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Its four A.M.早上四点,Youre tucked safely into a warm bed, savoring the last few hours of sleep before daybreak.你还躺在温暖的被窝里,享受着天亮前几个小时的睡眠时间。And then, suddenly…然而就在这时突然一阵声音惊扰了你的美梦…It must be time to wake up, roll out of bed, and tend to the farm.听到起床号了就得爬出被窝开始劳作。Except its four A.M.,但是现在才四点!its still dark out, and youre not a farmer.外面仍然漆黑一片,而且你又不是农民。Its that neighbor of yours, the one that for some unimaginable reason keeps a rooster as a pet.鸣叫的公鸡是隔壁家的,那个家伙不知道为什么养了只鸡当宠物。A rooster that flaunts the most basic rules of neighborhood etiquette by crowing every morning before sunrise. What gives?每天太阳升起前,公鸡都会仿佛问候邻居早安一样的打鸣。原因何在? 201312/268351。

What are you doing outside, Don? Its about to rain.你在干嘛呢?马上下雨啦!Im setting out bottles.我在放瓶子。I can see that. But why?我看得出来!有什么用呢?For my new business venture. Bottled rainwater!做新的投资啊。瓶装雨水!As in living plastic bottles out in the rain and then selling themas health drinks?就像这样子把生活塑料瓶放在雨中装雨水,然后再把它们当健康饮用水卖了?Exactly! What could be more pure and fresher than what straight from the heavens!一点不差!还有什么水比从天上直接降下来的水更纯净更新鲜呢!Maybe water from the a mountain stream!或许山泉水可以!You see any mount stream around here?那你在附近有看到山泉吗?Fine. But rainwater isnt exactly pure, Don.好吧,是没有。但是雨水绝不是那么纯净的。Its got a lot chemicals.雨水中有许多化学物质。Like what?比如说?Well, even without industrial pollution, atmospheric carbon dioxide dissolved into clouds makesrainwater at least slightly acidic.Oh!嗯…即使是没有工业污染,空气中的二氧化碳被云层吸收也会使雨水呈弱酸性。噢!But here in Indiana, a rain is almost ten times more acidic than natural rainwater.但是,我们印第安纳州雨水的酸性比天然雨水要高出整整十倍!Why?Well, a lot of power plants and other factories that burn coal to make energy in this Midwesternstate.这又是为什么啊?在这个中西部城市,有许多的发电厂和其他的工厂都是靠烧煤来产能的。Burning coal releases sulfur and nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere, which make rain moreacidic.煤燃烧时会产生硫和氧化氮,挥发到大气中,使这里的雨水呈较强的酸性。That does sound good! What would happen if you drag a rainwater?这个听起来确实很有道理!那如果人喝了这些酸性的雨水又会怎么样呢?Nothing! The acid content isnt high enough to harm humans, and it doesnt affect the taste ofthe water, either.那倒没事。雨水的酸含量不高,不会对人体造成什么伤害,也不会影响水的味道。But acid rain can damage lakes, streams, and harm trees at high elevations.但是,酸雨会影响湖泊,溪流,以及高海拔地区的树木植被。Also,acid rain accelerates the decay of buildings, statues, and sculptures.同时,酸雨还会加快建筑物,雕像,雕塑等的腐蚀。 201406/307158。

Tsering recons these caves could have stored food and supplies to last a year.这些洞穴在最后一年曾用于储存食物和物资。So in theory, Guge could have held out for a while.所以在理论上,古格可以坚持一段时间。Apparently, these secret passages also allowed the besieged people of Guge access to water.显然,这些秘密通道也让被围困的古格人有可获取的水源。Some passages led to an exit near the River.还有一些道路可以通向河边的一个出口。With food and water available, Tsaparang held out for close to a month before the Ladahkis stepped out the offensive.有了食物和水源,拉达哈尼斯的攻势来犯前特萨帕曾抵抗了一个月。By now, the invaders had taken over the unprotected lower sections of the citadel,现在,侵略者已经接管了城堡未受保护地势较低的部分and have gained a crucial bargaining chip in the process:并在这一过程中获得了一个至关重要用于讨价还价的筹码。thousands of Guge prisoners.那就是成千上万的古格囚犯。Halfway up the citadel stands a very peculiar stone partition,城堡的半山腰是一种非常奇特的石头区域,unlike anything else found in Tsaparang.不像在特萨帕中所发现的。201403/281288。

Namibia. But today Riemvasmaak is fully restored, 纳米比亚。但是今天里福马萨克可是人满为患, an unlikely settlement with famous past and quite possibly a future full of visitors like me. 一个不太可能有着著名过去和将来的地方挤满了像我一样的游客。But before I head out into the Green Kalahari, 但是在我走进绿色的喀拉哈里沙漠之前,lets take an aerial look at the route Ive prepared.让我们从空中看看我已经准备好的一条路线。From the centre of Riemvasmaak, Ill be heading west towards the Orange Valley, 从福马萨克的中心,我将径直西去至奥兰治谷,over undulating ground until the way literally disappears beneath my feet.越过起伏的地面,直到道路消失在我脚下。This is the Molopo Gorge, the dramatic path of a river that hasnt flowed here for generations.这是莫洛坡峡谷, 世代没有在这里流淌戏剧性的一条河流。The cliffs eventually shorten and the valley widens as the riverbed makes its way downhill to join the consistent waters of the Orange.悬崖最终变短而河谷扩大,因为山下的河床加入到奥兰治河一致的水域当中。201311/263947。