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重庆男科医院有那些重庆好的男科Drinking alcohol in moderation is beneficial to the heart, a new study has revealed. Those who drink wine, spirits or beer regularly are less prone to heart failure and heart attacks than people who rarely or never drink.一项最新研究表明,适度饮酒对心脏有益。那些规律饮红酒、烈酒或啤酒的人与从不或极少饮酒的人相比,患心力衰竭和心脏病发作的几率要小。Three to five drinks a week are part of a heart-healthy lifestyle, scientists concluded.科学家对此做出总结:每周喝三到五杯酒是对心脏有益的健康生活方式。Drinking a little alcohol every day can be part of a healthy lifestyle, Imre Janszky, a professor of social medicine at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology said. When consumed in moderation, alcohol does more good than harm, he added.挪威科技自然大学社会医学教授伊姆勒·央斯基表示,每天少量饮酒是健康生活方式的一部分。他还补充说道,只要适度饮用,酒精就会利大于弊。It#39;s primarily the alcohol that leads to more good cholesterol, among other things,#39; he said. But alcohol can also cause higher blood pressure, so it#39;s best to drink moderate amounts relatively often.#39;“最主要的是,酒精能够产生更多有益胆固醇。”他说。“但酒精同时会造成高血压,所以,最好是规律饮酒,且每次适量。”There is a general consensus among the scientific community that three to five drinks a week can be good for the heart.在科学界一直都有一个共识:每周三到五杯酒是对心脏有益的。The relationship between alcohol and heart health has been studied in many countries, including the USA and southern European nations,#39; Professor Janszky said.“包括美国和南欧一些国家在内的很多国家已经研究了酒精和心脏健康的关系。”央斯基教授说。 /201602/427702重庆哪一家医院看性功能 Yu is the hero of controlling flood.禹是治水安民的历史英雄人物。It is said that in the reign of Yao and Shun, the overrunning flood was mischievous, so Yao assigned Gun to regulate it.尧、舜时期,洪水泛滥为害。尧命夏族首领鲧治洪水。Gun failed with embankment and was killed by Shun.鲧用筑堤防的方法治水无功,为舜杀死。Then, Shun recruited Yu,Gun,s son,to continue the work. Spending a backbreaking thirteen years and bypassing his house three times but never going in, Yu dredged new river channels as outlets, guiding water to river and river to sea.舜又命鲧之子禹治水,禹“居外十三年,过家门不敢人”,用疏导法治水,导小水入于川,导川水致于海。This not only eliminated the flood, but contributed to the development of agriculture.不仅消除了洪水,还为农业生产发展创造了良好条件。Yu was revered as Yu the Great for his achievement and selected to succeed to the throne by Shun.禹因有大功于人民,被尊称为“大禹”,并因此被舜选为接班人。 /201510/407407重庆割包皮医院哪家好

重庆人民妇幼保健中医院治疗早泄多少钱Do you ever think that it#39;s kinda crazy that we can order pizza from our cellphones and yet no one can figure out how to stop (or at least slow) the inevitable march towards death? Well, you#39;re not alone.你是否想过,人类已经发展到可以用手机订披萨的程度,为什么却无法阻止(或减慢)自身走向死亡的步伐?好吧,并不是只有你一个人这么想过。Science has been trying to figure out this whole aging thing for a long time now, and a new development just could be one of those watershed moments in history.长久以来,科学界一直在试图解开人类衰老的谜团。而一项最新的研究成果或有望成为改变历史的分水岭之一。According to the New Zealand Herald, a new anti-aging drug is going to be tested on human subjects starting next year. The potential result of this could mean that we, human beings, could extend our life spans to 120 years of age and be in good health to the very end.据《新西兰先锋报》报道,一种新型抗衰老药物将于明年开始在人体上进行试验。可能的结果是,我们人类的寿命因此延长至120年,而且在寿终正寝前一直保持健康。The drug in question is a widely used diabetes pill called Metformin and costs mere cents to make. Metformin helps to increase oxygen flow on the cellular level, thereby slowing the necessary cell divisions that keep our bodies both functioning correctly but ultimately lead to aging.这种药物名为“甲福明”,是一种被广泛使用的抗糖尿病药,制造成本不过几分钱。甲福明能促进氧在细胞内的循环流动,进而降低细胞分裂的速度——细胞分裂在保我们身体正常运转的同时,也是导致我们衰老的罪魁祸首。Belgian researchers have tested the drug on roundworms, and have had positive results so the next step is to do a human trial.比利时研究者已将该药物在蛔虫身上进行了试验,取得了积极的效果,下一步就是人体试验。;I have been doing research into aging for 25 years and the idea that we would be talking about a clinical trial in humans for an anti-aging drug would have been thought inconceivable,; says aging expert Professor Gordon Lithgow.研究衰老的专家戈登·利思戈教授说:“我研究衰老25年了。我们将要在人体上进行的抗衰老药临床试验,此前一直被认为是不可想象的。”;But there is every reason to believe it#39;s possible. The future is taking the biology that we#39;ve now developed and applying it to humans.;“但我们现在有理由相信这种试验是可行的。未来方向是把我们研发出来的各种生物机理应用于人体。”Let#39;s just hope that cosmetic surgery can keep apace of these new developments.但愿我们的整容术能跟得上这些最新的科学发展。 /201512/414043重庆市爱德华龟头炎症 重庆阳痿检查价格

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