什·泽曼(Milos Zeman)参加莫斯科在5日的一次阅兵式的决定,遭到美国驻布拉格大使的指责月,普京访问了正在倒退到独裁统治的欧盟国家匈牙利,兜售其经济协议。Russia has so far been unable to turn such hand-holding into something more concrete against sanctions that require the approval of all 28 EU members. But pressure for a rupture is building.目前,俄罗斯还无法把这种牵手变成更具体的、需8个欧盟国家全体批准的反制裁措斀?但是关系破裂的压力正变得越来越大。Speaking in an interview last week here in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, Anastasiades said Cyprus had grave doubts about Europes policy toward Russia and was part of a “group of member states who have the same reservations.”上周,阿纳斯塔夏季斯在塞浦路斯尼科西亚接受采访时说,塞浦路斯严重质疑欧盟对俄罗斯的政策,并且表示它只是“持有相同保留意见的多个成员国”之一。He ruled out breaking ranks with what for the moment remains a consensus in favor of keeping up economic pressure on Russia. But he said he expected a unanimous vote in favor of lifting sanctions when they come up for review this summer.目前,对俄罗斯保持经济压力仍然是一种共识,他表示不会推翻这种做法。不过他说,等到制裁条款在今夏接受审核时,他希望人们会一致投票持解除制裁。He said he was convinced that Putin “realizes the consequences of further military involvementin Ukraine and “means businessin putting in place a cease-fire agreement reached in February.他说,他确信普京“意识到了在军事上进一步干预”乌克兰事件的“后果”,而且对于月达成的停火协议实施到位持“认真态度”。The cracks opening up in Europes policy toward Russia have presented a difficult problem for Donald Tusk, the former prime minister of Poland who is now president of the European Council, a body in Brussels that represents the EUs 28 leaders.对于波兰前总理、欧洲理事会(European Council)现任主席唐纳德·图斯克(Donald Tusk)而言,欧洲在俄罗斯政策上出现的裂缝是一个难题。欧洲理事会是设在布鲁塞尔的一个机构,代表着欧盟8位领导人。“To keep Europe united is today the biggest challenge,Tusk said last month, referring to “the very fragile and difficult consensusreached by European countries after Moscow seized Crimea in March last year.去年3月,在莫斯科吞并克里米亚之后,欧洲国家达成了“非常脆弱而艰难的一致意见”,图斯克上个月在提到这个一致意见时说,“如今,要保持欧洲的团结是最大的挑战。”Moscows skill at prying open fissures in European unity has been on display in Cyprus, a tiny nation that, because of its tight historical, religious and economic ties with Russia, has taken on an oversize role as a pivotal player in the geopolitical struggle set off by the conflict in Ukraine.莫斯科为欧洲团结制造裂痕的能力在塞浦路斯显露无疑。塞浦路斯是一个小国,由于在历史、宗教和经济上与俄罗斯关系紧密,该国作为乌克兰冲突引发的地缘政治斗争中的一个核心参与者,扮演了极其重要的角色。Tugged in different directions by outside powers, Cyprus hosts British military bases and vast eavesdropping facilities, allows the U.S. Navy to use its ports and has been a member of the EU since 2004.其他国家一直在把塞浦路斯往不同方向上拉扯。英国在这里设有军事基地和大量窃听设施,美国海军可以利用该国的港口,此外,塞浦路斯自2004年以来一直是欧盟成员囀?Yet it still looks to Russia as a vitally important diplomatic protector, particularly in relation to Turkeys military occupation of the north of the country, and as a crucial source of business for its financial services industry, still a pillar of the economy despite the 2013 meltdown.然而,塞浦路斯仍然把俄罗斯视作至关重要的外交庇护者,尤其是涉及土耳其军事占领该国北部的问题时。此外,它还把俄罗斯看做金融务行业重要的生意来源。尽013年出现了金融危机,金融务行业仍然是塞浦路斯的经济柱。An agreement sealed during Anastasiades visit to Moscow allows Russian warships to dock in Limassol, Cyprus commercial hub and heavily dependent on wealthy Russians who want to set up shell companies to shuffle their assets overseas.阿纳斯塔夏季斯访问莫斯科期间签署的协议规定,俄罗斯的军舰可以在塞浦路斯的商业中心利马索尔进港。利马索尔一直严重依赖想要通过空壳公司把财富转至海外的俄罗斯富人。Anastasiades insisted that military accords signed in Moscow merely extended a 1996 agreement and were “nothing new.The terms of the agreements, however, are all secret, so it is impossible to know what Russia managed to gain.阿纳斯塔夏季斯坚称,在莫斯科签署的军事协议只是延长了一966年的协议,“没有什么新内容”。不过,这些协议的条款全部保密,因此,无法得知俄罗斯究竟获得了哪些利益。Anastasiades, who traveled to Moscow after recovering from heart surgery in New York, denied tilting away from the West toward Russia. As the leader of a small country, divided since a Turkish invasion in 1974 and situated on a fault line between East and West, Anastasiades said he seeks good relations with all sides and “even with the devil.He added, “I do not have the luxury to choose my friends.”阿纳斯塔夏季斯是在纽约接受心脏手术之后访问莫斯科的。他否认自己在偏离西方,向俄罗斯倾斜。阿纳斯塔夏季斯说,作为一个自1974年土耳其入侵后陷入分裂、处在东西方断层线的小国领导人,他寻求与各方建立良好的关系,“哪怕对方是邪恶的”。他还表示,“我没有选择朋友的那种奢侈。”He said Russia might also get a role in the search for and development of gas reserves off the coast of Cyprus, a venture until now monopolized by Western companies.他说俄罗斯可能也会参与塞浦路斯近海天然气储备的寻找和开发,这项活动迄今为止一直由西方公司垄断。Russias ambassador to Cyprus, Stanislav Osadchi, told a Russian-language newspaper, one of several in Limassol serving the towns large Russian-speaking population, that the Anastasiades meeting with Putin, “demonstrated that, despite attempts to isolate Russia and revive the Cold War, there are countries that do not want this.”俄罗斯驻塞浦路斯大使斯坦尼斯拉夫·奥萨德Stanislav Osadchi)对一家俄文报纸说,阿纳斯塔夏季斯与普京的会面“明尽管有些国家企图孤立俄罗斯,重新挑起冷战,但有一些国家并不想这样。”这份报纸是利马索尔面向俄语人口的几家报纸之一。“For lots of people on this island, Russia is seen as a savior,Harry Tzimitras, director of PRIO Cyprus Center, a Norwegian-funded research group in Nicosia. This, he added, provides fertile ground for efforts by Moscow to “infiltrate the European Unionand “show that it can disrupt certain policiespromoted by Washington and Brussels.“对于这个岛屿上的许多人来说,俄罗斯被视作救世主,”由挪威投资的尼科西亚研究机构奥斯陆和平研究所塞浦路斯中心(PRIO Cyprus Centre)的主任哈釷齐米特拉斯(Harry Tzimitras)说。他接着说,这为莫斯科“渗透欧盟”的努力提供了肥沃的土壤,“明了它能够干扰”由华盛顿和布鲁塞尔倡导的“某些政策”。Vasilis Zertalis, the head of Prospectacy, a financial service company, described Cyprus as a “small piece on a big chessboard.Europe, he said, tried to advance its own position during the 2013 banking crisis by seeking to end Cypruss role as a haven for Russian money.金融务公司Prospectacy负责人瓦西利斯·泽尔塔利斯(Vasilis Zertalis)称,塞浦路斯是“大棋盘上的小棋子。”他说,013年的业危机中,欧洲试图终结塞浦路斯作为俄罗斯财富避风港的角色,从而在此地占据更有利的位置。“They wanted to scare the Russians away,he said. “But the money that left was from Britain, from other European countries and from America.”“他们想把俄罗斯人吓跑,”他说。“然而撤出的资金却来自英囀?其他欧洲国家和美国。”Ordinary Cypriots and politicians, he said, “all gave up on the European Unionbecause of the harsh bailout terms in 2013 and “know that the ed States will never take a stand against Turkey.”他说,由于2013年严苛的救助条款,塞浦路斯的普通人和政界人士“都对欧盟不再抱有幻想,”而且“知道美国绝不会跟土耳其针锋相对。”“So,he said, “the only allies Cyprus really has are Russia and maybe China.”“因此,”他说,“塞浦路斯真正的盟友只有俄罗斯,或许还有中国。”来 /201504/36886943 YEARS O43年前Two musk oxen for a pair of giant pandas. Who would make that trade?两头麝牛换一对大熊猫,谁会做这样一笔买卖?The Chinese did, when President Richard M. Nixon was on his world-changing trip to China in 1972.中国人就是这么干的,这件事发生在1972年,理查德·M·尼克松总统(President Richard M. Nixon)那次改变世界的访华之旅过程中。Thus renewed the American love affair with these jumbo creatures, the newest of which twins were born to the teenage panda Mei Xiang at the National Zoo in Washington on Saturday (one did not survive the week).于是美国人重新爱上了这种吃竹子的动物,就2日,华盛顿国家动物园的熊猫美香还产下了双胞胎宝宝,不过其中一只在一周内夭折。Panda diplomacy has had a long history, but before Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing arrived in the ed States (not long after Nixon returned from his trip), there hadn’t been a giant panda here for more than 20 years.熊猫外交历史悠久,但在大熊猫玲玲和兴兴抵达美国之前(尼克松从中国归来后不久),美国已经有20多年没有大熊猫了。At The New York Times, this was front page news, and it began with a vigorous debate about where the pandas would reside. In an article on March 1, 1972, Murray Schumach reported that “with the intensity of politicians bargaining for presidential convention delegates, zoo directors are bringing every kind of pressure to get one of the furry clowns with the black-patched white bodies and the black-ringed eyes.”玲玲和兴兴的到来成了《纽约时报》的头版新闻,先是一场激烈的争论,讨论它们到底应该住在什么地方。在1972日的文章中,默里·舒马Murray Schumach)写道,“众家动物园园长为得到一只黑白相间、带黑眼圈的毛绒小丑使尽全身解数,就像政客为了成为总统会议代表一般激烈。”The Bronx Zoo had a compelling case: “We still have the panda house with its sprinkler and swimming pool,its director, William G. Conway, was ed as saying in the article. “It is now inhabited by wallabies,Mr. Conway was further ed. “But we’d send them back with the kangaroos in 10 minutes if we could get a panda.”布朗克斯动物园有个很棒的熊猫舍:“我们仍然保留着带洒水器和泳池的熊猫房,”文中引用园长威廉·G·康韦(William G. Conway)的话说。“现在那个房间被沙袋鼠占了,但如果能够得到一只熊猫,我们可以在十分钟内把它们送回到袋鼠那里。”By March 13, Nixon had made his decision: The pandas would live at the National Zoo. The conversation then turned to another urgent question:33日,尼克松做了决定,两只熊猫将入驻国家动物园。接下来讨论焦点变成了另一个棘手的问题:“The sexual identity of the pandas has been discussed at the highest levels,Robert B. Semple Jr. wrote in an article on March 14. “While sunning himself in Key Biscayne, Fla., John D. Ehrlichman, Mr. Nixon’s top domestic policy adviser, received a call from a zoologist who said he feared that the Chinese might send two males or two females.”“最高层人士曾为熊猫的性别展开讨论,4日,小罗伯特·B·森普Robert B. Semple Jr.)撰文写道,“尼克松的最高国内政策顾问约翰·D·埃利希曼(John D. Ehrlichman)在佛罗里达州基比斯坎度假晒太阳时,接到一个动物学家的电话,说他担心中国人会送来两只雄性熊猫或两只雌性熊猫。”They did not. The girl panda, Ling-Ling, and the boy panda, Hsing-Hsing, arrived in early April and made their public bow on April 20. In another front page article, Nan Robertson reported that “the first to pay a callwas “Mrs. Richard M. Nixon, who giggled her way through introductions.”他们并没有这样做。女熊猫玲玲和男熊猫兴兴月初抵达美国,并0日第一次对公众亮相。在另一篇头版文章里,娜恩·罗伯Nan Robertson)写道,“第一个去看望熊猫的是理查德·M·尼克松的夫人,整个介绍过程中一直咯咯笑个不停。”Ms. Robertson ed Mrs. Nixon as saying: “They give you an extra dimension of joy.The first lady added, “I think everyone would like to cuddle them.”罗伯逊引用尼克松夫人的原话:“它们带给你特别多的快乐。”第一夫人还说,“我觉得所有人都想抱着它们。”For her part, “Ling-Ling lay on her log sofa, daintily nibbling on a piece of honey-b toast clutched in a forepaw.”与此同时,“玲玲斜倚在她的圆木沙发上,用一只前爪拿着一片蜂蜜烤面包,慢条斯理地啃着。”And what about those musk oxen?那两头麝牛又怎样了呢?“Frankly, I just don’t think musk oxen have the sex appeal pandas do,the National Zoo director, Theodore Reed, was ed as saying in another Page 1 article by Ms. Robertson. “You like musk oxen, but pandas can steal your heart away.”“坦白地说,我觉得麝牛不如熊猫那么性感,”罗伯逊女士在另一篇头版文章中引用国家动物园园长西奥多·里德(Theodore Reed)的话说。“你可以喜欢麝牛,但熊猫却能偷走你的心。”The article reported that Mr. Reed had personally escorted the musk oxen, Milton and Matilda, to Peking (now Beijing), returning with the pandas.这篇文章还报道,里德亲自护送两头麝牛——米尔顿和马蒂尔德——去往北京,并且带回了两只熊猫。“He confirmed that Milton was suffering from postnasal drip, possible depression, a cough and falling hair in the Peking zoo. Matilda is also reported to be feeling poorly.”“他实,米尔顿在北京动物园有点流鼻涕、咳嗽和掉毛,可能有点抑郁。据说玛蒂尔达状况也不好。”But thanks for the pandas.但是幸好我们得到了熊猫。来 /201509/397243

Chinese engineers have developed a cash machine that uses facial features - instead of the traditional PIN number - to identify card owners.中国的工程师研发了一种靠脸部识别而不是传统的PIN码来识别取款人的设备。The device, which is jointly developed by Tsinghua University and Hangzhou-based TzekwanTechnology, is able to scan the users faces to ensure they are the genuine holders of the bank account.这套设备是由清华大学和杭州锌昆科技联合研制的。它能够扫描用户的脸部进而确认其是否为真正的账户持有者。The cutting-edge technology was unveiled during a press conference on Saturday, reported thePeoples Daily Online.这项前沿技术在周六的一场新闻发布会上被披露出来并被报道于中国日报上。When a user inserts a bank card into the device, the built-in camera will immediately start scanning his or her facial features.当使用者插入卡时,设备中的内置摄像头将立即扫描使用者的面部特征。A small window will pop up on the upper left corner of the screen to show the process.一个小的窗口会从左上角蹦出来来演示这一过程If the face of the user does not match the ID photo that is used to open the account, then the user wil I not be able to withdraw funds from the account/ says a bank spokesman to Shanghai-based Dragon TV.一位发言人对东东方卫视说道:;如果使用者面部与开户时所使用的身份照片不符将无法从账户里取款;However, this also means only the owner of the card - not even their friends or family - will be able to get money from these cash machines.然而,这也意味着只有开户本人,即使是本人的朋友,家人也不能从取款机里取款。Gu Zikun, Chairman of Tzekwan Technology, claims the device is the worlds first cash machine to be equi pped with the facial recognition function.梓昆科技主席谷志昆称这套设备是世界上第一个装有脸部识别功能的取款机。Gu says: Our facial recognition technology has passed the certification by authoritative industry experts and is authorised to be used in the financial services industry.谷说到:;我们的脸部识别技术已获得权威的行业专家颁发的书,并被授权应用于金融务业。The cash machine also represents Chinas first independent intellectual property rights in financial security protection.这套取款机也代表了中国首个具有自主知识产权的金融安全保障产品。Apart from the innovative recognition system, the device can also exchange Chinese Yuan to as many as 256 foreign currencies.除了装有全新的识别系统外,这套设备同时也能够将人民币兑换56种外币。Chinas central government has placed an emphasis on information and financial security.中国中央政府一直强调信息和金融安全。Gu Zikun says this new machine has passed its certification and will soon be used in the market place.谷志昆称这套设备已经获得书很快将投入市场。来 /201506/381044

SEOUL, South Korea North Korea has announced that it will not accept any foreign tourists beginning Friday because of fears of the Ebola virus, three agencies that take tourists to the isolated country said on Thursday.韩国首尔——有三家组织游客前往与世隔绝的朝鲜观光的旅行社周四表示,出于对埃拉病毒的担忧,朝鲜已宣布,从周五开始不再接待任何外国游客。The news came as the country said it was stepping up inspections and quarantine measures at its main airport, borders and ports to guard against the sp of the deadly virus, which has killed thousands of people in the latest outbreak.传出这一消息的时候,朝鲜表示正在加强主要机场、边境和港口的检验检疫措施,以防止这一致命性病毒的扩散。在最近这轮疫情中,埃拉病毒已导致数千人死亡。“Three days ago, they said that anybody who’s been to West Africa would have to provide a doctor’s certificate stating that they don’t have Ebola,said Gareth Johnson of Young Pioneer Tours, a travel operator based in China. “And then today, they just said no foreign tourists at all.”“三天前,他们说所有去过西非的人必须提供医生的明,说明他们未携带埃拉,”位于中国的青年先锋旅行Young Pioneer Tours)的工作人员加雷思·约翰Gareth Johnson)说。“到了今天,他们干脆说不接待任何外国游客。”Mr. Johnson said that he had received the notice from his North Korean partners and that one of his tour guides who was visiting the North with a group of foreign tourists had also confirmed it through the authorities there. Mr. Johnson said his company had to cancel its plans to take a group of 20 tourists to the North on Monday.约翰逊表示,他是从朝鲜合作伙伴那里收到通知的,而且他手下的一名导游也从朝鲜当局那里实了这一消息。这名导游正带领一个外国游客团在朝鲜观光。约翰逊说,他的公司不得不取消了下周一带领0名游客组成的一个旅行团前往朝鲜的计划。He said the ban on entry for foreign tourists applied to all of North Korea. Mr. Johnson called it a “complete blanket ban,regardless of a foreign tourist’s origin. David Thompson of Juche Travel Services in London said his company was contacting all customers who have booked North Korean tours in the coming months. “At the moment, we do not know when the country will reopen its border to tourism,he said.他说,禁止外国游客入境的指令适用于朝鲜全境。约翰逊称其为不考虑游客来源地的“全面禁令”。伦敦自主旅行社(Juche Travel Services)的戴维·汤普森(David Thompson)表示,他的公司正在联系预订了未来几个月赴朝旅行的所有顾客。“目前,我们不知道朝鲜何时重新向旅游业开放边境,”他说。Nick Bonner at Koryo Tours, another China-based company that offers tours to North Korea, confirmed the ban but said it was still unclear whether North Korea was trying to ban all tourists or only those from regions that have had an Ebola outbreak.位于中国的另一家提供赴朝旅游务的公司高丽旅行Koryo Tours)的尼克·Nick Bonner)实了该禁令,但表示尚不清楚朝鲜是试图禁止所有游客,还是只禁止那些来自埃拉疫区的游客。Both Mr. Johnson and Mr. Bonner said they were not sure whether the ban would also affect foreign diplomats or businesspeople.约翰逊和纳均表示,不确定禁令是否也会波及外交官或外国商人。An official at the Beijing office of Air Koryo, the North Korean state airline, said that no flights to the capital, Pyongyang, had been canceled, indicating that nontourist visitors would still be allowed to enter.朝鲜官方航空公司高丽航空(Air Koryo)驻北京办事处的一名官员表示,没有任何飞往朝鲜首都平壤的航班被取消。这表明,非旅游人士依然能获准进入朝鲜。About 6,000 Western tourists visit North Korea each year, according to estimates tallied by NK News, a website that specializes in North Korean news. The State Department has warned Americans against traveling to the North after the country recently detained several American tourists on charges of committing hostile acts against the country.专门报道朝鲜消息的网站“朝鲜新闻NK News)估计,每年大约有6000名西方游客前去朝鲜观光。前不久,朝鲜以从事反对该国的敌对行为的罪名扣押了数名美国游客。此后,美国国务院告诫本国公民不要前往朝鲜。来 /201410/338310Reuniting with his family after a terrifying ordeal on the high seas ;was my life starting all over again,; Hafez Alawdi says.在公海上经历了可怕遭遇后与家人重;我的生活全得重新开始了,; Hafez Alawdi说。Hafez is a chemistry professor at Cal State Fresno in California and his wife Samiha, son Shaker, 10, and daughter Sara, 4, braved the 16-hour boat trip from the Red Sea port city of Mocha, Yemen, to Djibouti earlier this week, fleeing the intensifying violence there.Hafez是加州夫勒斯诺市州立大学的化学教授,为了逃离也门不断加剧的暴力行为,他带着他的妻子Samiha,他10岁的儿子Shaker,岁的女儿Sara,从也门的红海港口城市卡出发,在海上航行6个小时后, 在本周早些时候到达吉布提。Hafez and his daughter Sara are both U.S. citizens but his wife and son are Yemeni nationals.Hafez和他的女儿Sara都是美国公民,但他的妻子和儿子是也门籍;If you have connections, you can provide for your family -- if you dont have connections, Im sorry, but youre out of luck.;;如果你有关系,那你就可以供养你的家但如果你没有关系,那我很抱你的运气就到此为止了;Hafez had connections and thanks to the tip on the U.S. Embassy in Sanas website, he tracked down a boat departing from Mocha, paid for three spots and his family was on the road at 3am the following night.Hafez有关而且多亏了美国驻萨那大使馆官网提他找到了一艘船离开卡,在第二天晚上凌晨3点他为他的家人付了路上三个景点费。For Samiha, its been a terrifying few weeks. The young mother, parenting alone in the city of Taiz while her husband works in California, describes her average day: ;Waking up in the morning, I dont send the kids to school we eat minimal food because you dont want it to run out then we take shelter, always take shelter hide from all the bombings and then once the night hits thats when the airstrikes get worse. The electricity goes out. And more shelter.;对于Samiha来说,这几周太可怕了。这位年轻的母亲,独自在塔伊兹抚养她的孩子,而她的丈夫在加州工作,她描述她平常的一;早晨醒来,我不送孩子们上学,我们吃得很少,因为不想让食物那么快吃完——然后我们住避难,总是住在避难所——以防被炸弹击中——然后夜晚降临了——这时空袭变得更严重了。电停了然后是寻找更多的避难所;As Samiha and the children boarded the boat, Hafez boarded a plane to come meet them.在Samiha和孩子们上船之后,Hafez也登上了一架飞机来接他们;I didnt know whether Id see my family again -- if god for bid the ship sinks; he says. Sitting on the plane, ;tears start running down my eyes and a passenger next to me was just looking at me like OK theyre probably thinking that Im crazy -- I probably am at this point.;;我不知道我是否能再见到我的家人——如果神下旨要让船沉没的;他说。坐在飞机上,;我的眼睛开始流泪——我旁边的一位乘客只是看着我好像——好吧,他们可能以为我疯了——我可能已经在快疯了的临界点了;When he landed in Djibouti, he borrowed a phone, dialed the US Embassy Djibouti emergency number and the consular officer handed the phone to his wife.在他降落在吉布提他借了一部电拨打了美国驻吉布提大使馆的紧急号码,然后领事馆官员把电话递给了他的妻子;He handed the phone to my wife, and as soon as I heard her voice, that was the happiest moment that I had,; he says, choking up. ;I knew that my family were here and they were with a fellow American whos taking care of them.;;他把电话递给了我的妻当我听到她声音的时那是我最幸福的时;他说着便哽咽了起来;我知道我的家人在这里,而且他们与美国同胞在一起,同胞们在照顾他们;He starts to describe how the kids leaped out of the consular car but stops.然后他开始描述孩子们从领事馆汽车里跳出来的那一刻,但是又停止了;I cant find the words to describe that moment,; he said.;我找不到任何词语来形容那一;他说;Im glad that I took this risk and if I have to take that all over again -- I will,; he said. ;Its a gamble. ... I did not know what to expect, its definitely better than staying in Yemen.; He advises any Americans still in Yemen to get out -- and get out now.;;我很高兴,我冒了这次险,如果让我再来一次的我还是会,;他说;这是一场……我不知道会发生什但绝对比让他们呆在也门要强;他建议所有呆在也门的美国人赶紧离开——现在马上;If all goes according to plan, the Alawdis will remain in Djibouti until U.S. visas come through for Samiha and Shaker, and then the whole family is Fresno-bound.如果一切都按计划进在美国签会通过Samiha和Shaker的签前, Alawdis都会呆在吉布之后他们整个家庭就都是夫勒斯诺市的居民了。Asked if hes excited to go to America for the first time, 10-year-old Shaker flashed a big smile, head nodding. But for now, his dad says, he wants to take a nap.问他第一次要去美国了,是否感到很兴奋,10岁的Shaker露出了一个大大的微笑,并点头。但是现他的父亲他需要先睡个午觉。来 /201504/370618

G20 should work to maintain a stable economic growth in the short term, while seeking to inject new impetus into the world economy in the long run.二十国集团既要治标以求眼下稳增长,又要治本以谋长远添动力。The current financial crisis is far more complex than any of the previous crises, and it can not be fixed overnight.这次国际金融危机复杂程度远超以往,解决起来绝非一日之功。Four suggestions President Xi made:习近平提出了四点建议:Strengthen communication and coordination on macroeconomic policies.第一,加强宏观经济政策沟通和协调,形成政策和行动合力。Promote reform and innovation to enhance growth potential.第二,推动改革创新,增强世界经济中长期增长潜力。Build an open world economy to bring out vigor in international trade and investment.第三,构建开放型世界经济,激发国际贸易和投资活力。Implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to inject strong impetus into equitable and inclusive development.第四,落030年可持续发展议程,为公平包容发展注入强劲动力。China, as the world’s second largest economy, has the confidence and ability to sustain a medium-high growth rate and continue to create development opportunities for other countries.中国有信心、有能力保持经济中高速增长,继续为各国发展创造机遇。China shouldered the responsibility of driving economic growth in times of the world economic hardship. China had contributed up to 50% of world economic growth from to 2011.中国在世界经济最困难的时刻,承担了拉动增长的重任009年到2011年间,中国对世界经济增长的贡献率达到50%以上。Despite a recent slowdown, China still contributes 30% to world economic growth, which means that China still acts as a major world economic powerhouse.目前,中国经济增速虽有所放缓,对世界经济增长的贡献率仍在30%以上,仍是世界经济重要动力源。In the next five years, China will adhere to a path of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development, and will encourage a system that nurtures innovation. The country will try to realize the synchronous development of the new type of industrialization, IT application, urbanization and agricultural modernization.未来5年,中国将按照创新、协调、绿色、开放、共享的发展理念,着力实施创新驱动发展战略,坚持新型工业化、信息化、城镇化、农业现代化同步发展;In the coming years, China will highlight green and low-carbon development, improve its environmental quality, become heavily involved in global economy, and carry out the Belt and Road Initiative.坚持绿色低碳发展,改善环境质量;坚持深度融入全球经济,落实“一带一路”倡议;The world’s second largest economy will continue to vigorously improve its people’s well-being and ensure that the benefits of development are shared by all.坚持全面保障和改善民生,使发展成果更多更公平惠及全体人民 /201511/410166Russia is observing a national day of mourning Sunday for the 217 passengers and seven crew members killed in a plane crash Saturday in Egypts Sinai Peninsula.俄罗斯星期天为死于空难事故的人举行全国哀悼。一家飞机星期六在埃及西奈半岛坠毁,机上217名乘客和7名机组人员全部遇难。Nearly all of the passengers were Russian tourists returning to St. Petersburg from the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. Three Ukrainians are also among the dead.机上几乎所有的乘客都是从从埃及度假地沙姆沙伊赫返回圣彼得堡的俄罗斯游客。死者当中还包括三名乌克兰公民。Emergency crews have recovered at least 129 bodies so far, along with both of the planes black boxes, which record all moments of the flight including communications among the pilots. Experts hope the data recorders will give them vital clues into what caused the plane to crash.紧急救援人员目前为止已经至少找29具遗体以及两个飞机的黑匣子。黑匣子记录了飞行的所有过程,其中包括飞机驾驶员之间的对话交谈。专家们希望黑匣子能够为他们提供导致飞机坠毁的重要线索。The Egyptian branch of Islamic State claimed responsibility for shooting down the plane. But aviation and military experts say that would be impossible. They say the plane was crushing at 9,100 meters before it crashed and say Islamic State does not have missiles that can reach that high.伊斯兰国组织埃及分声称对击落这架客机负责。但是航空和军事专家表示这不可能。他们表示这架飞机坠毁前,是100米的高空解体,并表示伊斯兰国组织没有能够达到这个高度的导弹。Two major European airlines Air France and Lufthansa said they would stop flying over the area for safety reasons.法国航空公司和德国汉莎航空公司这两家欧洲大航空公司表示,出于安全原因它们将停止在那一地区的飞行。The Airbus A-321 was a charter flight operated by a small airline called Metrojet. It disappeared from radar 23 minutes after taking off from Sharm el-Sheikh before dawn Saturday. It went down about 100 kilometers south of the town of El-Arish.这架空客A-321客机是一家小型包机公司运营的。飞机星期六黎明前从沙姆沙伊赫起3分钟之后从雷达上消失。飞机坠毁在阿里沙以南大00公里的地方。Egyptian Civil Aviation chief Hossam Kamal said safety checks before the flight did not turn up any problems and said the pilot did not issue an SOS before the plane disappeared.埃及航空部门主管卡麦勒表示,飞行前的安全检查没有发现任何问题,并表示飞行员在飞机消失前没有发出SOS求救信号。来 /201511/407291Greece’s political woes re-erupted as a threat to global financial stability yesterday, triggering the biggest drop on the Athens stock exchange since the 1980s and sending reverberations through world markets.希腊昨日再度爆发政治危机,对全球金融稳定构成威胁,引发雅典交所出现自上世纪80年代以来最大跌幅,冲击波回荡世界市场。Concerns about Greece fed into a broader fall in global stock markets, aly spooked by sliding oil prices and yesterday’s sharp drop in Chinese equities. The Samp;P 500 fell 1 per cent shortly after opening while the EuroStoxx index of eurozone companies fell for the second day, down 2.5 per cent.对希腊的担忧加剧了全球股市的整体下跌;市场本已受到油价不断下滑和中国股市昨日大幅下跌的惊吓。美国标00(Samp;P 500)指数开盘不久就下跌1%,而追踪欧元区公司的Euro Stoxx指数连续第二天下跌,跌幅.5%。The trigger for the plunge was prime minister Antonis Samaras’s announcement of a snap presidential election. If he fails to win sufficient support for his candidate a general election could follow, which investors fear might bring to power the radical left Syriza party.触发此次暴跌的事件是希腊总理安东尼斯#8226;萨马拉斯(Antonis Samaras)宣布提早举行总统选举。如果他未能为自己提名的候选人争取到足够持,就可能引发一场大选,而投资者担心,大选可能让极左政党——激进左翼联Syriza)上台。Such an outcome would reignite fears about Greece’s place in Europe’s monetary union. Syriza wants to renegotiate the country’s sovereign debt and increase public spending, moves that would put Athens at loggerheads with its creditors.这样的结局将重燃对于希腊在欧洲货币联盟内地位的担心。激进左翼联盟想要重新谈判希腊主权债务,并增加公共出。这些举措将导致雅典方面与债权人不和。The Athens exchange closed 12.8 per cent lower yesterday, the biggest one- day fall since December 1987. Greek banks led the decline, with shares in Attica Bank losing more than 26 per cent and Piraeus Bank 17 per cent.雅典交所昨日收盘下跌12.8%,创下自19872月以来最大单日跌幅。股领跌,其中阿提卡(Attica Bank)股价暴跌6%,比雷埃夫斯(Piraeus Bank)股价下跌17%。Anxiety over the latest turmoil in Greece also led investors to price in a greater chance of it defaulting on its debt, pushing short term government borrowing costs above long term rates.围绕希腊最新动荡的焦虑感,也使投资者认为该国有更大的几率出现债务违约,结果将短期政府借款成本推升至高于长期利率的水平。来 /201412/348043

A few days after the assault on Paris, it is hard to name the businesses that were singled out by the terrorists. The public venues the Bataclan theatre and the Stade de France are memorable. The cafés and bars of eastern Paris Le Carillon, Comptoir Voltaire, La Belle Equipe were not symbolic in themselves. They were simply places for people to gather.巴黎袭击事件几天之后,人们很难说出恐怖分子专挑哪些商家作案。巴塔克兰剧Bataclan theatre)和法兰西体育Stade de France)这些公共场所是有纪念意义的场所。至于Le Carillon、Comptoir Voltaire和La Belle Equipe这些巴黎东部的咖啡馆和酒吧,本身并不具有象征意义。它们只是人们聚会的场所。Nor, despite the terrible bloodshed, have the attacks had a deep physical impact on the fabric of the city. There are broken windows and some bomb damage but Paris otherwise survives largely as before. In terms of disrupting physical infrastructure or the economy the energy supplies, communications and supply chains of France Isis might as well not have bothered.而且,尽管发生了可怕的杀戮事件,这些袭击对这座城市的实体样貌也没有产生深刻影响。确实出现了诸多破碎的窗户及一些炸弹破坏的痕迹,然而巴黎在很大程度上一如往昔。要说破坏实体基础设施或经济(比如法国的能源供应、通信及供应链条),“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)可能也没有这种心思。Al-Qaeda’s transnational operating model has been compared with global franchising: its brand is adopted by semi-independent groups that organise and carry out their own attacks.基地组织(al-Qaeda)的跨国运作模式,曾被拿来与全球特许经营模式相比较:其品牌被半独立的组织采用,后者会组织和实施自己的恐怖袭击。To judge by Paris, Isis prefers to outsource. From its supply chain of military-grade weapons to cross-border planning of explosions, it is a multi-national. “Designed in Syria. Manufactured in Belgiumcould be its slogan. Yet the economic impact of Islamist terrorists, who are obsessed with causing as many deaths as possible, is usually minimal apart from on tourism and travel. The attacks of September 11 2001 had little long-term effect after the initial bn [OR BN?]of damage. The 2008 financial crisis and the 2011 Japanese earthquake, which disrupted global supply chains, were more powerful.从巴黎的情形看,ISIS宁愿采取外包的方式。从其军用级武器的供应链条,再到爆炸事件的跨境策划,都说明它是个跨国组织。它的口号或许是“叙利亚设计,比利时制造”。然而,尽管伊斯兰恐怖分子执迷于制造尽可能多的死亡,除了旅游观光以外,他们对经济的影响通常很小。比如,在起初的900亿美元损失之后,20011日的恐怖袭击几乎没导致什么长期影响。相比之下,2008年金融危机和2011年日本的地震则破坏了全球供应链条,它们的影响更大一些。The Paris death toll was high but its financial reach was less even than an accidental explosion at a German chemical plant in 2012. That killed two workers and halted the production of a resin used in brake and fuel parts, which in turn inflicted supply shortages on US and European carmakers.巴黎事件的死亡人数很高,但是其在经济上的影响甚至还不012年德国一家化工厂的爆炸事故。那次事故导致两名员工丧生,并造成一种用于刹车部件和燃料部件的树脂停产,这又导致了欧美汽车制造商的供应短缺。For this reason alone, French President Hollande’s talk of war on Isis is misguided. Isis has formed a state within Syria and Iraq by controlling the oil industry inside its territories, but its cross-border brand of terrorism is not warlike. Killing people is terrifying but is insufficient in war: you must destroy infrastructure and degrade supplies, as the Nazis did in the 1940s by bombing the east London docks.只从这个意义上说,法国总统弗朗索瓦攠朗 Hollande)有关ISIS战争行为的说法有误导性。通过控制其领地内的石油产业,ISIS在叙利亚和伊拉克内建立了一个国家,然而其跨境恐怖主义活动的模式却不像战争。杀害平民是很恐怖,但还不足以看作战争:只有像纳粹在1940年代轰炸伦敦东部码头那样,破坏对方基础设施并消解其供应链条才算是战争行为。Islamist terrorism, which in the mid-1990s overtook leftist forms of insurrection in which industries and business leaders were often primary targets, does not do that[EVEN EG LIBYAN MILITANTS DESTROYING OIL WELLS?]. It attempts to encourage a clash of civilisations by fomenting terror in what Isis calls “the grey zonethe millions of people who do not want to be trapped in a caliphate and prefer to enjoy their liberty elsewhere. Beneath the scathing rhetoric about “targeting the capital of prostitution and vicein Paris, Isis recognises a reality: that it would like to destroy the French economy but it cannot.伊斯兰恐怖主义并不存在上述行为990年代中期,它的影响力超过了左派组织的暴动形式,后者往往以行业和企业领导人为主要目标。伊斯兰恐怖主义试图通过在被ISIS称为“灰色地带”的人群(指那些不想深陷哈里发之中、更愿意在其他地方享受自由的无数人们)中引发恐怖,煽动起一种文明的冲突。在所谓“以(巴黎这个)淫荡和邪恶之都为目标”的尖刻措辞之下,ISIS承认了这样一个现实:它想要破坏法国经济却无法做到。As Todd Sandler, a professor at the University of Texas who studies the economic effects of terrorism, says: “They can scare the heck out of us but they do not seem to have much economic impact.”正如研究恐怖主义经济影响的德克萨斯大学(University of Texas)教授托德儠德Todd Sandler)所说的:“它们能把我们吓得魂不附体,但似乎不会产生多少经济上的影响。”It is partly a matter of scale. Most terrorist attacks, even those in Paris, are small and localised: if you do not happen to be nearby at the time, you are not in danger. It also reflects the resilience of diversified modern economies. There are some choke points in power and communications infrastructure but most are well guarded the soft terrorist targets are less financially critical.这在一定程度上是规模的问题。多数恐怖袭击——即使是巴黎发生的恐怖袭击——规模都很小,范围也局限在当地:只要你不是碰巧当时在附近,你就不会遇到危险。此外,它还反映了多元化现代经济的强韧性。电力和通信基础设施中存在一些咽喉点,不过它们中的多数都受到了严密防卫,而防卫松懈的恐袭目标则在经济上没有那么重要。“Companies may suffer but industries as a whole are very robust,says Yossi Sheffi, professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In order to create long-term damage, terrorism has to be sustained, focused and targeted at a small area. The output of Spain’s Basque region was estimated to have been reduced by 10 percentage points by a 20-year separatist campaign much of it, unlike with Islamist terrorism, aimed at industrial targets.麻省理工学院(MIT)教授约西∠菲(Yossi Sheffi)表示:“企业也许会受到影响,行业整体则是十分健壮的。”要想产生长期破坏,恐怖主义者必须长期持续、集中精力、并把目标集中于小范围内。据估计,为0年的分裂运动令西班牙巴斯克区的产出减少了10%。而与伊斯兰恐怖主义活动不同,这些分裂分子的活动中许多都对准了工业目标。The Paris attacks may dent France’s economy and those of other European countries if governments respond as some are threatening to by reinstating border controls and weakening the Schengen agreement that allows free movement of people and goods. Citigroup economists warned this week of “a growing backlash against a key element of globalisation对于巴黎的恐怖袭击,若各国政府的回应是恢复边境管制并弱化允许人员与商品自由迁移的申根协定——就像部分政府威胁的那样,那么它也许会影响法国以及其他欧洲国家的经济。就在本周,花旗集团(Citigroup)经济学家警告“全球化一个关键要素遭到越来越大的反对”。Isis would welcome it as an economic side effect of its religious offensive but it is not a given. Attacks such as that on the World Trade Center and the Madrid train bombings of 2004 did not curtail growth in global trade. The damping of trade growth, which dropped to 3 per cent in 2013 compared with an average of 7.1 per cent growth between 1987 and 2007, has other causes.ISIS或许会欢迎其宗教攻势在经济上的副作用,但是这种副作用并不是确定无疑的。类似对世贸中心(WTC)的袭击和2004年马德里火车爆炸案那样的袭击事件,并未削弱全球贸易的增长。全球贸易增长率987年到2007年期间的平均7.1%跌至2013年的3%别有原因。The most significant, according to one International Monetary Fund study, is a levelling in supply chain fragmentation and the “back and forthof industrial components after a prolonged growth in outsourcing of US and European manufacturing to China and Asia. Globalisation paused not because of terrorism or trade protectionism but because it had reached limits.根据一项国际货币基金组IMF)的研究,最重要的原因是在欧美制造业向中国和亚洲的外包经历长期增长之后,分散的供应链以及工业部件的“来来往往”进入平台期。全球化暂时停顿,不是由于恐怖主义或贸易保护主义,而是由于全球化已达到极限。Terrorism has its own logic. It fosters fear far in excess of the danger it presents and is a marketing campaign for recruits. It does what its planners want. But set against natural events such as earthquakes, and the ebb and flow of industry and trade, even large attacks are economically minor.恐怖主义有自身的运作逻辑。它激起的恐惧远远超过它所带来的危险,它也是一种招募新人的营销手段。它的策划者想要的正是这些。不过,如果和地震等自然灾害、以及工业和贸易的潮起潮落比起来,即使是大规模的恐怖袭击,经济上的影响也是微不足道的。It is hard to keep in mind when faced with atrocities but it is the reality. Many Parisians fell but Paris stands.面临暴行的时候人们很难这么去想,但现实就是这样。暴行让许多倒下了,而巴黎却依然屹立不倒。来 /201511/411680

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