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The best place to see what effect global warming is having on the permafrost在永久冻土上是最好的观察全球变暖影响的地方is the many lakes found in this region.在这一地区有很多湖泊And thats whats brought ecologist Katey Walter to this frozen wasteland.这吸引了生态学家 凯蒂沃尔特 到来She believes shes aly detected the first signs她相信她已经发现了第一个征兆that methane is being released from the permafrost.甲烷已经开始从永久冻土释放Whats happening is that the permafrost is melting and thawing永久冻土正在融化and slumping into the bottoms of the lakes.滑入湖泊的底部Those dead plants thaw out,这些死掉的植物解冻and they ferment at the bottom of the lake在湖底发酵and methane is the by-product. Methane comes out.甲烷同时产生,甲烷从湖里释出If Kateys right, then we should be able to find methane almost everywhere.如果凯蒂是对的,我们应该能发现到处是甲烷Ah, this is the ice. Ive got to the ice.啊,这是冰,我触到了冰Look at that, thats beautiful! Oh, theres bubbles.看那,真是漂亮噢,那是气泡The ice is over three feet thick这冰有一米厚and its full of bubbles trapped inside it.很明显冰里面截留大量的气泡The trouble is it wont stay trapped in these bubbles for long.问题是冰不能截留这些气泡太久When the ice thaws in spring, the gas will escape.当冰在春天融化,气体会逃走201509/401497


l felt that somebody was trying to get something out of this我感觉有人想要从中得利or they were manipulating a situation.或是在操控情势Michael was a target.迈克尔成了个目标Michael had made a lot of money, and unfortunately, in our world,迈克尔赚了很多钱 很遗憾的 在当今社会里we have people out there who would like to get some of your money.有些人也想要分点你的钱And they will do almost anything to get it.并可为此不择手段Michael is my brother. l love him a great deal.迈克尔是我的弟弟 我很爱他La Toya Jackson Press conference, lsrael 1993拉托雅·杰克逊 1993年以色列记者会But l cannot, and l will not be a siIent coIIaborator of his crimes但我不能也不会无视于他对孩子们against small, innocent children.所犯下的罪行lt was hard for me to believe that she believed that this was true.我很难相信她竟然会相信这是真的Just because, if you knew La Toya and you knew Michael, they were so close因为拉托雅与迈克尔感情很好that it just seemed unfathomable that La Toya would speak out against her brother.很难理解拉托雅 为何会公开谴责自己的弟弟l have seen cheques payable to the parents of these children,我看过开给那些孩子父母的票and l dont know if these children were apparently bought,我不知道迈克尔是否与父母协议the parents, by Michael, or not, but l have seen these cheques.收买孩子们 但我确实看过那些票And lve seen these cheques through my mother.我也看过我母亲所开的票Jack Gordon was the guys name who basically put her out there促使她做出这些异于常理的事的to do things that was well out of her character.基本上是杰克·高登l cant really say on television the words for Jack Gordon.我对杰克·高登的 在电视上不能播But he was a man who had no morals and very little class.但他是个没品又道德沦丧的男人201510/402975

South Korea slams Japans textbook claims on history日初中历史书主张独岛主权 韩国会通过决议谴责South Korean lawmakers have passed a resolution to denounce Japans version of history over the territorial issue on the Dokdo islets, called Takeshima in Japan.韩国国会议员们一致通过了关于谴责日本审定通过进一步主张独岛主权的初中历史教科书的决议。独岛日语写作竹岛。Todays resolution comes after Japan approved 18 textbooks for middle school students a week ago Monday.针对上周周一日方通过18本中学生教材,韩国今天做出此决议表示回应。The textbooks lay territorial claims to the islets.那些教科书宣称日本了对该岛的领土主张。201504/370314

Not in a rocket, but in a giant helium balloon,不是乘坐火箭,而是坐一个很大的氦气球to determine the risks of high-altitude bailouts from air or spacecraft.冒险在接近太空的地方进行跳伞The balloon took Kittinger over 19 miles into the stratosphere.他到达了19英里(31千米),高达平流层Thats twice the height that I reached.这是我到达高度的两倍Then Kittinger did something astonishing.然后奇廷格做了一些令人很惊讶的事情He jumped! This is the actual moment.他跳下来了!这是一个真实的时刻He fell to Earth他落到了地球上reaching a speed of almost 620 miles an hour,速度达到了1000公里每小时and yet he had no sense of speed.但是他几乎什么都感觉不到I had no ripple of the fabric on my pressure suit我的耐压上的布没有褶皱and it was a very weird sensation.这是一种超自然的感觉I had no visual reference of anything我看不到任何东西做为参考so I thought I was really suspended in space.所以我觉得像是停留在太空里Kittinger had fallen at great speed奇廷格下降得如此之快as he plunged toward the troposphere, thick with clouds,当他穿过对流层厚厚的浓云floating over a New Mexico desert.飘过了新墨西哥沙漠Finally, he opened his parachute.最后,他打开了降落伞His jump remains the longest freef all in history.这仍是历史上最高的自由落体201509/397712


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