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【视频欣赏】How To Stop Swearing on Howcast 【听力文本】Is your cursing and cussing out of control? Stop the profanity with this behavior modification plan.You Will NeedIntrospection Word substitutes Visualization Step 1: Realize why you're cursing(诅咒通常是用来发泄愤怒和沮丧的,可以试着学会用其他方法来处理)Realize why you’re swearing: it’s often just a lazy way of expressing rage or frustration. Learn other anger management coping skills and you may not be so tempted to curse so much.Step 2: Hear how unattractive it is(当别人诅咒或破口大骂的时候,注意看一下,客观地了解这种做法非常不好)Pay attention the next time someone else lets a few choice words rip. Is that really how you want to sound to others?Step 3: Learn some new words(寻找一些文雅的词来抒发自己的情绪)Scan a thesaurus for satisfying stand-ins for your favorite swear words. A good vocabulary allows you to be as cutting and colorful as you want to — without the foul language.Try using silly substitutes, like “fudge” and “fiddle-dee-dee.” You’ll feel so stupid, you’ll probably swear off swearing.Step 4: Imagine an audience(设想一下,如果被你诅咒的人是婴儿或牧师,你会怎样?)The next time you’re on the verge of a four-letter tirade, ask yourself if you’d use this language around a young child, an elderly person, or a clergy member. That should stop the swearing.Step 5: Go ahead(尽量避免使用脏话)Go ahead and drop the F-bomb — if you’re in pain. A group of researchers concluded that cursing intensifies our fight-or-flight response, making us better able to withstand pain by minimizing our perception of it. Guess that explains all the swearing in hospital delivery rooms!Often, people who speak more than one language report that they always curse in their native tongue. Article/201007/108515Challenging yourself is important for your personal growth. This could mean drifting away from your daily routine and stepping out of your comfort zone. Thinking of it might even be a challenge aly but this coaching will be your guide.挑战自己对于个人成长很有必要。挑战,可以是脱离日常生活的轨道,也可以是走出舒适的个人天地。光是产生这样的想法本身就已经是一种挑战了,本期节目将会教你如何实现这些想法。How to challenge yourself? Challenging yourself is so important for your own personal growth. If someone wants to do the same thing everyday for the rest of their lives, life would be very very dull. So, challenging yourself actually mixes things up a little bit and actually enables you to discover a little bit more about yourself and personally grow.挑战自己对自我成长很重要。如果想要在接下来的时间里每天都做同样的事情,那么生命就会变得很无趣。所以挑战自己实际上就是做些改变并发现新的自己,只有这样人才能不断成长。So to challenge yourself, what would you think is the best way to do so? I would say it#39;s to do something different. So, set yourself some goals that are slightly different than what your normal routine would actually consist of. So, if you#39;re used to ing a particular type of book, why not a different type? So if you#39;re used to ing novels, why not newspapers? It may sound quite bizarre and quite minimal but that could be a really small goal that you could set yourself to actually challenge yourself.挑战自己,你认为最好的方法是什么呢?在我看来,就是去做不一样的事情。所以,可以在日常工作的范畴之外,给自己设置一些别的的目标。如果你只读一种类型的书,为什么不多读读其他种类的书呢?比如你只看小说,可以偶尔读读报纸改变一下。下定决心去做这些小小的改变,能真正挑战你自己。If you#39;re a dancer for instance and you#39;ve been doing the same dance for the past 5 years, why not take up a different activity or a different sport? Challenging yourself is not about sort of making things difficult but it#39;s actually to move you out of your comfort zone to do something completely different which enables you to grow. If you#39;re doing the same thing day in and day out, where would the challenge be? Where would the change be? Where would your change of behaviour and patterns be? So to challenge yourself, it#39;s really important in this day and age. So, to challenge yourself is to take yourself out of the box and do something different.如果你是一个舞者而且在过去的5年中一直跳同样的舞蹈,为什么不从事别的的项目或别的运动呢?挑战自我不是自找麻烦,而是走出舒适的私人天地,去做一些完全不同的事情——真正使你成长的事情。如果你日复一日地做着同样的事情,什么对你来说算是挑战?你需要在哪些地方做出改变?你会的行为和模式会变成什么?因此,挑战自己就是跳出小天地,做些不一样的事情。As human beings, we need to grow as individuals and change our behaviours every now and then. So, change your routine and do something different today. .作为单个的人,我们应该时不时的改变行为方式。所以,从现在开始,尝试着改变改变吧。Thanks for watching How To Challenge Yourself谢谢收看本期“挑战自我”节目。 /201208/196415

For those who can get here, in summer,海水为那些在夏天光临到此的生物these waters provide a feast of epic proportions.提供一场空前绝后的盛宴But the good times will be very short -但美好的时光转瞬即逝a problem that faces all life in the polar regions.这是极地所有生命所面临的问题Journeying south across the Arctic Ocean,向南穿越北冰洋the first land you reach is Greenland,抵达的第一站是世界第一大岛the largest island in the world.格陵兰岛[字面义为绿岛]Despite its name, Greenland is mostly white,与它的名字不同 格陵兰岛以白色为主covered by a giant ice sheet被一块硕大的冰原覆盖six times the size of the ed Kingdom.它的大小是英国的六倍In the middle of the island, the ice is nearly two miles thick.在岛中央 冰层有三千米厚It#39;s a bleak, quiet world.一个荒凉寂静的世界Sapphire-blue melt lakes海水融化成的宝石蓝湖泊are the first sign that a dynamic process is underway.表明一个变化正在悄然发生Each lake forms in a matter of days,每个湖的形成需要几天时间expanding until it#39;s miles across湖面慢慢扩大 宽达几公里and starts to overflow.最后开始溢出The spill water then carves its way through the ice.流水在冰面上开凿出条条水道 /201210/204530

0er)YJ!.QD5bQVXZ~-6F3y7]K9SGSRgi6Can[[c+D5q~~e98C1Z%i8_EKim Jong Il, top leader of the Democratic Peopleacute;s Republic of Korea (DPRK), died last Saturday, the DPRKacute;s KCNA news agency reported on Monday.uSUBPlJRnWIYRus朝鲜中央通讯社19日报道,朝鲜最高领导人金正日17日逝世pJx@uidHmU。.~1KFQvq+T~]tM1gyn#词语解释:i#DY5yh5O6MaE71. democratic a. 民主的2. agency n. 代办处,经销处0*eWC[|gh7~FNFZNVfX#,Dy_gBWk5ZVqgzw9Zph00(be Article/201112/165099When my daughter was 3, we decided that it was time to teach her how to swim. Every Saturday, my husband took her to a nearby underheated pool to play water.女儿三岁的时候,我们决定是时候教她游泳了。每周六,我的丈夫都带女儿去附近加热不足的泳池玩水。One Saturday morning, as my husband and daughter were in their swimsuits waiting patiently on a bench for class to start, they watched as a 5-year-old in a SpongeBob rash guard and swim trunks climbed the ladder down into a quiet area of the pool and started to swim around.一个周六的早晨,当时我的丈夫和女儿正穿着泳装,耐心地坐在长椅上等着上课。他们看到一个5岁的孩子穿着海绵宝宝泳衣和泳裤沿着泳池的梯子爬到了泳池内一片安静的区域,然后开始游泳。Suddenly, there was an odd sort of splashing, and he started to go under. The kid#39;s mom, fully clothed and clutching her purse and phone ran over to the edge of the pool to grab her son but he was just out of reach and sank before their eyes. My husband told my daughter not to move and jumped into the water to fish the kid out.突然,他开始拍打着水,慢慢下沉。孩子的母亲穿得整整齐齐,抓着她的钱包和手机就跑到了泳池边,然后伸手抓她的儿子,但却怎么够都够不着,眼睁睁的看着孩子慢慢沉下去。我的丈夫让女儿不要动,然后就跳到泳池里,将孩子从水中救出。Luckily, everything ended well. The kid was fine, the mother eternally grateful, and the lifeguard . . . well, the lifeguard eventually showed up when the kid was coughing and crying.幸运的是,最后一切都好。孩子没什么事,母亲也特别感激,而救生员……当孩子咳嗽、哭喊着的时候,救生员终于现身了。Don#39;t rely on the lifeguard. Yes, making sure a lifeguard is on duty is the first step toward water safety, and there are plenty of fully capable, expertly trained lifeguards out there. But all you need is one moment of distraction, one teenage newbie too absorbed with the girl in the florescent bikini to notice your kid spluttering in the water before it#39;s too late. Always have another set of adult eyes on your kid, preferably yours.别指望救生员。是的,确保救生员在执勤是水上安全的第一步,而且有能力、经过专业训练的救生员也很多。但只要一分神,一旦这个青少年救生员被穿着比基尼的漂亮女孩儿吸引,注意不到你的孩子溺水,那一切就太晚了。总该再让一位成年人看着自己的孩子,最好还是自己看着。Teach your kids to swim. Despite the fact that she spent most of the semester blowing bubbles to the tune of nursery rhymes, my daughter did manage to overcome her fear of the water. Next item on the to-do list is to get her to do more than just hold her breath to the count of 10. I#39;ll feel a lot better when she can at least doggy paddle without a floaty.教孩子游泳。尽管这一学期女儿大多数的时间都是吹泡泡、哼着童谣,但她真的克了她对水的恐惧。待办清单上的下一个事项就是让她憋气不止10秒。至少当她能不穿泳圈就能爬式游泳时,我会感觉好很多。译文属 /201706/515452哈尔滨医科大学附属第一医院重症监护室尝试为张丽莉停用呼吸机。目前张丽莉已经恢复自主呼吸。A heroic teacher from northeast China’s Heilongjiang province remains in hospital after undergoing her second surgery.29-year-old teacher Zhang Lili has earned the honour the ;most beautiful teacher; for risking her life to save 2 students from an oncoming bus earlier this month. Her heroic acts have attracted great admiration from across the country.This is Zhang Lili’s second surgery after being hit by a runaway bus 2 weeks ago. She saved two children from the crash, but was run over in the process, resulting in the loss of her legs. In total, 5 people were injured in the accident.After thorough discussions, top doctors carried out a 4-hour long operation to remove dead tissue. Doctors say the operation went smooth, but Zhang’s condition is still complicated. The main problem now is correcting damage done to her skeletal structure.Zhang has been carefully treated since the accident and her students are praying for their beloved teacher.Zhang’s good deed has also won public recognition. Many people have sent their best wishes, and a local charity federation has received over 2.8 million yuan or about 430, 000 US dollars to pay for her treatment.Police have since detained the driver of the bus.Wang Zhonglin, traffic police, said, ;The driver Xiao Yuyan parked the bus in front of No.19 middle school. Then she stood up and moved around, accidentally started the engine of the bus, causing the car to move forward. And then she missteped on the accelerator pedal instead of the break.;Xiao was detained by local police on May 9. On Monday, the case was transferred to the local people’s procuratorate for examination and prosecution. Article/201205/183297

The Tibetans call Everest ;Qomolangma;,藏民们把珠穆朗玛峰称为“珠穆朗玛”meaning ;mother of the world;.意为“大地之母”It#39;s a mark of their affection for the mountain,however brutal it may appear.这象征着他们对山的热爱而不管山看起来多么的冷酷无情Venture further from the mountains and out onto the open plateau,从高山一直到广阔的平原都充满危险and life doesn#39;t appear to get any easier.在这里活下去并不容易High winds scour the landscape风在大地上急速穿过and temperaturescan drop from baking to freezing in moments.气温也可以从酷热难当骤降到冰冷入骨This is the Chang Tang or Northern Grassland.这里是羌塘或叫北部草原It#39;s so remote that it#39;s been called the Third Pole.它远离人烟,被称为“世界第三极”It#39;s about 5,000 metres above sea level,这里海拔超过5000米way above the point at which altitude sickness starts to affect humans.远远超出了人们会有高原反应的高度At this height,most people are gasping for breath.在这个高度下大部分人都要不停地喘气But lack of oxygen hasn#39;t cramped this creature#39;s style.但缺少氧气却对这种生物没多大影响 /201208/194888Boxer Joe Louis just knocked out by Max Schmeling.拳击手乔·路易斯被马克斯·施梅林打倒Germany is triumphant.德国国内欢呼声一片America is in shock.美国人则被惊呆了It#39;s a publicity dream for the Nazis.这对纳粹来说是梦寐以求的宣传时机Adolf Hitler calls Schmeling an Aryan superman.阿道夫·希特勒将施梅林称为雅利安超人Hitler considers Americans a mongrel race,doomed to the trash heap of history.希特勒认为美利坚是个混血民族,注定要被历史所淘汰Hitler says their ;mistake; was freeing their slaves.希特勒说他们的错误在于解放奴隶I had been humiliated,and I had to prove that I was the best heavyweight around.我受到了侮辱,我要明我才是最优秀的重量级拳击手A rematch is arranged, but this time,it#39;ll be the fight that involves the whole world.双方将再度交手,但这一次比赛吸引了全世界目光Though attacked in the press,Joe just keeps training.尽管媒体对他恶言相加,乔依然坚持训练In Germany, the Nazis expand their power.此时纳粹德国在养精蓄锐They build their army and prepare to attack their neighbors.他们扩充军力 准备对邻国实施打击The second Joe Louis-Max Schmeling fight took on a proportion far greater than any other fight in the history of boxing.乔·路易斯和马克斯·施梅林的第二战是拳击史上最伟大的一场比赛This is the feature attraction, 15 rounds...比赛的最大看点是 将进行15回合This fight cemented the unity of the people of the ed States, vis-a-vis Nazi Germany.这场比赛使美国人在纳粹德国面前紧密地团结在了一起Weighing 193, Max Schmeling.马克斯·施梅林 体重193磅And for one of the first times,if not the first time in American history,America symbolically was being represented by a black man.并且这也可能是美国建国以来首次让黑人成为美国的代表Wearing black trunks,the famous Detroit Brown Bomber, Joe Louis.身穿黑色拳击短裤,鼎鼎大名的底特律棕色轰炸机乔·路易斯June 22, 1938.The rematch finally takes place.1938年6月22日 第二次比赛终于开战了The hype is at a fever pitch.民众的情绪近乎狂热70,000 people pour into Yankee Stadium to watch the fight live.七万人涌入洋基体育馆 现场观战Joe Louis in his corner, prancing and....乔·路易斯正在他的拳击台角里弹跳70 million people tune in via radio across the country.全美有七千万人守在收音机旁收听直播Over 100 million listen in around the world,the biggest audience to that date for anything, anywhere.全世界的听众超过一亿,节目收听人数是那个年代的世界之最Max Schmeling standing calmly,getting last word from Doc Casey.马克斯·施梅林显得很镇静 在等待多克·凯西发出开赛指令For Joe Louis, I can only imagine the immense pressure that he was under to go out there and perform because he had the whole-- almost the world on his back.我想乔·路易斯一定顶着巨大压力,要站在那儿打场这样的比赛,因为几乎全世界的目光 都关注着他The fight is no longer just about boxing.比赛的意义超越了拳击本身It#39;s a battle of ideologies, as Joe Louis knew all too well.乔·路易斯非常清楚 这是场意识形态的较量Schmeling represented everything that Americans disliked,施梅林代表着所有美国人反对的价值观and they wanted him beat and beat good.美国人希望他此战以惨败收场 /201302/224111Mount Erebus was an irresistible draw埃里伯斯山以其不可抗拒的魅力to the legendary explorer Ernest Shackleton.吸引了传奇探险家欧内斯特·沙克尔顿In 1908,1908年 his men became the first to climb this active volcano.他的队员们首次攀登了这座活火山They soon discovered that他们很快发觉this is the coldest place on the Antarctic coast.这是南极海岸最寒冷的地区Today#39;s explorers still have to时至今日 探险家们guard against frostbite in the height of summer在盛夏时 仍旧需要预防冻伤when temperatures rarely creep above minus 30 degrees centigrade.温度在此时一般都低于零下三十度Shackleton#39;s men had no idea of沙克尔顿的队员们没料到the extraordinary spectacle that lay beneath their feet.他们脚下的景象如此非凡OK, up on the wall there somewhere now.洞壁上有落脚处了Under the ice and snow is a network of caves,冰雪下面是洞穴网which only a handful of expert cavers have ever dared to enter.没有几个洞穴专家敢进去This is the first scientific expedition这是为了探求洞穴详情to explore them in detail.而进行的第一次科学远征Here, there are ice formations that occur nowhere else on Earth.这里有地球上独一无二的成冰现象Each cave contains its own unique collection of structures.每个洞都有自己独特的结构 /201212/214506

You Will Need你需要Engagement and wedding rings订婚或结婚戒指Veil面纱Bridesmaids伴娘Kiss一个吻Strong husband一个强壮的丈夫Something old (optional)老物件Something new (optional)新玩意Something borrowed (optional)借来的道具Something blue (optional)蓝色的道具Herbs (optional)草药Steps步骤Step 1 Put the ring on the finger为她戴上戒指Wear the engagement and wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand. In the past, that finger was believed to be a direct connection to the heart.将戒指戴在她左手无名指上。过去人们都认为,这根手指是直接与心灵相通的。Tip: Brides wear ;something old; as a connection to the past, combined with ;something new,; for the future. ;Something borrowed; from a happy bride would ensure good luck, while ;something blue; symbolizes faithfulness, fidelity, and good luck, and wards off evil spirits to boot.小贴士:新娘的配饰很有讲究,“老物件”代表着和过去相连,“新玩意”代表着向往未来,从生活幸福美满的人妻那儿“借来的物件”会带来好运,“蓝色的物件”代表着忠贞的爱情和好运,它还能驱走恶灵。Step 2 Disguise the bride装扮新娘Disguise the bride with a veil. Ancient Roman and Greek brides wore veils as protection from evil spirits that sought to harm them because they were envious of happy people.用面纱来装扮你的美丽新娘。古罗马和希腊的新娘们佩带面纱是为了保护自己以防魔鬼的伤害,传说魔鬼最是嫉妒那些幸福的人。Tip: Put herbs in your bridal bouquet. In ancient times, bouquets were a mixture of flowers and herbs because strong-smelling herbs would ward off evil spirits, bad luck, and ill health.小贴士:在新娘手拿的花束中放入草药。在古时候,新娘花束都是由花朵和草药组成的,因为有强烈气味的草本植物能驱赶恶魔,赶走坏运气和疾病。Step 3 Confuse the spirits迷惑恶魔Confuse the spirits with decoy bridesmaids. In the past, bridesmaids wore dresses similar to the bride in order to confuse any nearby evil spirits who wished to harm the bride.伴娘肩负着迷惑恶魔的任务,过去,伴娘的着装和新娘相似,她会让所有想伤害新娘的魔鬼分不清谁才是真正的新娘。Step 4 Seal it with a kiss一吻封印Seal your love with a kiss. During Roman times, all legal contracts were sealed with a kiss. Not only is the kiss a symbol of the bride and groom#39;s love, it also denotes their agreement to enter into a lifelong contract.用一个吻来封印你的爱。在古罗马,所有的法律文件都是用一个吻来封印的。吻不仅象征着新娘新郎之间的爱,还象征着他们签订了为期一生的契约。Step 5 Cross the threshold跨过门槛Carry the bride across the threshold. In ancient times it was considered unlucky if the bride were to trip while crossing into her new home, or enter with her left foot. So her new husband gets the honor of carrying her through the doorway. Follow these superstitions and enjoy a happy marriage.抱着新娘跨过门槛。古时候,人们认为新娘在来到新家时绊在门槛上,或左脚先迈过门槛很不吉利。因此,就需要新郎抱起新娘走过门槛。听听这些婚礼小传说,然后享受你的婚礼吧!Fact: England#39;s Queen Victoria married in a white gown in 1840 and originated the Western tradition that has lasted to this day. Before then, brides simply wore their best dress.小常识:英国女王维多利亚于1840年身穿白色婚纱出嫁,自此开辟了沿用至今的西方婚嫁传统。1840年以前,新娘们只是在婚礼穿上她们最美丽的衣裳。 Article/201208/195935

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