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China’s government has proposed strict new limits on car hailing apps’ use of migrants as drivers in major cities, in a blow to Didi Chuxing and potentially to other Chinese internet groups.中国政府针对网约车务在大城市使用外来务工人员作为驾驶员提议了严格的新限制,此举打击了滴滴出行(Didi Chuxing),潜在还将打击中国其他互联网集团。Migrants from rural China have fuelled the business models of some of the country’s largest internet companies including Alibaba, Meituan-Dianping, as well as Didi Chuxing. 来自中国农村及小城镇的务工人员一直推动中国一些最大的互联网公司的商业模式,包括阿里巴巴(Alibaba)、美团点评(Meituan-Dianping)以及滴滴出行。They all rely on low-paid drivers and couriers to provide services such as ecommerce, ride hailing and food delivery. 它们都依靠低薪的司机和快递员提供电子商务、网约车和送餐等务。Thanks to the proliferation of cheap online-to-offline offerings, Chinese smartphone users can order virtually any service delivered to their door, from taxis to takeout food, and this has helped drive rapid adoption of the mobile internet in China.得益于廉价线上到线下(O2O)务的大量涌现,中国智能手机用户可以订购几乎任何送货上门的务,从出租车到外卖食品,这帮助推动了中国移动互联网的快速普及。But that practice has clashed with the central government’s recent efforts to limit urban migration. 但这种做法与中央政府最近限制城市移民的努力存在抵触。A new set of draft laws rolled out in China’s top-tier cities would require all drivers for car-hailing services to have a residency permit — known as a hukou — in the city where they drive.中国一线城市出台的一套新的法律草案将要求网约车务的所有驾驶员拥有本地户口。Didi has publicly called for a rethink of the regulations, saying the current draft will force the majority of cars and drivers currently serving the public on Didi Chuxing to quit. 滴滴公开呼吁重新思考这些规定,称目前的草案将使得绝大多数滴滴平台上目前务老百姓的车辆和司机被迫退出。The new rules would decimate the ranks of the more than 15m drivers currently registered on Didi and could presage similar limitations on migrants working for other internet industries.新规则将使目前在滴滴注册的1500多万驾驶员大批失去资格,并且可能预示在其他互联网行业打工的外来务工人员面临类似限制。Pang Kun, a lawyer based in Guangdong province who focuses on public interest and labour-related issues in China, says: The internet service industry as a whole relies heavily on migrant workers. 专注于中国公共利益和劳工问题的广东省律师庞琨表示:互联网务业整体上严重依赖外来务工人员。In Shenzhen, for example, more than 90 per cent of workers in such service industries are non-local migrant workers, he says.他表示,以深圳为例,此类务行业90%以上的劳动者是非本地的外来务工人员。So far the transport bureau in Beijing has refused to budge. 到目前为止,北京市交通委员会拒绝通融。It has said the new rules are intended to target what it calls urban diseases. 它表示,新规则旨在解决它所称的城市病。It cited disorderly and rapid increase of population and increased traffic congestion.它提到人口无序过快增长和交通拥堵加剧。Some analysts argue that serious amendments are unlikely. 一些分析人士认为,不太可能进行认真的修正。The central government is behind the new rules and they are serious about this, said one adviser to Didi Chuxing, China’s largest ride hailing app, which is set to be most affected by the new rules.中央政府是这些新规则的幕后推手,他们对这件事是当真的,滴滴出行的一位顾问表示。这家中国最大网约车务势必是受新规则影响最严重的。But China’s premier Li Keqiang muddied the picture late on Thursday by indicating that Beijing might be flexible in its approach to the rules. 但是,中国总理李克强在近日暗示北京方面可能灵活对待此类规则,这使整个局面更加模糊。China would listen to the views of all parties about rules governing the market, Mr Li told tech leaders at a meeting in the southern city of Shenzhen.李克强在华南城市深圳的一个会议上对科技行业领袖们表示,政府在市场规则上将听取各方面的意见。If implemented as is, the new rules would most likely hamper plans by Didi Chuxing for an initial public offering planned for as early as next year. 如果现有版本的规则付诸执行,新规则将很可能阻碍滴滴出行计划最早在明年就进行的首次公开发行(IPO)。Didi values itself at bn after buying the China operations of Uber in a deal in August that left the San Francisco-based company and its investors with a 20 per cent stake in its Chinese rival.滴滴在8月份收购优步(Uber)的中国业务后估值达到350亿美元,那笔交易使总部位于旧金山的优步及其投资者拥有滴滴20%的股份。Wang Jun, a professor at the China University of Political Science and Law, says the new rules are in line with the central government’s efforts to limit the growth of population in major cities. 中国政法大学教授王军表示,新规则与中央政府限制主要城市人口增长的努力相符。But if the goal is to limit migrant population in Beijing or Shanghai, why is the car-hailing industry the only one that’s receiving such treatment when many industries out there also have non-local workers?但如果目标是限制北京或上海的流动人口,那为什么网约车行业是唯一受到这种对待的行业,而其他许多行业也有非本地的劳动者? /201610/472493It's the biggest party of the year 全年最大的欢庆聚会 New Year celebrations in London   For lots of people in Britain, the 31st of December, or New Year's Eve as we call it, is the biggest party of the year. It's a time to get together with friends or family and welcome in the coming year.   New Year's parties can take place at a number of different venues. Some people hold a house party; others attend street parties, while some just go to their local for a few drinks with their mates. Big cities, like London, have large and spectacular fireworks displays.  New Year's parties can take place at a number of different venues. Some people hold a house party; others attend street parties, while some just go to their local for a few drinks with their mates. Big cities, like London, have large and spectacular fireworks displays.   New Year celebrations in London   There's one thing that all New Year's Eve parties have in common: the countdown to midnight. When the clock strikes twelve, revellers give a loud cheer, pop champagne corks and give each other a kiss.   They then link arms and sing a song called Auld Lang's Syne, by a Scottish poet called Robert Burns. Not many people can remember all the lyrics, but the tune is well known, so lots of people just hum along.   The parties then continue into the early hours of the morning with lots of dancing and drinking. Because of this, for a lot of people New Year's Day starts with a hangover. Other people might spend the day visiting relatives or friends they haven't managed to catch up with for a while. Whatever happens, New Year's Day tends to be very relaxed.   In Britain, it's popular to make a promise to yourself about something you are going to do, or want to stop doing, in the New Year. This is called a New Year's resolution. Typical resolutions include giving up smoking and joining a gym to get fit. However, the promise is often broken quite quickly and people are back into their bad habits within weeks or days.   New Year's Day is the last bank holiday of the festive season, which means most people have to go to work the next day: bright and fresh and y for the new year ahead!   Notes:  New Year's Eve 元旦前夜  welcome in 迎接   venues 地点   attend 参加  local 当地的  mates 伙伴;好朋友  fireworks displays 烟花展  countdown 倒计时  revellers 欢庆聚会者  pop (香槟酒)瓶塞弹跳而出  Auld Lang's Syne 友谊地久天长  lyrics 歌词  hum 哼哼(小调)  New Year's Day 元旦日  hangover 喝醉酒后隔天早上醒来头痛  New Year's resolution 新年决心  get fit 健身  bad habits 恶习  bank holiday 公共假日  festive season 节日气氛浓厚的季节 /200803/28882China#39;s Internet giant Tencent has sued the country#39;s Trademark Review and Adjudication Board (TRAB) after its application to trademark QQ#39;s beeping sound was rejected by the latter.在中国互联网巨头腾讯申请将QQ的提示音注册为商标遭拒之后,该公司将国家工商行政管理总局商标评审委员会告上了法庭。Tencent QQ, one of the most popular instant messaging software services in China, applied to register the signature ;Di-Di-Di-Di-Di-Di; notification sound as its trademark in 2014, which is permitted by China#39;s Trademark Law as long as the sound can be easily distinguished.《商标法》规定,只要声音具有辨识度就可以注册。作为中国最受欢迎的即时通讯应用之一,腾讯QQ早在2014年就提出将;滴滴滴滴滴滴;提示声作为声音商标。Tencent#39;s application was later turned down by TRAB, with the explanation that the sound was ;simple and not creative,; lacking in any distinctive traits.但腾讯公司的申请最终被商标评审委员会驳回,原因是它;简单,缺乏显著性;。;We have checked many sound trademarks approved by other nations, including the famous lion roar of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Most sound trademarks last less than five seconds and are quite simple. By TRAB#39;s standards, they also could not be registered as trademarks,; said Huang Yibiao, a lawyer for Tencent, during the court hearing on Dec. 6.在12月6日的庭审上,腾讯公司代理律师黄义彪介绍:;我们查了外国的许多声音商标,包括著名的公司的#39;狮吼#39;,这些商标通常基本没有超过5秒的,也都很简单。如果按照商标委的标准,这些声音都不能被注册。;According to Huang, due to QQ#39;s popularity in China, the public has aly connected the beeping sound with QQ#39;s services, which means it does possess distinctiveness.黄律师表示,由于QQ在中国的普及度,用户听到这个声音后就能直接对应QQ即时通讯务,这意味着它的确具备辨识度。TRAB, on the other hand, holds a different opinion. It reiterated that Tencent#39;s notification sound is merely a repetition of notes, which is not distinctive at all.然而,商标评审委员会却持不同观点。商评委强调,腾讯QQ提示音只是简单的音节重复,缺乏显著特色。According to TRAB, the board is very careful about approvals of sound trademarks, with few successful cases so far. The court will release its final verdict at a later date.该部门还称,声音商标注册的审核工作是相当谨慎的,至今得以通过的都比较少,并表示会在晚些时候给出最终裁决。Tencent#39;s accusation has stirred up online debate, with some netizens supporting the company#39;s appeal and others calling it a joke.腾讯的这一上诉引起了网友们的热议。一些网友持此商标申请,也有人认为这是一个笑料。;I have been using QQ my whole life. Though the sound is quite simple, it always reminds me of QQ services when I hear it. I think the board should agree to make it QQ#39;s trademark,; one netizen wrote.某网友说,;我一直都在使用QQ。尽管这个声音很简单,但当我听到它,确实就会马上意识到是QQ的消息提示。我认为商标委应当通过这个声音商标。;Not everyone agreed, however. ;The beeping is QQ#39;s online notification sound. Do you know that its offline notification sound is actually human coughing? Would we be banned from coughing if the board approved QQ#39;s appeal? That would be hilarious,; another netizen wrote不过,并非所有人都这么认为。另一网友说,;#39;滴滴滴滴滴滴#39;是QQ的上线提示音。但你知道它的下线提示音事实上就像是有人在咳嗽吗?如果商标委通过了这个申请,以后大家是不是都不能咳嗽了?那多荒谬呀!; /201612/484112A new report has revealed that Apple plans to launch three handsets this year - two will be updates of the iPhone 7 family and the third is the 10th-anniversary handset -- iPhone 8.一份最新报告显示,苹果公司计划今年推出3部手机--其中两部将是iPhone 7系列最新版本,而另外一部则是iPhone 10周年纪念手机--iPhone 8。It is believed that the iPhone 8 will boast a massive 5.8-inch OLED display, but with smaller top and bottom bezels in order to shrink the size of the device.据悉,iPhone 8会配备一个巨大的、5.8英寸的OLED屏幕,但是为了缩小手机尺寸,iPhone 8顶部和底部的边框会变窄。Although the smartphone will have the largest display of any iPhone, rumors have suggested that it will also be the most expensive.iPhone 8不但会成为有史以来屏幕最大的iPhone,有小道消息称,这款手机的价格也将会是最贵的。The new report comes from Nikkei Asian Review, which has revealed the upcoming iPhone will launch in three variants.据《日经亚洲》发布的这份报告显示,即将发售的iPhone 8将有3种版本。Two are set to have liquid crystal displays and the other will be designed with a 5.8-inch organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen.其中两款为液晶显示屏,另外一款搭载的是5.8英寸的OLED屏。Earlier reports have suggested that the two other smartphones, known as the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will be designed with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays.此前曾有报道称,其他两款手机--iPhone 7s和iPhone 7s Plus将分别搭载4.7英寸和5.5英寸的屏幕。#39;By adding more large-screen options to the lineup to meet grousing demand for BIG, Apple intends to raise the average iPhone price, which has aly gone up by about 10% in the past three years to nearly 0,#39; Nikkei reported.据《日经亚洲》表示称:“为了满足消费者们对大手机的需求,苹果增加了更多大屏选择,同时苹果公司也打算提高iPhone的平均价格--而这一价格已经在过去三年里涨到了700美元,涨幅达到了10%。”Earlier this month it was revealed by Fast Company that the so-called iPhone 8 will costs more than ,000 (800 pounds) – making it the most expensive handset the firm has ever produced.据知名商业杂志《快速公司》本月初发布的消息显示,所谓的iPhone 8的售价可能会超过1000美元(约合800英镑)--这会使其成为苹果公司有史以来最贵的手机。However, it is said that users will receive more cutting-edge technology and a sleeker design – a handset that is sure to impress.但是,消费者会因此得到更多尖端科技和时尚的设计--这是一款肯定会给你留下深刻印象的手机。 /201703/498323

Are you planning to buy a new Samsung smartphone soon? Google Play Music may become your go-to music player.你最近有买新款三星手机的打算吗?谷歌Play音乐可能会成为你的新音乐播放器。Google has teamed up with Samsung to make Google Play Music the default music player on new Samsung phones and tablets around the world, including the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.谷歌公司已经与三星公司联手,使谷歌Play音乐成为三星手机和平板电脑--包括Galaxy S8和Galaxy S8+系列--的默认音乐播放器。Google also teased some ;special; Google Play Music features just for Samsung customers.此外,谷歌方面还表示,谷歌Play音乐的一些“特殊”功能只有三星用户才能使用。;For starters, if you have a new Samsung phone or tablet, you can now upload and stream up to 100,000 of your own songs to Google Play Music for free,; Google Play Music Lead Product Manager Elias Roman wrote in a blog post. Google lets everyone else add up to 50,000 songs to Play Music for free.谷歌Play音乐的产品经理莱亚斯·罗曼在客中写道:“对新用户来说,如果你有一个新款三星手机或平板,你就可以免费上传多达10万首自己的歌曲到谷歌Play音乐。”而其他用户免费播放音乐歌曲的数量增加至5万首。New Samsung phones and tablets will come with a free three-month trial of Play Music, up from the usual 30-day trial, and access to YouTube Red for commercial-free s.新款三星手机和平板将有三个月的Play音乐免费试用期,并获得YouTube Red的免广告务。After that, you#39;ll have to pay a month if you want to listen without ads and download your music for offline access.之后,如果想跳过广告听音乐或者离线下载音乐,你就需要每月付10美元的费用。Google Play Music will also work with Samsung#39;s new virtual assistant Bixby when it launches later this spring.另外,谷歌音乐还将会与在今春晚些时候发布的三星新虚拟助手Bixby协同工作。 /201705/507363

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