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You are what you click 点击什么,你就是什么 In the past, you are what you eat, but in the 21st century, you are, actually, what you click. Hello I'm Elizabeth Vargas and this is 2020 In Touch.You know the old adage "you are what you eat", well, for the 21st century some say you are what you click. Today if you wanna know anything from the meaning of life to the location of the nearest Starbucks to who dang the song, that knowledge is only a click away.But are there other mysteries hidden in that unassuming internet search box? In his new book "Click", Bill Tancer says he's learned a lot about who we are by examining what we search.It's an insight that we have into ourselves that we haven't had before. Whether you're looking for a new car or searching the best way to break up with you boyfriend, everything you type in this box is saved by your search engine. Then sold anonymously to companies like Bill Tancers, his research is based on searches made by 10 million internet users in the US. Can you anything into that or it’s just a sort of a fun stuff to know? The bottom line is that there really is some important nugget in terms of who we are and where we're going. But the most significant difference Tancer sees in internet searching is how are relationship with computers is changing becoming more intimate? They looked at the very early days of search engines, we used them mostly as utility, just to get us that piece of information we're looking for. But what our data is telling us is that people are using search engines as things like a confidante, a place to get information where you don't wanna be judged, it's just about asking the questions. Perhaps a question we might be too embarrassed to ask,, even our own doctors or spouses or anything else. Yeah.We hope you'll watch 2020 on the air every Friday night at 10 o'clock, 9 o'clock central. And keep stopping by online for our daily webcast, and previews of our upcoming stories. I'm Elizabeth Vargas, for all of us at 2020, we're in touch, so you'll be in touch.200811/56168Climate-change talks气候变化会谈Wilted greenery凋零的青葱The UNrsquo;s latest round of climate-change talks open in Durban. Even avoiding deadlock would be an achievement联合国最新一轮气候变化会谈在德班开幕,这次会谈只要不走进死胡同就算不错了THOUSANDS of anxious environmentalists, hard-eyed negotiators and bemused journalists gathered in Durban this week for the UNrsquo;s annual climate-change circus. Saving the planet, the main item on its agenda two years ago, in Copenhagen, was not uppermost in their minds. Saving the circus was: the failure in Copenhagen to forge a binding agreement to mitigate the worldrsquo;s carbon emissions could yet lead to a breakdown of the whole UN process in Durban.本周无数焦虑的环保人士、针锋相对的谈判代表和迷茫的记者在德班聚集,参加联合国一年一度热闹的气候变化会谈。对于他们来说,最重要的不是两年前在哥本哈根议事日程上的主要议题;;拯救我们的地球,而是拯救这一次的会谈。因为哥本哈根会谈没能打造出有约束力的协议来减少世界二氧化碳排放量,这有可能导致本次联合国在德班的整个会议进程土崩瓦解。To avoid that, negotiators have until December 9th to reach three goals. Least dauntingly, they must nail down the details of initiatives agreed on in Cancuacute;n last year, chiefly the Green Climate Fund. This aims to help poor countries curb their emissions and adapt to global warming. It is supposed to be stocked with some of the 0 billion that rich countries have promised poor ones by 2020.为了避免这种情况,截至到12月9日谈判代表必须要达到三个目标。还不那么让人失望的是,他们必须确定去年坎昆通过的新方案的细节,其中最主要的绿色气候基金。这项基金的目的在于帮助经济落后的国家控制二氧化碳排放量以及适应全球变暖。按照富裕国家对贫穷国家的承诺,到2020年,这项基金应该能达到1000亿之多。Little actual cash will be proffered in Durban: progress will be limited to working out the details of the fundrsquo;s design, including the relative powers of donors and recipients, and to its possible role in wooing investment. Even this is contentious, as America wants a bigger role for the private sector. But such spats should prove surmountable. Alongside progress on another promised institution, to sp green technology to poor countries, the fund is Durbanrsquo;s likeliest success.德班会谈会提供更少的现金,此次取得的进步仅限于制定出这笔资金计划用途的细节,包括捐赠国和受赠国的相对实力对比,以及它在吸引投资中可能起到的作用。美国想在;私有部门;中起到更大的作用,尽管这使这笔款项还存在争议,但是这样的小吵小闹还是可以平息的。加上另外一个前途光明的机构所取得的进步,他们会一起把绿色技术延伸到经济落后国家。这项资金的建立是德班会谈最有可能取得的成功。 Much trickier will be reconciling the demands of developing countries for an extension of the UNrsquo;s Kyoto protocol with the determination of most developed ones to bin it. The worldrsquo;s only binding agreement to curb emissions has been a colossal failure. Since it was negotiated in 1997 global emissions have risen by over a quarter, mostly in developing countries. The treaty does not curb their emissions, which are now 58% of the total; China alone is responsible for 23%. The second-biggest polluter, America, (with 20%) is also free to emit, as it has not ratified the treaty.协调发展中国家的要求,使它们同意大多数发达国家都会拒绝的《京都议定书》的附加条件会变得更加困难。世界上仅有的对控制排放量有约束力的协议经历了重大的失败,因为它是在1997年协商出来的,这个时候(二氧化碳)全球排放量增长已超过四分之一,而且主要集中在发展中国家。这个协议并没有限制它们的排放量,如今其排放总量占世界总量的58%,中国自己就占23%,紧随其后的第二大污染源是美国(排放量占20%)。由于美国并未签署协议,因此它的二氧化碳排放是免费的。Developed countries that did ratify Kyoto feel cheated. Japan and Russia have rejected a second round of emission-cutting under its aegis, after their current commitments expire at the end of 2012. Canada, which will hugely overshoot its Kyoto target, is reported to be considering quitting the treaty altogether. ;Kyoto is the past,; said its environment minister, Peter Kent, before setting out for Durban.签署《京都议定书》的发达国家觉得吃亏了。日本和俄罗斯拒绝到2012年底他们的现行义务到期后在;减排;的赞助下进行第二轮减排。据报道即将大幅超过京都排放量限定目标的加拿大;将考虑彻底放弃这一协定;。加拿大环境保护部官员皮特bull;肯特在去德班之前就说;《京都议定书》已经是过去时了;。165135Zambia Opposition Leader Sata's Lead Narrows as Vote Count Continues赞总统选举反对党以微弱优势领先 In Zambia, opposition leader Michel Sata is maintaining a slim lead over rival, Acting President Rupiah Banda, as vote tabulation continues from Thursday's presidential election. With more than three-fourths of the vote counted, Sata has 40 percent of the vote while Mr. Banda has 38 percent. 赞比亚反对党领袖萨塔以微弱的优势领先于对手代总统班达,与此同时,周四举行的总统选举的选票清点工作继续进行。在目前已经清点完毕的四分之三以上的选票中,萨塔获得40%的选票,而班达只有38%的选票。Veteran opposition leader Michael Sata sprang into an early lead as the first election returns came in from his strongholds in urban areas and Zambia's mining zones. 富有经验的反对党领袖萨塔在点票开始阶段就处于领先地位,当时的选票主要来自都市地区和赞比亚的采矿区,那些地方是他的票仓。However, acting president Rupiah Banda gradually gained ground as results began to come in from rural areas where his support is greatest. 不过,代总统班达逐渐缩小了差距,与此同时,开始清点来自农村地区选票,班达在那里有大量的持者。The elections were called following the death in August of the late President Levy Mwanawasa from a stroke. 这次选举是8月下旬总统姆瓦纳瓦萨中风去世之后举行的。An analyst with South Africa's Institute for Security Studies, Judy Smith-Hohn, says as a result the campaign was short though heated. 南非安全问题研究所的分析员霍恩说,这场选战因此是短暂而激烈的。"It's been a very highly contested election," she said. "They have had a very short time to actually prepare for it. So it's hard to tell what the tendencies, how it would have been if they had had a few months' chance to actually get the battle going." 霍恩说:“这是一个竞争非常激烈的选举。他们实际上只有很短的时间进行准备,因此,很难判断会有什么样的发展趋势,如果实际上只有几个月时间进行竞选,情况的确也只能如此了。”Mr. Banda campaigned pledging to continue Mr. Mwanawasa's pro-business and corruption fighting policies. These are credited for taming inflation and bringing five percent annual economic growth. 班达在竞选中承诺继续推行姆瓦纳瓦萨的利于商业和反腐败的政策。人们认为这些政策成功地遏制了通货膨胀并使经济出现5%的年增长率。Sata campaigned on the need for change saying that the economic gains had not reached the poor. 萨塔的竞选口号是需要变革。他说,经济增长没有使穷人受益。Voter turnout was low for the election. Some observers say this was because of the short time available to prepare voters. Others say it was because the winner will only serve two years, the time remaining in Mr. Mwanawasa's term. 这次选举的选民投票率很低。一些观察家说,这是因为选民只有很短的时间作准备。还有人说,这是因为获胜者只有两年的掌权时间,这两年是姆瓦纳瓦萨总统任期所剩的时间。The opposition has complained of rigging. But election officials maintain that the vote was free and fair.In the elections two years ago, Sata complained of rigging after he was narrowly defeated by Mr. Mwanawasa. However, the results were eventually upheld.200811/54784

And how about all those apple retail stores?那些苹果的零售店如何呢?Irresistible heaven where people can touch and feel everything and can even take a seat at the genius bar to solve their problems.那里完全是不可抗拒的天堂,人们可以在那里接触和感受一切,甚至能拥有一个座位,天才的地方会解决他们的所有问题。In just over a decade, there are more than three hundred fifty of these temples to apple across the world.仅仅十年内,有350多个这样的苹果设施已经遍布世界各地。We are not just sell our products we are gonna to help our customers.我们不仅仅是销售我们的产品,还会帮助我们的客户。We are gonna to help customers using windows which sort of inferior products move up to a Mac.我们使用苹果电脑的独特系统来帮助客户辨别哪个是劣质产品。And show how much better it is.以及哪个是更好的产品。Under its competitive focus apple continue to flourish.在这样的激烈竞争中,苹果仍然继续蓬勃发展。词语解释:retail v. 零售genius n. 天才inferior a. 次的164272

UK Sinks into Recession英国宣布经济陷入衰退 Britain has officially sunk into recession, with its economy shrinking by 1.5 percent in the fourth quarter of last year. This comes amid the growing financial crisis around the world. 英国正式陷入了衰退,去年第四季度的增长收缩了1.5%。这个消息是在金融危机还在世界各地继续扩大的时候发布的。It's official - the British economy is in recession. Government figures released Friday show the economy contracted by a larger than expected 1.5 percent in the last three months of 2008, after a 0.6 percent drop in the previous quarter.  英国经济陷入衰退现在是正式的了。英国政府星期五公布的数据显示,在2008年的最后三个月,英国经济收缩了1.5%,超过了预期。在第三季度,英国经济下滑了0.6%。Britain's finance chief, Chancellor Alistair Darling acknowledged the economy had taken a sharper downturn than anticipated. 英国财政大臣达林承认,英国经济滑坡的程度比预期的还要糟糕。"If you look at today's figures, what you're seeing is a very significant fall in industrial production and that's been caused because world trade has really fallen away very rapidly over the past few weeks and months," said Chancellor Darling. 他说:“如果你看今天的数据,你所看到的是工业生产上出现的很大下滑。这是因为全球贸易在过去几个星期和几个月的时间里出现了急剧减少所造成的。”What started as a crisis in the financial sector in Britain continues to infect the wider economy. Unemployment is accelerating sharply, with nearly two million people now out of work, the housing market remains severely depressed and retail sales are weak. For the U.K., Friday's figures show the biggest decline in nearly 30 years. 英国始于金融行业的危机继续对更广泛的经济造成损害。失业率正在急剧攀升,现在将近有2百万人失业,住房市场仍然极为低迷,零售销售也相当疲软。 But, Chancellor Darling was quick to point out Britain is certainly not alone. 不过,财政大臣达林很快的指出,英国并不是唯一处于这种状态的国家。"We're facing this problem everywhere," he said. "America has been in recession for a year now, even Germany, Italy, Japan. Countries in the Far East are seeing a substantial slowdown in growth." 他说:“我们大家都面临这个问题。美国陷入衰退已经有一年的时间了,就连德国、意大利和日本也陷入了衰退。远东国家的增长也出现了严重的滑坡。”The British government has moved to bail out failing banks and has put in place a multi-billion dollar stimulus package to shore up the ailing economy, including a cut in the national sales tax and help for businesses, homeowners and low-income families. 英国政府已经采取了行动,对提供救助,而且制订了几十亿美元的刺激方案来撑萎靡不振的经济,包括削减全国销售税以及对企业、房屋拥有者以及低收入家庭提供帮助。Prime Minister Gordon Brown says these measures will work, but he says there needs to be a coordinated international effort. 英国首相布朗表示,这些措施将会起作用,不过他说,国际社会需要采取协调一致的努力。"What we need is a degree of international cooperation here, so that all countries who are affected by this can work together to do similar things," he said. 他说:“我们需要的是一定程度的国际合作,这样所有受到危机影响的国家可以共同采取类似的行动。”Mr. Brown says he is talking with world leaders about ways to overcome this crisis. 布朗说,他正在同世界各国领导人讨论克这个危机的途径。Britain is due to host the next financial crisis summit of the G-20 group of industrialized and emerging economies in April. 英国将在今年4月主办下一次由工业化国家和新兴经济体组成的20国集团金融危机峰会。01/61490

Thai Prime Minister Promises to End Country's Political Conflicts泰总理将和解及复苏列为首要要务   Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva placed national reconciliation and economic recovery at the top of the government's program to end years of political discord on Wednesday. Mr. Abhisit also called for restoration of the rule of law. 泰国总理阿披实星期三表示,他决定将全国和解和经济复苏列为政府计划的首位,以结束多年来的政治纷乱。阿披实同时也呼吁恢复法治。The Thai prime minister said the new government's policies are aimed at ending what he called "artificial divisions" in the country between rural and urban areas, by proposing a plan for a grand reconciliation. 这位泰国总理表示,新政府的政策是通过提出一项广泛的和解计划,致力终止他所说泰国农村和城市地区之间“人为的分隔”。Speaking at a formal dinner for foreign correspondents, Mr. Abhisit said the political divisions have been about different perspectives people hold on the value of democracy. "On one side, they believe that democracy should be about majority rule so that voters, the average voters, concerned should count. But on the other side, they expect democracy to return a government that practices good governance that is transparent and that is accountable. I will prove that you can have both," he said.  在一次为外国记者举行的正式晚餐会上,阿披实表示,政治的分歧是由于人们对民主价值有不同的展望。他说:“在一方面,他们相信民主应该是多数统治,所以选民,也就是一般选民能够发挥作用。但是在另一方面,他们也期待民主可以使政府做出良好的管理,不但透明,而且可靠。我将明可以二者兼得。”Thailand has been wracked by political tensions over the past four years, during the term in office of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Elected in 2001, Mr. Thaksin's built political support with populist economic programs in the country's rural areas through low cost health care and low cost loans to villages for rural development. 泰国在前总理他信过去4年在任期间受困于政治紧张。于2001年当选总理的他信,通过提供低廉医疗照顾和为农村地区提供低息贷款等在泰国农村地区广受欢迎的经济计划,建立起他的政治持基础。After five years in office, Mr. Thaksin faced increasing street protests from Thailand's urban middle class that accused him of corruption and abuse of power. He was ousted from government in a coup in September 2006.  但是在任5年后,他信面临了越来越多泰国城市中产阶层的街头示威,他们指控他腐败和滥用权力。在2006年9月的一次政变中他信被推翻。But politicians aligned with Mr. Thaksin won elections in December 2007. While Mr. Thaksin returned to Thailand in early 2008, he later fled the country in the face of corruption charges. He now lives abroad. 但是和他信结盟的政治人物在2007年的选举中获胜。虽然他信于2008年初返回泰国,但是不久又因面临腐败控罪而再度逃亡。他信现在外国居住。Thailand suffered political unrest throughout 2008, including street protests, and the occupation of a government administrative building and the two main airports in Bangkok. Last month, after a court found that the pro-Thaksin party had violated electoral laws, coalition partners gave their support to Mr. Abhisit - leader of the Democrat Party. Speaking on Wednesday, Mr. Abhisit said he hoped to heal Thailand's political divisions. 上个月,在法院发现持他信的政党违反选举法后,他信的政治盟友转而持民主党领袖阿披实。阿披实星期三表示,他希望弥合泰国的政治分歧。"You can have a government that responds to ordinary people's needs without getting involved with corruption, without abusing power, without violating the rights of the people or your opponents. And if we can prove that, that would truly be a grand reconciliation of the diverse people that make up this great country of Thailand," he said.  他说:“你可以有一个回应一般人民需要但是又不贪污、不滥权、不违反人民或政治对手权利的政府。如果你能够明这点,就能够在泰国这个伟大国家中实现多元人民的巨大和解。”Pro-Thaksin groups had vowed to maintain protests against the government. But recent bi-elections over the weekend indicate a possible swing in support for Mr. Abhisit's coalition. 但是在过去这个周末的双选举显示,他们可能转向持阿披实的政治联盟。Mr. Abhisit also spoke of the government's economic recovery program aimed at the recession now sweeping global markets.The government's stimulus package, worth more than billion, is intended to boost domestic consumption as well as bolster programs for the rural sector, subsidies for basic services and education, and support for vulnerable groups such as the elderly.01/61106

成百上千万选民从一大早就前往投票站参加投票。由于新的自动投票机出现故障,他们不得不等候很长时间。大多数选民一大早就前往投票站,以避开中午前后可能高达38摄氏度的高温。这次选举标志着阿罗约总统任期的结束。Despite long delays caused by new automated voting machines, millions of Filipinos have headed to the polls to choose a new president.Most voters set out early Monday to avoid the midday sun and temperatures topping 38 degrees to vote in an election that marks the end of Gloria Arroyo's presidency.The polling stations were loud and boisterous. Scuffles broke out in some, while in the country's troubled south at least two deaths were reported and eight people injured in a grenade attack.Several other deaths linked to the elections have been reported since Saturday. However, for the most part, though, the voting Monday was peaceful.Liberal Party candidate Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino is favored to become the next president. His standing is in part a legacy of his mother, former President Cory Aquino, who remained a highly respected figure in Philippine life until her death last August.Another former president, Joseph Estrada, has enjoyed a late swing in his favor and could provide an upset.Ousted by a coup in 2001, jailed for corruption and eventually pardoned, Estrada still holds a significant support base, particularly in the countryside and the poorer suburbs of Manila.Also favored is businessman Manny Villar whose campaign has focused on his rags to riches life.Catherine Maramara is an official election watcher at the Epifino Delos Santos Elementary School in suburban Manila. It is one of the busiest polling stations in the capital, with between 20,000 and 30,000 people expected to vote there."It's very exhausting and people are all sweaty, and I don't know," Maramara said. "We are hopeful for a peaceful election and we are hoping for a new government and a good government."President Gloria Arroyo will leave office on June 30 with the lowest approval ratings registered for a president since ratings were introduced in 1986. Her administration was tainted with corruption allegations, including vote rigging in the 2004 election.Mrs. Arroyo is limited to one term in office, and she is seeking a seat in Congress in this poll.There is hope that new automated voting machines will make cheating almost impossible in this election.But there are concerns the vote could collapse because of software problems.More than 82,000 machines have been deployed. Officials said the problems associated with the machines are minimal, although some polling stations will remain open for an extra hour to make up for delays.Jun Cabreza is an area chairman of the Barangay Party. His son is contesting one of the 17,000 local community positions that are also being contested at this election."It's a good election, it's a good election. Some voters can not vote because their names are not on the list but it is minimal, minimal yeah," says Cabreza.The glitches are expected to delay counting and the final result by days or even weeks. But election observers expect a strong trend could emerge by Tuesday to indicate who will be the next president.201005/103469

When I was about 12 years old, I remember at Christmas one year being ashamed of how much I liked it because of all the presents I got. It's a pretty complicated thought for a 12 year old kid but I had it. I've always liked presents though. People send me a lot of things and I wish they wouldn't but I can't help liking them. Look at this - just a few of the things that have come in recently: this is a bottle of some kind of sauce. Now it's probably very good and from some one who likes me but it could be very bad and from someone who hates me too, so I don't dare eat it. Someone sent me this sports whistle. Why would anyone send me a whistle? The package says it's made of solid brass. It's triple plated and it has an extra sharp tone. Well good for it. But I certainly wouldn't want a whistle that was only double plated and made of brass that wasn't solid. This goes under a door to keep the draft out. Someone's idea of what John McCain and Barack Obama look like. Not my idea of what either of them look like but what do I know? "The American Government In Action" - this is a game. I never cared much for games. There's enough to play with in real life. "The Baseball Dictionary." This book has a lot more than I want to know about baseball. I'm a football fan. Baseball is too caught up with numbers for me. This is a pair of socks; I don't know who they’re for. They come up over my knees. I don’t know what these two bags are for - why would I want two of them anyway? This is called Almond Orange Honey. Seems like a good idea and the bees are certainly done a good job, but I never liked honey. I said I liked fudge and that I never got any good fudge anymore - I haven't had any good fudge in years - so a lot of people sent me good fudge. And I guess it's good. I haven't eaten all if it yet. I said I shine my own shoes. The letter that came with this stuff says it brings leather back to life. Nice to think about bringing leather back to life isn't it? I'll see if this brings my shoes back to life. I just hope my shoes don't eat my fudge.07/78634

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